October/November/December 2017
4th Quarter 2017

Editors Comments

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell: Co-Editors

Welcome to the 4th Quarter 2017 edition of the Bent Fork.  The theme of this edition is "Transitions."  Transitions such as: transition into Winter 2017/2018, transition into the New Year 2018, transition of the CSCC Website, transition of the administration of CSCC (aka election of new officers), growth and transition of the Club (as of the date of publication, there are 1139 cyclists signed up on Meetup).  With a transitions thought in mind, we hope that you enjoy the assortment of articles that we’ve provided for you.
With the transition of the Club’s management to new officers, one aspect of the Club that we would like to emphasize is the all-volunteer nature of the Club.  The membership (now in excess of 450 members) and even the followers on Meetup (1139 to date) are supported by folks donating their time to support an activity we all enjoy and generally support.  So, we’d like to give a rousing round of applause to Janine Hegeman, soon to be our Immediate Past President, and to Charlie Czarniecki, retiring as our Immediate Past President.  Their combined leadership over the last eight years was a significant contribution to the Club.
We’d also like to give rousing cyclist’s Welcome to Randy Susman and Jessica Boda, who will be supporting the Club as President and Treasurer.  We look forward to working with these new Board members in the coming year.
Throughout all the activities, we once again want to emphasize that all of the activities or administration/management of this sizeable Club is supported by VOLUNTEERS!  Think of:
  • Ride leaders
  • Training guidance
  • Meetup and Club website support
  • Social activities such as the Summer Picnic, Progressive Dinner Ride and the upcoming 2018 Kickoff.
YES, all of these and more are created, planned and accomplished through volunteer support.
There are plenty of opportunities for additional folks to help.  These range from single event support (such as leading a ride or helping with setup for a social event), to serving on the Ride Committee and all the way to becoming an At-Large member of the Board.  If you would like to learn more about the variety of opportunities for which you can lend support, please contact any Board member or us, the Editors of the Bent Fork.

Wishing You Happy Holidays!

2018 CSCC Kickoff – Save the Date!!!

Dale Campbell: Event Coordinator

With all the activities and busy schedules during the Holiday Season, the CSCC Board decided in lieu of a traditional Christmas Party, we would instead defer this annual winter gathering to January.  This will give folks an opportunity to not only get together with Club members but also to kickoff the New Year of cycling.  So….
Come and join us for the 1st Annual CSCC New Year Kickoff to be held on Saturday, 6 January.  The event will be held at a new location to Colorado Springs – Tap Traders.  Located near the intersection of Nevada and Fillmore, the building itself has quite a bit of history associated with it (do an Internet search on “Alexander Film Company” and “Alexander Aircraft Company”).  Here is the location information for Tap Traders:
3104 N. Nevada Avenue, Unit 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Phone: (719) 434-2954
The 2018 Kickoff will start at 2pm and continue to 5 pm on 6 January.  The Club will provide appetizers and one beer per registered attendee.  Only CSCC members and specifically only those Club members who have registered to attend the 2018 Kickoff will be eligible to participate.  To help facilitate the guest list, a registration website will be set up to RSVP for the event.  Stay tuned for a Club announcement for the details of the registration.
A ride associated with the Kickoff will be scheduled for Noon to 2pm on the same day.  As more details for the ride are developed, the event will be posted to the CSCC Meetup Calendar.  Additionally, since Tap Traders has a terrific selection of food to eat, anyone can stay afterwards to continue enjoying the ambiance of the facility (and the beers and food, too!)
Registration will be limited for this event.  So be sure to sign up as soon as the registration website is opened.

Help Wanted – Newsletter Reporter

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

Position: Cub Reporter for The Bent Fork
Job Description:  Help Editors with publication of Quarterly Colorado Springs Cycling Club newsletter.  Includes searching and composing articles, background research into assigned topics and proof reading of composed newsletter.  Requires interest in bicycling and bicycling related activities/issues, desire to help with an all volunteer organization and some basic background in composition.  Position has potential for promotion to Assistant-Editor after demonstrating skills.
Pay:  Satisfaction of a job well done, appreciation from Club members, and knowledge that your contributions to the Club through the newsletter make a difference!
Further Comments:  Sharon and I have been publishing The Bent Fork since October 2010.  We continue to enjoy providing the quarterly editions to the members of the Club.  However, we could use some help.  If you’re interested in assisting with the development of content of the newsletter and composition of articles included in each edition, please contact us.  Just email me at dale_campbell_co@msn.com and let us know how you might like to help!

