June 2015
June 2015

Editor's Comments

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell: Editors

Wow! It’s June already.  Half of the year is almost gone and it will officially be summer in just about three weeks!  It still seems like late winter, with all the hail looking like a snowstorm.  And, wet - the second wettest May on record (or at least that’s the last we heard – maybe the wettest with the rain and hail on the last three days of the month).  But are we letting that keep us from riding?  Well, sort of...  But, at least we’ve all still got that spirit of riding in us, even if the weather impedes the number of miles that we can get out and pedal.
Please dive in and begin reading this issue of the Bent Fork.  There are a variety of articles, including an update/reminder about the Buena Vista Bike Fest (BVBF), summaries of a couple of very interesting trips, reminders of upcoming events – including details about this year’s Summer Picnic (NEW Location!), updates on the the future of cycling in Colorado and Colorado Springs, and several light hearted items that hopefully will bring a smile.
As always, we hope you enjoy reading what we’ve provided.  If you have comments, suggestions or contributions for future issues of the Bent Fork, we’d love to hear from you.  After all, as a member of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club, this is your newsletter.  Your comments and input helps to make sure that we continue to provide quality updates about the Club, members’ activities, and the state of cycling in the Springs, Colorado and the world!

Spokes Fighting Strokes

Allen Beauchamp – CSCC Community Outreach

Here’s information for a benefit ride that is taking place in Colorado Springs June 2nd - 11th, Spokes Fighting Strokes.
The original contact came in through a good friend up in Denver who is a member of the Denver Bicycle Touring Club.  She invited me to come up to ride with this event as it was pedaling on the trails up in her region, either as an adaptive cycling advocate or with CycleDifferent.  I didn't know anything about the group and we get requests constantly for support of very worthwhile but difficult to support events.
The gentleman who put these rides together, Dan Zimmerman has a great website: http://spokesfightingstrokes.org/ Dan’s emphasis is to “focus on your ability, not your disability.”

See More about Dan and the COS Schedule

Save the Date – CSCC Summer Picnic

Bill Gast – Social Committee

For this year, the annual CSCC summer picnic is being held on July 19 at the Mesa Pavilion in N. Cheyenne Canyon.  This is an excellent area, not only for road bikes but off road cycling as well. Stratton Meadows open space is just across the road with many miles for the fat tire crowd. Rides will begin around Noon with the food served around 4:00.
Additionally, this year we plan to have live music from Austin ,Texas.  This location is a new venue for us; so plan to come out, ride, picnic and have fun throughout the afternoon/evening. Help with picnic ideas and day-of set up is requested/welcomed.  Please contact me if you’re interested.  And, just check the Club website for further details as we get closer to the picnic date!
Want to learn more about the location, the surroundings and the picnic facilities?  Just click on “Summer Picnic Details” below.

Summer Picnic Details

Bicycle Bits to Consider

Sharon Boyd: Co-Editor

Here are a variety of things that might come in handy while cycling this summer
Bicycle Benefits Ready for Summer
AAA Colorado now offers bicycle roadside assistance to its members. Service is provided to any member whose bicycle has become disabled, and can be reached safely from a normally traveled road in Colorado. And the best part of all, it's already included in your membership!
AAA Bicycle Partner Discounts
AAA has partnered with some great places to bring AAA members valuable discounts:
• Performance Bicycle Discounts
• Bike Source Discounts
• Wheat Ridge Cyclery Discounts
• Treads Bicycle Outfitters
Refresher For Cars Sharing The Road With Cyclists
AAA wants you to pedal with more peace of mind. Even if you prefer traveling on four wheels, it’s a good idea to take advantage of a mini-refresher course on sharing the road with cyclists.   Check out the AAA website for more details.
Bicycle Resources
Wherever you like to ride, the Colorado Bicycle & Byways map from CDOT will help you choose the route that best suits your interests and abilities.
Bicycle Safety
AAA wants you to pedal with more peace of mind. Even if you prefer traveling on four wheels, it’s a good idea to take advantage of a mini-refresher course on sharing the road with cyclists.

