Vol 3 Issue 5 October 2010

CSCC Bent Fork Editors

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell

New Bent Fork Newsletter Editors!

The OCT issue of the Bent Fork Newsletter introduces Sharon Boyd and Dale Campbell as the new CSCC newsletter editors. We would like to take a moment to thank Janine Hegeman for the excellent newsletters during her term as editor and also her guidance during the transition period.

This edition of the Bent Fork brings together a multitude of articles that cover a broad range of bicycling activities and events. Thank you to all of the contributors. You will notice as you read this newsletter edition that we've broadened our viewpoint, including articles and references around the globe.

Notices & Announcements:

CSCC Gold Camp Color Ride--Cancelled.
The CSCC Gold Camp Color Ride scheduled for Friday, 1 OCT 2010 is cancelled due to the Gold Camp Road closure (details included in the notice below). Contact Joan at joanstahl@gmail.com or 660-5372 with questions.


Socially Yours

Chris Conboy

Hello Fellow Club members!  How do you like the cycling conditions this Fall (what Fall???). The weather has been better than summer and we are enjoying the consistent balmy weather and sunshine. So if you haven't jumped on your bike in the last few weeks, you're missing out!


Ride Committee

Janine Hegeman

Just a reminder that the Other Rides/Events calendar contains rides suggested by and posted by club members. These rides may not be reviewed by the CSCC Rides Planning Committee or CSCC. These rides may be fantastic and great events to attend; we encourage everyone to check them out for additional riding adventures. Read the "Ride Miles - What Counts?" to determine if the posted ride counts for CSCC club miles. Below is a summary providing additional information.

Ride Miles - What Counts?
Ride miles for members are tracked by CSCC, not only as a service to our members, but also for advocacy purposes. When we as a club can provide data on the number of miles our members ride annually, we can prove that we are a force to be reckoned with during discussions related to cycling with the city, the state, and other local and national organizations. This, in turn, helps provide benefits to our membership in the way of improvements to trails systems, street marking, etc.


Aruotalibera of Pordenone Italian Cycling Club Visit

Andrea Grandi

Our Aruotalibera of Pordenone Cycling Club had a good trip back home to Italy. Everyone in the group has been so enthusiastic about the trip to Colorado Springs, and meeting all of you people who were so nice with us. Your CSCC T-shirt is now at the office of our club showing that we have new friends overseas. And we're ready to help you out and assist when you decide to come to Northern Italy. Also, thank you so much, Sharon, for your hospitality! It was so pleasant to get together.

I'll write to you with more news later. Meanwhile, thanks to Sharon and Dale for all what you did for us making our trip more enjoyable. Stay well and take care.
Ciao, your friend Andrea Grandi

How is your Italian?  Take a look at the Aruotalibera of Pordenone Cycling Club website: http://www.aruotaliberapn.it/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=107&Itemid=1

 Photo credit: Dale Campbell

Thank you to CSCC Ride Ambassadors for Chick-fil-A Ride for Heroes

CSCC Ambassador Sara Hill

by Torrie Giffin

Thank you for making our first Chick-fil-A Ride for Heroes last weekend (11 September) such
an amazing success! It was a beautiful day and we hope you truly enjoyed your ride experience and our 9-11 Patriots' Day Event following the ride!
We had about 400 riders with more than 330 registered riders (90 the same day!) plus volunteer ride ambassadors, riders from our charities, sponsors and the City's Therapeutic Cycling program. Our charities (The Home Front Cares, LifeQuest Transitions/World T.E.A.M. Sports, the Fire Fighters Fund & the Peace Officers Memorial) will each be receiving a nice donation from the Colorado Springs Chick-fil-A restaurants from a portion of our sales all day on September 11th.

I've posted some links below I think you'll enjoy including links to event photos and video coverage of the ride in addition to other valuable post-ride information.


The 13th Annual West Yellowstone-Old Faithful Cycle Tour

Dale Campbell - Bent Fork Editor

For those of you that have had the good fortune to visit Yellowstone National Park at least once, I'm sure you enjoyed the experience. Taking that experience to the next step, can you imagine seeing a portion of the Park while cycling? If you went there in the summer, you'd most likely reply "probably not" because of the multitude of traffic. However, imagine a fall ride into the Park from West Yellowstone to Old Faithful and back. Yes, there is a West Yellowstone Old Faithful Cycle Tour. This year it occurred on Saturday, 25 September. Sharon and I were fortunate to be visiting the Park at the time and marveled at the sight of 350 riders venturing into the West Entrance of the Park Saturday morning.


