Vol. 2 Issue 2 April 2009

Letter From the Editor

Janine Hegeman


Welcome to the first edition of the Bent Fork Chronicles online. Colorado Springs Cycling Club is moving ahead, working to constantly improve and better serve our membership. This fact has not gone unnoticed. The League of American Bicyclists (LAB) voted CSCC "Best Bicycle Club of the Year 2008." LAB normally awards six clubs in six regions, but we shared this honor in Region 5 with the Twin Cities Cycling Club in Minnesota. The League noted CSCC "offers every kind of ride, from beginner to monstrous hill climbing, and advocates locally for bicycle trails, lanes, paths and rider support facilities throughout the Pikes Peak region." Get the whole scoop at http://www.bicyclenewswire.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=home.showrelease&cid=46&id=858

Several CSCC members attended the Bicycle Summit in Washington D.C. in March. They were there to voice the wishes and concerns of cyclists in the Pikes Peak region, and got a first-hand look at how our Congress works.  For years, Al Brody has been going it alone to this important annual event. This year, support for cycling in Washington is stronger than ever, and we hope that our advocacy efforts can have a positive impact on cycling in Colorado Springs and maybe even the nation.

Spring is just around the corner! We've had some great days to get out there and ride, and I hope you've taken advantage. Looks like many of you have. We have a total of 8,632 club miles tallied up so far this year (through 3/15/09). Check your miles by clicking on the Rides/Events tab at the top of CSCC's webpage.

 At any rate, The Buena Vista Bike Fest rolls out May 16th. It's CSCC's only fundraiser - be sure to volunteer if you can. You can make it GREAT! Happy cycling!



Try Riding Your Bike to Work!

Ever have one of these days? When you commute to work by bicycle, you'll feel better, save money, and limit wear and tear on your car. Plus every time you avoid driving one mile, you keep one pound of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Check http://www.greenprintdenver.org/ for more information. Be safe (take a LAB Road One Course next time CSCC offers it), be prepared, and have fun!

You Say Po-tay-to, I Say Po-tah-to

Relaxing on the deck after the ride Janine Hegeman

However you want to say it, the Annual Shamus McSpud Potato ride was a smashing success.  About 40 riders came along for the ride to Bob and Anne Smith's house, which overlooks northern Colorado Springs. That means a heart-pounding, quadriceps-shredding climb for many of us, but riders were rewarded with baked potatoes and all the fixins', beverages, and more at the end of it. Then there was that speedy downhill return to Acacia Park downtown. 

The weather's warming up and there's lots of rides on the calendar. It is just too nice to stay in. Check it out! Plus, if you are interested in seeing just how far you go, Dan Martin has reseached some methods of tracking miles outside of club miles. Check it out on the message boards.


Shamus McSpud Ride

Leave your bike shoes at the door - Photos by Dave Horne

Click here for Event Photos

Thanks Dave!

Socially Yours

Chris Conboy

Hello Fellow Club Members: Spring is officially here, but I know many of you have been riding all winter. As for me, I have to put my skis away and am getting serious about getting my bod in shape for riding. Also, don't forget the sunscreen! Even in the early season, you can get fried!

Here's a recap of the social scene these past months. The Sweetheart Ride and Spud Ride were a huge success. Many thanks to Allen and CeCe, Anne and Bob (and other volunteers) who put on these events. Our "eating club with a cycling disorder"  was in true form! If you haven't heard, the Theme Teamers who have been working in the Garage Mahal have made every session a party. I know they still need help to get all the props and painting done before BVBF, so call Joan or CeCe and find out when the next "work" PARTY is!

I hope you have your day timer open (or blackberry) to mark down two important social activities in the future. Sunday, June 28 is our annual picnic at the ultra new, ultra cool Picnic pavillion at Cheyenne Mountain State Park. I know there will be some road rides and mountain bike rides from the site. I would also like to reserve a couple of camping sites for the night before at the park. They are DeLUX! Lots of room for tents, RV's, cars, etc. Each site is ample with community picnic tables and a firepit. PLUS-WARM (Hot) Showers and flush toilets!!!!!!! This is not your grandfather's station wagon camping! I need to know how many folks are interested so I can snag the sites for the  ever-popular Saturday night camp out.