New Report Pegs Cycling's Economic Impact at $34 Million for Colorado Springs Area

By Rich Laden Colorado Springs Gazette

Cycling isn't just a sport; it's a thriving industry that means big bucks for the Pikes Peak region.
A new report commissioned by the nonprofit Trails and Open Space Coalition suggests that cycling pumps nearly $34 million a year into the local economy, a figure driven in large part by visiting cyclists who shop at stores, eat and drink at restaurants and stay in hotels, among other types of spending.
Read the complete article at http://gazette.com/new-report-pegs-cyclings-economic-impact-at-34-million-for-colorado-springs-area/article/1551482

National Bike Challenge Update

Charlie Czar – CSCC President

The National Bike Challenge (NBC) started on May 1st.  The Challenge runs through Sept 30th.  You can see some of the Club’s remarkable history with the Challenge in past years and register to ride with the Club’s team (Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014) on the Club’s Web site.
As of May 25th the Club has had 80 of 134 team riders already post miles for this year (the goal is to get at least 116 to do that).  We are the #15 team in the nation (1,657 teams), we flex daily between 13th and 18th.  In Colorado we are the #1 of 84 teams; have been since day One; we have more than twice as many points as the #2 team.
The Challenge is just getting started with the riding and logging the miles ridden.  Note that we already have 5 people in the “Gold” level (over 750 points), 44 people at “Silver” (250-749 points), and 21 at “Bronze” (100-249 points).  Anyone can join and add their personal miles to our total; you don’t even have to be a member of the Club to join this team.
Keep getting out to ride and be sure to log your miles!

Membership Update

Sara Hill: Membership Coordinator

Susan Apgar, Joan Arnold, Daniel Brown & Family, Kimberly Ferguson, David Fussell, Helen Gercas, Vickie Gibbs & family, Jack Keller & Family, Jayson & Esther Lee, Paula McBride & Family, Dave Moe, Paul Newell, Joanna Sanchez & Family, Samuel & Ruth Sharp, and Kevin Shaw & Family.

Renee Barall, Ginny Barber & Family, Warren & Mary Ann Barta, Westy Bell, Derrick Bourgeois & Family, Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell, Myra Brooks, Keith Brown, Roger Bruggeman, Dean Buck, Craig Carroll, Alfred Chioffe, John Cunningham, Gary Dean, Bruce & Yasmin Elliot, Curt & Carole Emery, Liz Ford, Julie & Hayden Gregory, Hubert & Becky Hauser, Ronald & Carolyn Henrikson, Sara Hill, Trent Hovenga & Family, Ginger Kelly, Julie Kiley & Family, Tim Lopez, Connie Lorig, Javier Mazzetti & Family, Gisele Miyamoto, Mark Noble, Richard & Pamela Oliver, Roger Patrizio, John & Anita Rasper, Mary Rebb & Family, Jerry Remmert & Family, Robert Reidel & Family, Carol Runnells & Family, Dan Sadowski, Sid Santos, Connie Slater & Family, George Thornton, Javier & Teresa Valdez, Bob Vandepas, Diane Renee Walker & Family, and Barry & Marcia Wick


Why Ride…with a Group?

Sharon Boyd: Co-Editor

When was the last time you rode with a group?  Did you enjoy that experience more or less than riding solo?  As a cyclist, whether recreational or competitive, riding with a group has a lot of benefits.
1. You’ll Get Stronger: It’s almost a guarantee that many, if not most, of the riders in the group will be stronger, and you’ll have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. This leads to big improvements in your fitness.
2. You’ll Learn More: Are you pushing too big of a gear? Not shifting in the right spots? Every group ride is full of riders who are eager to share what they know. Just try not to take offense, they’re just trying to help.
3. You’ll Feel More Confident: You never know what you’re capable of until you try. Riding with a group will help you quickly master many of the complexities of cycling and be a stronger, more confident rider over all.
4. You’ll Make Friends: Unless you’re that guy (and you don’t want to be that guy) that attacks when someone flats, you’ll probably make some pretty good friends on your group ride.
5. It’s Fun: Sometimes riding can become a chore, especially if you always ride alone. Instead of always doing the same routes and struggling in the same spots, riding with a group can help spice up your riding life and give some variety to your cycling.

Special Activities & Rides of Interest!

