Volume 9 Issue 1
Feb/Mar 2016

Editors Comments

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell: Co- Editors

Photo courtesy of Vern Pitcher
Welcome to 2016 and the first Bent Fork newsletter of the New Year (only five more to go for this year...).  And, if the previous years are any indication, 2016 should be another year packed with travel logs, international news about cycling, summaries of local rides, information about Club social and special ride activities, cycling infrastructure improvements in Colorado Springs and statewide in Colorado, and much much more.  We appreciate all the article ideas and written contributions that we receive from a number of you in our readership.  Please keep up the good work!
For some of you, the first ride of 2016 happened on New Year’s Day.  The Frozen Water Bottle ride was held once again, just as it has for many previous years.  To see who participated in the ride, just take a look at the photo in the banner of this month’s Bent Fork Chronicle.  Recognize any of those folks?
For others, perhaps you had your first ride of the year on one of the previous weekends – while the weather was a bit more inviting for a kickoff ride for the year.  On beautiful sunny days with a temperature in the high 40s and low 50s, it’s hard to resist the siren call of getting out on two wheels, especially at this time of the year.  These are those types of days that Dale refers to as a “Bonus Days.” Meaning, a winter day, which would normally be cold and/or snowy, that happens to be more Spring-like.  And, a winter day that offers unexpected riding pleasure.  Yep, that’s such a Day!  Let’s hope that we get a few more of those types of days throughout the rest of winter and early spring (mixed in with a reasonable amount of snowy days to bring us the moisture that Colorado constantly needs).

Let's Have More Bonus Days!

BVBF 2016 – Registration is Now Open!

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

Registration for the 18th annual Buena Vista Bike Fest, scheduled for 4 June 2016, is now open.  As you’re probably aware, CSCC sponsored and supported this event during the last 17 years.  The sponsorship of the event has now been transitioned to the Buena Vista Rotary Club .
The event will essentially be structured as it has in the previous years.  The century route is the cornerstone of the Buena Vista Bike Fest.  Riders will take in the outstanding views of Colorado’s highest mountain peaks while enjoying the sunshine of the Arkansas River Valley.  This is an ideal warm up for any cyclist’s summer riding season and is only a 2 hour drive from the Front Range!  Riders also have options to take shorter routes including a 35 miler, a 50 miler, and a “metric century” (62 miles) while still enjoying the Collegiate Peaks’ magnificent scenery.
If you’re interested in participating in the ride, just go to the event webpage to find out more details about the event and registration.  The Buena Vista Rotary is also soliciting volunteers to help with event activities.  If you’re interested in helping, just click on the “Volunteer” tab on the event website.


See this year’s Bike jersey

Volunteer Opportunities – Provide Help & Have Fun, Too!

Sara Hill: Membership Coordinator

CSCC will have a booth at two events in February.
  • On February 5, we will be at the First Friday Cycling Community Night/Expo hosted by Urban Single Track.
  • On February 25 is the Outdoor Expo sponsored by Colorado Springs Young Professionals.
Both these events are an opportunity to highlight and share what CSCC is all about and help expand our membership.  We would love to have two or three additional people at each event to help spread the fun!
Contact Sara Hill at membership@bikesprings.org or 719-304-4196 if you are able to help.
Thank you!

Another Volunteer or Ride Opportunity

Jean Zeh: Ride Volunteer Coordinator

Get your green on - the Pedalin' for St. Patty's Day 50k (and a wee bit more!) Bike Ride is on again this year. The event will be held Saturday 14 March, starting from McCabe's Tavern on South Tejon Street.  All riders end up at the St.Patty's Day Parade staging area and may participate in the parade!  To find out more about the ride go to http://csstpats.com/bicycling.html  A couple of things have changed from last year. The start is at Sahwatch St at Vermijo, behind the Pikes Peak Center. The route is actually a wee bit shorter this year.
CSCC has agreed again this year to supply the rest stops, course marshals, and route marking.  At this time, it looks like we'll need about 40 volunteers.  Most time commitments aren't that long and you can join the ride from your post and be in the parade if you would like.
If anyone want to volunteers and knows where they want to be, please email me (jeanzeh@yahoo.com) where they want to be.  Or, just come to the February and/or March membership meetings and talk with me about volunteer opportunities for this event.  As always, I welcome questions.

