Vol 4 Issue 4, 1 August 2011

From the CSCC Bent Fork Editors

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell

Sharon and Dale wish to extend “Thank You” to each CSCC member for their newsletter submissions for the August 2011 Bent Fork Chronicles newsletter. With your continuing support, we're able to publish a bi-monthly newsletter that reflects the interests and activities of the members themselves. With Sharon's preparation and guidance, Dale has been able to complete this edition for your reading enjoyment. Sharon is currently in India, touring with friends and learning more about the country. She's indicated that despite the smells, the heat and the mass of humanity, "It's a grand experience, though. I'm enjoying all of the colors, sights and demolition derby in the street. I hope I can capture this in pictures." Ah, but will she get a chance to get on a bicycle in India. Perhaps we'll find out in the next edition of The Bent Fork!

The next Edition?  Why mention that?  Read on....


Socially Yours

Photo by Dale Campbell

Greetings, Fellow Club members.
Is the summer already half over or half started? I hope you've had a healthy and injury free season. By now, you have hardened up your seat and body. Maybe, you have discovered new routes or places that other club members would love to know about. I just rode Mueller State Park on my mountain bike and was impressed.

Speaking of impressed, I was truly impressed and delighted by your attendance at our club picnic. Most of you sailed through the security in time for some good BBQ, side dishes, socializing and of course, bike riding! Hopefully, we can go back to FAM Camp next year as I heard many positive comments. Thanks to all who stayed to clean up. Just remember, when riding the AFA, have a CURRENT driver's license!!


Membership Updates

Sara Hill

Welcome New Members
Ed Andreoni, Karen Brown, Thomas Burk, Jimmy Clere & Family, Jannie Cox & Family, Nathan Dicks, Ernest SKIP Doane, Mike Fitzgibbons & Family, Elizabeth Flis, Kathy Giescke, Jeremy Greer, Vertis Hagan, Ronald & Carolyn Henrikson, Lisa Hickey & Family, Robert Kerr, Vince King & Family, Monica Marshall, Chris McCallum, Mark Pitel, Ron Robinson & Family, Carol Runnells & Family, Don Sarton, Maurie Shannon, Scoti Townsend, Barbara Warnell, Larry Watson & Family, Russell Wharton

Renewing members-Thanks
Bear & Trish Aten, Laurie Baker, Deb Berwick, Bill Brown, Ed & Suzy Browne, Roger Bruggeman, Alfred Chioffe, Graeme Cloutte, Curt & Carole Emery, Liz Ford, Ronaele Foss & Paul Brown, Scott Foster & Family, Michael & Jeanne Galvin, Torie Giffin & Family, Xaver Gonzalez, Sandy Greenspoon, Alexander Guerra, Janine Hegeman, Craig Highsmith, Rich & Sherrie Hostak, Brian Love, Paula Makara, Larry & Shelly Mann, Phyllis Minter, Gisele Miyamoto, Joan Morrill, Michael Nutting & Teri Holt, Roger Patrizio, Steven Roach, Peggy Seidel, Alan & Pat Severn, Gail Sexton, Martin Shepperdson, Mike Silver, Mike & Luci Stansberry, Diane Renee Walker, Jean Zeh



Allen Beauchamp -- CSCC Outreach Chair

Allen sends his summer greetings! His update will be back in the next edition.


Al Brody - CSCC Advocacy Chair

Al also sends his summer greetings - from the 39th annual RAGBRAI. He too will be back on line in time for the next edition of The Bent Fork.

“Pedal-Driven: A Bike-Umentary”

Media contact: Garry Harrington

Non-profit documentary explores conflict surrounding mountain bikers on public lands; will benefit Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates.  Coming to Colorado Springs August 23

“Pedal-Driven: a bike-umentary,” will make its Colorado Springs debut during the upcoming USA Cycling Pro Challenge’s week-long cycling celebration when it premieres at Stargazers Theatre as a benefit for the local Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates. The screening will be held on Tuesday, August 23 at 7 p.m.

This engaging and powerful new documentary examines the long-standing confrontation between mountain bikers and federal land management agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service over bikers’ rights and access to public lands...


Hell on Two Wheels

Comments by Dale Campbell, Co-Editor

Hell on Two Wheels
By Amy Snyder
Triumph, 251 pages, $24.95

On a cold winter's day, what's almost as good as thinking about that first Spring ride, or a cool summer evening's dinner ride? Perhaps reading about cycling might be a good alternative. So, here's a book recommendation for your reading list.

HELL ON TWO WHEELS by Amy Snyder, is said to be an astonishing story of suffering, triumph, and the most extreme endurance race in the world. The book takes readers inside a harrowing, 3,000-mile long ultra-distance cycling race, following a handful of athletes who test themselves, each other, and the limits of human endurance.


