Volume 8 Issue 6
Dec 2015/Jan 2016

Editor's Comments

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell: Editors

With shorter days/longer nights, colder temperatures and that white stuff on the ground, you’d think its winter already.  Looking at the calendar, winter (as a season) isn’t supposed to arrive for another 21 days.  Well, as the seasons change, we continue to make seasonal adjustments to accommodate our ever-changing surroundings.  For a number of us, that means the normal cycling season has come to somewhat of an end for this year (although we continue to wish for those exceptionally warm days).  And, as you can see in the header photograph, for others of us, this winter wonderland scenery just opens another door to the cycling adventure.  So, no matter what your temperature threshold for cycling might be (by the way, ours is mid 40’s with temperatures rising) or your perspective on the seasons and cycling, we hope this edition of the Bent Fork will keep cycling at the forefront of your thoughts.


What's in this Edition?

Social Happenings with Bill Gast

Bill Gast

Photograph courtesy of Bill Gast

The Festival of Lights Parade is Saturday Dec 5th.  The Club is Unit #23 of 74 Parade units.  The Parade starts at 5:50pm.  Our unit assembles on the west side of Tejon between Monument and Dale Street (closer to Monument), try to arrive by 5:30pm.  The 14-day weather forecast suggest evening temperature around 30'F with a slight chance of snow flurries.  This sure beats the 5'F that we had a few years ago.  We'll have more information soon, along with a more specific weather forecast.  Decorate your bike and yourselves.  We recommend parking near Chris Conboy's home on east Bijou and ride to the staging area.  After the parade we'll return to her Garage-Ma-Hall where we'll have some warm snacks and beverages.  Our Social Chairperson (Bill Gast) is the leader of this activity. 

What About the CSCC Christmas/Holiday Party?

Chick-Fil-A Ride for the Heroes Thank You

Torie Giffin

Editors Note:  Many of us had the opportunity to either participate in or volunteer to support this years Patriots festival.  Knowing that these efforts helped towards supporting four charities focused on Military families and Local First Responders, the participation/volunteer support is a large factor in the success of this year’s event.  The Festival Director – Torie Giffin – expressed her thanks to the Colorado Springs Cycling Club for this support.  See the Thank You note in the article continuation.

A Thank You Note from Torrie and Staff

Tour de Turkey 2015

Janine Hegeman

On November 22, 2015, the weekly Sunday Social Ride became the annual Tour De Turkey ride.  This year the ride was a bird of a different feather!  Traditionally, there has been a “turkey” drawing at the end of the ride. A frozen turkey, which is awfully difficult to stuff in your jersey pocket, as well as other “turkey” food items were given to the ride participants.  For 2015, the CSCC Board of Directors decided to try our hand at collecting non-perishable food items for local charities in lieu of the “turkey” drawing.
Many CSCC members contributed items, several more contributed cash, and other donations came in after the ride. The cash was used to purchase more food and the result was that CSCC donated 49 pounds of food!
This good turnout was special, considering that the announcement about the food drive was made at the previous Sunday Social ride. We’ll discuss the 2016 Tour De Turkey ride at CSCC’s January 5 meeting and invite your input.
Not only was the food collection a success, it was a beautiful day for a bike ride. In spite of an abundance of flats, Bill Gast led about 25 riders on a route through the west side and through the Garden of the Gods. And no snow! Happy Holidays everyone!

The Top 5 Best Electric Bicycles

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

As some of our readers may recall, I’ve been including articles about electric bicycles (or e-bikes) in the Bent Fork for more than four years now.  It’s been interesting to see the market growing for e-bikes, especially for use as commuter vehicles.  And, as we all know from basic economics, the more the e-bikes are being considered and bought by consumers, the more the prices will drop and availability will increase.
With my ongoing interest in the e-bike market, I was excited to happen upon this video showing the capabilities of a diverse grouping of e-bikes.  Included in the 10 minute video are vignettes about three unique designs for commuter vehicles (think outside the box of a typical framed bicycle) and two off-road e-bikes that would make even the fastest human powered mountain bike look slow.
So, take ten minutes to watch the video  and see what you think.  After you’ve watched this video, which e-bike would you like to test ride?

Find Terry Struck

Dennis Struck

Click on the Continuation to see a picture that Dennis calls “Find Terry”.  It is a picture of our yellow bike amongst aspen and Terry is standing in the shade in a yellow flannel jacket and she is nearly invisible!