Sharon Boyd – Co-Editor

Looking for rides to enjoy over the next month?  Take a look at the chart in the continuation of this article.
Here’s one to make sure you have integrated into your riding calendar - Chick-fil-A Ride for the Heroes on September 12th.  To find out more about the ride and to register, go to http://www.patriotsfestival.com/ 
Note: the 2015 Ride for Heroes Jersey Early Order Deadline is Sunday, June 7, 2015 at 12:00 AM
To prepare for the ride, you can also join the groups riding on Saturday mornings throughout the summer.   The Chick-fil-A Garden of the Gods Fitness Club meets at 7:45am at the Garden of the Gods location.  Want to rock your rides this summer? Join the team and get the 2015 Chick-fil-A Ride for Heroes Jersey early (by mid-July) if you register for the Ride for Heroes by Sunday June 7th. The Jersey image and size chart can be found by going to the website: http://www.patriotsfestival.com/
Be sure to let the Newsletter Editors know if you enjoyed a particular ride.  They appreciate your input as potential articles for upcoming newsletters!

June Cycling Calendar

Alaska's High Adrenaline Cycling Fitness Program

Contributed by Peter Gilfoil

Want to see just how it’s done in Alaska (and potentially in Colorado, too)?  Click on the “Continued” link below to learn about this unique training program!


A Quote to Ponder

Author Unknown

Grab life…
 by the ski poles,
 by the bicycle handle bars,
 by the hiking stick!

How true this is for all the activities we are able to enjoy here in Colorado!!!

President’s Comments:

Charlie Czar

We start summer with lots of things for the Club to do.  We’d have a bit more fun if we get more than one day in a row without rain. 
  • First of all, the Club meeting on June 2nd will feature a review of Colorado Springs trail work by the city parks office.
  • June 6th is the Buena Vista Bike Fest, which is the #1 Club fund raiser.  Come volunteer to help and/or ride it!
  • June 20th is the Starlight Spectacular and the Club will again host the Bancroft Park rest area.Come help work the rest area for an evening of fun.
  • June 24th is the city Bike To Work Day.See the Club web site for a link to register for the breakfast and be a part of the CSCC “company” group.
The “CSCC 2014” National Bike Challenge team started logging miles on May 1st.  The Challenge runs through Sept 30th.  See the Club web site about joining our team.  We are again in the top 20 teams in the nation – there are over 1,600 teams in the country.  Ride safe and remember to stop for “Stop signs”.
Barb and I brought our bikes with us to Ohio on an 8-day trip in mid-May when we ended up in Cincinnati to watch our youngest son receive his MBA at Xavier.  We started the trip visiting with old family friends in the Dayton area (from our 11 years at Wright-Patterson AFB).  An old friend from the Dayton Cycling Club (DCC) met me one morning and we rode from the east side of town to “out in the country” (Barb was visiting with a “crafting friend”).  My friend managed to coordinate a late breakfast stop at a Springfield restaurant with the Thursday morning DCC ride and a few other friends who took an early lunch to come visit.  The experience just confirms for me that CSCC isn’t the only bike club with an “eating disorder”.  It was a 45-mile day and a great surprise visit with old riding friends!

Buena Vista Bike Fest Update

Aaron Rosenthal – BVBF Committee Chair

When the Bent Fork Chronicles gets sent to members on June 1, only 5 days will remain before the 2015 BVBF. We had our final committee meeting on May 19, and packet stuffing took place on May 27.  If you are volunteering for BVBF (THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!), the volunteer meeting is scheduled for June 3rd at 6:00 at Gold Hill Mesa.  And yes, there will be Bristol Beer!  We treat our wonderful volunteers right! 
A few of us go up to Buena Vista on Thursday with most of the other volunteers arriving on Friday, June 4th.  Because we are not sold out, "day-of" registration will be available at McPhelemy Park on Friday June 5 from 3:00-9:00 and on Saturday June 6 from 6:30-9:30. If you haven't signed up and still want to ride, we'd love to see you there. Here's hoping all of the rain will be out of the system and we will have a great cycling event with wonderful weather.
The BVBF committee is happy to have FLUID return as a sponsor and they are again providing their product at our rest stops.  Their website states the following: Fluid Performance is a sports drink that’s all about keeping it simple & balanced. Designed with less sugar, more electrolytes, & natural flavors, it provides energy & hydration in one formula without stomach upset. It’s perfect for use before & during even the toughest endurance activity to fuel & feel your best.  Fluid Recovery is a post-workout drink that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. It contains a 4:1 carb:protein ratio, the superior protein whey isolate, L-glutamine, and a blend of easy digesting carbs. Together, these ingredients work magically to kickstart the recovery process. The result is faster performance gains, faster recovery times, and less soreness.  For more information about FLUID products goto www.livefluid.com
BVBF riders will be receiving a discount coupon in their rider packets.  We also hope to be able to provide these discount coupons at a future club meeting (as of this writing we are not sure if we will have the coupons for the club meeting on June 2nd).  Check out all our other businesses that support BVBF by going to the Sponsor link on the BVBF website:  www.bvbf.org   Please support these sponsors with the knowledge that they are supporting BVBF and the Colorado Springs Cycling Club.