2010 First Annual Assault on the Peak: Hardest Bike Ride I've Ever Done

Derrick Bourgeois

Well the ride is over and I made it to the top. The distance was 24.5 miles and elevation gain totaled 7,710 ft. And what a ride it was!
We started off bright and early at 7am in Manitou Springs and headed west onto highway 24. In Cascade we turned off 24 and headed up toward the Pikes Peak highway. I was hoping to reach the summit by Noon so I needed to average just under 5-mph. I was doing much better than that on the lower third of the highway, making really good time. There was very little shifting or braking to do so the only disadvantage to doing this on a C&V bike was a slight weight penalty (See the equipment details in the latter portion of this article).
However, things changed when I reached the end of the pavement! The road changes to dirt and begins a steep climb up a series of switchbacks toward Glen Cove. Once I hit the dirt section, my speed dropped to barely over 3-mph, sometimes dipping as low as 2.5. The dirt section of the road was supposed to be about 2.5 miles long but seemed to last forever. I was hoping things would improve once we got back onto the pavement but the steep grade and even higher altitude ensured that they didn't.


President's Message

Charlie Czar

We roll into October one pedal stroke at a time. Here are the current highlights:
 • Club miles are tracking to match our 2nd best year. We still have 3 months to add more  miles.  Thanks to Jean Zeh for recording miles for us. We revised the Club Miles Criteria after the ride committee and then Club Board of Directors considered the recommendations. I personally like the way we are encouraging Club members to participate in area and state sponsored rides.
• The Progressive Dinner Ride is Oct 24th. Mark your calendars and reply to the EMAIL that will call for RSVPs. That will also remind us that the ride will start from a different location and different time.
• The Club Holiday party is scheduled on DEC 11th at the Clarion Hotel. This presents a good time to pause and consider the progress that the Club made in 2010. It’s one pedal stroke at a time, but we’ve covered a lot of miles.


Membership Updates

Sara Hill

Welcome New Members!
Matt Babiash, Amy Edwards & Kurt Sonderman, Matt & Leigh Little, Jeffery Smith & Jan McHugh-Smith, Lisa Streisfeld, Ron Thompson, Larry Svoboda, John VanNorman, Michael & Debra Belock, Jamie Olsen, Jack Seaton, Scott Swandal, Graeme Cloutte, Jim & Amanda Stanec, Robert & Heather Kraus, Laura McLarnon, Matt Keller & Family, Joe Schultes, John & Kim Eck, Bev Fallis, Terrence Smith & Family, and Joe Sweeney.

Renewing members-Thanks!
Al & Tamara Brody, Peggy Seidel, Rob Klausch, Bill Gast, Stan & Karen Hill, Warren Barta, Michael Silver, Larry Van Der Aa, Denise & Paul Eckstein, Rich & Sherrie Hostak, Alexander Guerra, Bear & Trish Aten, Ed Browne, Suzie Thomas, Sharon Hamilton, Joan Morrill, Laurie Baker, Larry & Shelly Mann, John Davenport, Christian Lieber & Family, Patrick Spencer, Anne & Ted Junge, and Richard Bacon.


Cycling Around The World

Dale Campbell - Bent Fork Editor

To help broaden the view on cycling, we are beginning a series that we hope will keep you in the appropriate cycling frame of mind - “Enjoy cycling wherever you’re at, but be informed globally”. The articles will bring in cycling perspectives and updates from around the world. If you see something globally oriented on the Web or in magazines, be sure to pass it on to us for publication in future editions of the Bent Fork. Here’s this edition’s offering.