A Redesigned Website – Coming Soon to a Computer/Tablet/Smart Phone near You

Randy Susman: CSCC Webmaster

As you may be aware, Sara Hill and I have been working on a new Club website for several months now. With a migration to a new service provider, the new site will offer some updated features, including:
  • Clean, mobile-friendly design
  • Easier publishing of updates, articles, and resources
  • Much easier to join and renew your membership
  • Cost savings for our club
Watch for emails in the coming month inviting you to complete the process of setting up your profile on the new website. We expect you will like the new site!

32nd Annual Frozen Water Bottle Ride

Charlie Czar: Ride Leader

CSCC's first ride of the New Year, the 32nd Annual Frozen Water Bottle Ride, is happening on New Year's Day 2018. This will be a social ride, so "road bikes" are suggested (selection of bike/tires mindful of winter road conditions).  The ride will go downtown and back along Chestnut (along the west side of I-25), Sinton Trail, Centennial Blvd, Vindicator, Rockrimmon, and the Greenway Trail back to University Village.  More adventuress riders can go up Centennial Blvd hill and then down Woodman.  The ride part is shorter if the weather doesn't cooperate.
We’ll meet at BJ's Brewhouse, University Village, 5150 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, at 10 a.m. to start the ride.  We'll reserve a long table for eats after the ride (estimate back at BJ’s around 11:45 - 12:00).
To learn more and sign up for the ride, go to the Meetup event

Sign up to become a Paid member of CSCC

Sara Hill: Membership Coordinator

Please pass along to the folks who've most recently joined the CSCC Meetup that the Colorado Springs Cycling Club (CSCC) is a non-profit organization and has insurance through the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) for our paid members.  The Club also offers supplemental insurance to members if they are involved in a cycling accident with the Club.
To keep our insurance costs reasonable, we have a policy of "try before you buy" – non-members (for example someone who is in the Clubs Meetup list but has not yet joined the Colorado Springs Cycling Club) may ride once with any Club supported ride at no charge.  If you would like to continue riding, we request that you sign up to become a paid member of CSCC.
Annual memberships are $21.00 for an individual, and family memberships are $28.00. Click here to register. You will also be notified of our members-only events and be eligible for discounts with our sponsors that offer specials to CSCC.
So, if you’re still just registered on the CSCC Meetup site  and not yet an official paid member of CSCC, sign up today, and COME ALONG FOR THE RIDES!

Thoughts on Becoming a Past Past President

Charlie Czar: Immediate Past President

The Immediate Past President is a Club By-Law position on the Board of Directors (BoD).  Your Bent Fork Editors asked me to summarize how it feels to be off the BoD after being on it for 10 years (leading it for 6 years). 
I was president of a large church-related international organization during my 1st term as CSCC President.  The church organization has a structure where people go “though the chairs” and there is someone behind you who takes the 2-year leadership position when your term is over.  I’ve been one of their “Trustees” for now in a 7th year.  I envisioned a similar progression for CSCC.  Where our 2-year president serves as Past President for the next 2 years and then becomes a “Club enabler” for personally supported bike projects (as Dave VanDerWege and Allen Beauchamp have done).
After three terms as  President in this Club, I have now enjoyed these past 2 years of refereeing volleyball and basketball more where previously I used to have to block out dates because of Club needs.  I didn’t want to start more things as President when I knew that I really didn’t want to be here to implement them – Janine addressed things that I was considering and added a bunch more.  Good on her for her effort and energy; my goal was to then help her and not get in the way.  Good on Randy Susman for stepping up to take the lead as Janine’s 2-year term as President ends (the 1st lady in the 32 years of this Club).
I’ll still put together Club Rides and lead others as I’m needed.  I’ll still track the Club miles as long as the Club thinks that has value.  I’ll still participate in the National Bike Challenge and lead/manage the Club’s team.  As a special project, I intend to help Colorado Springs participate more in the NBC.  I’ll help as much as needed.  So you will still see Barb and me around; we aren’t going anywhere!

CSCC Presidents

Great Nana Became a Bicyclist at 93!

