February/March 2017
Volume 10 Issue 1

Editors' Comments

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell: Editors

Ahhh, a new year and new opportunities to ride more.  Well, at least that's the plan at this point!  Just remember that its still early in the year, with lots of days that could potentially be great cycling days.  And, knowing how Colorado weather could and can be, we might just get some of those good days in February.

To start off the new year of publishing, we've included a variety of articles about Club news and past/future events (remember that the Bent Fork is the official archive for the Club's records).  Additionally, there are multiple articles of local news related to cycling in our community.  In addition to the regular contributors (Prez Says and Membership Update, for example), we've added an interview with two Club members and also included the second in our new series of Safety Stop article.

We hope you enjoy reading what we've provided for you.  If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas for future articles, please let us know!

CSCC Upcoming Meetings and Events

Rich Hostak: Vice President

Note that the CSCC Board has reviewed a variety of Club activities and are in the process of making some updates to the Club’s activities.  The first change will be a reduction in the number of member meetings.  NOTE that there will be NO member meeting in February.   The Club’s meeting schedule will resume with the March meeting to be held at Old Town Bike Shop (more details immediately below). Following that, No meeting will be held in April.  The next meeting will be in May.  This is planned as a "Meet the new members" social at one of the Club member’s home.  Stay tuned for more details on this.  Then, into the summer, there will be a June meeting at the Westside Community Center.  And July will bring the Annual Summer Picnic, complete with rides, good food and a relaxing afternoon of sharing the experience with other cyclists.  Further information about the Picnic will be available later this spring.
Our March 7 meeting will be at Old Town Bike Shop, 426 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.  John Crandall, the owner, is cooking up some specials and discounts that will ONLY be available to CSCC members attending the meeting.  These specials will be available from 6-6:30 (social time) and 8-8:30 (after the meeting). Need bike gear, tools, or equipment? Make a list and do your spring shopping for bikes and supplies on March 7!

CSCC’s New Education Committee: Philosophy and What’s Planned for 2017

Skip Fleming: Team Lead

In October, the Club formed an Education Committee to help coordinate the training of its members and the community as a whole in the various aspects of safe cycling.  Education is also one of the tenants of our Club By-laws.  We recently had eight members complete the League of American Bicyclists (LAB), League Cycling Instructors (LCI) certification.  We now have eleven LCIs in the Club.  They form the core of the committee.  They are certified to teach the League Smart Cycling Classes to children and adults. 
Our goal (from the  LAB website) is to help people feel more secure about getting on a bike, to create a mindset that bikes are treated as a vehicle, and to ensure that people on bikes know how to ride safely and legally.  We are members of the League who have completed an intense 3-day seminar training at our expense.  All of our certified instructors are active in the bicycling community and the Club. 
We plan to offer a variety of classes over the next 12 months to our members and the community on safe cycling, group rides, ride leadership, bicycle commuting, and night riding.  Some of these classes will be free for Club members; others will require a fee to cover the cost of materials, rental of classrooms, and to generate some revenue for the Club. 
Additionally, in 2017, our priority is to provide standardized training for our ride leaders.  We are hoping to increase the number of members who are willing to lead rides.  We plan to draw on the knowledge and experience of our current leaders, as well as rely on our League Cycling Instructors to facilitate this training.  We will build upon the foundation laid down by Dave Vanderwege.  Our first classroom training was held on 10 January and attended by seven members.  Our next class is 9 February.  Please check the Meet Up page for more information and to sign up for the class.  We plan to hold two outdoor training sessions in late March or early April.   
We want your ideas and input as we move forward.  If you have an interest in joining us or have suggestions, please feel free to reach out to any of our committee members: Allen Beauchamp, David Vanderwege, Sean Mullally, Douglas Moyes, Janine Hegeman, Jean Zeh, Larry Wilson, Michael Mannebach, Sara Hill, Rick Rodriguez, or Skip Fleming.  We look forward to hearing from you.