More about the Event

Socially Yours...

Bill Gast: Social Committee Chairperson

Photograph courtesy of Bill Gast
Another year is beginning, and I hope that all of you had a great Holiday season. We are looking forward to another cycling season of social activities with this wonderful extended family we call CSCC.  In 2016, I am beginning my 4th year as your Social Chairperson and want to remind you that our special Bike Club social events do not happen without all of your help. Each person makes successful events happen in your own way. The CSCC calendar of events and social activities provide members with fun times to look forward to…
The Club starts out with the Shamus Mc Spud ride on March 12th; and we are seeking a host person for this event. It is by far the easiest event to stage.  All you will need is 10 pounds of potatoes, a willingness to put 40 people in your house for 90 minutes. If you are so inclined, give me a call, and I can fill you in and help with the details. 
Other events already on the calendar are the July 10 CSCC Annual Picnic with The Pod from Austin, Texas agreeing to come back and play for us; the Easter Egg Ride; and the Shady Lane Ride to start off the year.
And, don’t forget to sign up to volunteer at the St. Pat’s Day ride (see article above); without this type of fund raiser our social events will not happen.  Help CSCC earn money - please volunteer when these opportunities arise.  Remember, we are a cycling club with an eating disorder.

CSCC Holiday Party – A Photographic Compendium

Sharon Boyd: Co-Editor

As you can see in the photos provided here, attendees for the 2015 CSCC Holiday Party had a good time.  Braving the winter elements and the driving challenges of slippery roads, those who were able to make it to the Pioneers Museum enjoyed sharing their views of the “Night at the Museum” costume challenge and seeing what others had created for the evening.  The Bent Fork Editors want to thank Bill Gast and his Social Committee helpers for the planning and setup for this marvelous evening at the Pioneers Museum.

See Photos from the Party

Interested in the Future of Cycling?

Tim Blumenthal: President - PeopleForBikes.org

Editor’s Note:  The National Bike Challenge is sponsored and supported by People for Bikes.  Your participation in this survey will help People for Bikes collect additional data that can help promote further funding for cycling infrastructure and education programs.
We want to give you a chance to tell us more about your own experiences on a bike.  We want to know why you ride a bicycle, where you ride, and who you ride with.
Your answers will help us generate a report that will inform all bike industry stakeholders and government officials on what PeopleForBikes supporters value most about bike riding. By focusing on the things you need to make it great, we can develop more (and better) PlacesForBikes.
Please take this survey on your bicycling habits and preferences. Completing the survey makes you eligible to win one of two PeopleForBikes custom bicycles, or one of five PeopleForBikes prize packages.
Click here to participate

Thanks again for your continuing interest and steady support.
Happy Trails,

Bicycle Ballet – Don’t Try This at Home!

Sharon Boyd: Co-Editor

Thinking of previous editions of the Bent Fork where we’ve included links to videos with extreme cycling, I’m sure you’ve enjoyed seeing the athletic prowess of these bicyclists.  From hair raising runs down extreme downhill mountain biking runs to feats of balance in an urban environment, these videos have made us wonder how its humanly possible to accomplish such things on two wheels.
That said, here’s another balancing wonderment while on two wheels that includes an artistic flair.   While Nicole Frýbortová is one of the great athletes of our time, few have heard of the professional artistic cyclist. Her sport is niche and rarely covered by media, but her skills are undeniable. It’s no wonder that she’s a favorite to win the next UCI Indoor Cycling World Championship.
Artistic cycling blends gymnastics, biking and ballet, and although it may sound like something females would enjoy, they were unable to participate on a professional level until 1970. While women are still far less likely to travel by bike in everyday life than men, they dominate the sport. There are doubles and teams that perform together, but Nicole prefers to ride alone. It’s clear that she has really become one with her bike – take a look.
And here’s something else you shouldn’t try at home or even on the Hoover Dam.  How’s that for maintaining one’s balance!

