March 2015
March 2015

Editors’ Comments

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell: Editors

SPECIAL EDITION!  What’s THAT all about?
We’re sure you must have asked yourself this question already, especially after receiving the email with this one time publication.  In the 28 years that the Bent Fork has been in publication, this is the first time (that we know of) that such a special publication has been written and distributed to the Club members.  So, again you ask “What’s this all about?”
Like any other Bent Fork edition that we publish, it’s about the Club, its members and the world of Cycling.  For this Special Edition, more than ever, we’re focused on the engines that enable the Club to exist, thrive and provide cycling opportunities and support to the Colorado Springs Community.  By engines, we mean the events that we organize, sponsor and/or support to bring in funds that help us to enjoy such activities as the Annual Holiday Party, the Annual Summer Picnic, the social rides and events throughout the year, and even the website that allows us to all come together virtually to see the Ride Calendar, receive Charlie’s email blasts or figure out how to get in touch with another Club member.
Given this focus on the engines, we’ve included articles on the Buena Vista Bike Fest (BVBF) – the primary engine that enables us to enjoy the items listed above; the Saint Patrick’s Day ride, for which we provide Course Marshalls; the Starlight Spectacular, for which we setup and staff a Rest Stop (party!); and the annual Chick-fil-A Patriots’ Festival , for which the Club will provide Course Marshalls and Course Marking Support.

More on the Special Edition!

Taking Care of Business… 2015 Style!

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

We all enjoy the many cycling and socializing opportunities that the Club provides throughout the year, including the regularly scheduled rides, the various seasonal social rides (Progressive Dinner Ride in the fall, for example), and the Annual Summer Picnic and the Annual Holiday Party.  Did you ever stop to think about all of this just seems to happen, year after year, for 28+ years now?
To find out, come to the Colorado Springs Cycling Club’s Annual Business Meeting on Tuesday, 3 March 2015.  During the meeting, you’ll be able to hear updates about the various functional areas of the organization and learn about what’s planned for the 2015 cycling and social events.  The meeting, open to all members of CSCC, will also provide an opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions to keep the Club moving ahead into 2015, 2016 and beyond.  More than being welcome to attend, we encourage you to come and participate in the discussions!
Again, the meeting will be Tuesday, 3 March, at the usual location: the Garden of Gods Citizen Service Center, Room 1019.  Social time starts with snacks at 6pm, with the meeting starting at 6:30pm.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Sound Familiar -Taking Care of Business?

By-Laws proposed changes – Your Opportunity to Review, Comment and Vote!

Charlie Czar

On 31 January, Club members received the following email notification:
“Hi All,
 The Club Board of Directors reviewed the By-Laws on Jan 27th and proposed a few changes.  In accordance with the By-Laws, we are announcing the proposed changes at least 30 days before they are presented at the March Annual Business Meeting.  The changes make the text in Sections IV and V internally consistent.
 The changes will be formally presented at the March meeting, and then the Club will electronically vote on them through the web site until Mar 31st.
 Charlie Czar”
Stay tuned for information on how you can review and provide your vote regarding the proposed changes.