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

Have you ever heard anyone say (or said this yourself…) “I’m too old to try that!”  Well, I believe that we’re never too old to at least be introduced to new activities and ideas.  Here’s an example of someone that began riding bicycles at 93.  This was provided by Torie Giffin of the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort.  The 3 minute video interview with Great Nana can be found on YouTube at https://youtu.be/XyRp3-ZLpNY
Besides being a wonderful location for cyclists visiting Colorado Springs to home base while vacationing, the Buffalo Lodge is also one of the Club’s major sponsors.  If you haven’t yet made the opportunity to join one of the regular Saturday rides from the Buffalo Lodge, you should join the group at least once.  Torie will take the time after the ride to introduce you to the amenities that the Bike Resort provides.  Just take a look at the Meetup calendar for the location and details of the rides.  Additional details about the Resort itself can be found on their website  - bicycleresort.com

Ride Committee Update

Heather MacDonald: Ride Committee Chair

Recently, the Sunday Social joined up with SoCo Velo and Pedals and Pints to participate in the Cranksgiving Ride from Criterium.  The route included a 12 mile loop from Criterium to Trader Joe's to a couple of Safeways and a Walgreens.  With 3 different groups of around 40 cyclists total, there were 263 pounds of food and $205 donated that day to Care and Share.
With not many cyclist participating in last year’s Parade of Lights, there won’t be a CSCC entry this year. Due to a busy schedule, there also won’t be a Christmas Lights Ride this year.
The next major ride is the 32nd Annual Frozen Bottle Ride on January 1st.  Starting at Bj’s Brewhouse in University Village, it will leave at 10am. Take a look at the ride focused article included in this edition of the Bent Fork.
Finally, if anyone is interested in joining the Ride Committee, please contact me at hlmac17@gmail.com  There are many opportunities to help develop, plan and support rides throughout the year.  Your input and support would be greatly appreciated!

CSCC Membership Update

Sara Hill: CSCC Treasurer & Membership Coordinator

Each month more and more Colorado Springs have either renewed their membership or have become new members of the Colorado Spring Cycling Club (CSCC).  To become a member of the Club, annual dues for an individual membership are $21, and for a family membership, the annual dues are $28.  Membership not only provides you with the opportunity to participate in our many biking and social activities, but also enables you to be covered by the Club’s insurance while participating in a Club sanctioned activity.
Note that signing up on Meetup is not the same as becoming a member of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club.  Meetup enables those on the Meetup list to view and receive notices about the Club’s calendar of events.  But, being on Meetup does not enable the insurance coverage and does not enable attending certain Club events throughout the year.  Please pass this update along to anyone who might be on Meetup but has not yet joined the Club.
Don Akerland, Kimnerly Albert, Georgia Andrews, Suzanne Book & Family, Ronald Budhi, Nadine Carlile, Stephen Clark, Jen & Scott Dorff, John Foster, Jeffery Fowler, Deena George, Brian Henningsen, James Herron & Family, Connor Houtchens, Melissa Hylton, David Johnson, Mark Kazmier, Valerie Kehl, Thomas Klein, Joanna Koob, MaryAnn Luers, Matthew Madden & Family, Afton McCann, Kate Meyer Olson & Family, Bob Moore, Louis Morgan, Dawn Nilsson, Mattie O & Family, David Oliver, Keegan Patmore & Family, Giana Pieraccini, Brian Plumer & Family, Paige Prieto, Kirk Reichelt & Family, Juan Rivera, Jeanne Rydell & Family, Kathleen Sanders, Lara Seng, Donald Sharp, Ryan Smith, Chug Sides, Steven Sinegar, Alison Slucas, Daryl Spano & Family, Dan Spinato, Judy Steininger, Todd Stevens & Family, Landon Strain, Mary Sutay, Julie Thoreson, Melissa Treece, Gary Urie, Michael Wallace, and Scott Welsby.

Renewing Members

Safety Stop: Dos and Don’ts of Winter Riding

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

Don’t miss out on winter cycling!  Too many cyclists hang up their bikes at the first sign of snowflakes. They’re missing out.
Winter riding does have benefits.  As your body struggles to stay warm in the cold, you not only burn more calories, but your body also learns to use oxygen much more efficiently, according to research from Northern Arizona University.
Even most importantly, riding around in the snow can be incredibly fun.  Here are some tips regarding what you should—and perhaps more importantly shouldn’t—do to make the most of your winter cycling season.  Take a look at this article from the Bicycling.com website to learn more.

