April/May/June 2017
2nd Quarter 2017

Editors Comments

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell

Here we are already halfway into the second quarter of the year.  This time of the year brings comments about “Spring time in the Rockies.”  I’m sure we all know what that means.  It also means that with the passing of 1 May, we’re also into the 2017 National Bike Challenge (more on that in this edition of the Bent Fork).  More and more cycling opportunities will be available as we go further into the 2nd Quarter and beyond.
This edition of the Bent Fork is meant to help you have a safe and enjoyable spring and summer riding season.  There are articles about upcoming events and opportunities for you to help the community and the Club.  Our photo in this edition hints at one of these upcoming events.  Can you determine which one?  Read on and you’ll find the details.
And, as always, if you have suggestions for articles in upcoming edition of the Bent Fork, please let us know.  Or, if you have travelogs, trip planning suggestions, favorite rides  or other cycling related commentaries that you’d like to share, we welcome your submittals.  In the mean time, go out and ride!

Meet and Greet – The Next CSCC Event!

CSCC Membership Committee

On May 20th from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., come by The Hostak Backyard Oasis (Rich and Sherrie Hostak's home, 3785 Red Canon Place, Colorado Springs, CO 80904) for grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and meet other new and long-time members and board members. If you are a new member (you’ve joined CSCC in the last year), you will get a gift for coming to the meet&greet. We’d love to meet you!
Please RSVP via the CSCC Meetup site   We'll need to know you are coming to ensure we have enough food and gifts.  Be sure to bring a side dish to share.  We look forward to seeing you there!

We Need Your Help! Consider Volunteering for This Fun Event

Sara Hill & Cece Beauchamp- Starlight Rest Stop Organizers

We are getting ready for our annual sponsorship of the Starlight Spectacular rest stop in Bancroft Park.  In addition to needing volunteers for the rest stop that night (June 17, 2017), we also need some help preparing the themed decorations. 
Planning and preparation efforts are already underway.  Cece has most of the theme decoration  ideas worked out.  We just need a few helpers to cut, paint, glue and other miscellaneous tasks to get it all pulled together.  Please let us know via email or Meetup that you can help us work on this project.
 For the night of the June 17, 2017, we need 10-12 volunteers to help with setup, food preparation, serving and clean-up.   Here are some time slots that we need help:
     6:00 pm      3-5 helpers to load the van at the storage unit at Garden of the Gods self storage (4905 N 30th St, 80919, unit 220 ... contact Cece Beauchamp for the gate code)
     7:30 pm       7-10 helpers for Park Setup & Food Preparation
     10:30 pm     10-12 helpers for food serving, guest greeting, and tear down
     Sunday, June 18 - 1:00 pm  3-4 helpers to unload the van at the storage unit
 Even if you can help with just a portion, we welcome you to RSVP and come join us!  When you RSVP via Meetup, please note which time slot(s) you will be there to help.  Also, let us know what size t-shirt you would like.
 Please RSVP on Meetup to let us know you will be there to help.  If you plan to ride, you can register on the Starlight Eventbrite page.
By the way, if you’re wondering how much fun this is, just ask anyone who’s helped with this event previously.  I’m sure you’ll see them light up as they tell you some of the fun they’ve had!  So, we look forward to seeing you at the Park!

The Dark Side of the Moon Ride – Coming in August 2017!

Charlie Czar – Immediate Past President

Ever ridden in the dark during the day?  I’m sure you’re wondering just what in the world (or sun, in this case) I’m talking about! 
Barb and I are planning a ride up in Fort Collin on Monday Aug 21st.  We’ll leave COS early Monday morning and hope to be riding the Fort Collin bike infrastructure by 1030.  This will be called “the Dark Side of the Moon Ride”.  Better bring lights because it should get dark,  At 11:46 am they should have over 95% of a solar eclipse.  Let’s “carpool” for this road trip.  More details will be on the “Meet Up” Calendar later.