Bicycling Skills 123+ Program in 2016

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

Now that the article above has provided our daredevil fix for this edition of the Bent Fork, let’s come back down to earth with this PSA.
Watch for a date for the third offering of Bicycling Skills 123+ program, a League of American Bicyclist (LAB) safe riding course.  CSCC is a LAB member and has LAB certified instructors. The workshop will cover basic riding skills: mounting and dismounting smoothly starting and stopping, shifting and riding in a straight line, scanning and signaling appropriately.  Hazard avoidance skills will be taught to include, quick stop, rock dodge, avoidance weave, instant turn.  The workshop will conclude with instruction and practice in riding on the road and operating as a vehicle under Colorado Transportation Law.
If you talk with folks in the Club who have taken this training, you’ll hear glowing remarks about the instructors and the skills that the students have been able to learn during the course.  As soon as we have definitive dates from the instructors, we’ll be sure to pass them along.

Membership Update

Sara Hill: Membership Coordinator

Kirsten Habgood, John McLain, Max Oliver, BJ Ondo, John Pilger, Herb & Janine Rodriguez and Alan Siegel & Family.

John Beckman & Family, Dean Buck, Neil Buckley, Chris Conboy, John Cunningham, Kerry Hefta, Chris & Laura Keller, Bryan & Jodi Miller, Sean & Hope Mullally, Lee & Cheryl Murphy, John Pamperin, Jamey Robbins, Aaron Rosenthal & Janet Oliver, Bob & Anne Smith, David & Kathy VanDerWege, and Lee Willmon & Family.

Membership Reminders

Special Activities & Rides of Interest!

Jean Zeh: Ride Committee

As we work our way into the New Year, there are a variety of rides and social events that may peak your interest!  Take a look at the chart on the continuation page of this article to see if one or more of these will keep you motivated to get out and pedal with friends during the year.  As always, be sure the check the Ride Calendar on the Club website for the details of each of the rides and social events.
And, be sure to let the Newsletter Editors know if you enjoyed a particular ride.  They appreciate your input as potential articles for upcoming newsletters!

2016 Special Activities & Rides of Interest Calendar

A Quote to Ponder

Dale Campbellk: Co-Editor

An illustrated quote from Lord Charles Beresford - Charles William de la Poer Beresford, 1st Baron Beresford GCB GCVO (10 February 1846 – 6 September 1919), styled Lord Charles Beresford between 1859 and 1916, was a British admiral and Member of Parliament (Source: Wikipedia)

Prez Sez

Janine Hegeman - President

Hello everyone, this is your new CSCC president, Janine Hegeman.
As we begin the second month of 2016, I can tell you that a number of changes are in the works for CSCC. Committees and Board members have taken your suggestions, as well as ideas of their own, and are busy working on plans for this year. A few noteworthy items:
  • The Ride Committee is formulating a “rating” system for our rides. Rides will be rated by how challenging they are, and this will be noted on the ride calendar. In addition, one or more routes are being developed that riders can test themselves on to self-determine their level of riding. Also under consideration is a “field trip” to one of these routes.
  • The Ride Committee will also begin recognizing Ride Facilitators with a special banquet early this year, and start an education program to enlist more facilitators.
  • We have a CSCC at-large board member attending the Bike Colorado Springs board meetings. This will increase communication between our club and this advocacy group, and give us more avenues of participation in bicycling advocacy.
  • The Social Committee has the July Picnic well in hand already, and is planning all the other events CSCC is known for.
With the Buena Vista Bike Fest now under control of the Buena Vista Rotary Club, our main source of funding (and the charitable giving that makes CSCC the great club it is), is going away. We will be exploring other revenue-producing efforts, and still continue our contributions to charitable organizations. With volunteer support from Club members, CSCC will be supporting such local activities as the Starlight Spectacular, Ride for Heroes and the St Patrick’s Day ride. That being said, I want to reiterate that we’ll need volunteers - LOTS of volunteers. We encourage everyone who is Club member to volunteer at least once this year.  If you’re thinking about it, talk with other Club members that have helped with some of these activities.  I’m sure they will tell you how much fun they had!
Many other ideas and plans are in the works as well, and you’ll see more about this in the coming months. I am very pleased and humbled to be working with the current Board, including the very happy Past President, Charlie Czarniecki.  Their ideas, energy and foresight are exactly what is needed to move CSCC into its third decade of inviting people in the Colorado Springs community to “Come along for the ride”!
Janine Hegeman
President, Colorado Springs Cycling Club