National Bike Challenge – Time to Join Up and Kick off the 2015 Challenge

Charlie Czar, CSCC President

The 2015 National Bike Challenge (NBC) will run May 1 through Sept 30.  This will be the third year that the Club will have a big team. 
In 2013 we finished 5th of 2,000 teams in the national challenge and 1st in Colorado with 114 people on the team.  Last year, nationally there were more riders (47,600 vs. 30,700 in 2013).  The Club finished 12th of 1,200 teams nationally and 2nd in Colorado with 115 riding on the team.
NBC usually allows people to start signing up and tracking practice miles in March and April.  Last year, they changed the web site platform used to track miles.  They haven’t indicated what might change this year; so I can only assume it will be about the same (stay tuned for updates).  This year,they kept their web platform active after the Challenge ended in September 2014.  People on the CSCC 2014 team can still enter miles for current months (those miles are posted to see, but not included in the published totals for the May through Sept 2014 Challenge).
The NBC home page ( )  has this Jan 2015 note:  “We wish all of you a happy and healthy 2015. Only four more months until we officially begin the 2015 Challenge on May 1. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer.”  It appears you can sign up now and join the Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014 team.  After NBC announces their changes for 2015 (hopefully in March) I will reconfigure our team for the 2015 challenge – not sure what to expect from them, but we’ll get ready to ride and log again.
You can visit the site and get program information now.  Their web site tracks the days and miles that you ride.  To summarize the rules – you earn 20 points every day you take your bike out and ride, and you get a point for every mile you ride.  You don’t have to ride far to earn points for the team – you just have to ride often.  If you get out 3, 4, or 5 times a week then you’ll be healthier – and earn points for the team!  For example, ride just five miles for three days during the week (easy enough, right?) and you’ll have 75 points at the end of the week.  Do that every week during the Challenge and you’ll have 1,650 points by 30 September.  AND, if 116 members of CSCC do that, then the Club would end up the Challenge with AT LEAST 191,400 points!  Getting out and riding - that is what this is all about!
To get ready for this year’s challenge, get your bike tuned up for the year and start riding as the weather allows.
We have no influence in how individual and team results will turn out.  I hope to ride a little further than I did last year, and I’ll see where that takes me.
As for the Club, I again only have one goal.  Let’s get at least 1 more rider than we had on the team last year – we’d like 116 people to sign up and ride with the 2015 CSCC team.

Cycling Products – No Longer Just for Cars

Dale Campbell, Co-Editor

Isn’t the technology that's being incorporated into cars, trucks and other vehicles these days just simply amazing?  From the ability to provide navigation, to the seemingly seamless radio reception from satellites to the diagnostic capabilities to the hand’s free communications (talk to the car!), there is a wealth of safety and convenience features that can be included when purchasing a vehicle.  One of the most helpful safety features available today are the backup cameras – video capabilities that help us more clearly see what’s behind us, when the car is in reverse.
Well, this capability is no longer limited to just cars or trucks.  There is also a rearview camera available for bikes!  Yes, that’s right; industry has added another technological marvel that we can utilize while on two wheels.  To see what this is all about, just click on the continue button for this article.

See the Details

A Quote to Ponder

Charles Komanoff, cycling advocate

“Bicycling is human scale—a living, breathing alternative to the city’s domination by motor vehicles.  There is magic in blending with traffic, feeling the wind in one’s face, the sheer fact of traversing the city under one’s own power.”

Buena Vista Bike Fest (BVBF) – Sign Up/Tell a Friend/Volunteer!

Aaron Rosenthal: BVBF Chairman

Our Bent Fork Chronicles Editors, Dale and Sharon, requested I write a Buena Vista Bike Fest (BVBF) “Special Edition” article.  Maybe it’s good we had a snowy Presidents Day, so I could put some energy into this write-up.

The 17th Annual Buena Vista Bike Fest is set for Saturday, June 6, 2015.  We’ve always asked our club members to get involved with BVBF in one of two ways: Ride it and/or volunteer.   This event is the club’s primary fundraiser, so what better way to support YOUR cycling club.  Don’t you want to support CSCC, so it can continue to advocate for improved cycling in the Pikes Peak region and throughout the state of Colorado?  Don’t you want CSCC to continue to put on fun social rides like the upcoming Spud ride in March, Bike Club Picnic in the summer and Progressive Dinner Ride in October?  Sure you do!
While those on the BVBF committee take on the lion’s share of putting on the event, the truth is we can’t do this without lots of dedicated volunteers, and it wouldn’t happen at all if we didn’t have people to ride it!  Thus, the two primary ingredients to make this a successful ride involve you.  Regardless of if you want to volunteer or ride, the next step is to log on to .  All of the information you need is right there. 
If you want to ride, just click on the “Register Now” link on the bottom of the left hand column.  If you want to volunteer, scroll down that same left hand column and click on “Volunteer Now”.  This will bring you to a page that describes all of the volunteer jobs in detail, so you can pick one that suits your desire to support the Club and this major event.  Then you’ll go to the Eventbrite registration page and sign up for free (that’s right folks…we don’t even charge you to volunteer!!)  If you hope to both volunteer and ride there are several volunteer roles that will allow you to enjoy the ride at whatever distance you choose.  Just make sure to follow both steps outlined above as you will need to register as both a rider and volunteer.  
Finally, if you volunteer for a full day position, you will receive the coveted volunteer appreciation gift.  All volunteers will be given coupons for a free lunch and drinks at the post ride party, as well as the commemorative BVBF beer mug that will no doubt auction off for millions of dollars at Sotheby’s in the year 2147!  So come on out, have fun volunteering and/or riding, support your club, and set your great great great great great grandchildren up for financial success!  Last but not least, be aware that registration and BVBF jersey costs will each increase $5 as of May 1, 2015.
On behalf of the BVBF committee, we look forward to seeing you in Buena Vista and thanks for supporting the ride and your club.