More about Winter Riding

Bike Quote


Prez Says

Janine Hegeman: CSCC President

Hello everyone,
The year is coming to a close, as well as my turn at CSCC’s presidency, along with Rich Hostak at Vice President and Sara Hill at Treasurer.  It is a fitting time to look at the big changes that have taken place in the last few years, and take a peek into the future.

One change that’s impacted our club the most has been the institution of a Meet Up site for CSCC.  Communication, public awareness of CSCC, and sharing of ideas and photos have increased exponentially since April 2016 when we launched the site.  Several new rides have been developed and are going regularly, and some special one-time rides have been well-received as well.  While some may not like it, most of the active ridership uses Meet Up often, and it has facilitated more miles on the bike, and getting more people engaged in bicycle riding – which are prime goals of CSCC.

The new club jersey, a project largely headed up by Rich Hostak, has been a big hit.  It is our thirtieth anniversary jersey, and it features our new club logo. (Jerseys are still available – they make great gifts!).  Fittingly, the logo itself was developed by Dale Campbell, our new Vice President.  He and his wife Sharon Boyd are currently the newsletter editors, and they are looking for help and potential replacements.

Several CSCC members took a very intensive certification course offered through the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) and became League Certified Instructors (LCIs).  Numerous classes have been developed and offered by the LCIs specifically for CSCC members, such as Ride Leader training, and other education opportunities have been offered to the public as well.  This has been the best effort to date to fulfill one of CSCC’s charter requirements – to provide cycling education.

And another change is on the horizon, and may already be underway by the time you receive this newsletter.  CSCC is switching to a new easier-to-use website with great features.  Sara Hill and Randy Susman, our new President, have been hard at work for about a year on this.  We love it, and hope you do too.  Be on the lookout for more information; we hope to make the switch before the end of the year, and you’ll need to log in and explore!

The last few years have not been without challenges.  I still haven’t cracked the code to eliminate the ride leader shortage, and the Club Board has been pushed hard to manage social activities and ride scheduling with the committees for those activities dissolving this year.  Heather MacDonald has stepped in to manage the Ride Committee – she is currently a committee of one and does need some help!  It’s my Christmas Wish for the new CSCC Board that more members will commit to doing something, just a little something for this club that will lighten the load on others, and may be surprisingly fun for themselves.

Finally, looking ahead, I believe I’ve left CSCC in pretty good shape for the next 30 years.  Financially with budgeting, ideas for new fundraising and conversion of Meet Up riders to CSCC members, and strategically with a 10-year plan.  Most importantly, this Club is soon to be in the very capable hands of the new officers. Randy Susman, as the new President, brings a fresh perspective. He hasn’t “come up through the ranks” as many CSCC officers have, and is ready to tackle the challenges and embrace the opportunities.  Dale Campbell, as the in-coming Vice President, has been a member of CSCC longer than I have.  His wisdom and depth of knowledge and connections in the Colorado Springs cycling scene will be a fantastic benefit to the Club.

Also, Jessica Boda as the new Treasurer brings years of experience as an accounting professional, not the mention a love of cycling.  Sara Hill will continue as the Membership coordinator, and Ruth Sharp has volunteered to continue as Secretary for another term.  I’ve been truly blessed to guide the course for CSCC alongside the working board and the newcomers – I can’t thank you all enough!

CSCC continues to adapt and change, with one core commonality – CSCC is a group of cyclists who like to ride, and to have fun riding with other cyclists.  It is my sincere wish for all CSCC members that the New Year holds many exciting, sociable, and enjoyable opportunities for you to “Come Along for the Ride!” 

Happy Holidays,
Janine Hegeman
(Your almost Past) President, CSCC

Europe by B&B: Episode 3

Richard Oliver: CSCC Club Member

Always eager for alluring bike escapades, we returned to Europe for our third Bike and Barge (B&B) trip; this time cruising the Bordeaux wine region of southwest France, on a boat aptly named, the Bordeaux, from 9-15 September 2017.  
Our previous two B&B's had been on smaller barges: 1) the Iris with 24 passengers, and 2) the Magnifique with 38.  This much larger Bordeaux was no barge, but more akin to a small ship, with room for 96 passengers, albeit our trip was not fully booked-out, with only some 75 cruisers.