Big River IV (April 17-25, 2015) - Memphis to New Orleans

Stan & Ann Lebahn

This was our first tandem bicycle tour since purchasing our Da Vinci tandem in 2008 and it was indeed very big, 374 cyclists with roughly 125 tandems and 120 single bikes.  The 2014 trip sold out really fast and we had to book the 2015 trip two years in advance.  Originally set at 100 tandems, the ride became bigger when a large group from England backed out of the trip.  For some reason, they didn’t want to share the boat with a bunch of cyclists, so we had the whole boat!
We departed from Memphis and traveled down the Mississippi river on the American Queen to New Orleans.  The American Queen is equipped with a steam run paddle and calliope with all the nostalgic and historically correct furnishings as well as most of the amenities of a cruise ship.  We had a private room just like you would have on a cruise.  Bikes were parked along the railings of the boat on each deck.  Buses were available if you only wanted to ride part of the day but still see the sites along the way.  Some of the daily rides included places like Graceland, Natchez Trace, Antebellum (means pre-Civil War) Plantations, and eleven miles through the Louisiana State Penitentiary (AKA Angola).

See More About the Trip

The Results Are In…

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

And Colorado ranks #1 as the as the state where folks spend the most minutes per week bicycling.  Before we go any further, let me provide a little background.
The results provided here are as reported in “The States Where Fitness Is King” article in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, 26 May.  The findings are based on 2014 data from MapMyFitness, a workout tracking app used in the US.   The findings come from the analysis of data from 22 million users of the workout tracking app.  The WSJ article report includes information on which state the app users track their workouts in three distinct categories: running, cycling and walking.  All other activities are lumped into an “Other” category.  Once the users tell the app which category they are tracking, the app then tracks the number of minutes and location participating in that activity.

See the Results!

Moving Forward 2040 Regional Transportation Plan

Sharon Boyd: Co-Editor

Are you concerned about the future of transportation and cycling in the Colorado Springs area?  If so, then here’s a chance to provide your thoughts and comments about our transportation future in the Pikes Peak region.
The Moving Forward 2040 Regional Transportation Plan guides the Pikes Peak area's transportation projects and funding through 2040.  Learn more at www.MovingForwardPlan.org  Help guide the future of transportation services: please share your feedback on the draft Regional Transit Plan and Specialized Transportation Plan.  Click on any item in the table of contents to go directly to content you're particularly interested in.
Learn more about the plans at the website and submit comments though June 13 to mobility@ppacg.org
The plans incorporate feedback provided through two public meetings and online questionnaires, as well as input from a diverse Steering Committee, and are part of the Moving Forward 2040 Regional Transportation Plan.  The planning group would especially like to know if:
• Any plan recommendations have consequences you think we need to consider
• You have ideas on how to more effectively implement the ideas in the plan
The Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments thanks you for your interest and participation!

Africa Bike Tour by Bicycle, Van and Bus; 8-29 November, 2014

Dennis Struck - Bicycle Touring Enthusiast

Editor’s Note: Ever consider touring through three countries in Africa via multiple modes of transportation?  Even if you haven’t, here’s something you will enjoy reading.
To provide a sample of the experience of our trip, here are two photos that might provide some insight.  The first picture features real warthogs that came into camp during a cool morning sprinkle and they just lay around the camp fire (Terry and I in the background). 


