April 2015

Editors’ Comments

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell: Editors

Ah, the days are longer and spring is in the air.  While it’s not yet as spring-like as witnessed during our recent visit to Salt Lake City, it’s on its way.  While in Utah, we also enjoyed exploring Antelope Island State Park , just north of Salt Lake City (see article photo).  The longer days and warmer weather gets us thinking about flowers and green foliage.  And, with the realization of the arrival of the Spring season, we, as cyclists, start turning our thoughts to dusting off the bikes, checking the tires, brakes and drive train in order to get out and start riding outdoors, once again.
As always, in preparation for riding, we also need to remember the rules of the road and how to ride safely.  Here are several references to get you started:  
And, as you may notice in scanning through the Table of Contents to the right, there are a number of other references to safe cycling.  The point here is that we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable cycling experience throughout 2015.
After reading through this edition of the Bent Fork, let us know if you have any comments or ideas for articles to include in the next edition.  In the mean time, get out there and enjoy this wonderful environment in which we live and play.  Stay Safe!
By the way, how many times do you think safe, safely and safety are noted in this edition of the Bent Fork?  See the last article in this column for the answer.

Bike safety – Colorado’s Vision for the Future

Dale Campbell: Co-editor, and Bicycle Colorado

With regard to the subject of Safety, recently there has been a significant recognition by the State of Colorado for the need to further improve road safety.  Six years ago the national Governors Highway Safety Association issued a plan "Toward Zero Deaths."  As noted in the 16 March announcement by Governor John Hickenlooper, Colorado is signing on to this national effort to reduce traffic deaths dramatically — with the ultimate goal to get all the way to zero.
In regard to safety for cyclists, Bicycle Colorado is stepping up as one of the first certified partners of the program.  The following summary was provided in an 18 March email sent out by Bicycle Colorado:

Colorado Moving Towards Zero Deaths

WMBA – Know What It Is?

Dale Campbell: Co-editor

In a world of acronyms, what is WMBA and why is it being mentioned in a bicycling newsletter?  There’s a good answer.

WMBA of COS is the Women's Mountain Biking Association of Colorado Springs.  WMBA of COS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group committed to educating and encouraging women of all levels and skill in mountain biking.  The organization was formed in 2008 by four women who recognized the need to connect women in the local cycling community. In addition to weekly group rides, WMBA of COS also offers a variety of health, bike maintenance, and skills clinics for women to improve their mountain biking knowledge.  The group strives to create an atmosphere that is not intimidating for any level of rider.  No one is too slow or too fast to join in on a ride.
If you’d like to learn more about the organization, check out their ride calendar or have any questions, just visit the WMBA of COS website.  By the way, WMBA does have several Saturday Social Rides on their event calendar for 2015, for which they note “bring friends and guys”

National Bike Challenge – Preparing for this Year’s Kickoff?

Charlie Czar: CSCC President

The National Bike Challenge (NBC) 2015 site went active on Mar 10th.  The national sponsors indicated that refinements to the rules and web site will be released in March and April so we’ll learn them as they come. 
Team members from last year can enter their ID and Password and start entering miles for the March and April miles – their profiles were kept by the system and can be edited if necessary.  The site will reset to zero on May 1st and the miles will officially count for the NBC 2015 season. 
New team members can start their individual profiles by going to https://nationalbikechallenge.org/ and click on the “Join Now” link.  After entering that info click on the “join team” link and look for “Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014” team.  It is that easy.  Several members from last year will have moved on and will not be contributing to our team.  We’ll have to identify them and go through the national organization to release them from our roster and remove them from our team.  We had 115 team members in 2013, last year we had 116 team members.
My only Club goal for this year is to have at least 117 riders be on our team and have listed at least one month of their miles.  We rode a lot of miles in the last 2 years and did extremely well on the national level – we were in the top 15 teams each year.  Riders get 20 points for every day that you take your bike out for a ride plus a mile for every mile you ride that day.  So you get at least 20 points for yourself (and the team) just be taking a short daily ride.  Let’s be safe, have fun, and log the miles often.