St Patrick’s Day Activities Coming Soon!

Janine Hegeman, CSCC Vice President/Event Coordinator & Shar

Janine Hegeman is once again leading the Bike Club's support effort to help make the Saturday, March 14th St. Patrick’s Bike Ride & Parade a community success.
2015 is the third year that the bike club has helped the O'Donnells add a bike ride to their annual parade.  Janine slightly revised last year's plan and needs volunteers to make it run smoothly.  The “neat” thing about volunteering; everyone can jump on their bike when the Ride Sweep (for your location) passes by your station. Then, you can ride your bicycle down to the parade’s staging area and ride in the St. Patrick’s Parade's bike unit.  The St. Pat’s Parade organizers are also providing a donation to the Club in appreciation of our help.  By the way, the food left from the St. Pat’s Bike Ride rest stops will be at the Bike Club's annual Spud Ride the following day (Sunday, 15 March).

Check with Janine for open volunteer locations and a brief description of the location's task.  It is all pretty easy, fun, and the Bike Club benefits from your help.  Please call Janine at (719-291-3814) or EMAIL ( ) to volunteer.
VOLUNTEER MEETING: SATURDAY, MARCH 7 Time: 9:00 A.M. Location 638 ECHO LANE, COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80904                                     
BREAKFAST PROVIDED & QUESTIONS will be answered.  VESTS and MAPS will be distributed.  Affixing ROUTE ARROWS will be demonstrated.
PLEASE make room in your schedule to attend AND RSVP (to get an accurate count for breakfast).  For those who cannot attend, PICK UP YOUR VEST AND MAP MARCH 12, 5:00 TO 6:00 P.M. 638 ECHO LANE                                        
We especially need a SWEEP for the Challenging Ride Route!
Please remember to RSVP for the volunteer breakfast on March 7."
You will also be interested to know that the Club will also have a booth in the Parade's Health Expo on Friday, 13 March at the Pikes Peak Center.  Stop by and visit.  More information about the Health Expo is available at the event website.


Starlight Spectacular 2015 – Join the Rest Stop Party!

Dale Campbell, Co-Editor and Trails and Open Space Coalition

For a number of years now, the Club has been a primary sponsor and support of the annual Starlight Spectacular, organized by the Trails and Open Space Coalition  to raise funds to support their mission.  To support the ride, the Club organizes, sets up, staffs and cleans up the Bancroft Park Rest Stop in Old Colorado City.  If you’ve ridden the ride and/or volunteered to help with the Rest Stop, you know just how much fun it is to be there late on a Saturday evening and see all the cheerful smiling faces at the Rest Stop!  Stay tuned for more information on how you can help.  In the mean time…
Save the Date! 21st Annual Starlight Spectacular - Saturday, June 20th, 2015
Join the Trails and Open Space Coalition for the 21st Annual Starlight Spectacular on June 20th, 2015. This fun night-time bicycle ride is suitable for all ages and abilities.  Enjoy the Music, Food & Drink, Contests - Prizes for best illuminated bike and best costume. There is a new Prize category for Best Group Costume.  Be sure and visit…the Retail Booth, Purchase vintage Starlight shirts from prior years and other once-a-year goodies.
The night-time bicycle ride begins and ends at the Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center. It traverses the City of Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods and Old Colorado City.  Hot breakfast and more great prizes after the ride!  Registration will open by March 1.
Proceeds benefit the Trails and Open Space Coalition – dedicated to preserving open space and parks and creating a network of trails, bikeways and greenways for the Pikes Peak region.