Find Terry

2015 National Bike Challenge

Charlie Czar

Thanks to the participation of many of our Club members, the Colorado Springs Cycling Club represented itself well in this year’s National Bike Challenge.  One hundred and seventeen riders participated as members of the Club team, recording 7% more miles than ridden in 2014 and almost 20% more than 2013.  For more facts and figures, see the continuation of this article.
Thanks to all the cyclists that participated.  And, let’s plan on continuing to increase the number of riders and likes during the 2016 season.  Stay tuned for details in the April 2016 edition of the Bent Fork.

See the Facts and Figures

Monday Night Dinner Rides

Sharon Boyd: Co-Editor

Bob Smith led the Bike Club’s 29th Season of Monday Dinner Rides in 2015, with assistance from Richard and Pam Oliver, as well from Sharon Boyd and Dale Campbell.   These Monday evening rides were quite enjoyable, with many opportunities to learn more about trails in the City and also enjoy a variety of good food form a number of local restaurants.  Many thanks to everyone that helped as ride leaders and sweeps during the spring, summer and fall.  Thank you, Bob, for continuing to organize this long standing Club ride!  We look forward to the 2016 series of Monday Dinner Rides.

Membership Update

Sara Hill: Membership Coordinator

Photograph courtesy of Vern Pitcher

CSCC currently has 380 members.

William Chipman & Family, Wes Cunningham, Michael Gilstrap & Family, Jennifer Hanson & Family, Marty Levine, and Dave Lyskawa.

Ron Boetger, Al & Tamara Brody, Paul Brown & Ronaele Foss, Nard Claar, Kolleen Conley, Steve Dass, Bill & Cynthia Doty, Tim Fitzgerald & Family, Torie Giffin & Family, Kevin Gunty, Henry Guzman, Carol Keenan, Karin & Andy Kovalovsky, Tom Martin & Family, Gary McKee, Doug Moyes, Reina Queen, Bud Reynolds, Sharon & Randy Richards, Michael Silver, Kitty & Matt Smith, Patrick Spencer, Dennis & Terry Struck, Randy Susman & Family, Ron Toman, Terre Topp, and Michael Wallace & Family.

Membership Reminders

Bicycling Skills 123+ Program in 2016

Jean Zeh

Watch for a date for the third offering of Bicycling Skills 123+ program, a League of American Bicyclist (LAB) safe riding course.  CSCC is a LAB member and has LAB certified instructors.

The workshop will cover basic riding skills: mounting and dismounting smoothly starting and stopping, shifting and riding in a straight line, scanning and signaling appropriately.  Hazard avoidance skills will be taught to include, quick stop, rock dodge, avoidance weave, instant turn.  The workshop will conclude with instruction and practice in riding on the road and operating as a vehicle under Colorado Transportation Law.

More about Bike Education Programs

Canyon Winds Concert Band

Sid Rubinow

The Canyon Winds Concert Band, under the direction of Maestro Doug Downey, will be presenting its Annual Holiday Concert with some new and exciting changes ... a new day and time and a new venue. The concert will be held on Saturday, December 5, 2015 at 2:00PM in the Coronado High School Auditorium, 1590 W. Fillmore. The band will be performing a wide variety of selections, including traditional and contemporary compositions, music from Broadway and Hollywood, a stirring march, and a few other surprises. As a special feature, the Coronado High School Jazz Band will also be playing. The Brass and Clarinet Ensembles will be performing prior to the full band. The Canyon Winds is a community band comprised of musicians of all ages and skill levels who enjoy playing in a relaxed and rewarding environment. All are welcomed and no audition is required. More information is available through the band's website at www.canyonwindsband.org, from the band's Facebook page, or by calling Doug Downey at 271-8666. Admission to the concert is free, and your generous contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Concert Poster

All I Want for Christmas

Terre Topp

Looking for a Holiday Gift? Perhaps a Thule hitch mount 2-bike rack might be something on your list.  Here are the details:
  •  For a 2” hitch receiver
  •  Rack is fork mount
  •  Rack can be extended from vehicle for access to trunk while bikes are mounted
  •  Includes locks
  • $75 OBO
Contact: ttopp@comcast.net

A Quote to Ponder

H. G. Wells

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.”
What a great perspective to take into the New Year!  We wish everyone the best for a safe and fulfilling 2016.