Like the Design? Here’s How to Order

Aaron Rosenthal: BVBF Committee Chairman

Interested in owning and wearing a jersey from this year’s BVBF?  Go to the BVBF website and you can order one there.  Please note that if you order a 2015 BVBF jersey and want have it available at packet pick up on June 5 or June 6, your order must be in by Monday 6 April 2015.  You can still order a jersey any time after that including at packet pick up or during the after ride party, but the Jersey will be mailed to you approximately 6 weeks after the event.  There may or may not be very limited numbers of jerseys and jersey sizes for purchase at packet pick up.

Chocolate Surprise Sunday Social Ride – April 5th!

Bill Gast: Social Chairman

Join CSCC on Sunday, 5 April for the Easter Sunday CSCC Social Ride from 1pm to 3pm. Meet the group at Acacia Park. There will be a bike ride, an Easter Egg Hunt and surprises. This year, we'll have "The Watchers" guarding the Easter Eggs from the squirrels! Come out for the fun and an out of the ordinary Chocolate Surprise Sunday Social Ride.
The Sunday Social ride is an approximately 15 mile tour of our fine city at a pace that allows riders to talk and enjoy the view and company. The ride is lead by CSCC Board members and volunteers. Riders negotiate the route by using a leader, post and sweep system that keeps everyone on the route. This ride is a great place to get to know club members.

Bike and Have Your Coffee, too? Here’s How!

Sara Hill: Ride Leader

The Tour de Latte ride is a low key ride intended to provide a way to ease into cycling for the summer.  We start with about 10 easy miles in the Spring and gradually increase in distance and difficulty over the course of the summer, always maintaining an easy pace.  Each week, we visit a different independent coffee shop.  Some favorites include Agia Sofia, Montague's, Jives 2 and others.  We are always looking for new places to go, so if you find a good coffee shop, let us know.
We'll start at 10:00 am in April, then switch to 9:00 am for the summer months.  The primary start location is the parking lot at the northeast corner of Weber & Fontanero Streets (just a few block south of the Safeway at Bon Shopping Center).  As we do year round, we'll continue to uses the Tour de Latte message board to announce changes or special activities, so opt-in to keep up with what's happening.  But most of all, come ride with us to celebrate and support our local businesses!

Take a Look at one of the Rides

Membership Update

Sara Hill: Membership Coordinator

Loren Anderson, Sue & Paul Anderson, Madeline Arroyo, Alan Cavin, Sharon Cooksey, Heather DeCourcy, Robert Foster, Tricha Hartman & Family, Pam Hazlett, Pat Nelson, Pete Reed, William Slaughter, and Terry Smith & Family.

William Allen & Family, Geoffrey Ames & Daryll Stevens, Doug Anderson, Richard Bedal and Janet Rose, Larry Bowlin, Bert Boyce, Bob Boyd, Jeff Cowen, James Dial, Stephen Fuhrmann, Joseph & Sulyn Giles, Ronnie Graham, Ron & Teri Hargrave, Lisa & Richard Hickey, Dan & Sherry Maples, Miguel Mayo, Phil McDonald, Connie Miller, Frank Morrey, Carolyn Myers & Dick Woods, Jim Natchez, John O'Donnell & Family, Charlie & Margaret Oliver, Sam Pedregon, Bill Ryan, Betty Schwartz, Charles Sheehan & Family, Martin Shepperdson, Bob & Anne Smith, John Sobeck, David Stang & Family, Char Taylor & Family, Dick Timberlake, Eric & Monica Van Fleet, Michael Watry, Beverly Weaver & Family, Dan Weber, Jerry & Cathy White, and Bruce Wilkes.


Special Activities & Rides of Interest!

Jean Zeh

As we move in to the Spring season and thoughts turn to cycling, taking a look at the Ride and Special Events calendar might be helpful for planning what to do.  Take a look at the summary included with this article and see if there’s one or more items that catch your interest.
When you do get out and ride, be sure to let the Newsletter Editors know if you enjoyed a particular ride.  They appreciate your input as potential articles for upcoming newsletters!

Special Rides & Events Calendar

Cycling the Springs Update

Sharon Boyd: Co-editor

President Charlie and his wife Barb rode their bicycles on the Greenway Trail on Friday, 27 March.  They were pleased to observe that the Polk Street bridge is completed, all construction equipment has been removed, and they were able to ride their bicycles across the bridge.
If you see any cycling infrastructure updates while you’re out riding, send us an email with the details.  We’ll include the information in our next edition of the Bent Fork.

A Humorous Ride Warning

The Editors

Did You Count?