CSCC 2017 Special Rides and Events

Rick Rodriguez: Ride Committee

As I write this, it is gently snowing outside, but Spring is just around the corner and now is the time to plan and prepare for all the exciting events and rides we will be having this year.  The St Pats ride planning is well under way, and we are also preparing for this year’s Ride Leader Recognition Dinner coming soon.
One thing that is so important to the success of our Club is the participation of our members as volunteers to help plan, lead and support events.   If you ever had the idea that you wanted to give some of your time and deepen your support for this outstanding organization, there is no time like the present.  The best way to jump in on this is to sit in on one of our Ride Committee meetings, find out what is going on and see where you can perhaps jump in and lend a hand.   Our first meeting of the year is Monday Feb 6th, 5:30pm at my home.   The meeting and location are posted in Meetup so feel free to come join us.   If you can't make a meeting, just drop me a note on Meetup or look me up in the Member Directory on the CSCC website and give me a call.  
Looking forward to another great year with all my CSCC friends.

See What's Planned

2016 Club Miles - Reflections on a High Mileage Year

Charlie Czarniecki: Past President

The Club had a fantastic year riding in 2016.  The summary charts have been posted on the Club website since Jan 2nd.  This is the direct link http://www.bikesprings.org/docs/CSCC_2016_Mileage_Summary_BLUE.pdf   When you look you’ll see that we had 75,926 miles which is the 4th best in the last 10 years.  We started the year tracking as the 8th best year but you can see that when we started using MeetUp as our calendar (in April) that both ride interest and membership started raising, and started crossing past year performances.  The Club hosted 295 rides, which was the 3rd highest in the past 10 years.  295 club members (out of 400 members) rode during the year, which is an all time high (247 had been the top).  The “average club rider” had 257 miles collected over 11 rides.  This is the direct link to club member 2016 ride and miles totals  http://www.bikesprings.org/docs/CSCC_16-Mileage.pdf 
Our top male rider was Bob Foster who had 3,881 miles on 136 rides; our top female was Ginny Barber with 1,200 miles on 66 rides.  Look at the first link to see the top grouping of riders, rider leaders, ride sweeps, and our fantastic #8 national ranking for the 2016 National Bike Challenge.

Here Are the Top Rides for 2016

Membership Update

Sara Hill: Membership Coordinator

Each month we recognize cyclists that have either renewed their membership or have become new members of the Colorado Spring Cycling Club (CSCC).  To become a member of the Club, annual dues for an individual membership are $21, and for a family membership, the annual dues are $28.  Membership not only provides you with the opportunity to participate in our many biking and social activities, but also enables you to be covered by the Club’s insurance while participating in a Club sanctioned activity.
Note that joining CSCC’s Meetup group is not the same as joining the Club.  We encourage riders who are part of the Meetup group but who have not yet paid any dues to do so to realize the above noted benefits.
Mel Lake, Pepper McLauglin & Family, Emily & Keith Reynolds, Dale Schuman, Hollis Shumwya, Gail Smicklas, Todd Stephens, Carey Storm & Family and Andrew Wacker & Family.
 William Allen & Family, John Beckman & Family, Richard Bedal & Family, Bill Bibler & Family, Larry Bowlin, Berty Boyce, Bob Boyd, Alan Cavin, Chris Conboy, Wes Cunningham, Charlie & Barb Czarniecki, Mary & Clark Jennings Delaney, James Dial, Curt & Carole Emery, Kerry Hefta, Chris & Laura Keller, Karin & Andy Kovalovsky, Dan & Sherry Maples, Jerry & Jeanette Martin, Lee & Cheryl Murphy, Dean & Becky Myers, BJ & Jo Ondo, John Pamperin, John Pilger, Reina Queen, Jamey Robbins, Herb & Janine Rodriguez, Aaron Rosenthal & Janet Oliver, Dan Sadowski, Alan Siegel & Family, Bob & Anne Smith, John Sobeck, Phebe Swope, Patrick Taylor, Dean Thompson, Dick Timberlake, Dave & Kathy VanDerWege, Lee Willmon, and Larry Wilson & Janet DeGras.