Prez Says...

Charlie Czar

I finish this 6th year of a 3rd 2-year term as your Club President and look forward to moving a bit further back in the Club’s leadership “pace line.” Dave VanDerWege finally gets to give up the Board of Directors position of Immediate Past President. He has been a true friend to me and to the Club—and a true mentor. Over the past 6 years we’ve had many people help run this Club as members of the Board of Directors. The general membership may not have realized how important is the help of that group of members/riders. Consider: we plan the major Club activities up to one year in advance. And then the general members not only ride, but step up to do so much of the real volunteer work to make our gang of 380 members both “roll” and “party” on. There are times during the year that juggling all the balls gets very taxing—we all need to step up and help Janine and her leadership team take us to our next destinations. As we enter the Club’s 30th year in 2016, let’s help Janine make it fantastic and memorable year.

30 Years of Club Presidents

  • 1986-87  Jim Cerrato
  • 1987-97  Bob Smith
  • 1998-99  Hal Church
  • 1999-00  Joe Vaccaro
  • 2001-03  Dave VanDerWege
  • 2004-07  Allen Beauchamp
  • 2008-09  Dave VanDerWege
  • 2010-15  Charlie Czarniecki

We Wish Al and Tamara Brody Safe Travels!

Sharon Boyd: Co-Editor

Best wishes and safe travels to Al and Tamara Brody.  Some of the Club was aware of their events this year and their travel plans.   The Independent article will share that information with the rest of the Club.  Al and Tamara Brody's Grand Adventure 

Enjoying the Donau by BARGE AND BIKE

Carolyn Myers & Dick Woods

Growing up in a small western Kansas town offers a small outlook of “the world” to younger people.  Our family task has been to help expand the experiences of our grandchildren when one graduates from high school.
In May, Dick and I took my grandson, Mackenzie Myers, on a Barge and Bicycle trip down the Danube River bicycle path.  Mackenzie had just graduated from High School -- he rides bikes for pleasure and commuting, but not as a sport.  He was willing to go with us "old folks" on a pleasure trip in Europe.  Young Mackenzie had lived in Woodland Park and then his family moved to Tennessee where he excelled in school and sports. His pick was to tour parts of Europe so we picked a 'bike and barge' trip.
We flew into Munich, Germany for the start and did some sightseeing for a couple of days and then took the train to Passau, Austria to meet the barge.  The barge held 174 passengers plus crew; and had enough 21 speed bicycles on board for all to ride - however, bicycling was optional. Many of the older people did not bicycle, but walked around the area when the Barge was docked.  We ate breakfast and dinner onboard the barge and they prepared sack lunches to take for lunch.
Passau is located at the confluence of three rivers - Danube, Inn and Ilz.  The tour trip is via Passau-Engelhartszell-Aschack-Devin-Bratislave-
Buda/Pest-Vac-Esxtergom-Wien-Krems-Melk, and back via Vienna to Passau.  

More about the Barge and Bike Tour

October 2015 – A Month of Cycling to Remember

Club Contributors as Noted

Editors Note:  Many club members enjoyed multiple rides supported during the month of October.  This is a summary of those events.

3 OCT Fall Color Ride – Janine Hegeman / Dave VanDerWege
Janine says that a fat bike was the best way to experience this fun ride.  The ride started at the KOA which had plenty of parking and bathrooms. KOA also has cabins that could extend this event in 2016. Dave provided SAG and met people at St. Peter’s Dome for a snack. Rumor has it that the watermelon was excellent.  Eleven riders participated and enjoyed plenty of sunshine at the beginning of the ride. Fall colors were lovely.  However, fog in Colorado Springs provided challenges and mist towards the end of the ride. Dinner at Rudy’s was fun and the BBQ was delicious. Dave would like to repeat this adventure in 2016; maybe over a weekend.

