Vol 3 Issue 6 December 2010

CSCC Bent Fork Editors

Editors Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell

As 2010 comes to an end, Dale and I would like to express our thanks to all of the Bent Fork Chronicles contributors. We appreciate your articles, pictures and feedback.

We look forward to 2011, filled with bike rides, activities and fun. August 22, the inaugural Quiznos Pro Challenge (seven-stage 11-city professional cycling competition) comes to Colorado. Stage 1, the prologue time trial, will be held in Colorado Springs. And, we will have the world's best cycling competitors in our backyard.


New CSCC Jerseys

Progressive Dinner Ride Appetizer/Salad Stop

Progressive Dinner Ride cyclists show off their new CSCC Jerseys.

Photo credit: Dale Campbell


25th Annual Frozen Water Bottle Ride

Bob Smith

Check out the January 2011 Events Calendar on the CSCC website!

The CSCC 2011 Frozen Water Bottle Ride starts at 10am on Saturday, January 1st.  The ride begins from BJ’s Brewhouse & Restaurant in the University Village Colorado Shopping Center. After the ride, we will celebrate the New Year and the CSCC 25th Frozen Waterbottle Ride at BJ’s.

Ride Committee

Wanted - Ride Leaders


Austin Clark, who rode with us in Pueblo, is part of the Southern COTrail Builders. They have a great collection of maps and info on the MTBtrails around the Lake Pueblo reservoir on this website. http://www.lakepueblotrails.org/default.asp

The Ride Planning Committee
Pedal on!  Janine Hegeman

Fall River Ride

John Davenport

On Saturday October 2, CSCCer’s gathered at the Nevada Park ‘n’ Ride in Colorado Springs to participate in a “field trip.” Over 30 participants anticipated a wonderful ride along the extensive walking and biking trails in Pueblo. As we collected ourselves for the carpool down, it was duly noted that the weather was near perfect. We brought mostly mountain bikes and a few brought road bikes.


Membership Updates

Sara Hill

Welcome New Members!
Claire Forsyth & Family, Doug Smith, Dennis & Terry Struck, Isaac Spragg, Stanley Adams, Charles Knoeckel, and Ken & Leslie Bernard

Renewing Members-Thanks!
Sandy Greenspoon, John Everett, Bill & Cynthia Doty, Deegan Lew, Bryan & Jodi Miller, Roger Neeland, Doug Pape, Carol Keenan, Mike & Lorena Wilder, P.K. Robinson, Jeff Cowen, and Terry & Jay Toppe


President's Message

Holiday thoughts from Charlie Czar...

The year draws to a close. Individually and as a Club we have managed to accomplish a lot. Let’s all come together at the annual Club Holiday Party on DEC 11 to share 2010 in review. This will be the “Kick-Off” of our 25th Year Celebration. I look forward to the many things that we can accomplish during this special year. Bring your thoughts with you to the party and share them, so that we can make many of them come true. Have a safe and happy Holiday Season.

Barb & Charlie Czar

Socially Yours

Chris Conboy

Hello Fellow Bike Club Members...we’re all busy at this holiday time of the year, so I want to remind you that our next BIG social event is the Holiday Party at the Clarion on DEC 11. Starting at 5:30pm, cocktails and appetizers will be available in the Geneva Room (upstairs). Ron and Joan have once again agreed to provide "songs of the season" to get us all in the holiday mood and dance music…there will be a dance floor, so everybody can get up and perform their best “Dancing with the Stars” moves! Charlie has planned some surprises, and we'll have some featured guests to honor, along with other award winners.



Andy Clarke

PLEASE SIGN ON THE UNDOTTED LINE.......................................

Andy Clarke, president of the League of American Bicyclists,
Recently wrote to us with information and a plea regarding
Bikes Belong's campaign Peopleforbikes.org. It's designed,
Andy said, "... to unite one million voices to improve bicycling
in the United States. It simply asks people to sign a pledge
in support of biking. The goal is to help make our nation a better
place to ride by sending a powerful message to our elected
leaders, the media, and the public that bicycling is important
and should be promoted."


Bike Handling Skills as read in Active.com

Bruce Hildenbrand

Bike handling skills are something that every cyclist, including the pros, can always improve. Nobody likes crashing and while certain accidents are almost unavoidable, improving your skills on the bike can vastly increase your chances of staying upright.

Most recreational cyclists will never approach the skills of the best pros: The top riders can put on their rain jacket in a downpour and go through hairpins in the Alps with no hands on the bars. Some of us mortals may be able to accomplish that feat on a straight, smooth road, but the big boys have to be able to put on a jacket in any situation.

There are a couple of skills that we can all learn, both of which come in handy multiple times during a single ride.


Cycling Around The World

Dale Campbell - Bent Fork Editor

Downhill Mountain Biking with a Volcanic Twist? If you thought some of the mountain biking in Colorado is tough, take a look at the article on the BBC Sport webpage that describes the downhill race on Reunion Island, which is located in the Indian Ocean. The article titled “Mountain Bikers Tackle Volcano” and found at http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/olympic_games/world_olympic_dreams/9238517.stm details the efforts of a local Reunion Islander that has entered the race, as well as Olympic level racers, who ride through an ever-changing terrain that composes the race course. The combination of the tropics, mountain bikers and a volcano makes for some interesting reading!


Summer Refresher in Estes Park

Ron Hargrave

A weekend away from Colorado Springs at the end of July seemed like a good idea to Janine and I. We chose Estes Park as our location for bike riding, rest and relaxation. We selected a leisurely route through Denver and Boulder. Our only plans for Friday afternoon were to check into the hotel when we arrived in Estes Park. However, we were delayed by traffic on I-25 in the middle of Denver, and experienced more traffic delays in Boulder. We searched for a good place to eat in Boulder. I remembered that there used to be a nice mom & pop restaurant, but I was unable to find it. So, we decided on Quizno's. Once refreshed, Janine and I headed out Highway 36, and continued our journey to Estes Park.


Barge & Bike Trip / Dalmatian Coast of Croatia

Carolyn Myers-Woods & Dick Woods

Recently (mid October) Dick Woods and Carolyn Myers-Woods enjoyed a Barge and Bike trip to the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. We flew from Denver, CO to Split, Croatia. Split is on the Adriatic Sea coast of Croatia. We enjoyed walking around the historic town and stayed at a hotel in the historical center of the town – The Diocletian Palace which is 1700 years old and has massive outer walls – was home to our very lovely, modernerized hotel. Inside the Palace walls were cathedrals, museums and shops.


Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol 3 Issue 6 December 2010

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