Membership Reminders

Bike Colorado Springs Steps Up Its Local Advocacy Work

Bicycle Colorado – Newsletter 19 Jan 2017

Meaningful advancements in active transportation at the local level require robust partnerships and reliable lines of communication among stakeholders—processes Bicycle Colorado knows a little something about.

Last month, our policy director Ted Heyd and Dan Raine of Denver Public Works were invited to Colorado Springs to work with advocates, elected officials and city staff members in discussing their vision for bicycling in that city. Ted and Dan assisted the group in determining their roles for achieving a city-wide active transportation vision, and how communications and planning processes could be improved for greater effectiveness and collaboration going forward.   

“Colorado Springs is at a point of transition, where the use of the bicycle for other than purely recreational purposes is being weighed by many stakeholders throughout the community,” said Bike Colorado Springs co-founder Allen Beauchamp. “The workshop highlighted the high value in having a broad-based coalition of supporters, from all portions of the community, in order to be successful with the implementation of projects that are critical to the creation of a non-motorized network."

GOCO awards $100K grant for Ring the Peak

Trails and Open Space Coalition – 14 Dec 2016 Newsletter

This is a huge step forward for Ring the Peak. Now we need your help!
The Trails and Open Space Coalition has received a $100,000 Great Outdoors Colorado Connect Initiative Trail Planning Grant for the Ring the Peak Trail Project, the 60+-mile ring of trails circling Pikes Peak. The grant will allow TOSC and partners (Friends of the Peak and City of Colorado Springs Parks) to hire a project team and create a master plan for the roughly 8-mile gap on the southwest side of Pikes Peak, with an inclusive public process involving land owners, land managers, community leaders, residents and trail users. 
Click here for more information about the project.

The Outdoor Recreation Economy is for REAL!

Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance Newsletter – 9 Dec

It is amazing on one hand and actually a little shocking on the other that it has taken until today for outdoor recreation to be recognized as a contributor to the national economy.  Earlier today [9 December 2016] President Obama signed into law the Outdoor Recreation Act, which officially puts our industry side by side with other economies that are measured each year.  This is major news for our industry and will serve us well in the coming years.
But… the Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance is already making a mark in our community!
Earlier this month [December 2016], a group of sixteen people representing a cross section of our community gathered to begin the RFP process for completing a new Outside Pikes Peak website to highlight everything outdoors in the Pikes Peak region.  We hope to release the Outside Pikes Peak RFP in early January.
Organizations represented include:
  • Colorado Springs CVB
  • Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC
  • City of Woodland Park
  • El Paso County
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife
  • Colorado City Council - Thanks Jill Gaebler
  • School District 20
  • Colorado Spring Utilities 
  • Front Range Climbing
  • Garden of the Gods Visitor Center
  • Pikes Peak Outfitter
  • Angler’s Covey
  • Rocky Mountain Field Institute
  • Trails Preservation Alliance
  • National Wild Turkey Federation
Important to mention is that the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act was signed last week and we are moving forward to make Pikes Peak region one of the 9-15 areas designation as Primary.  With Waldo Canyon closed, countess trails still showing impacts from the floods of 2015, Ring the Peak, and endangered trout species all here in our region, we can make a solid case for this designation. 
Finally, mark your calendars for Get Outdoor Days 2017 on Saturday, June 3rd 2017.
Get Outdoors!
David Leinweber, Chairman

Bike Tech: 5 Most Affordable, Attractive and Fastest Electric Bikes

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

Thanks to increasing market demand, electric bikes (eBikes) are becoming readily available and more affordable.  While they are still expensive when compared to non-motorized bicycles, there are a number of advantages to an eBike, depending on your riding purpose, style and need.  Once you’ve determined a need (and a want), the shopping for an eBike becomes a little more defined.
If you’re thinking about some potential alternatives, here’s a video from June 2016 that provides a comparison between five specific eBikes:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCZ26-Tzlew
There’s also some great scenery throughout the 11+minute video.

A Quote to Ponder

Quote by Charles Schultz

Ride Leader’s Nightmare?