My final announcement is the Club Holiday Party. The date is Saturday, Dec. 12th at the Clarion. More details to follow. So that's all for now. Feel free to e-mail me any social news that you may have. I am still looking for clues for our bicycle cache/scavenger hunt. Keep your eyes open when you hit the road/trail for your next ride. Bye for now.

Socially Yours, Chris

(Don't forget the next club meeting Tuesday, April 7th, at the Clarion Hotel downtown. Fabulous free munchies, bar service available downstairs, and a presentation by two fellows from Italy about bike touring around their home country. The meeting starts at 7 p.m., and you are welcome to come early at 6:30 for socializing beforehand. See you  there, and be sure to tell Chris Conboy THANKS for making the arrangements - Janine Hegeman, Editor)

A New Phase - Changes in the Full Moon Rides

Stan Hill

Like many things in CSCC, the Full Moon rides are evolving. The original concept was a monthly social ride starting a half-hour after sunset nearest the time of the full moon. This required changing the start time/day for each ride because the full moon time and day changes every month. The fluctuating schedule made it awkward for some people to participate and confused others. Experience has shown that the moon is quite large and bright several days either side of the actual full moon, so we’re going to try a different schedule this year that will provide more consistency.

Criteria for the 2009 CSCC full moon rides will be: the Saturday night closest to a full moon, starting at 6:30 p.m. during months with shorter days and 7:30 p.m. for months with longer days. So the ride will start at 6:30 p.m. in January, February, March, April, October, and December (and January 2010). The ride will start at 7:30 p.m. in May, June, July, August, and September, because of daylight savings time and longer days in summer. Even though some rides will start when it’s still daylight during the summer, there should still be plenty of opportunity for riding in the moonlight after dark—lights will still be needed. A few dates actually fall on a full moon, although most are a day or two away. Because of the timing of the rides, food/drink stops won’t be built in. Group consensus may decide on a stop on some rides, but stopping won’t be a scheduled part of the moon rides.

In addition to consistency, there are some interesting aspects to the 2009 full moon ride schedule. The full moon In April falls on Passover (also Maundy Thursday) which gives us an Easter Moon Ride on Saturday. In May it’s the day before Mother’s Day so we’ll have a Muthah’s Moon Ride on Saturday. In June we have a D-Day Moon Ride. In July, the full moon on the 7th gives us Saturday ride on 4th of July for a Fireworks Moon Ride. August’s full moon on the 6th reminds us of the Hiroshima bombing, so we’ll have an Atomic Moon Ride on Saturday, the 8th. The first weekend of September we have a Labor Moon Ride. November’s full moon bumps back to Saturday, October 31 for a Halloween Moon Ride (giving two moon rides in October and no moon ride in November). In December, the moon ride will join the 25th annual Festival of Lights Parade (assuming CSCC has an entry). The rare second full moon of December is on the 31st—New Year’s Eve, which will bump to Saturday, January 2 for a New Years Moon Ride in 2010. So check the ride schedule and descriptions on the website, www.bikesprings.org, mark your calendars, bundle-up and come out and ride.

We’ve had marvelous luck with weather in the three years that we’ve done moon rides. I can think of only two rides that had to be cancelled because of weather (driving rain, hail, lightning). Numerous times, the weather and cloud cover was iffy all day, only to clear up about a half hour before the ride. There have been a few rides that I wondered if anyone would be crazy enough to show up—and each has been great. But there hasn’t been a moon ride yet that sometime during the ride I didn’t say to myself, “Wow! This is really gorgeous!”

Thanks a lot to those who have led moon rides during my periodic absences for traveling. Particularly, thanks to Harry (J.W. Harris) and Rich Hostak for leading and collaborating on new directions.


Coffee Drinkers Unite! The Tour de Latte is Back

Karen Hill

Back by popular demand, the Tour de Latte Bike Ride will begin again in April. The Tour de Latte was envisioned a couple of years ago, after riding past wonderful little coffee houses around Colorado Springs on other group rides. For two summers now we have been finding a new little place to have a latte (or hot chocolate, smoothie, or tea) each Saturday. There are so many places to choose from that we rarely go anywhere twice in one season. While we begin downtown and visit downtown coffee houses in April, we'll eventually range from Briargate Parkway on the north to Highway 115 on the south; from Manitou Springs on the west to Powers on the east.