Bicycle Dreams

Media contact: Garry Harrington

Award-Winning Documentary Film About Race Across America.  Coming to Colorado Springs August 25

Bicycle Dreams, the award-winning feature-length documentary about the Race Across America (RAAM), will premiere in Colorado Springs at the Stargazers Theatre on Thursday, August 25 at 7 p.m., in conjunction with the weeklong celebration surrounding the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

This year’s race, the 30th running, was held last month and passed through southern Colorado on its way to the finish line in Annapolis, Maryland.


President's Message

Charlie Czarniecki

Happy 25th Anniversary!
The Club Annual Picnic was July 10th at the AF Academy FAM CAMP. Janine Hegeman and crew had 4 rides organized out of the parking lot during the day. The Academy roads and trails are always a treat to ride. Chris Conboy and the Social Committee had the food well in hand. Front Range BBQ provided the hot food and club members had prepared a wide selection of side dishes. Everyone pitched in to help and clean - most of the cars were gone as the thunderstorm arrived about 2:45. That sure brought back the last riders in a hurry.

I finished 37th in the National Senior Olympics 20K Road Race in Houston. I was getting over a summer cold and couldn’t train for the 2 weeks before the race. The weather was hot (over 100’F) and windy (20-30 mph south wind) all 3 days that we were there. I didn’t do the Sunday 40K Road Race. I averaged 20 mph (was 22 mph in the Louisville games in 2007). But we had a good trip and spent time with my sister in Houston.


Eating to Optimize Performance

Kelly Ping-RD Peak Nutrition Clinic

Editors Note: Kelly Ping has a Masters degree in Sports Nutrition from UCCS and teaches an undergraduate sports nutrition course at the college. Certified as a registered dietitian, she is the consulting dietitian for USA shooting, UCCS athletics, and was dietitian for the US Speed Skating team in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Most recently, working closely with the UCCS health science department, she opened a sports nutrition clinic called the Peak Nutrition Clinic (www.peakfood.uccs.edu). At that location she provides nutrition consulting for the UCCS campus, as well as the Colorado Springs community specializing in sports and weight management. After playing both soccer and ice hockey in college, Kelly has now transitioned into endurance sports and can be frequently found cycling or running with groups in Colorado Springs as she trains for Ironman Arizona this November.

While eating healthy no doubt has a huge impact on performance, many cyclists fail to recognize that just as crucial is the timing of what they consume. All of us have likely experienced this first hand. Maybe you wake up just in time to get out the door and skip breakfast, only to bonk 2 hours into your ride. Or perhaps you wait 2-3 hours until after a training session to consume your next meal, when you have another training scheduled for the afternoon. Both these scenarios can have a negative impact on performance.

While fueling around a workout should be determined on an individual basis through trial and error in training, here are some things that should be considered...


Ride for the Cure - 2011

Richard & Pam Oliver

Our alarms clocks (both a primary and the back-up) rang in unison to rouse us at 0530 for a 0545 departure to PPIR (Pikes Peak International Raceway), a few miles south of Fountain off I-25, for the inaugural Southeastern Colorado Susan G. Komen Ride for the Cure on Saturday, July 16, 2011.

This first year breast cancer fund raising event featured three ride distances: a kid-friendly 15 mile out-and-back, a moderate 44 mile Hanover loop, and a heartier 72 mile Ellicott loop, all starting and ending at PPIR, and all consisting primarily of gently rolling hills.

Not wanting to get up "too" early, we opted for the 44 mile ride with a "lazy" 0700 departure time; though we actually headed out 15 minutes early to avoid the mass gaggle. The 72 milers endured a mind-numbing 0600 start; all of which endeavored to return riders before the noon day 90+ heat overtook them on the high plains.


Ride for the Cure - 2011 (continued)

Richard & Pam Oliver

Then the post-ride party began. The free lunch included tasty Rudy's BBQ brisket, Chick-fil-A sandwiches and Borriello Brothers NY pizza, plus Colorado Mountain Brewery opened their beer taps. Additionally, there was a live band, raffles, exhibits and displays, plus six tables for free five-minute massages!

The entry fee provided, beyond superb ride support, free breakfast and lunch with beer or root beer, a commemorative T-shirt and medallion, and a goodie bag, etc. For an additional $50, there was a beautiful Italian-made, full-length zipper bike jersey. While riders were encouraged to also raise extra funds to fight breast cancer, this was not a requirement to ride.


25th Anniversary Club Jersey Reorder

Bob Smith

Many of you have inquired about the availability of our new 25th Anniversary club jersey. We currently have two jerseys available they are a women's small and a men's small for $50 each.