Contributed by Pat Cruse

In a Ride Leaders nightmare, this is what happens when you do not have a sweep and you forget someone!   Thankfully, we have Sweeps that support Club rides.  Thanks to all who have volunteered to be at the “back of the pack.”

Prez Says

Janine Hegeman: CSCC President

I hope your new year has started off well, and you’re training for spring (or at least thinking about it).  I’m right there with you, I would like to do a couple of longer rides this year; perhaps I’ll ride BVBF to see how it’s rolling.
CSCC is rolling along too, and the board held a strategic planning session in early January that was productive.  We looked at the by-laws, the budget, and the Club’s social events through the lens of the new fiscal reality. We also analyzed the initial results of the membership survey. What we found, not too surprisingly, is that Club members really want to ride with other folks who love to ride their bicycles as well.  Many of the other activities we spend a lot of time and money on aren’t too important.
In light of this, a few changes are on the way this year: The Club by-laws have been revised to remove some specifics in advocacy efforts. (All club members who are current on their dues may vote on these revisions).  The number of Club meetings per year will be reduced from 10 to 6. The December Holiday Party will move to January, to be more casual, less expensive and great way to wrap up the previous year and start out the new.  We’ll have the summer picnic, of course, and post-ride social gatherings will increase.  The ride committee is focused on developing a ride, like BVBF, here in Colorado Springs, which would become CSCC’s main fundraiser.  More to come on this and other exciting developments… stay tuned!  The next Club meeting is MARCH 7 at Old Town Bike Shop – and there will be a special sale going on for Club members ONLY before and after the meeting. (No Club meeting in February).
We also have the Pedalin’ for St. Pat’s ride coming up March 11. This is currently the Club’s main fundraising effort, and I encourage you to see if you can spend a few hours volunteering.  More info is on Meetup. The Ride Leader Recognition dinner is coming in March as well.  Here we honor the folks who’ve lead rides for CSCC during the previous year.  And several people have recently taken the Ride Leader Training offered by the CSCC education team.  Look for more cycling classes for CSCC members this year.
2017 looks to be another great year for CSCC. It’s my sincere wish that it will be a great year for you too!

Scorpion eBikes: An Interview with Ann and Stan Lebahn

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

Photo courtesy of Stan Lebahn
You may recall that over the last six years, I’ve done a number of articles about electric assist bikes (eBikes).  As typically happens with new(er) technology, as time passes, the market grows and more people adopt the technology.  This is becoming true locally and even within CSCC.
Rallying at BJ’s after the 2017 Frozen Water Bottle Ride, I saw Stan Lebahn ride up on a trike.  Wait, the last time I saw him last fall I remember seeing him on a two wheeler.  Did he get a great present for the New Year, I wondered.  My curiosity got the best of me and I caught up with Ann and Stan at lunch that day and kicked off a series of questions to them about their “new rides.”  Below is a summary of the interviews. 
Thanks – Ann and Stan – for the great responses!  Hopefully, other CSCC members will get a little insight into one of the many modes of cycling.
Bent Fork Chronicles (BFC): Understanding that you’ve both recently made the move to a three wheeled recumbent e-Bike, what prompted the move?
Ann Lebahn – Looking for a new bike and wanted something I could ride for long distances without pain in my feet and loss of feeling in my hands.  Also, I wanted to be able to keep up with group rides. 
Stan Lebahn – My tendency to lose my balance, and falling occasionally, blooding my elbows & knees, breaking bones twice, was a major concern; so now I’ll be safer.  This was a big influence.  A few other nice things include: being able to look around more enjoying the sights without losing balance or worry about crashing; my but doesn’t hurt as much; and I don’t have to think about putting my feet down to stop.  Riding is much more relaxed and enjoyable.  (Fun!!!)   