We start each Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. in April, from the NE corner of Weber and Fontanero Streets. There is a coffee break somewhere in the middle or end of the ride and we are generally done by noon. We start easier, shorter, and slower in April, so it’s a great ride for folks who haven’t been on their bikes for a while (a long while or a short while). In May through September, we start at 9:00 a.m. and begin riding a little further, with a few more hills, though we still aim to finish between 12:00 and – 1:00 p.m.

Suggestions are gladly welcomed. If you have happened upon a coffee house that we may not know about, please let us know. Last year we found Cucuru’s Gallery Cafe, thanks to the folks at CSWest. We welcome all riders – we are a social group, so it’s not a fitness ride, but it gets me ready for Europe each year – and we work a little harder as the summer progresses. Come join us – just for fun (and the exercise – and, well, the coffee, too)! We’d love to have you!
*If you are interested in updates from this group, please “opt in” on the bikesprings.org members area.

2009 Bike Summit

Sean Mullaley

The 9th annual League of American Bicyclists National Bicycle Summit brought together a record 600 industry representatives and advocates.

Representatives from 47 states and four countries learned about the American Bikes agenda, a national Complete Streets policy, and climate change legislation. Combining these proposed policies with local issues and examples attendees went to Capitol Hill and met with almost 400 congressmen, senators or their legislative assistants. The fundamental shared goal is to improve safety and mobility for all bicyclists and pedestrians.

Sean Mullally, Allen Beauchamp, and Al Brody were just three of the 42 delegates from Colorado. The Centennial State had more representation on a per capita basis than any other state. Led by Dan Grunig, Executive Director at Bicycle Colorado, and Jen Dice, Government Affairs Coordinator for the International Mountain Biking Association these Colorado delegates communicated how federal funding would be best applied to improving cycling throughout Colorado.

At the League of American Bicyclists annual meeting, the Colorado Springs Cycling Club received the 2008 Bicycle Club of the Year award for Region 5.

(And we thank you for taking the time to advocate for this!!! It will help ensure improved and safer cycling  in the Pikes Peak region now and into the future. Also check out Colorado Mountain Bike Association's write up on the Summit. Look closely at the photos and you'll be able to pick out some familiar faces  http://comba2009.blogspot.com/ - Janine Hegeman, Editor)




Sara Hill - Membership Coordinator

Welcome New Members

Desiree Mendes & Family, Geoff Akens, David Coker & Family, Debra Zelenak & Family, Randy Susman, Gary deLassus, Tina Allen & Family, Carol Lyndell, James Dial, Dick Woods & Family, Duane Beckmann & Nettie Rosenthal, Ginny Barber & Family, Shawn & Teresa Cole, William Allen & Family, Eric Van Fleet & Family

Renewing members-Thanks!

Susie Quinn, Norman & Lynne Hall, Darren Schubarth, Bernie Hessemer, Ann Coy, Geoffry Ames & Daryll Stevens, Joan Stahl & Ron Wesley, John Cunningham, Randy & Dianne Abshier, Dean & Becky Myers, Curt Emery, Bill Ryan, Ronnie Graham & Family, Chris Conboy, Katie Zimmann, Sally Sheets, Steve Nakasaki, Bert Boyce & Family, William Young, Martin Burton, Karen & Gary Johnson, Jim McCreary, Lee Murphy, Michael & Jeanne Galvin, Chris Davenport, Ed Terhune



Janine Hegeman

If you haven't already heard, CSCC's annual fundraising ride, the Buena Vista Bike Festival, is sold out. The century and metric century rides take place on May 16th, going from Buena Vista, cruising around Turquoise Lake, touring Leadville - it is an absolutely stunning ride.

But you can STILL do this ride. Volunteers get to enjoy the post ride party, and other perks. Then many choose to ride the route the next day, or just peddle around, go to the hot springs, or enjoy the other fun things to do in the Buena Vista area. If you'd like to volunteer, click on the BVBF tab at the top of the CSCC webpage, go to Volunteer Form, fill it out and submit. You'll be glad you did!

The Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol. 2 Issue 2 April 2009