The Editors

Following up on the last item in the Editor's Coments, safe, safely and safety are noted 31 times in this edition of the Bent Fork.

President’s Comments

Charlie Czar

The snow is melting and less is falling every week.  I see more bikes out riding on the trails and roads around town.  It is time for me to take my Trek in for a tune-up so it is ready to roll through the riding season (time to buy that new seat).  We’ll be adding more rides to the Club Riding Calendar in the coming weeks; so we’ll have lots of opportunities to get out and enjoy our town and riding buddies.  Here are a few you might want to consider:
  • Sign up for The National Bike Challenge,
  • Register for the Buena Vista Bike Fest (either as a rider or volunteer), and/or Starlight Spectacular (rider or rest stop volunteer), or Chick - fil - A Heroes Ride (rider or volunteer),
  • Put a ride together as a leader and fill out a ride submittal form in the “Ride Info” pull down menu as ways to help the Club and get yourself in gear.
Remember a “stop” sign means stop – even when you are on your bike.  Let’s get back in the habit of putting at least on foot on the road.  Be safe and have fun.

Slip Method Results and More

Spring is Here… and BVBF is Just Around the Corner!

Aaron Rosenthal: BVBF Committee Chairman

Well!  Given the weather over the past several weeks, it seems that Spring has officially sprung!  While this is still Colorado and there’s no doubt there can still be challenging weather ahead, the horizon is brighter and lighter because of the longer days.  Hopefully your thoughts are transitioning more and more from winter ski activities to getting out on your bikes.  For those of you who have harbored indoors though the winter months on trainers, rollers, and/or spinning bikes, the time to get back outside has finally begun!  And the arrival of Spring also reminds us that the 17th Annual Buena Vista Bike Fest (BVBF) on 6 June will be here before we know it.
We here at BVBF Central have been working through the fall and winter, meeting monthly, and following our project plan to take care of the tasks that need to be done. Our multitude of permits are in place or in process. Our musical entertainment is booked, as is our post ride lunch from the Branding Iron Restaurant. We have mechanical support at the rest stops provided by Bike Pro Mobile, Ted's Bicycles, and Cycles of Life.  And, we have numerous sponsors in place that support us in a variety of ways, such as energy drink from Fluid, and give-aways from Nite-Ize, Ted's Bicycles and numerous others.  If all that doesn't get you thinking about BVBF, then how about our ongoing sponsorship from both Bristol Brewing and Eddyline Brewery! Talk about a great way to celebrate a wonderful ride!
While we as a committee have lots more on our to-do list, the one other thing we need more than anything else is YOU!  As I write this, we currently have 347 registered riders.  That’s an acceptable registration pace at this point and is ahead of last year's pace.  But we still need lots more.  We also need more volunteers.  Either way, registering for the ride or volunteering is the best thing you can do to help sustain CSCC.
Also, be aware that both the registration and BVBF jersey fees will increase on 1 May.  So, if you are thinking about registering and have yet to do so, NOW – April - is your best opportunity.  If you still have questions about the ride or want to register, simply go to www.bvbf.org for more information.  With that link, you can also get details about the jersey design and how to order!

Here's hoping to see you on the roads or trails, especially if you are out there for BVBF training, and safe riding to all.

2015 Pedalin' For St Pat's Bike Ride – A Success for CSCC!

Janine Hegeman, CSCC Vice President/Event Coordinator

The 3rd Annual Pedalin' For St Pat's Bike ride, held 14 March, was a success for CSCC.  Over thirty volunteers did a fantastic job in spite of a few challenges.  There was a bridge closure on the route, a map snafu with the police escort and a few other bumps.  But CSCC was well equipped to "Pedal On!" Volunteers went to great lengths to make sure all the riders enjoyed the ride, and ensured that the riders who wanted to ride in the parade were able to participate.
A big part of CSCC's vision is to encourage the community to get out and ride bicycles.  Supporting this ride for John and Carol O'Donnell (parade and bike ride organizers) helps further that vision.  And the O'Donnells are very grateful to the Club:  $1,500 was earned for our efforts.  These funds will go toward supporting activities for members and giving to other organizations that promote cycling.
So, from the mapmakers, the trail and sign markers, to the rest stop workers and course marshals, THANK YOU! We can't be CSCC without you!