Goodbye from the VanDerWeges

Dave VanDerWege

We wanted to say goodbye, finally for real, as we depart for Macedonia on September 8 via Philadelphia then Vienna and on into Skopje, the capital. The club and riding bikes have been such a major part of our lives these last few years that we are already quite lonely for the friends and activity as we finished our last days in Hawaii at my brother’s home on the Big Island. I know it takes a lot of gall to complain about being in paradise, so it is time to say it - preeyatna (goodbye in Macedonian). If you want to keep up on a casual basis, we have established a Facebook group called VanDerWeges, Peace Corps. You will need to be a Facebook member and simply request to join. This will be the easiest way to communicate. Our e-mails are dvanderwege@gmail.com and kmvanderwege@gmail.com.
Na zdravyei (cheers or bless you in Macedonia),  Dave & Kathy VanDerWege

Fall Southwestern Utah National Parks Tour

Bob Smith

Anne and I had a last minute opportunity to join a Bicycle Adventure Club (BAC) Tour of Southern Utah National Parks. The trip started and ended in St. George, UT, September 18th through 25th, 2010. The above link takes you to the trip description on the BAC web site. The BAC is a bicycle club dedicated to touring which is based in San Diego, CA. The tours are developed and led by club members. Members have the option to coordinate overseas tours by contracting a tour through a bicycle tour operator. The club on average offers about 40 tours annually in North America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific.


Fall Southwestern Utah National Parks Tour (Continued)

Bob Smith

Ride day two was a bit disappointing due to having to shuttle through park to the east entrance. Single bikes went on the trailer and the two tandems went inside the van with the riders/passengers. We unloaded the shuttle just outside the east entrance to the park. A few of us attempted to ride back towards the entrance. The road was hard packed dirt. It would have been possible to ride accept that we would have been turned back at the entrance anyway. The ride to the small village of Glendale was rather short and relatively easy.

Glendale brought back memories of Orick on our ride through redwoods of northern CA. The Smith Hotel is near the end of town and adjacent to the Buffalo Bistro. The rooms in the hotel were on the second floor and accessible by an outside wooden staircase. The hotel had a nice long front porch which was perfect for our 5:30PM social hour. It is customary on BAC trips for the leaders to have daily social hours and serve snacks and drinks during open discussions and next day route review. Dinner at the Buffalo Bistro was included in our tour fees. The owner/chef is quite laid back and fun. In addition to preparing our dinners he also assisted with serving and really enjoyed do it. The restaurant opened specifically to serve our group and everyone had to order dinner in advance. We were served appetizers of rattlesnake and buffalo sausage, rocky mountain oysters and homemade jalapeño poppers. Dinner entrees were buffalo ribs, wild boar ribs, buffalo or beef rib-eye steak, wild salmon, half a rabbit, Cornish game hen and veggie pasta. Most folks opted for BBQ ribs or buffalo steak. Desserts were fresh made peach, strawberry and blueberry cobbler with ice cream.


Bike-In Movie Night at Front Range Bar-B-Que

Allen Beauchamp

Come join Front Range Bar-B-Que, New Belgium Brewing and Common Ground Cycling during the first-ever Bike In Movie Night on Thursday, 7 OCT. Front Range Bar-B-Que has a wonderful outdoor covered patio and they will be hosting a movie series on the first Thursday of each month. We’re proud to showcase the movie The Bicyclist http://www.thebicyclist.tv/movie.htm, a movie that received great reviews when it played during the Indie Spirit Film Festival here in Colorado Springs this past summer.

There will be a Dinner Ride hosted by the Colorado Springs Cycling Club from 5:30pm – 6:30pm, a very casual Old Colorado City tour that will give a chance for CSCC to host a few new folks and introduce them to the club. There will be a Bike Valet service provided so you’ll be able to park your bike w/out worries and New Belgium will have a nice treat for all of those who pedal on over to Front Range Bar-B-Que. The movie will begin promptly at 7:00pm.


CSCC Velodrome Track Day

Allen Beauchamp

On Sunday, 26 SEP club member Rob Klausch coordinated a wonderful day at the Colorado Springs Velodrome for around 16 club members and guests. We had a fantastic time learning the basics of fixed gear bicycles, the velodromes history and how to go about safely navigating the up to 35 degree banking.  Within an hour, everyone was out on their velodrome-supplied bikes, a great resource that kept the fuss to a minimum. All we had to was bring our favorite pedals, shoes and helmets and the rest was supplied by the velodrome.

During our time on the track, we practiced riding singly as each rider became familiar with the pedaling dynamics of their fixed-gear steed and we then moved onto paceline skills practice, the “Flying 200” time trial and a bit of high-speed team work.

Our hope is that when the velodrome opens in 2011, we’ll be able to set a series of these clinics up to allow more people to get track experience and build a community of new track racers who would like to do it for fun, fitness and for the love of speed!

Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol 3 Issue 5 October 2010

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