CSCC Advocacy & Outreach

While there will inevitably be some overlap between this page and the Club's links page, we'll try to keep the focus of these links on issues facing cyclists in our local community. The Club's links page will serve as your fairly comprehensive source of general information. While it won't be a sharp focus, you'll find events listed here in chronological, and organizations listed here in alphabetical order.


Contact Al Brody & Allen Beauchamp about advocacy and outreach related issues. If it's an issue about something that might interest the general membership, and most things do, expect Al & Allen to dig into and respond to it on this page. They like this kind of thing, so go ahead, turn them on, ring their chimes!




  • Bicycle Colorado - Bicycle Colorado's  mission is to encourage and promote bicycling, increase safety, improve conditions, and provide a voice for cyclists in Colorado.
    Bicycle Colorado
  • Bikes Belong Coalition - Bikes Belong is the national coalition of bicycle suppliers and retailers working together to put more people on bicycles more often. Through national leadership, grassroots support, and promotion, they work to make bicycling safe, convenient, and fun.
    Bikes Belong Coalition
  • *NEW* The League of American Bicyclists - The foremost advocacy organization for cyclists' rights on the road, according to Joe Lindsey. Bicycling magazine's Boulder Report is Lindsey's take on issues, news, events, and people in the world of cycling.
    The League of American Bicyclists
  • New York Cycle Club - a 1,600+ member organization, located in New York City, is conducting a worldwide bicycle accident survey.  The results will be published as part of a cycling risk assessment study that will be made freely available to the public at the conclusion of the survey.   It is for education and advocacy purposes.  The survey contains dozens of data points and its design is streamlined to have folks get through the survey as quickly and efficiently as possible. (posted 7/14/2008)
    The League of American Bicyclists
  • Pikes Peak Area Bikeways Coalition (PPABC) - Contact Al Brody and see Trails and Open Space Coalition's Bikeways Page, this list.
  • Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG) - Local communities planning together for the future of our region.
    Bicycle Colorado
  • Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority, Bicycling in Colorado Springs - Hosted by the City of Colorado Springs, this is one of several great resource sites listed here. It provides links to just about everything you might want to know about cycling, both on and off road. One favorite part is the CS Bicycle Directory listing of phone #’s for just about any issue local cyclists might encounter. How many times have you come across recent damage on a road or trail, for example, and really didn’t know who to contact? Or, do you know the best number to call if your bike is stolen? (Bike thefts - 444-7000)
    Bicycle Colorado
  • Trails and Open Space Coalition's Bikeways Page for the Pikes Peak Area Bikeways Coalition - Provides maps, everything you might want to know about area trails, and tons of other resources.
    Bicycle Colorado
  • World Carfree Network - This one's a bit "out there", not here for its practicality. You'll think this is advocating either for a better future or for a reversal of industrial progression. Either way, it's interesting, either for its thought provoking nature or as an illustration of unconstrained idealism.
    Bicycle Colorado
  • Rider Trianing Tests - Test your riding skills with these online tests. These tests were designed for motorcycles but apply to bicycles as well.

REPORTING Road Rage or Hazardous Drivers

Whip out your cellphone *CSP
  • Colorado Springs Note car color, year, make, license plate, and driver description. Call the CSPD: 444-7000
  • Colorado Statewide Note car color, year, make, license plate, and driver description. Call the CSP: *CSP or *277. Bicycle Colorado confirmed with the Colorado State Patrol that reports from bicyclists are welcome.


Check back often, and get involved if you can!!!