This larger capacity ship certainly provided more folks to delightfully engage with, and from multiple nationalities (even so, English was the common language used, to include for all the briefings).  Whilst this bigger ship provided more elaborate dining and lounging areas, surprisingly, the cabins were actually a bit smaller than our first two barges, especially the private bathroom area with a sink, toilet and shower tightly compressed.

But again, there's nothing more delightful then daily bike excursions through lush scenery, flourishing vineyards, and iconic chateaus, and then returning to our floating hotel/restaurant for happy hour, followed by a sumptuous repast before retiring to our private quarters.

Our seven-day cruise meandered along the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers, home to world-renown fine red wines.  The six full days of biking provided rides of typically 20-35 miles in length, depending on your druthers; of course, one also had the option of just staying aboard and basking on the sun deck with a glass of wine.


Read more about Europe by B&B: Episode 3

Meet the New CSCC Sponsor – Performance Bicycle

Sharon Boyd: Co-Editor

Please join us in welcoming our newest Club sponsor - Performance Bicycle.  Performance has been a part of the US cycling community for 36 years, and in the Colorado Springs Community for more than 10 years.  A Performance store in Denver has been selling bicycles since before 1994.  Here’s a bit about the beginnings of the company:
In 1981, while talking with his brother Richard about bicycles, Garry Snook had an Aha! moment. After doing some research on the bicycle industry, he did what any practical Phd candidate in Finance, with a wife and a second child on the way does: He and his wife, Sharon, started a bicycle catalog company, because they saw an opportunity to serve customers better. Garry and Sharon leveraged their life savings to start the company, and Sharon came up with the name. They called their young startup Performance Bicycle and focused on a simple mission: great products at great prices.
If you want to learn more about Performance as a company, you can read more at http://www.performancebike.com/bikes/pb/our-story
The Colorado Springs Performance location is offering some attractive discounts for Club members.  These include: 1/2 price bike service plans and 20% discounts on VIP nights.  Dates of these VIP nights will be announced on the Club website.  So, stay tuned for more information.
By the way, the Colorado Springs store is located at 4284 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918.  This is the northwest corner of the Austin Bluffs/Academy intersection.  Or, give them a call at (719) 599-7000
Be sure to check out the deals from all our sponsors on the Meetup Sponsor webpage .

Provide Your Input on the Bicycle Master Plan! Comment Period ends December 10!

Kim Melchor: Lead Communications Specialist, City of Colora

The City of Colorado Springs has completed the final draft of the Bike Master Plan and invites you to learn more about the plan and provide feedback.  The plan is designed to enhance safety, viability, integration and accessibility/inclusivity for people on bikes throughout Colorado Springs.  You can learn more about how earlier comments have been incorporated into the plan and provide overall feedback online through Dec. 10 by visiting https://coloradosprings.gov/bikeplan
“Providing citizens with the facilities they require to get where they need and want to go safety is a core function of local government.  This applies for all citizens, regardless of their chosen mode of transportation. The Bicycle Master Plan will establish a vision and roadmap for how Colorado Springs can provide a level of programming and bike infrastructure across the entire city that accommodates the range of users who want/need to bicycle,” said Kate Brady bicycle planner for the City of Colorado Springs.
The plan will also serve to inform and educate the general public, government staff, and elected officials of the current conditions of bicycle infrastructure and the potential of bicycling in Colorado Springs. It ultimately will be used to guide and provide strategies for the implementation of bicycle infrastructure, policies and programs for all City departments, partner public agencies and the private development community.
Public input on the draft plan will help to confirm the plan best meets community needs and desires, and will serve the community well into the future.
Next Steps:
The Bicycle Master Plan will be presented before several committees and boards before final presentation to City Council for approval in early 2018.
· Citizens Transportation Advisory Board, December meeting
· Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, January meeting
· Planning Commission, January meeting
All of these meetings are open to the public and offer further opportunities for feedback from the public.