11 OCT Allen Beauchamp’s Past, Present and Future Ride
aka Cycling Infrastructure Mystery Tour,  Allen Beauchamp

Approximately 40 participants met at Acacia Park to learn insight on Colorado Springs trails in the past, present and future. Allen led us on Colorado Springs’s non-motorized infrastructure in and around the downtown core. Bicyclists rode from the “already in place” pieces to pieces that are currently under construction. We also visited sites of the yet-to-be-constructed improvements.  The ride took in both on street and off street trail facilities, along with sections of dirt and rock across the sections of trail/connections that are not built yet. This ride is suitable for a mountain bike as the best choice of cycle. However, a hybrid or cyclocross bike would work as well. This route is not road bike friendly, due to the nature of where we will be going. Sections of the trail connections were not complete, however they are completely passable, either by riding using a little bit of skill or dismounting and walking the more challenging bits. Allen allowed adequate time for folks to walk the short stretches that we'll be transiting across. Please bring an extra tube just in case. The group gathered at McCabe's Tavern after the ride to chat about our adventure and learn more information about the Legacy Loop and I25/Cimarron projects that will be available. Thank you Allen!
A great time was had by all!

More Cycling Infrastructure Photos and More Rides

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR) #55

Dennis Struck

Goal:           Completely Ride Adventure Cycling's 'Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR).
Objective:  Ride as much as allowed by the Weather for the remaining 3-5 Days of Holiday (Big Mountain Snow Coming).

•  Day 1: We arrived in Grants, New Mexico, checked into a motel, and had a free afternoon. We decided to ride the nearby 20 Mile GDMBR segment from near the Bandera Ice Caves (NM-53 & NF-50 Intersection) back to Grants.
•  We performed the bike ride from north to south so as to be copasetic with our other GDMBR ride directions.
•  As we arrived, we saw the advertisement signs for the Bandera Ice Cave and we decided to visit there as soon as our bike tour was completed.
•  We were able to ride quickly since we were not carrying camping gear.
•  The ride was very pleasurable, mostly downhill, and complete with everything that we like about riding.
•  We met two (2) different Couples from New Zealand. The second Couple knew about the first couple because riders, like us, would inform them about what is on the trail.
•  We met a few other Solo Riders as well.
•  When we arrived at Grants, we saw quite a few of the old US Highway Route 66 Signs, we got some pictures.

Photos and More information about other segments of the GDMBR

Do Bike Helmet Laws Do More Harm Than Good?

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

Photo taken in Australia by Dale Campbell

As we’re all aware, as members of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club (CSCC), we are required to wear helmets in order to participate in Club organized rides.  And, I think a very large majority of us believe that this is a good thing.  In fact, some of you may have had the experience of a practical test of this “one-time use” piece of safety equipment.
While Colorado does not have a helmet law for bicycles (and motorcycles for that matter), there are a number of US states and international countries that do.  So, as with anything legal that is imposed on a populace, there are always arguments for and against such regulations.  However, is there actually some hard data that would suggest that helmet-laws are doing more harm than good?  When I saw an article in the 13 October edition of the Wall Street Journal (“The Helmet-Law Backlash), it got me to thinking…

Thinking about This a Bit More...

A Cycling Surprise on GOG Hike

Sharon Boyd: Co-Editor

Photograph Courtesy of Dale Campbell 
On Thursday, October 22, Dale, Terre and Sharon met Alan and Ann of California. We were hiking along the “new” north/south GOG trail along 30th Street and were greeted by tow cyclists on trike recumbents.  The woman asked Terre if she had dropped a scarf along the way.  Replying yes, we were then amazed to see the cyclists quickly retreat back up the trail to recover the scarf.  Seeing the speed of the trike, we asked for details about the equipment. 

Alan and Ann, traveling through Colorado on their way back to California, introduced themselves and graciously noted that they were riding Scorpion Power-assisted recumbent along the trail.   Ann offered us an opportunity to ride her Scorpion; so Dale and Terre took to the trail on Ann’s Scorpion.  As this was Dale’s first opportunity to ride a power assisted bike, he was amazed at the capability of the setup.  As Ann indicated, there are eight settings for the power assist, from off and then Levels 1 through 7.  Dale remarked that he only tried up through Level 4 and was astounded by the speed that he achieved with what seemed to be minimal pedaling effort.
This just goes to show that you never know what learning opportunities lay before you.  Keep an open mind and a positive outlook and these types of encounters will enrich your life.

Interested in More Information about the Trikes?