19th Annual Buena Vista Bike Fest

Sharon Boyd: Co-Editor

Be sure and register for the 19th Annual Buena Vista Bike Fest on Saturday, June 3, 2017. Website:
The Colorado Springs Cycling Club website also has additional details. www.Bikesprings.org
As the Buena Vista Rotary Club states on the event website, “This year we have exciting news! We are adding a new route, called the spa route. This route will go south from Buena Vista and will pass by the Mt. Princeton Resort in Nathrop, CO. While details are still being worked out, there will be special offerings from Mt. Princeton as well as a rest stop at the resort itself. The route is 22 miles.
“BVBF is sponsored by the Buena Vista Rotary Club. The Buena Vista Rotary Club is dedicated to continuing the tradition of past BVBF rides as being one of Colorado's finest events.  We have been told by our riders that our rest stops are the best of any ride they have ever done.  Our routes are well covered with SAG vehicles.  For your safety the Colorado State Patrol will be patrolling route and the Chaffee County Search & Rescue will be providing EMT support.”

Colorado Springs Bicycle Master Plan – Your Input Needed!

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

The City and consultant team have been working over the past several months on the Master Plan.  Based on research, interviews and public input, there is a clear understanding of where we are today (the current conditions) and where the community wants to be in the future (the vision and goals).

The heart of the plan, which is being worked on now, includes a recommended bike network covering the entire city and recommendations on the policies and programs that will get us from where we are today to where the community wants to be. The best, most-likely-to-succeed recommendations result from the consultants filtering their international experience through the local expertise that only citizens of Colorado Springs possess.  This is your opportunity to let your voice be heard.
As stated on the Bike Master Plan website, “Colorado Springs has a vibrant bicycling culture. However, the current level of bike infrastructure does not accommodate the range of users who want/need to bicycle. Many people don’t feel comfortable using existing infrastructure or are frustrated by the limited connectivity between bicycle facilities. We need to create a safe connected network that will match the level of demand for bicycle infrastructure in Colorado Springs.
“Colorado Springs has also evolved as a destination city for outdoor activities and embodies an active lifestyle. Bicycling has become increasingly recognized as a strong economic driver that attracts and maintains a strong workforce and is a mainstream solution to everything from traffic congestion to air quality to obesity to a key factor in creating vibrant cities.”
The City held a public information session on 3 May.  Multiple members of the Club attended, as did members of the general public.  Attendees viewed the literature and displays, spoke with members of the City and Consulting Team, and voted on the recommendations they would like the City to support.  If you were not able to attend that session, you still have a chance to provide your input.  Review the information on the Master Plan website, including the documents from the 3 May Public Session, found on the Public Outreach tab of the website .  Then, inform Kate Brady (kbrady@springsgov.com), Senior Bicycle Planner City of Colorado Springs, about the Potential Recommendations  you would like to see implemented.


Where Cyclists Meets Technology -- Ouch!

Contributed by Pat Cruse – CSCC Member

An incredibly unfortunate US rider fell victim to a drone as it crashed into the middle of the race. The video was taken from a fellow racer riding in the Golden State Race series in Sacramento, California.  As is noted in the article, “This drone took the close-up a little too close.”

Membership Update

Sara Hill: Membership Coordinator

Each month we recognize cyclists that have either renewed their membership or have become new members of the Colorado Spring Cycling Club (CSCC).  To become a member of the Club, annual dues for an individual membership are $21, and for a family membership, the annual dues are $28.  Membership not only provides you with the opportunity to participate in our many biking and social activities, but also enables you to be covered by the Club’s insurance while participating in a Club sanctioned activity.
Note that joining CSCC’s Meetup group is not the same as joining the Club.  We encourage riders who are part of the Meetup group but who have not yet paid any dues to do so to realize the above noted benefits.
Milton Brannon, Alma Curic, John Filkoski, Chris Gilbert & Family, Tod Harmon, Renee Henry, Cindy & John Holthouse, Jennifer Horsman, Matt Isaack, Robert Lehman, Jessie Lieland, Nancy Likos, JJ Lopez, Demauri & Thomas Malin, Ben Miller & Family, Leah Montgomery & Family, Kevin Moore & Family, Jacquie Ostrom & Family, Rodger Reddish, Amy Roberts, Joanna Sanchez & Family, Tiffany Shipp, Barry Sopinsky & Family, Aaron Vorhies & Family, Gary Wark, John Weed, and Christopher Wright.