Route Map of the Starlight Spectacular

Chick-fil-A Ride for the Heroes: So Much More than Just another Bike Ride!

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

The 5th Annual Chick-fil-A Patriots' Festival will take place on September 12th, 2015 at Mountain Shadows Park.  Join more than 80 proud community partners for a patriotic display and day of recognition for our local heroes in a community rising out of the devastation of the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fires.  All event parking is located at Verizon, 2424 Garden of the Gods Road.
This city-wide event features: Flight for Life helicopter landing, various police, sheriff, fire, paramedic and military vehicles and displays, patriotic ceremony, live music, FREE Kids Zone and the Walk, Run & Ride for Heroes.
For the Ride for Heroes, much of the foundation is laid, as well as access to numerous volunteers to help. The ride organizers do strive to have every turn-point covered with volunteers to direct riders. For 2015, the organizers are studying the addition of a 40+ mile ride option this year; the planned route will use most of what's already covered with the 28-mile, with the addition of a hill climb challenge. 
This year, CSCC has stepped up to provide 40 members /volunteers for Course Marshall and Course Marking Support!  Chick-fil-A is providing $1,500 worth of catering to CSCC.  While other volunteer activities are available before and at the event (see below), the primary time frame to volunteer for Course Marshalls is for the day of the event on 12 September.   In addition to the course support, a check-in person for volunteers on the morning of the event is needed, as well as a Manager & Assistant Manager from CSCC for its involvement with the event.
As with other volunteer opportunities mentioned in this Special Edition of the Bent Fork, this Festival is fun to support.  Additionally, given the theme of the event to support the people who support our community, the Patriots Festival is a special opportunity to give back to our Colorado Springs community.  Mark your calendars to join the fun on Saturday, 12 September!

More about the Rides

Ten Fun Facts about Cycling

Sharon Boyd: Co-editor

Editors Comment:  Note that the following information is taken from Bicycle: The History by David Herlihy and The World Almanac Book of Records: Firsts, Feats, Facts & Phenomena by Mark Young.  Some of these will be familiar, while others will be new for you.

Whether you rely on your bike for transportation or exercise, you’ll enjoy these ten fun facts on this two-wheeled vehicle.
  1. In 1817, Karl von Drais, a German baron, invented a horseless carriage that would help him get around faster. The two-wheeled, pedal-less device was propelled by pushing your feet against the ground, The machine became known as the “draisine,” and led to the creation of the modern-day bicycle.
  2. The term “bicycle” was not introduced until the 1860s, when it was coined in France to describe a new kind of two-wheeler with a mechanical drive.
  3. Orville and Wilbur Wright, the brothers who built the first flying airplane, operated a small bike repair shop in Dayton, Ohio. They used their workshop to build the 1903 Wright Flyer.
  4. Fred A. Birchmore, 25, circled the globe by bicycle in 1935. The entire trip, through Europe, Asia, and the United States, covered forty thousand miles. He pedaled about 25,000 miles. The rest was traveled by boat. He wore out seven sets of tires.
  5. There are over a half billion bicycles in China. Bikes were first brought to China in the late 1800s.
  6. About 100 million bicycles are manufactured worldwide each year.
  7. Over the past 30 years, bicycle delivery services have developed into an important industry, especially in cities, where the couriers have earned a reputation for their high speed and traffic-weaving skills.
  8. Americans use their bicycles for less than one percent of all urban trips. Europeans bike in cities a lot more often—in Italy 5 percent of all trips are on bicycle, 30 percent in the Netherlands, and seven out of eight Dutch people over age 15 have a bike.
  9. The Tour de France is one of the most famous bicycle races in the world. Established in 1903, it is considered to be the biggest test of endurance out of all sports.
  10. Bicycle Moto Cross (BMX), an extreme style of bicycle track racing, became a sport in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China. Maris Strombergs, of Latvia, received the gold medal for Men’s BMX, and Anne-Caroline Chausson, from France, took home the gold in the first Women’s BMX Olympic event.
Bent Fork - Volume 8, Issue 1a - March 2015