Thank You to the 2015 CSCC Sunday Social Ride Leaders

Charlie Czar

It takes volunteers to keep our Club an active element in the Colorado Springs cycling community.  Among the tasks that Club volunteers help support is the Sunday Social Rides, a time when folks can gather together and casually ride the roads, lanes and trails of our City while catching up with friends and events.  Here’s a big Thank You to all the Club members who have helped to support this ongoing Sunday ride.
  • January                Charlie Czarniecki
  • February               Al Brody / Charlie Czarniecki       
  • March                   Charlie Czar
  • April                      Bill Gast
  • May                      Sara Hill
  • June                     Sharon Boyd / Dale Campbell (Lee Murphy -1 Mystery Ride)
  • July                      Rich Hostak (Lee Murphy  -1 Mystery Ride)
  • August                 Skip Fleming
  • September          Janine Hegeman
  • October               Kerry Hefta / Allen Beauchamp (Infrastructure Mystery Tour)
  • November           Team Effort
  • December           Allen Beauchamp
As a member of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club, have you led a ride in 2015 (or even in previous years)?  If you haven’t, consider that for your New Year’s resolutions – to lead at least one ride in 2016.  If you are unsure how to start, just take the time to ask any experienced ride leader how they got started.  I’m sure they would be glad to share some of their experiences (including the “learning” experiences) with you.  And, they will probably invite you to shadow them on several rides, while they provide some mentoring to give you the experience and confidence to take the lead for a ride in 2016.  So, take that next step and plan to be in the lead sometime next year!

What to Do if Someone Crashes

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

While we hope that the situation never occurs which would require going through the following steps, it good planning to be prepared for such situations.  Below are seven items to be aware of if an unfortunate event does occur.
1.  Protect the rider:  If a rider is down, check for oncoming traffic and either stop or redirect vehicles or other cyclists if needed.
2.  Assess damage:  Ask the cyclist’s name; if they can answer, ask them to check for bodily injury.  The fallen rider shouldn’t move until they, or a qualified person, can ensure there are no serious injuries.  If they can’t answer simple questions, dial 911.  Try to help the rider stay calm.
3.  Get off the road:  If the rider who crashed is not seriously injured and is in harm’s way, consider moving them and their bike to a safer place.  Before you move the rider or their bike, try to make a written or mental note (or take a picture) of the scene.
4.  Look for ID:  Hopefully the rider is wearing or carrying emergency information, like a Road ID, that can tell First Responders who they are, who to contact, and important medical information.
5.  Clean Wounds:  If injuries are mostly road rash, help the fallen rider rinse away the worst of the grime and debris with a squirt from a water bottle.  When the cyclist gets home, he or she should thoroughly clean and bandage the wounds.  Even if the injuries seem minor, it’s always smart to get checked out by a doctor.
6.  Check the bike:  Start at the front and make sure all parts are in working order:  brake and shift levers undamaged, handlebars and fork intact, wheels straight, frame not cracked, chain on, derailleur straight.  Even if the rider insists they are well enough to ride, the bike may be dangerous to complete checkup following a crash.
7.  Document the accident:  If there’s been severe injury or harm to the bike, and a driver has been involved, get names and contact information for the driver and any witnesses.  Take pictures of the scene of the accident with your cell phone.  The injured rider should file a police report and contact their insurance agency.
Thanks to Road ID for providing the information reprinted above.  The Original can be found at the Road ID website.

Exercise May Slow the Aging Process

Contributed by Barry Wick

As Gretchen Reynolds states in the beginning of her article, “Almost any amount and type of physical activity may slow aging deep within our cells, a new study finds. And middle age may be a critical time to get the process rolling, at least by one common measure of cell aging.”  To find out more about the details summarized in her discussion, read the Does Exercise Slow the Aging Process? article.

Transportation Triathlon Shows Perils of Alternative Transportation in Colorado Springs

Excerpt from 12 November 2015 article in The Gazette

"A blind man biking through Downtown Colorado Springs Thursday didn't notice the vehicles whizzing past narrow bike lanes, construction prompting him to merge with cars on the road or bike lanes filled with debris that threatened to puncture a tire or tip him over.
"It was a relaxing ride, though it might not have been if I could see," said Everett Gavel. "Seriously."
Gavel was the back rider on a tandem bicycle adapted for the disabled at a Transportation Triathlon Thursday - an event meant to point out the challenges and highlights of alternative transportation in the city. He was one of about a dozen people who rode bikes or walked to the Downtown Colorado Springs bus terminal from Ivywild School to the south then rode buses back and forth from The Citadel mall.

Bent Fork - Volume 8 Issue 6