Gayle Allen, Geoffry Ames & Daryll Stevens, Doug Anderson, Loren Anderson, Renee Barall, Ginny Barber, Craig Carroll, Nard Claar, Bob Foster, Ronnie Graham, Ron & Teri Hargrave, Ginger Kelly, Julie Kiley & Family, Jayson & Esther Lee, Greg Lynd, Phil McDonald, Todd McMillan & Family, Connie Miller, Marge Milne, Frank Morrey, Carolyn Myers & Dick Woods, Charlie & Margaret Oliver, Richard & Pamela Oliver, Roger Patrizio, Jean Pineault, Mary Rebb & Family, Jerry Remmert & Family, Christine Revere & Family, Bill Ryan, Sid Santos, Betty Schwartz, David Stang & Family, Eric & Monica Van Fleet, David Waddell, Michael Watry, Dan Weber, Jerry & Cathy White, Larry Womack, and Katie Zimmann.

Membership Reminders

Special Activities & Rides of Interest!

CSCC Ride Committee

Consider this to be a reminder!
Have you tried exploring the variety of rides and events that Colorado Springs Cycling Club offers?  Take a few moments and scroll through the calendar on the CSCC Meetup site ().  We’re sure that you’ll find multiple items for which you will want to RSVP!
And, be sure to let the Newsletter Editors know if you enjoyed a particular ride.  They appreciate your input as potential articles for upcoming newsletters!

A Quote to Ponder

H. G. Wells

Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia.”

Prez Says

Janine Hegeman: CSCC President

On May 3, I attended the city’s Bicycle Master Plan Public Meeting. It was amazing to see all the participation and energy around our city’s efforts to make bike route connectivity city-wide a reality. We’re looking forward the “action” part of the plan… I hope you are riding more now that spring seems to have finally made up its mind to start, and staying safe. LOTS coming up with CSCC, and a few important “save the date” items for you all as well:
  •  CSCC Board meeting. May 23 at  Pikes Perk, 5965 Academy Blvd N #203, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 . 6 p.m. snacks, 6:30 p.m. meeting starts. OPEN to ALL CSCC members. Come see what the board does for YOU, a member of the longest-running and largest cycling club in Colorado Springs – CSCC! We welcome your input.
  •  CSCC’s first ever New Member Meet’n’Greet. DATE CHANGE On May 20 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., come by The Hostak Backyard Oasis (3785 Red Canon Place, Colorado Springs, CO 80904) for grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and meet new members and board members. If you are a new member (you’ve joined CSCC in the last year), you will get a gift for joining us. We’d love to meet you! More details on Meetup coming soon. 
  •  7 Ways to Make Cycling MORE Fun. Save the date - May 18 or May 20. CSCC’s League of American Bicyclists certified instructors have tips and tricks for you and can teach you skills in this training that will keep you spinning happily. More information soon on Meetup.
  •  CSCC Member meeting. June 6, 6 p.m. at the Westside Community Center, 1628 W. Bijou St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. A great presentation from a couple who have ridden across the US multiple times – find out how you prepare and plan for cycling trips and what to expect along the way. I’ll be back from BVBF with a report on the ride.
  •  Buena Vista Bike Fest June 3 and Starlight Spectacular June 17! See the CSCC website and Meetup for details.
  •  SAVE THE DATE! July 9: the CSCC Summer Picnic and Rides at the Buffalo Lodge. Rides start at noon, and food happens about 2:30-3:00. RSVPS, side dishes and grills needed; if you can bring a grill, please contact me. Details coming soon on Meetup. 
Please be safe out there. Recently a cyclist, Dr. Julia Roark, was struck by a vehicle and killed on Woodmen Road. Though not a CSCC member, she’s still a part of the cycling community, and I know all our hearts and prayers go out to her family and friends. Our friends with the Mountaintop cycling Club will be joining in the Ride of Silence on May 20. This ride is held internationally to honor those who’ve died in bicycle accidents. See the Meet up calendar for details and to RSVP to join in.
The calendar is filling up again with rides for summer – look for the 11 Mile Canyon ride, Full Moon Rides, mountain bike rides starting at the Buffalo Lodge, A Total Eclipse Ride (daytime ride, but bring your headlights), and more. As always, be safe, have fun, and “come along for the ride!”
Janine Hegeman, CSCC President