Recipients of the 2015 Awards from CSCC

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

As many of you may be aware, CSCC honors local cycling supporters and Club members with three awards each year.  These awards – the Dave Horn Community Award, the Volunteer of the Year, and the CSCC Golden Sweep – are presented at the annual Holiday Party (which occurred on 12 December this past year).  The 2015 winners acknowledged for 2015 are as follows:
  • Nikki McComsey, Executive Director of Kids on Bikes  received the Dave Horne Community Award, recognizing her numerous contributions to the cycling community in Colorado Springs.  In 2015, she was recognized as the Mayor’s Young Leader in the category of Innovation in Sports and Wellness.  In the adjacent photo, Nikki is receiving the Award from Charlie Czarniecki during the 2015 Club Holiday Party.

The CSCC Volunteer of the Year and Golden Sweep Awards were also announced at the Holiday Party...

V of Y and Sweep Presentations

"Passing the Baton" of the Presidency

Charlie Czar: Past President

I lettered in track 3 times at Widefield HS.  We had a lot of sprinters when I started track in junior high school so I ran sprints and relays.  When a runner passes the baton he got off the track because his part of the race was over.  (I found my strength in track was as a quick sprinting jumper, so I stopped running relays in high school.)  Rather than pass the baton, I have always seen my Club activity as bike ride.  I’ve been in the front of the CSCC peloton for the past 6 years.  Janine moves forward to the head of the peloton and I get to move back and still help as a domestique.  In that regard I’m still an active member of the Board of Directors and will help in any way that I can.
The Club has seen past presidents stay engaged and then have time to dedicate to special “pet projects”.  I made some resolutions for this year to continue with the Club’s support of the City’s St Pat Ride support and Parade, to restart and lead as many “Full Moon Rides” as I can (the Jan ride was overcome by a horizontal snow storm), and to put effort into the Allen Beauchamp (past CSCC president) thought to try to spread the word of the National Bike Challenge (NBC) to more people and organizations in Colorado Springs.  To the NBC effort I am going to try to get more area colleges and local media to publicize the challenge and consider establishing a team in their name.  Jean Zeh kept the Club Miles for us the past 6 years (Thank You, Thank You, Thank You) and has returned that function to me – the rider sign-in form mailing info has been changed so you can send the sheets directly to me after you lead a ride.  In the near term I will be leading the Feb Sunday Social Rides and the Feb 21st Full Moon Ride.  I hope to see many of you on the road this month.

Ride Facilitators – We Can’t Live Without You

Jean Zeh: Ride Committee

CSCC is all about riding bicycles, and the goal is to provide members with a wide variety of bicycle rides, from the easy social rides to the challenging rides to the intermediate “that was a good workout” rides.   And the CSCC Board of Directors heard you loud and clear in this year’s survey – members want more rides, a bigger variety of rides, and more out-of- town rides.  We do too!

But the fact of the matter is, to get to this level, someone has to lead, or facilitate, the rides.  The Ride Committee has seen rides fall off the ride calendar due to a lack of anyone willing to simply facilitate the ride.  We’d like to find out what it is that may be holding YOU back from volunteering.
  • Are you intimidated – by not wanting to set the pace and try to stay in front of the group, abilities of others, topography of a route?Something else?
  • Does it seem like a huge responsibility?
  • Are you worried that you wouldn’t know what to do in an emergency?
  • Would it take too much time?
  • Are you concerned about speaking to a group?
  • Are you unaware that there is a Ride Committee that can lend assistance as needed?
Please click the link below to answer the one-question survey – “What makes you hesitant to facilitate a ride?”  The Ride Committee will analyze the results of the survey and reach out to the club membership, with guidance, tips and educational events.  We need more ride leaders/facilitators to get out there and have fun helping others have fun!  There’s something magical about hearing the words “That was a great ride (YOUR name here)!”
Take the One Question Survey