CSCC Volunteers for 2015 Pedalin' For St Pat's Bike

Unique Summer Camp Focuses on Cycling as Core Value

Dave Vanderwege: CSCC Immediate Past President and Co-owner

A unique series of summer day camps are coming to Colorado Springs in 2015.  Scheduled for three sessions over the summer, the Go West Camps will focus on cycling as one of the aspects of the program.  As stated in the summary of Core Values for the camps under the subject of Movement and Independence, the objective is “Getting moving and using human powered transportation keeps us healthy. Learning to navigate our neighborhood by foot and bike allows kids a sense of independence and familiarizes them with their neighborhood and community.”
To further this objective, the camps will involve the Teen Leadership & Adventure group (those campers entering 7th through 9th grades) as follows:
“Bicycling is the foundation for how we travel during camp and provides opportunity for teamwork, problem solving, and physical challenge.  The group will be introduced to their Rights and Responsibilities as cyclists through hands-on experience.  These activities are designed to prepare us for the riding that will get us from place to place.  As the camp session progresses campers learn bike maintenance, knowledge of Colorado Springs bike paths, and safety while enhancing physical conditioning related to cycling.  Campers also learn bike handling skills, and are introduced to trail and road riding techniques and etiquette.  With the help of the campers, we plan and ride a route each day.  Routes progress from 5-25 miles (round-trip) during the session.”

More Information and How to Register

Kids on Bikes Celebrates 10 Years!

Sharon Boyd: Co-editor

CSCC extends congratulations to Kids on Bikes for celebrating ten years!
Nikki McComsey, Executive Director, Kids on Bikes states, "Kids on Bikes is celebrating 10 years of building healthy, happy, and active kids, families and communities. A bicycle gets hearts pumping, creates joyful smiles and give kids confidence. Imagine a world where each day children wake up, put on their helmets and ride to school, make a trip to a part, or go on a trip with their family."
"Kids on Bikes offers a free family PopCycle Ride every Sunday at America the Beautiful Park at 1pm, starting in May. This 6-mile ride creates a fun time for kids to connect through the bicycle. Traveling north on the Santa Fe Trail, with breaks along the way, we stop at the PopCycle Bridge near Fontanero--which Kids on Bikes has adopted for our 10th Anniversary Celebration. Mark your calendars for July 26 and August 30, when we will have a special celebration on the bridge during the PopCycle Rides."
"The freedom, joy, health and friendship that comes from exploring by bike is one many of us cherish."
Thanks to The Gazette for the information provided in its March 2015 insert “Gazette Parents: Kids at Camp”

CSCC is Sponsoring Smart Cycling Skills 123 Workshop this Spring

Dave Vanderwege: CSCC Immediate Past President

Editor’s Comment:  Following up on the Safety related articles in this Edition of the Bent Fork (see the Left Column), here’s your chance to take the next step!
The Bicycling Skills 123 program will be held Saturday May 2 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm with a lunch ride as part of the learning.  Participation is limited to the first 15 registrants.  The cost of the workshop is $10 and includes the “Smart Cycling Quick Guide”, all handouts and a complementary water bottle.  Lunch will be your responsibility.  The workshop will be held at the Awakening Church parking lot in Village 7 off of Oro Blanco.  This area provides us a variety of parking lot, collector streets and boulevards on which to hone our skills.
The workshop will cover basic riding skills: mounting and dismounting smoothly starting and stopping, shifting and riding in a straight line, scanning and signaling appropriately.  Hazard avoidance skills will be taught to include, quick stop, rock dodge, avoidance weave, instant turn.  The workshop will conclude with instruction and practice in riding on the road and operating as a vehicle under Colorado Transportation Law.
Riders considering this workshop, can be relatively new or returning to bicycling and more experienced riders can benefit by establishing a logical framework for how they ride their bikes.
You can register for the workshop on the CSCC website.

Are You Preparing for the Ride for the Heroes?