National Bike Challenge 2017 – How to Get Started

Charlie Czar – Immediate Past President

The 2017 National Bike Challenge (NBC) officially started Monday May 1st and runs through Sept 30th.  They switched to a Strava platform to capture the ride entries.  We are having a lot of trouble getting over 70 people signed up properly exported to the NBC site.  In the short term we recommend you:
• Visit www.nationalbikechallenge.org
• Select “Connect with Strava” and then login if you already have a Strava account. If not, select “Signup” to create an account.
• Use the search bar at the top of the page to find the Colorado Springs Cycling Club, then hit the JOIN link.
• NBC owes us the answer at this point as to why they don’t import all our members.  When they solve this problem we will post the solution on the Club’s webpage.
• Sign up soonest and we’ll get the alignment corrected later in May.
Get out there and ride!  By the end of September, you’ll be amazed at just how many miles and points that you’ll ride and earn.

Legacy Loop - Making Progress to Improve Cycling in Colorado Springs

Lisa Bachman

LEGACY LOOP is an approximately 10-mile trail, park and recreation loop around downtown Colorado Springs defined by the Pikes Peak Greenway on the west and south, the Shooks Run trail on the east, and the Rock Island Corridor to the north.  It is a way to connect, create, and protect our community value, inspired by the legacy and vision of Colorado Springs' founder General William Jackson Palmer. Palmer's dream was of a vibrant, livable city where the essential functions of mobility and access are linked to our parks, open space and trails.
Legacy Loop Project Objectives:
• Leverage existing park and trail assets by improving the safety, functionality and connectivity of the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail as it runs through Monument Valley Park in the heart of Colorado Springs;
• Create a regionally significant trail connection through the acquisition and construction of the long sought-after Rock Island trail connection; and
• Create new and lasting recreational opportunities throughout the project area for the citizens of Colorado Springs.
Legacy Loop Phase 1 - Projects Underway
• Legacy Plaza Phase 1: Plaza construction start May 2017
• Rock Island Trail: Construction anticipated to start late spring 2017
• Uintah Street Underpass:  Great news! The Parks Department was awarded $400,000 from State Trails to complete the underpass at Uintah. Construction of this project is anticipated beginning in winter 2017. With the Uintah Street Underpasses we will also work towards construction of the creek access points requested by the community.
• Mesa Creek Crossing:  Construction to start early 2018
For more information about the Legacy Loop and the various projects, go to  http://coloradosprings.gov/legacyloop  
To receive project updates and construction notices, send an email to:

Thanks from Our Friends at TOSC

Susan Davies, Executive Director - TOSC

Let me thank you again for your ongoing generous support for the Trails and Open Space Coalition. Your annual rest stop at Bancroft Park is a favorite with our Starlight Spectacular cyclists. This year’s event is June 17th.  The theme is “superheroes.” Please encourage friends to join our ride.  Our hope is they love riding the Starlight and then join your club as they find they like group rides.  Our goal (like yours) is to get more people on bikes. (And raise money to pay for our programs.)  For more information about the 2017 event, go to http://www.trailsandopenspaces.org/newsevents/starlight-spectacular/
As for programs, our Bike Colorado Springs initiative has come a long way over the past twelve months. Thanks to a strong leadership team, BCS is becoming a hub for "all things bikes."  Whether it’s the next Bike Summit at UCCS (June 2nd – please plan to attend), Bike to Work Breakfast(June 28),  bike advocacy or leading rides around the Legacy Loop; Bike Colorado Springs is supporting efforts to make Colorado Springs more bicycle friendly. Be sure to check out the Bike Colorado Springs website and Facebook page for ways to get involved.
What are your thoughts on electric bikes? Bike shops tell us they're selling well.  Currently electric bikes are only allowed on streets but that's expected to change.  Pending state legislation would allow electric bikes on all trails that allow bikes.  Cities like ours could decide to allow them on paved trails (Pikes Peak Greenway, Shooks Run etc.) but prohibit their use in parks and open spaces.  If you have questions or opinions, let us know.
Finally, your members are some of our community’s best resources when it comes to critical gaps in our network.  My guess is there's a certain intersection, stretch of road or trail that could be so much easier or even safer for cyclists if improved.  Let us know what you are seeing and we'll make sure it is communicated to the right committee and gets added to the city's bike master plan now underway.
 Happy cycling and thanks again for all you do to support TOSC.

7 Ways to Make Cycling More Fun

CSCC Education Team

Join us on 18 & 20 May for a workshop on 7 Ways to Make Cycling More Fun.  The initial portion of this educational opportunity will be held at The Colorado Springs Sustainacenter, located at 704 E Boulder St.  Our Club's League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructors will coach you on 7 surprising ways to enjoy cycling more in this fast-paced workshop!
You’ll get two hours of interactive classroom training on riding confidently on 18 May, plus two hours of on-bike skills training in a group with fellow cyclists on 20 May. This workshop is designed to provide cyclists of all abilities awareness of traffic laws, knowledge of the bicycle and what it can do, and valuable (and potentially life-saving) tips on how to make cycling in Colorado Springs more enjoyable.
The ride portion will start at 9:30 AM on 20 May at COLORADO TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY - 4435 North Chestnut Street
SPECIAL Introductory Price:  $30.00 Non-CSCC Members , $20.00 for CSCC Members.  To register for this class, click here .

Ride Leader Recognition – Thanking Those Who Lead the Way!

Janine Hegeman, President

Photo courtesy of Bill Gast

CSCC recognized their Ride Leaders at the CSCC Annual Ride Leader Recognition dinner at Red Leg Brewing Company on Sunday, March 26th. Participants enjoyed food, socializing, a gift from Ted’s Bicycles, and an opportunity to tell the tale of one of their most memorable ride leading experiences over the past year.
Ride leaders make it possible for CSCC to invite so many others to “Come along for the ride!”  The Club provides training for Ride Leaders.  So, if you’re interested in being at the front of the pack, consider taking the class.  Refer to the CSCC Meetup page for more information.

Safety Stop: Spring Safety Tune-up Suggestions for You and Your Bike

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

Mothers Day – noted as the turning point for the weather in Colorado Springs. I’ve always heard, “plant your tomatoes and other vegetables after Mothers Day.”  This weather turning point is also noted for cycling.  Just "start your serious cycling after Mothers Day,”  which includes joining the CSCC team for the National Bike Challenge.  However, being cycling enthusiasts, I’m sure many in the Club have been riding weeks or even months before Mothers Day 2017!
Regardless of when you started cycling this year, I’m sure that a majority of Club members have had a break in their regular cycling since their later rides in 2016.  That being the case, beginning to ride on a regular basis this year requires some “to dos” to stay safe.  This not only applies to the bicycle itself, but also to the rider.
Checking the bicycle should be a routine aspect of your pre-ride preparation.  I’m sure you’ve heard about the typical checklist.  The League of Bicyclists suggests using the ABC QUICK CHECK as a guide:
  • A is for Air - for the tires that is (physically, at this altitude, we’re sometimes challenged for air for the rider, too!)
  • B is for Brakes
  • C is for cranks and chain
  • Quick is for quick releases
  • Check is for check it over
Note that checking the bike is only part of the process.  Checking the rider should also be part of your approach to beginning a ride.  Staying safe while cycling is of paramount importance.  After all, completing a ride safely enables you to ride another day (something we all want to do).
So, preparing mentally and physically for a ride is something we all need to do.  This includes:
  •  Being “fueled” and hydrated for the ride
  •  Checking weather conditions to make sure you’re properly dressed for the ride
  •  Reflecting on your mental acuity, being sufficiently rested/energetic to focus on getting on the trail or road
  •  Having the right attitude before starting a ride – wanting to get out there and enjoy the sensation of riding
  •  And, just staying mentally alert during the ride, being aware of your surroundings and knowing how to react should a situation arise.
I’m sure you can think of a few more items that should be part of this rider pre-check.
Make it a habit this year!  Pre-ride -- always check the bicycle and the rider.  Both work in tandem to make cycling safe and enjoyable.