BFC:  What kind of research did you do before deciding that the Scorpion e-Bike was the one to get?
Ann - After test riding several recumbent trikes at Angel Tech, I was sold on getting a recumbent trike.  And then after riding the Scorpion that sealed the deal.  I did a lot of research online to determine what discriminators I should use for comparison, i.e., wheel size, seat height, suspension.  I also watched several videos and read lots of reviews.  Price was not really a big consideration; we look at it as an investment in our health for the next 10 years.
Stan – One of the articles we read was about how this one guy ended up with a Scorpion FS – 26.  Over the years he had purchased three different trikes, costing several thousand dollars each before deciding on the Scorpion.  ANGLETECH was very helpful letting us do weekend test rides of three different trikes.  The Scorpion is more comfortable and easier to get up out of!  The Cat Trike 559 is nice, but I like the Scorpion better!  I’ve since learned that we influenced ANGLETECH’s decision to start carrying the Scorpion.

BFC:  Which specific model did you purchase?
The Scorpion FS 26 Pedelec FS (Full suspension)
BFC:  Did you test ride any other three wheeled e-Bikes?
We did weekend test rides of the Azub, the ICE, the Catrike, and Terra trike.  Stan tested the Azub, Catrike 5.5.9. with a Bionics motor, and the Dumont, as well as other trikes at ANGLETECH.
BFC:  Realizing that you’ve had only a limited window to ride the bikes so far, what would you say are your first impressions?
We have been on the trikes the last 2 out of 3 weekends and have ridden between 60-80 miles. 
Ann – Riding without the electric assist is fine for just the paved trails but using the assist makes it even more enjoyable, making me wish I could just keep on riding.
Stan – I’m able to ride without using the assist and have pulled Chavo in the trailer with level 1 assist up most of the hills.  The assist makes the hills a lot more enjoyable.  I’m looking forward to staying up with the group I happen to be riding with!

BFC:  Have you had any “ah-ha!” moments as you’ve learned more about the bikes?
Ann – I plan on getting a head rest to rest my neck a little more instead of having to hold mey head forward all of the time.  Also, looking back at the original list I had made for what I wanted in a trike, I found that the Scorpion had all of the features I thought I wanted.  However, in the end I decided that the folding capability wasn’t as critical as I had initially thought. 
BFC:  How much assist can you get from the electric assist setup on the bike?  Is there a range of power that can be applied?
Stan  - I’m still getting used to the different levels of assist.  Level 1 seems to compensate quite well for the weight of dog & trailer.  Riding without the dog, level 1 negates the effects of my disability and with level 2, I can keep up with whatever group I’m riding with.
BFC:  At this point, what sort of distance range have you experienced with the bikes electric capabilities?
Stan – Twenty-seven miles pulling the dog & trailer on one battery.  I’m looking forward to doing a 40 mile ride without the dog.
BFC:  How involved is it to recharge the battery pack used for the bike?
Stan – Using the keys to unlock the battery is somewhat awkward especially on the opposite side of the bike.  Bringing them inside to warm to room temperature to charge is suggested.  I don’t know if this is necessary, but this is what I was told.  The batteries can be charged while still on the trike, but we haven’t tried it in the colder weather yet. 

Read More of the Interview

CSCC 2016 Christmas Party – A Photo Montage

Photos Provided by: Bill Gast

Editors Note:  While Dale wasn’t able to attend the celebration this past December, the other half of the Bent Fork Editor Team did – and she enjoyed the festive get-together held on 10 December.  If you were not able to join the group for the party, perhaps the following photos might provide a confirmation that a good time was had by all.

By the way, the Volunteer of the Year Award and the Dave Horne Community Spirit Award were presented as part of the evening’s activities.  Bill Gast was the recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award.  As many know from enjoying a variety of the Club’s social activities, Bill had served as the Social Committee Chair for multiple years.  His planning and follow-through efforts were instrumental to the success of the Summer Picnic, Progressive Dinner Rides and Christmas Parties, as just a few examples.  The next time you see Bill, congratulate him on receiving the Award and be sure to thank him for all he’s done for the Club.

One of the Club’s sponsors was the recipient of the Dave Horne Community Spirit Award for 2016.  Tony Hoewisch - owner of Ted's Bicycles – a CSCC Sponsor and long time supporter, was presented the Award by the Club’s President.  Tony was recognized for his partnership with CSCC to provide safe cycling education to the community.  Tony and Ted’s have also been promoting cycling in Colorado Springs for many years.  To get a better understanding of just what’s been done, take a look at the article in the August/September 2016 edition of the Bent Fork.