Torie Giffin: Director of Community Relations - Chick-fil-A

We're gearing up for an exciting new year of changes with the Chick-fil-A Saturday Training Rides, beginning May 2nd, and the Ride for Heroes on September 12th.  We'll be hosting a big Registration Rally and Kick-off to our Summer Fitness Club Rides and Runs on 16 April from 4-7pm at Chick-fil-A Garden of the Gods location.  At that time, we’ll be sharing more about what's new, including a new 43-mile Champions Challenge Ride with 3,300 feet of elevation gain and a Strava Time Challenge up to Blodgett Trailhead.
Right now we have early bird specials for this year's Ride for Heroes, including a deal for $75 for this year's jersey and Ride, if you register before 18 April.  Early registration for the ride itself is $25 for any of the ride distances with an additional $5 off for any police, fire, military members, retired or active.   At the Registration Rally on 16 April, we'll also be giving away Free Chick-fil-A Meals for a year to one lucky registrant.  And one lucky person among the first 200 to register for the Ride will also win Free Chick-fil-A for a year.

Saturday Fitness/Training Rides and More

Cycle Greater Yellowstone Bike Tour

Dixie: Cycle Greater Yellowstone Organizing Coalition

The Who, What, When, and Why’s
Who: Cycle Greater Yellowstone & Greater Yellowstone Coalition

What: Cycle Greater Yellowstone (CGY) is one of the largest multi-day bicycle tours in North America. CGY is a fully supported event that travels through the heart of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem over seven days in August. Up to 1,000 cyclists visit unique and charming small towns, camp or stay in area hotels along the route, and experience breath-taking scenery while cycling about 75 miles per day. This year participants will tour parts of Montana and Wyoming over seven days, and experience some of Greater Yellowstone’s most magnificent places to ride: the Beartooth Pass and the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway. Cyclists will spend quality time in communities along the route with our starting and ending point in Red Lodge, Montana.

When: August, Sat. 15th-Sat. 22nd 2015

Why: Cycle Greater Yellowstone was created to support the work of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect the lands, waters, and wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem now and for future generations. In its third year, Cycle Greater Yellowstone has brought cyclists from around the world to tour one of the most spectacular places on earth.
Here is a quick overview in a 6 minute video:  https://vimeo.com/120837960
For more information check out our website at www.cyclegreateryellowstone.com

Colorado Cycling News Update

Information courtesy of the Colorado Springs Gazette

Park will allow some mountain biking:  Mountain biking in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) is close to reality.  The National Park Service (NPS) has finalized a report that allows mountain biking on a 2-mile stretch of trail on the Park’s west side near Grand Lake.  The trail will be the first in RMNP to allow mountain biking.  Under the Wilderness Act of 1964, bicycles are prohibited on the trails in the wilderness area of RMNP, though cycling on the paced roads of the Park is allowed.
Popular bike path reopens for season:  Transportation officials have reopened a popular path through Glenwood Canyon.  Maintenance crews trimmed trees, patched holes and swept the path over the past week.  Weather permitting, the path will be open for the season, but the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDoT) will monitor it for safety as spring runoff begins.  Adonna McDade-Ward, a transportation maintenance supervisor for CDoT, said the path will be closed again if a late-season snow storm moves through the area.

Sign-up for Ride Message Boards and Stay Informed!

Charlie Czar: CSCC President

As a Club member, have you signed up for the message board of your favorite ride?  In March the Club Calendar did not have the seasonal Latte Ride, Tuesday Beginners Ride, or Tuesday Olde Phearts Ride listed.  But on good weather days they still rode.  The riders knew because they were listed (signed up) on those rides message boards and got an EMAIL about the ride when anyone in the group posted that they were going to ride.
Do you remember how to join the message board?  On the CSCC Website, simply go to the “Login” pull down menu; Click on “Members Area”; enter your Club user ID and Password; Scroll down to the “Members Area Functions” block; and click on “Message Boards”.   Now you’ll see all the active boards, go to the “Opt in” column and select the Message boards for which you’d like to receive the updates.

See an Example

A Quote to Ponder

The Editors

Jan Chipchase
I find buying [riding] a bicycle is a great way to stay in touch with people.”
By the way, Jan Chipchase is the founder of Studio D Radiodurans, a research, design and strategy consultancy that specializes in understanding consumer behavior in emerging markets. He was previously Executive Creative Director of Global Insights at Frog Design, where he led the firm’s global research practice in both mainstream and emerging markets.  Before joining Frog Design in 2010, Chipchase was Principal Scientist at Nokia, based out of Tokyo but frequently traveling. The goal of his research was to understand the ways technology works in different cultures, with a focus on understanding technology 3 to 15 years out.
Bent Fork - Volume 8, Issue 2 - April 2015