Cycling Lingo 101: 17 Terms Every Rider Needs to Know

By Meghan Rabbitt - April 24, 2017

Editor’s Note:  Whether you’re an experienced rider or new to the sport or organized rides, it’s always helpful to refresh the mind about the terminology used for cycling. Enjoy!
For a sport you probably learned how to do before you could even read, biking can certainly sound more complicated (and daunting) than it actually is. Whether you’re new to cycling or you’ve been riding for awhile and still don’t know the difference between your bike’s crank and cassette, this guide will help.
1. AERO:  Short for aerodynamic, this term is used to describe everything from bike frames and wheels to helmets and other gear that have been designed for minimal wind resistance. While you probably won’t hear the average cyclist use this term often, it’s a top priority for riders who race in time trials or triathlons.
2. BONK:  This word is another way of saying you’re too pooped to keep going. When your body’s glycogen stores are depleted (glycogen is stored in the muscles and gives them energy to fire on demand), you’ll hit the proverbial wall — and it’s more likely to happen if you haven’t fueled yourself properly by drinking enough water and eating enough food before and during your ride. You’ll know you’ve bonked if you start to feel lethargic or light-headed, your muscles start cramping and you need to get off your bike. The solution? Rest, lots of water and high-carb eats.
3. CADENCE:  This is a fancy word for rotational speed or the rate at which you’re pedaling. While experts agree there’s no ideal cadence, finding the right number of pedal strokes per minute (aka rpm, which we’ll explain in a bit) can help you get into a groove on your bike.
4. CRANK:  This is the arm that connects your pedals to the chain-rings.
5. CHAIN-RINGS:  These are the circular metal discs with spiky “teeth” next to the pedals and connected to the cranks on your bike. Bikes have one, two or three chain-rings; they’re responsible for transmitting the energy you create by pedaling to the rear wheel, via the chain.
6. DERAILLEUR:  This crucial bike part isn’t just fun to say (de-rail-ee-er), it’s also the mechanism that moves your bike’s chain from gear to gear whenever you shift. The majority of road bikes have one derailleur for the chainrings in the front, and another one in the rear for the cassette (Read: the pyramid-shaped set of gears on the rear wheel that the chain moves up and down, depending on what gear you’re in).
7. DRAFTING:  When a group of cyclists ride in a line, one behind another, they’re drafting — a technique used to reduce wind resistance and help riders expend less energy as a result. (In fact, even the leader enjoys a little less wind resistance than he or she would if riding solo thanks to a low-pressure air bubble between riders, which pushes the leader forward.) 
8. DROPS:  You know the curved part of the handlebars on a road bike, which you probably only see really serious riders using when you’re on the road? Those are the drops, and they’ll make you less comfortable and more aerodynamic. Even if you’re not out to race, you’ll want to use the drops when you’re descending a hill, as it’ll lower your center of gravity and give you more control of your bike at higher speeds.
9. FIXIE:  This is slang for a fixed-gear bike, which is a single-speed that has no breaks. Before you hop on a fixie with your favorite hipster (fixed-gear bikes are popular among that crowd), know this: A fixie can’t coast, which means that whenever the bike is moving, your legs need to be moving, too.

Know Your Cycling Terms
Bent Fork 2017-2 - April/May/June 2017