A TOSC Perspective on the Master Bike Plan

Susan Davies, Executive Director, Trails & Open Space Coalit

Have you checked out the Colorado Springs Bike Master Plan draft? Here is a link: https://coloradosprings.gov/sites/default/files/colorado_springs_plan_final_reduced_new.pdf
 I like it. It’s visionary and pragmatic.  We aren’t Boulder or Fort Collins. But the Bike Master Plan provides some good strategies to get closer to our shared goal: a safer more bike-friendly Colorado Springs.
It talks about our community culture. I truly believe most of our motorists are willing to share the road with us. We need to convince our community that better bike infrastructure serves everyone – cars included.
We need members of our bike-friendly business community ( and we have many) to speak out. They need to let our  elected leaders know that well-connected,  multi-modal transportation options are not a perk but an expectation - by their employees and customers.

Bike Colorado Springs is an initiative of the Trails and Open Space Coalition. We are working with committed volunteers  to communicate, educate, advocate and come up with strategies that “move the needle” for all of us.
Expect great things in 2018. I certainly do. Happy Holidays and thanks for being a great partner!

Paul Bunyan State Trail – Bemidji to Brainerd Minnesota

Ann Lebahn: CSCC Member

Editors Note:  Ann and Stan have been enjoying their Scorpion Recumbent e-Bikes since their purchase in early 2017.  For more background about the bikes and the Lebahn’s, take a look at the article in the February 2017 edition of the Bent Fork

This was our first self-supported bike tour, all of our previous rides have been fully supported trips.  Since acquiring our Trikes 6 months earlier we felt we could venture out on our own (with Chavo the dog, of course) on our own “credit card tour” (using plastic for lodging and food vs hauling it all with us).  We selected the Paul Bunyan State Trail based on recommendations of several friends and it was on the way to Wisconsin.  We also had friends in Bemidji who live 1 mile from the trail head.  Lodging is also available near the Jefferson Lines bus stop, which makes it very convenient for the return trip to pick up your vehicle. 
Day 1: 22 May 2017 – Bemidji to Walker (30 miles)
Stan and I waited until the temp warmed up to 50 degrees before hitting the trail; our friends accompanied us for the first 12 miles.  The trail is very well marked and asphalt the whole way.  Encountering some rain near Laporte, we pulled into a patio for shelter and a snack break.  The rain let up and we rode 12 miles to our overnight stop in Walker.  With this town being near an off-shoot of the trail (Shingobee Connection), we stayed at the Lakeview Inn that was right in town.  While the Inn is low Budget, it is comfortable.  Walker is also on the North Country National Trail.  I’m sure this is a very busy place during the tourist season.
One caution to be aware of is that due to woods along the trail, it is not uncommon for downed trees to be blocking the trail.  We encountered two downed trees that a local gentleman, Kurt Vining, said had come down sometime since the previous afternoon.  After breaking some branches, we carried the trikes and trailer across the obstruction and continued to Walker.  I suppose the obstacle course item added another dimension to the ride.

Day 2: 23 May 2017 – Walker to Pine River (40 miles)
We woke up to clouds the next day and had a nice breakfast in town before riding back to the trail.  The route joined up with the Heartland Trail for a short distance and then we headed east to continue on the Paul Bunyan Trail.  This was the only hilly part since it was a connector back to the Paul Bunyan.  The route took us through several small towns and we stopped for lunch in Hackensack at an ice cream shop.  The afternoon was sunny and nice, making the cycling quite enjoyable.  At the conclusion of the day, we stopped for the night in Pine River.  There was a Roadway Inn right on the trail that could accommodate our trikes in our room.  Breakfast was provided the next morning.

Day 3: 24 May 2017 – Pine River to Brainerd (32 miles)
After beginning our third day of riding, we stopped at a coffee shop in Pequot Lakes that was right on the trail.  Day 3 was mostly sunny and in the 50s.  Along the way, we encountered a group of about 50 kids that were riding their bikes to the next town, Nisswa, for lunch.  Getting from the trail to the bus stop in Brainerd was a little tricky and time was also a concern; so we picked up the pace a bit.  The Bus Stop was at a Mc Donald’s and from there only a short bus ride back to the start in Bemidji. 