Enjoy the Photos!

2017 Frozen Water Bottle Ride – Pedaling to Start the New Year

Charlie Czarniecki: Past President & Ride Leader

Photo courtesy of Janine Hegeman

Thirty people made the Club's first ride of the year...The 31st Annual Frozen Water Bottle Ride.  The temperatures were in the high 30'Fs to high 40'Fs during the two hour, 17-mile ride.  Departing the parking lot in University Village at 10:15, ) the route of the ride was South on Nevada/Cascade to Bijou, then back up Chestnut to Sinton Trail.  From there, it progressed up Sinton Trail to Centennial Blvd, continuing north of Centennial, turning east on Vindicator to Rockrimmon.  At that point, the ride progressed through several Rockrimmon neighborhoods back to the University Village parking lot.
For the ride, there was one frozen water bottle, more as a symbolic gesture that was brought from home.
Lunch after the ride was in BJ’s Brewhouse (for the fifth year). The restaurant set up tables for the 24 Club members that stayed for lunch. We were finished around 2:00.
This Ride was started by CSCC Past President Bob (and Anne) Smith the first year that the Club was formed.  Having been held continuously for 31 years, now, it is definitely a part of the Club’s legacy!  Where will you be on 1 January 2018?  Think about helping to continue this legacy by joining next year’s ride!


Need a Tune Up – Check out a Sponsor’s Specials!

Contributed by Tony Hoewisch

Annual Tune Up & Overhaul Special
Winter is the best time to have your bicycle serviced. Beat the spring rush and get ready to ride. Take advantage of great savings for the entire month of February at Ted's Bicycles.
Major Tune $25 OFF!  Regularly $69.95, Now just $44.95 (plus parts)
Comprehensive service includes: visual safety check, surface cleaning, chain and cable lubrication, full brake adjust, full shift adjust, bearing adjust, lateral wheel truing, tire inflation, torque-check of all hardware and test ride. Recommended every 6-12 months.
Bicycle Overhaul $60 OFF!  Regularly $199.95, Now just $139.95 (plus parts)
Make your bike ride like new. On top of everything included in a Major Tune, a Bicycle Overhaul takes your bike down to the bare frame for a thorough deep cleaning, waxing and complete rebuild. Remove and detail drivetrain components. Overhaul, adjust or replace bearings as needed. Precision wheel true. For top performance condition, recommended annually.
Additional Services
Let Ted's experienced mechanics provide you with a free assessment of your bicycle needs. Suspension and hydraulic systems require routine maintenance for top performance and reliability. Help extend the life of your components.
Clearance Bike Sale $20 - $720 OFF!
If the time has come for a new bike, stop by or check our website for a complete list of remaining Clearance Men's and Women's Road, Mountain, Hybrid and Cross Bikes from Giant Bicycles.

Safety Stop: Think-Ride-Promote Safety. Bicycling in Colorado – Rules of the Road

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

Starting in to the New Year, perhaps before we begin riding this year, it might just be a good idea to review the rules of the road.  Below is a brief summary that the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Program has previously published.  As you read through these, think about a previous ride you might have done in respect to these basic riding concepts.
“Bicycles are vehicles under Colorado law and as such, bicyclists have all the rights and responsibilities of other drivers.  Obey all traffic laws, signs and signals.  Use hand signals to indicate left or right turns, slowing or stopping.  Don’t use cell phones or other personal devices that can distract you or block your hearing.
Ride with the Flow of Traffic, Not Against It:  Ride in the right hand lane except when passing, preparing for a left hand turn or avoiding hazards.  Ride on the shoulder whenever its suitable for riding.
Ride Single File:  Ride single file (especially in traffic and on curvy canyon roads).  This provides more room to maneuver and allows others to pass.  Ride two abreast ONLY if you’re not impeding the normal flow of traffic, or if you’re both on the shoulder.
Be Visible:  Never assume motorists see you or that you have the right of way.  Use a headlight, taillight and reflectors at night and early morning.  Wear bright clothing and make eye contact with motorized drivers.
Protect Your Noggin – Wear a Helmet!”
If you’d like to read more about Traffic Laws and see a video on the subject, the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) provides a good summary and video, found at http://bikeleague.org/content/traffic-laws
Ride Safe!

