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Q1 2016
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Your Earliest Photo on a Bicycle/Tricycle
Send us (The Bent Fork Editors) your earliest photo of you on a bicycle/tricycle!
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Web Site Slideshow Submissions
This photo volume is for submission of photos to the web page header slideshow. These photos must have been taken at a CSCC Ride or Event and need to be 360x240 in order to fit the slideshow frame.
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Bent Fork Chronicle Newsletter
Photo submissions for the newsletter.
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2009 Shamus McSpud
Spuds in the green at Bob & Anne's
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2009 Frozen Water Bottle Ride
With Pikes Peak in the background.
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Bike Expo 2010
CSCC Booth
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December 2009
Trailblazer statue
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AUG 2010 Dave & Kathy Vanderwege
Photos from Going-Away party
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Website Header Vol 1
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SEP 2010 Ride for Heroes
Chick-Fil-A fundraising ride - many CSCC members rode or participated as Ride Ambassadors.
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SEP 2010 Velodrome
CSCC Velodrome Day: Seven CSCC members were among 15 people who took advantage of a
Velodrome ride opportunity. The group had access to the Velodrome, pursuit racing bikes (no road or trail bikes are not allowed on the track), and coaches for 4 hours.
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SEP 2010 SW Utah National Parks Tour
Anne & Bob Smith joined a BAC Tour of Southern Utah National Parks. The trip started and ended in St. George, UT, SEP 18-25, 2010.
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JUL 2010 Aruotalibera of Pordenone Cycling Club
Aruotalibera "send-off" party at Dale Campbell and Sharon Boyd's home.
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OCT 2010 Progressive Dinner Ride
Seventy bicycle riders departed Goose Gossage Park for a fun and delicious adventure.
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OCT 2010 Pueblo River Ride
Thirty bicyclists rode the trail from the CSU Trailhead to the Pueblo Reservoir with lunch at the Nature Center cafe.
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NOV 2010 CSCC Website Banner Pictures
It is time to submit your pictures for the new CSCC website banner.
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2010 Parade of Lights
About 35 riders from CSCC and other clubs supported the CSCC entry in the Annual Parade of Lights. It was CSCC's 7th year of participation. Afterward, we enjoyed chili at the Garage Mahal.
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