Other general notes:  Camping and hotels were available along the trail as were eating establishments and stores.  We didn’t have any problems with mosquitos due to the cooler weather and didn’t encounter many cyclists.  I’m not sure how busy it would be in the summer.  For more information about the trail, be sure to take a look at https://www.paulbunyantrail.com/
This was our first experience with bike touring and we are looking for our next destination, possibly the KATY trail.  Anyone interested?
In retrospect…
What was the best thing?
Smooth, mostly flat trail with interesting sights along the way – lots of water.
What would you do differently?
Make sure I had directions to get from the trail to the bus stop in Brainerd, all I had was an address.
What made this tour unique?
First self-supported tour over multiple days.
What advice would you give?
Go before the mosquitos come out, late spring.
What was most important thing?
Making sure we had rain gear.

Letter from the Incoming President

Randy Susman: CSCC President Elect

I look forward to serving as your CSCC President starting in January.  Our new leadership team includes Dale Campbell (currently your newsletter co-editor) as Vice President, Jessica Fraser as Treasurer, and Ruth Sharp continuing as Club Secretary. Other board members include Sara Hill as membership coordinator, Sharon Boyd continuing as newsletter editor, Heather MacDonald as ride committee chair, and Janine Hegeman as immediate past president.
We are excited to work alongside you to continue growing the Club. We will encourage our city to become more bike-friendly, help riders make the most of their riding, and provide opportunities for all of us to enjoy our beautiful Colorado surroundings. We hope you have a wonderful holiday and can get out on your bike! Happy New Year and happy riding!

CSCC 2017 Ride Mileage

Charlie Czar: CSCC Ride Mileage Tracker

The Club mileage is a constant “work in progress”.   This link goes to the latest file on the Club website https://www.bikesprings.org/docs/CSCC_17-Mileage.pdf   It will be updated in early December and again the 1st week of January (in preparation for the Club “2018 Kickoff” on 6 January 2018).  The trend this year was slightly higher than 2016, putting it among the top 4 of the last 11 years.
If you can manage to get a few more days on the bike, participating in a Club supported ride, be sure to put your name and info on the Ride Sheet provided by the Ride Leader.   Any additional mileage will be captured in the final summary for the year.

National Bike Challenge 2017 Final Summary

Charlie Czar: NBC Team Leader

CSCC had a team in the 2017 National Bike Challenge (NBC) that ran from 1 May through 30 September. Our team finished 18th in the national challenge and #1 in Colorado.  This year NBC used STRAVA as the database manager, replacing Endomondo.  This led to massive confusion, especially within our team.  We brought it to their attention, but there was no easy solution this year.  We hope that is simplified next year.  Bottom line is over 200 members were on the CSCC team within STRAVA (now 236) but only 109 were imported to the NBC team database.  Imagine a single digit ranking if we were all included.  This link takes you to the Club’s individual summary:  https://www.bikesprings.org/docs/CSCC_NBC_Totals-2017.pdf
Additionally, this link https://www.bikesprings.org/docs/NBC_2017_Daily_Rankings.pdf  takes you to the “End of Challenge” Club tracking page that the Club posted (updated almost daily) on our Club website.  It shows our national and state rankings as well as the Colorado and Colorado Springs placing within the nation.
The chart included in the continuation page shows the comparison of the team totals since we started in 2013.  Imagine the numbers if we doubled the 2017 numbers to reflect our actual participation.
NBC took down their 2017 site and said they are updating it with improvements for 2018.  Get your bikes ready over the winter and let’s go for it again next year!

NBC CSCC Comparison Chart

35 Telltale Signs that You’re Officially a Cyclist

Courtesy of MapMyRide

1. You can’t recognize your biking friends when they aren’t wearing Lycra. And you haven’t known whether to be flattered or offended when one of them has seen you in your street clothes and said something like, “Wow! You look really good!”


2. There’s never room on the top shelf of the dishwasher for anything other than water bottles — and no matter how many times you’ve scrubbed them, they still look dirty.


3. You’ve tried every energy bar, gel and powdered electrolyte mix on the market and have homed in on the exact right combo to keep you from bonking on long rides.


4. The “check engine” light in your car has been on for months, but the most minor mechanical issue on your bike is resolved immediately…


5. …that might be because your new bike is worth more than your car.


6. And that bike has a nickname.


7. You have at least one Facebook profile shot of you posing on or next to your bike with a gorgeous landscape (read: ocean, mountains or vineyards) behind you.


8. When you’re driving and see a pack of riders, you slow down to a near crawl and give them plenty of room. You know what it means to share the road.

More Signs that You’re Officially a Cyclist
Bent Fork 2017-4 - October/November/December 2017