Vol 4 Issue 2, 1 April 2011

CSCC Bent Fork Editors

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell

Thank you Bent Fork Chronicles contributors for our APR 2011 edition. We appreciate all of your articles, pictures and feedback.

CSCC "Helpful Links" list: http://www.bikesprings.org/helpful_links.php

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Health Sciences Department is currently recruiting


Membership Updates

Sara Hill

Welcome New Members:
Doug Anderson, RJ Baer, Ruth, Bourquin-Odens, Dean Buck, Don Cox, Gary Dean, Denise Faldowski Notbohm, John Jamison, Leo Kolman, Richard Kostizke, David McClain, Peg Mitchel, Tom & Ginny Newman, Robert Nissen, Ron Norman, Javier & Teresa Valdez, Dan Weber, Nancetta Williams, Rachelle Womack 


Socially Yours

Chris Conboy

Here is a quick re-cap of the last month's club events and a look at what's to come. St. Patrick's Day weekend was loaded with CSCC events. Thanks to Stan and Karen Hill for putting on a very popular and delicious soup ride.


Rides, Notices & Announcements

Sharon Boyd - Bent Fork Chronicles Editor

May 2 - Begin CSCC Monday Dinner Rides with Bob Smith

Mountain Bike Race-First Challenge of the Mountain Post Challenge Hero
Series. April 16, 2011 at 9am at Cheyenne Mountain State Park
Info: (719) 526-5176 or trevor.mcconnell@us.army.mil
Participate in all eight races of the Mountain Post Challenge and become
your own Hero! Hero Series info www.mwrfortcarson.com


Cycling Around The World

More common than lycra...

...Vietnamese students on bikes, wearing Ao Dai, a traditional dress

Cycling In a Country Custom-Made For Viewing by Bicycle

What country or region comes to mind when you think about bicycle touring? Germany, Italy, Australia, Spain, the USofA? A number of CSCC members have made the opportunity to travel to these and even more locations around the world. But, if I asked you to think of a country that is custom made for viewing by bicycle, what country would you think of? Based on an article I just read, let me make a suggestion – Vietnam.


"Out spokin': Bike maintenance plays key role in cycling performance"

Dave McIntosh – OutThere.Com

Editor's note: McIntosh is a Senior Coach for Carmichael Training Systems and has been racing road and track bikes in Colorado and around the country for more than 20 years.

As I write this my bike is sitting across the room from me, covered in dirt and sand from riding through the snowmelt and gravel that crowd the edges of our roads this time of year. When I’m done writing, I’ll grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a relaxing session of bike maintenance.


Does It All Add Up? Tracking Your Cycling Mileage

Dale Campbell - Bent Fork Chronicles Editor

When joining other Club members for a ride, we all know the process before the ride get’s started. Log in for the ride, signing the waiver sheet (either virtually or in person). Having signed into the ride, the liability issues are assuaged. But, also remember that the ride sheet serves the purpose of tracking the club mileage by ride, rider, month and year.


Planning a Cycling Trip? Comprehensive Checklist Website You Can’t Do Without

Dale Campbell - Bent Fork Chronicles Editor

Are you a list maker? Do you use a checklist to make sure that you’ve packed the right “stuff” for a trip (and also to make sure you don’t pack too much “stuff”)? If so, you might have compiled a checklist that you keep handy any time you get ready to take a trip. But what about a self supporting cycling trip? OR a cycling camping trip? Or a Leaving Home Checklist? Do you have those checklists? Keep reading, because now you will!


Adelaide Hostel in San Francisco

Al Brody - Advocacy Dude!

Despite its name, the Adelaide Hostel is in San Francisco, USA. From Nicola: "Hi! I am the manager of the Adelaide, a super-clean, comfortable, friendly, and independent hostel in San Francisco. I'm interested in getting the word out that we are a great pit stop for cyclists touring the Pacific Coast.


President's Message

Charlie Czar

Thoughts from the CSCC President…

Another month and the ski slopes will be closed. Then riding our bikes will be the best exercise in the state. Will you be ready to the BVBF rides on May 21? You might want to catch a few CSCC club weekend rides to get “adjusted.” Remember it takes a few early rides every year to get your “seat readjusted to your seat & your seat readjusted to your seat.” The Club committee chairpersons and Board of Directors have been working on some fun and interesting rides and activities for this 25th year of the Club. Make sure you “bookmark” the CSCC website (www.bikesprings.org) and keep checking on announcements and updates.