Governor Announces 16 Highest Priority Trail Projects

Bicycle Colorado

On Wednesday 20 January, Governor Hickenlooper announced 16 highest priority trail projects for 2016. To select the 16 priority trails, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has coordinated closely with a team of experts, including the Colorado Pedals Project and Great Outdoors Colorado, and has conducted public outreach across the state.
“We’ve identified projects that will help us fulfill the vision of Colorado the Beautiful, and create the kinds of connections that link us to the natural splendor that sets our state apart,” Hickenlooper said.
Governor Hickenlooper unveiled his Colorado the Beautiful initiative during the 2015 State of the State Address with the intent to build on existing efforts and create new partnerships to grow, enhance, connect, and market statewide outdoor recreation resources and opportunities. The vision of Colorado the Beautiful is that within a generation, every Coloradan will live within 10 minutes of a park, trail, or vibrant green space.
“We need the kind of outdoor access that more easily brings all of us—especially our young people—into the fresh air and away from indoor distractions.”
Also of note, Great Outdoors Colorado is dedicating $30 million over the next four years to the Connect Initiative and these 16 priority projects are eligible to apply for funding. The projects are:
Colorado Front Range Trail
Lower Valley Trail
Rocky Mountain Greenway
Colorado Riverfront Trail
Ring the Peak
Peaks to Plains Trail
High Line Canal
Fremont Pass Trail
Alpine Loop Backcountry Byway
Crested Butte to Carbondale Trail
Eagle Valley Trail
Palisade Plunge
Paths to Mesa Verde
North Elk Creek
Eldo-Walker Trail Connection
Arkansas River Stage & Rail Trail

e-Bikes – Past, Present and… Possibly in Your Future?

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

What follows is a summary of the information I discussed in a presentation to the Club during the 5 January membership meeting.  You may recall that I have included a number of e-Bike articles in previous editions of the Bent Fork, starting in the August 2011 edition.   Since that time, technology advancements have help to improve designs and market demand/availability is helping to reduce the cost to purchase an eBike.  Additionally, the rise of conversion kits has also helped to introduce e-Bikes to a wider group of cyclists.

The following topics are presented in the information provided here:
  • Introduction:What is an e-bike?
  • E-Bike Basics
  • History
  • Present Equipment Configurations and Possible Advancements
  • World Market and Growth
  • US Market Snapshot
  • Overview - Cost to Purchase
  • Is There a Cheaper Way?Conversion Possibilities
  • e-Bike Pros and Cons
  • Projections for the Future
  • Summary and conclusion
  • References for More Information

The Discussion

15 Thoughts Cyclists Have While Riding

Contributed by Jean Zeh

Photo courtsey of Mark Lindsay
Cycling can be a lonely sport, but that doesn't mean we don't have conversations—even if they're only with ourselves. What do you think about when you're out on a ride?  Click here to see the illustrated list developed by Marc Lindsay.
While looking at this, did you have some other thoughts come to mind that weren’t included in the list?  If so, let us know.  Send your additional items for the list to the Bent Fork Editors (dale_campbell_co@msn.com)