With this lack of inventory, over the next 30 days we will be soliciting  for interest for a re-order. If you are interested in purchasing jersey, email Bob Smith at bob@wetandem.com with name, phone number, email address, jersey size and style (short or long sleeve). A jersey re-order interest form is available on the website at http://bikesprings.org/Jersey/CSCC-Jersey-Interest.pdf. This form contains sizing information.

There was minimum interest in long sleeve jerseys when we placed our first order but not enough for a minimum order. As Fall is quickly approaching, there may be more interest in the long sleeve option. Because it will take the vendor 4-5 weeks to fill the order, we are limiting the interest period. August 31st will be the deadline for submitting your interest to order a Club jersey! Establishing an end of August deadline for the interest period will insure that we have jerseys in time for our 25th Anniversary Kickoff in October at our Annual Progressive Dinner Ride. Pricing this time will be $5 or so higher per item than our previous order. Pricing for the first order was based on a quantity of 100. This order will most likely be priced on quantities of 25.

Please note that we will not be taking orders at this time, only expressions of interest for requesting a re-order. If we have sufficient interest from the membership, then CSCC Board is prepared to authorize advanced purchase of jersey inventory in time for our 25th Anniversary Kickoff. You will notified once the decision is made to proceed with a re-order.

Bike, Ski, Hike? Activities Confusion at Lake Tahoe

Dale Campbell, Co-Editor

Ah, its June and summertime in the mountains, right? Well, before you answer, let me describe the circumstances...

This year, Sharon and I planned an early summer trip that took us to Lake Tahoe. This was our first journey to this area of California. Prompted by a banked timeshare week that was going to expire on 1 August, Sharon researched locations where we could use the soon-to-expire week of lodging. The criteria for the search? The location had to be within a two to three hour plane ride, somewhere we had not been before, a place of scenic beauty and a location that offered a variety of outdoor activities. Under these parameters, Lake Tahoe soon rose to the top of the list. We finally settled on a time-share at the north end of the Lake. Once lodging reservation was made and plane tickets purchased, we started with the next phase of the planning - what to do while we would be there and what to take to support the anticipated outdoor activities.


Bike, Ski, Hike? A Solution is Found!

Dale Campbell, Co-Editor

Finally, Wednesday brought a cycling day! We drove into Tahoe City about 10 am (hey, its vacation time) and rented bicycles from the Olympic Bike Shop . The shop had a descent selection of road bikes. I was able to rent a Cannondale Synapse (first time riding a Cannondale) and Sharon was fitted for a Specialized Dolce with touring tires. We brought our own pedals. So, the transition into "new" bikes was a little easier than anticipated.


USAPCC Comes to Breckenridge

Dan Lipsher danlipsher@gmail.com (970) 389.5702

Editors Note: Dan is serving on the Breckenridge local organizing committee for the USA Pro Challenge. USAPCC marks the return of stage racing to Colorado for the first time since 1988. Breckenridge will be the site of the next-to-last stage finish on Saturday, August 27. Since many CSCC members may be planning to visit Summit County for the race, Dan has provided the following to help with your plans to attend the event.

Marking the return of professional bicycle racing to Colorado, the inaugural USA Pro Cycling Challenge features seven stage races, beginning in Colorado Springs and finishing at the Capitol in downtown Denver. The penultimate stage, from Steamboat to Breckenridge on Saturday, August 27, is sure to be a popular route for cyclists and spectators alike.

With teams such as Radioshack, HTC, Garmin, Saxobank and Liquigas committed to the race, the Breckenridge stage may be your best opportunity to see the stars of the cycling world up close without booking a trip to France next July. Best of all, Breckenridge will put on the hottest festival of the year, welcoming cycling fans to town with food, drink and entertainment beginning at Noon.

So, what’s the best way to get to the event? ...


Electric Bicycles - The Wave of the Future?

Dale Campbell, Co-Editor

For many of you that watched this year's Tour de France on Versus, you probably saw a commercial about the Nissan Leaf, all electric car. And this was while watching a major cycling event. Thinking in terms of the car (electric) and the event (bicycles), I began wondering if a combination of the two (electric bicycle) is such a farfetched concept. Surprisingly, when I began digging into it, my thinking is actually behind the times. For example, in a recent Wall Street Journal article (18 July 2011) its noted that by some estimates China is home to as many as 120,000,000 electric bicycles. Other sources indicate that every fourth bike sold in the Netherlands is battery powered. And, if you know cycling globally, you'll realize that commuter type bicycling is very popular in both of these countries.

With the possibility of gasoline hitting $5 a gallon in the US, there's good incentive to consider purchasing an electric bicycle as a commuter vehicle...

BFC April 2011 Issue - Vol 4 Issue 4, 1 August 2011

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