Colorado Springs picked to host start of Colorado Classic, a new cycling race replacing USA Pro Challenge

By: Nathan Van Dyne, The Gazette - January 25, 2017

Colorado Springs will usher in a new era of professional road cycling when the Colorado Classic comes to town this summer.
Mayor John Suthers and two former Olympic cyclists from the area took part in a presentation Wednesday at USA Cycling announcing that the city will serve as host for the opening day of the stage race set for Aug. 10-13. Stage 2 will be in Breckenridge with the final two stages set for Denver.
The Springs also will serve as the start for a two-day pro women's race that concludes Aug. 11 in Denver.
The introduction of the new race no doubt comes as welcome news to cycling fans left wanting after the demise of the USA Pro Challenge, a seven-day stage race that also got its start in the Springs, with a time trial in 2011. While that event proved popular among fans, who lined mountain roads from Durango to Aspen to Steamboat Springs while watching many of the world's best riders, it never could curb mounting financial losses estimated to be around $20 million over five years. And even after the founders relinquished control of the race in 2015, efforts to revive it were unsuccessful.
Now, less than two years later, elite road racing is back - with a new name, a new ownership group and, maybe most important, a new model for success.
The RPM Events Group, a company formed by Colorado "bike czar" Ken Gart, Denver businessman David Koff and Tim Miller, organizer of road cycling's 2015 world championships, is promoting a fresh approach to bike racing that involves integrating live music, a festival and ancillary events in the host cities…
To read the whole article, go to http://gazette.com/colorado-springs-picked-to-host-start-of-colorado-classic-a-new-cycling-race-replacing-usa-pro-challenge/article/1595124
 View more about the announcement at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvSvUwFfRv4

Here’s the Schedule

5 Tips to Keep Riding During Winter

By: By Peter Glassford, November 2, 2016

Editor’s Note:  Peter is a cycling coach and registered kinesiologist from Ontario, Canada. He travels frequently to work with athletes at races, camps and clinics. He also races mountain bikes for Trek Canada and pursues adventure in all types of movement.  Thanks to MapMyRide for providing this article.
If you live in a northern climate, then you likely suffer some transition pain as fall becomes winter and local trails become snow-covered forests. During this time of year, many cyclists’ first thoughts are to retreat to their basements and ride trainers, sweating in silent misery. For other riders, exercising during the winter is very limited.
For all cyclists, it is worth doing some planning to assess your goals and limiters so that you can maximize your winter environment for both your health and cycling performance. Those of us who are seasoned riders and have survived brutal winters know several tricks that can help you have more fun and train more effectively this time of year:

Read the Five Tips

Kids on Bikes and Mountain Equipment Recyclers Partner

Trails & Open Space Coalition – 19 January 2017 Newsletter


Kids on Bikes (KOB) and Mountain Equipment Recyclers (MER) have created a joint venture, in partnership with the Beanstalk Foundation. Here's what's happening:
  • Beanstalk Foundation purchased MER.
  • Kids on Bikes will move the Pedal Station and staff offices into MER.
  • KOB over time has the opportunity to work toward full ownership of MER.
    Former MER owner Mike Mazzola will continue as the full-time CEO. Jake Eyermann, general manager of the Pedal Station, will now be the General Manager of MER.
  • Mountain Equipment Recyclers will operate as usual, carry the same inventory, offer consignment opportunities to you, and continue the same donation policy and relationships with their 20+ non-profit organizations
The Beanstalk Foundation is a Denver based non-profit organization assisting social enterprise businesses and non-profit leaders with business advice and financial support. The business advice and financial support of Beanstalk will provide the bandwidth to continue growing Mountain Equipment Recyclers. For Kids on Bikes, it's a great opportunity to grow the Pedal Station and services to the children they support. 
Bent Fork 2017-1 - February/March 2017