Colorado Pedals Project – An Update

Bicycle Colorado

Happy 2016! As we look ahead to this New Year, we are excited to share some of the plans for the Colorado Pedals Project.
 You may recall that last September, at the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas, Governor Hickenlooper announced that $100 million would be prioritized for bike projects over the next four years.
 The Colorado Pedals Project is a multi-million dollar initiative combining public and private funding to make Colorado the best state in the nation to ride a bike. This transformative initiative will fuel Colorado's economic growth and tourism industry, move us toward a cleaner environment and advance the goal of becoming the healthiest state in the nation.
 The Pedals Project will be housed within Bicycle Colorado, and we are currently raising the private funds needed to build capacity for this large undertaking. Bicycle Colorado, the governor's office, bike czar Ken Gart and Onsight Public Affairs will collaborate on this project for the next several years.
What did we accomplish in 2015?
  • Safe Routes to School is now a fully-funded program in Colorado at $2.5 million per year.
  • The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), responding to requests from cities throughout Colorado, is incorporating more bike and pedestrian planning into their projects.
  • CDOT designated five lead engineers for bicycling, one in each region.
  • Bicycle Colorado executive director Dan Grunig and bike czar Ken Gart presented at the Colorado Outdoors Summit, the Governor’s Tourism Conference, and in countless communities throughout the state from Grand Junction to Denver.
  • Bicycle Colorado hired an Active Transportation Manager to work with communities in Colorado to help access funding for bicycling and walking projects. (She starts this week!)

What's ahead in 2016?

The Who's Your Hero Project

Dave VanDerWege: Previous Past President

Cycling to Honor Hometown Service Personnel Who Sacrificed the Ultimate

Editor’s Note:  Want to learn more about an extended cycling trip, perhaps something that will take multiple weeks?  If so, then you just might be interested in this effort to honor hometown heroes.
Kathy and I cycled on Old Pueblo road on Saturday 23 January and parked at the Fountain Library.   At the library, Mike Maiurro was there passing out flyers about a special project. I had a nice conversation with him about this effort, especially having the experience of riding cross country myself a few years ago.  Here’s what Mike was passionately supporting to honor former local students who made the ultimate sacrifice.
The Who's Your Hero Project is designed to show support for military families and military personnel, past and present, who have sacrificed for our country. The organization intends to simply honor their service and their sacrifices one voice at a time. The Who's Your Hero Project is an opportunity for others to tell their story about who their heroes are.  The organization asks that you share your stories through our website, with the goal to compile these tributes into a book that will honor your heroes through your stories. We want to provide an opportunity for others whose hearts are thankful, appreciative, and in many instances heavy, to have an avenue to express those feelings of appreciation.
The organization also asks that you support The Who's Your Hero Project and the 2016 Ride For Heroes.  The 2016 Ride For Heroes is currently being organized and is tentatively scheduled to depart from Fort Carson in early May 2016 and will arrive at Arlington National Cemetery by Memorial Day Weekend (May  28- May 30, 2016).  At this stage it is being planned as a two man relay with each rider covering approximately 50-70 miles per day while the other serves as support vehicle driver for the team. The cycling team will follow the Adventure Cycling TransAmerica route traveling approximately 1900 miles through Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, and finally into Virginia.  Riding teams were scheduled to be finalized by Fall 2015.
If you’d like to learn more about this effort, contact Mike " Coach Moe" Maiurro, the retired teacher/coach from Fountain Fort Carson High School, Fountain, Colorado (1987 - 2011) who is the founder of The Who's Your Hero Project.

Know a Previous Recipient of the CSCC Volunteer of the Year Award?

Charlie Czar: Past President

Over the years, the Club has been fortunate to have so many people contribute to the support of the Club.  Each year, we’ve been fortunate to be able to recognize outstanding contributors to the success of the Club for that year.  Typically presented during the Club’s Annual Holiday Party, the award has been enriched by the addition of each of the Award winners through the years.

However, with the recognition of the 2014 recipients in December of 2014, the list of those recognized outgrew the size of the plaque.  A redesign was needed.  This redesign was showcased during the 2015 Holiday Party. 

All the previous winners’ names have been engraved in a single list shown on the right of the plaque. 

The individual nametags have now been mounted on single smaller plaques in order to continue recognition of the Award to the previous recipients.

During the party, I was able to pass out some of those individual plaques.  However, there are still quite a few that need to be reunited with their rightful owners.  If you are a previous recipient, please contact me to receive your plaque.  Or if you know someone who has received the Award in the past, please let them know to contact me to arrange getting their individual Award.

Bent Fork 2016-1 - Volume 9 Issue 1