Buena Vista Bike Fest Update

Aaron Rosenthal

Everything is going well related to logistics and planning for the Buena Vista Bike Fest (BVBF) scheduled for May 21, 2011. We are nearly sold out and anticipate that happening by early APRl. If you haven't signed up and want to, please don't delay. We've had more orders for cycling jerseys than in years past, and we believe this is because of using Eventbrite for registration. If you plan to ride and didn't order a cycling jersey we will have some extras available for purchase at “packet pick-up” on both FRI May 20 and SAT May 21 in the morning. Sizes and availability will be on a first come, first served basis.


SAG Drivers Needed for BVBF

Allen Beauchamp

Planning is in high gear for our 13th Annual Buena Vista Bike Fest (BVBF) and things are going well. This event is the primary fundraiser for the Colorado Springs Cycling Club and allows us as a group to do so much good for others within our community and provides a good budget for our club operations on a yearly basis. This year, we are having a group of our long-term volunteers, that have given of their time so freely, actually get out to RIDE BVBF. We are excited for them! The best way to support the event and CSCC is to either step up to volunteer or to sign up and ride the event.


Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy

Roger Patrizio

Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy (CIMT) is serving the needs of athletes in the Pikes Peak Region. Are you training for a particular event? Are your quads…Or gluts sore from your cycling workouts? Did you know that the CIMT provides a 30-minute sports massages for only $10 at our West Fillmore Campus? This takes place from 5:30pm to 8:30pm two Mondays each month. We invite you to include massage therapy in your health and wellness lifestyle. Please call 719-634-7347 for more info and to sign up for a 30 minute sports massage. Thanks, and we will see you at the Buena Vista Bike Festival in May.

Roger Patrizio - www.coimt.com

The CSCC Avatar – Don’t Let This One “Slip” By You

Dale Campbell - Bent Fork Editor

Avatar – we’ve all heard that term in a number of different contexts over the last year or two, especially after the release of the award winning movie. But, let’s look at a earlier use of the word in the virtual realm.

Avatar Definition: A graphical representation of the user or the user's alter ego or character.

So, let me propose this – we build a CSCC Avatar. Let’s just call this avatar “The Rider” or TR for short. I’m sure you’re wondering just what TR’s biking lifestyle and experiences would be. Well, to determine TR’s profile, I’ve reviewed the results of the Slip Method  from the last two years. For those of you that may not have been “exposed” to the Slip Method, let me explain.


CSCC Represented at Front Range Cyclist Bike Show

Allen Beauchamp

As Spring-time eases into the region, it is time for some of our wonderful members to get out and about, representing the Colorado Springs Cycling Club (CSCC) at outdoor events. Sara Hill, Rich Hostak and CeCe Beauchamp took on the challenge of kicking our 2011 Outreach and Membership season by setting up a wonderful booth at the 3rd Annual Front Range Bike Show held on SAT, March 19 at the Norris Penrose Events Center. They toiled for hours the day and evening before the event, putting together a beautiful showcase of CSCC photos and event descriptions that truly shows off the fun, pedaling and community that we all share throughout the year.


Cycling the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR)

Dale Campbell - Bent Fork Chronicles Editor

Taking It a Segment at a Time

When planning a cycling trip, go no further than your own backyard – figuratively speaking that is. If you take the time to ask folks in the Club about their cycling traveling adventures, you’ll find that there is a wealth of knowledge, experience and stories about cycle touring. Take for example, the case of two of our newest members to the Club – Terry and Dennis Struck.

After the March monthly Club meeting, Dennis contacted me about a potential article for the Bent Fork. In his email, Dennis recalled that “Terry and I used to do a lot of bike camping on our own and never ran into anyone who did the same. We just invented things as we went along (by ourselves, not knowing that there was a whole world of bike tour’ers out there - all before the Internet). Then one day, we were in the Criterium bike shop and saw a copy of Adventure Cycling magazine (which is all about bike touring). We had discovered a whole world of bike touring in that magazine and became lifetime members of Adventure Cycling within two months.” It goes without saying that there are other members that can relate other stories about being introduced to cycle touring.


Cycling the GDMBR (continued)

Dale Campbell - Bent Fork Chronicles Editor

Adventure Cycling has the following description for the New Mexico section of the GDMBR:

“Heading into New Mexico [from the north], the road surface deteriorates, with much more rocky riding. Here the countryside turns much drier, and water sources can be few and far between. Climbs get shorter and steeper.

BFC April 2011 Issue - Vol 4 Issue 2, 1 April 2011

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