See and Read More

Ride Along Horsetooth Reservoir and Through Fort Collins – 6 June

Dan Martin

If you've never ridden along Horsetooth Reservoir, you certainly will not want to miss this opportunity June 6th. The ride starts at noon from the southern end of Spring Canyon Community Park in Fort Collins (2698 W Horsetooth Rd), rides an out-and-back to Inlet Bay Marina At Horsetooth, turns north along the eastern edge of the Reservoir (Centennial Dr), then loops east and south for a leisurely tour through the CU campus before returning to start. We should be done by 5 pm, unless we dally at the eatery.
It’s 30 miles without the CU campus detour and paved roads all the way. This course includes an optional cutoff route along 42C (Dixon Canyon Rd) back to Spring Canyon Community Park via 21 (South Overland Trail) for any riders encountering difficulties. Those of us touring the campus will find a place to eat and refresh near there. Those not wishing to pause just then can continue south along 21 then 19 to the start.
There’s a testing of a dam, a flirtation with the Cache La Poudre River, and a spin through a city park. It’s an easy ride back to the start, either directly down the South Overland Trail or via the CU campus.
Ride organizer is Dan Martin. Call him at 719-291-5332 or email him at MarDan1492@comcast.net to let him know you are up for this.

Check out the Route

Colorado Bike Month begins Monday – 1 June!

Bicycle Colorado

We're really happy that we celebrate bike month in June and not May—or as we're calling it now, monsoon season. Biking in the rain can be fun, but it will certainly be more festive with the June sunshine!
 All corners of our state are preparing for bike month festivities. ​Are you ready? Although the "main event," Bike to Work Day, isn't until Wednesday, June 24, next Monday is a great day to dust off your bike and try riding to work, shopping or social events.
 If you already bike every day, see about getting your friends to join in the fun. Who knows, you might just get yourself a new everyday riding buddy. And if you're mechanically inclined, think about helping a friend get their old bike tuned up so they can celebrate Bike to Work Day with you.
 If you're a business owner in Colorado, you could also host a Bike to Work Day station. It's a fun way to celebrate bike month and gain new customers at the same time.

Colorado Drops Another Place in Bicycle Friendly State Rankings

Bicycle Colorado

The League of American Bicyclists released the Bicycle Friendly State rankings  on Monday, 11 May. Though Colorado’s score remained nearly the same as last year, the state’s ranking has slipped five spots from the #2 spot in 2013 to #7 this year. Other states are waking up to the value of bicycling investment. Utah, now #5, leapfrogged Colorado as the top ranked Rocky Mountain state.
The report scores Colorado well in the areas of Legislation & Enforcement, Policies & Programs and Evaluation & Planning—though there is still room to grow in each of these categories. The report identifies shortfalls in the areas of Infrastructure & Funding and Education & Encouragement. In both of these areas, Colorado earns just 2 out of 5 in the League’s scoring system.
It is important to note that this 2 out of 5 score for Education & Encouragement does not even take into consideration the recent defeat of Safe Routes to School funding by the State Legislature earlier this month. That decision will impact next year’s ranking.
Colorado’s Moving Towards Zero Deaths movement, on the other hand, may help improve our ranking next year. We hope that this program helps direct funding to programs that increase safety for bicyclists.
Governor Hickenlooper has stated a goal for Colorado to become the most bicycle-friendly state in the nation. In order to achieve this, it is clear that Colorado must begin to match other states’ investments in bicycling and safety programs.
See the Report Card with recommendations.

Think You Can Do This?

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

If you feel a need to be challenged, here are a couple of videos that will perhaps make you think about the skill and physical mechanics it takes to ride a bike.  Thanks to Vern Pitcher for suggesting that we take a look at these two very diverse views of what cycling can be.
How To Descend 999 Steps In 30 Seconds
If you have ever wondered what it's like to descend close to 1,000 steps down a Chinese mountain on a bicycle while being cheered on by a crowd of hundreds, Andrew Taylor is here to help. He managed this impressive feat in only about 30 seconds, all while wearing a GoPro camera strapped to his helmet so the world could share in his achievement.  The video is found at http://www.wimp.com/descend-steps/
This Backwards Bicycle Will Mess With Your Brain
Many people believe you never forget how to ride a bike, but Destin Sandlin of the YouTube series Smarter Every Day might have just proved that theory wrong. When a fellow engineer presents him with a bicycle built so that the wheel turns the opposite direction of the handlebars, Destin realizes that this seemingly simple challenge is almost impossible.
 As Destin and behavioral scientists explain, this happens because our brains are so preconditioned to certain movements and muscle memory that going against these natural instincts is incredibly difficult. In fact, it is much easier for a child than an adult to learn how to ride this backward bicycle because their brains are so much more impressionable. As Destin explains, this is the same reason why learning a language is easier as a child. Perhaps this is just another reason to want to be young again.  Have fun viewing this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFzDaBzBlL0 while trying to figure this out.
Bent Fork - Volume 8, Issue 3 - June 2015