February 2015

Editors' Comments

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell

Wow – the Holiday Season is behind us and it’s a New Year already.  And here we are publishing the first edition of the Bent Fork for 2015.  Only five more to go for this year.  And, if the previous years are any indication, 2015 should be another year packed with travel logs, international news about cycling, summaries of local rides, information about Club social and special ride activities, and much much more.  We appreciate all the article ideas and written contributions that we receive from a number of you in our readership.  Please keep up the good work!
While we definitely appreciate all the folks that have helped us in the past, one of our goals for 2015 is to get more folks in the club to also submit articles and ideas for future items to be included in the Bent Fork...

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Membership Updates

Sara Hill

Neil Buckley, Eric Fetsch, Carolyn Green, Henry Guzman, Karin & Andy Kovalovsky, Marie Mahoney, Robert & Marie Mortensen, Daisy Parish, Tracy Pepper, Reina Queen, Sharon & Randy Richards, and Marion Weston.


Patricia Baltzer, Allen & Cece Beauchamp, John Beckman & Family, Bill Bibler & Family, Ron Boetger, Al & Tamara Brody, Nard Claar, Chris Conboy, Charlie & Barb Czarniecki, Mary Delaney & Clark Jennings, Kevin Gunty, Kerry Hefta, John Janett, Carol Keenan, Chris & Laura Keller, Bill Lowes, Jerry & Jeanette Martin, Tom Martin & Family, Jim McCreary, Gary McKee & Family, Bryan & Jodi Miller, Doug Moyes, Sean & Hope Mullaly, Lee & Cheryl Murphy, Dean & Becky Myers, John Pamperin, Jamey Robbins, Aaron Rosenthal & Janet Oliver, Patrick Spencer, Randy Susman & Family, Patrick Taylor, Dean Thompson, Ron Toman, Terre Topp, Dave & Kathy VanDerWege, David Waddell, Mike & Lorena Wilder, Lee Willmon, Larry Wilson & Janet DeGras, and Katie Zimmann.

Membership Reminders

Special Activities & Rides of Interest!

Jean Zeh: CSCC Ride Committee Chairperson

As we work our way into the New Year, there are a variety of rides and social events that may peak your interest!  Take a look at the chart on the continuation page of this article to see if one or more of these will keep you motivated to get out and pedal with friends during the year.  As always, be sure the check the Ride Calendar on the Club website for the details of each of the rides and social events.
And, be sure to let the Newsletter Editors know if you enjoyed a particular ride.  They appreciate your input as potential articles for upcoming newsletters!

Special Activities and Rides Calendar

St Patrick’s Day Activities Coming Soon!

Janine Hegeman, CSCC Vice President

Get your green on - the Pedalin' for St. Patty's Day 50k (and a wee bit more!) Bike Ride is on again this year. The event will be held Saturday 14 March, starting from McCabe's Tavern on South Tejon Street.  All riders end up at the St.Patty's Day Parade staging area and may participate in the parade!  To find out more about the ride go to http://csstpats.com/bicycling.html
CSCC has agreed again this year to supply the rest stops, course marshals, and route marking.  At this time, it looks like we'll need about 40 volunteers.  Most time commitments aren't that long and you can join the ride from your post and be in the parade if you would like.

Vert-n-Dirt Urban Off Road FRZN Water Bottle Ride

Al Brody

So, did you have the intestinal fortitude to ride on New Year’s Day?  If you did, perhaps you were one of the bikers that figured out a way to stay warm on a bike in for two hours in Colorado on the first day of the New Year.  AND, perhaps you joined the ride not measured in total miles but in grins per revolution.  The ride stayed off of paved streets as much as possible and played in the ice and snow, too.
Well, if you weren’t one of the lucky ones that enjoyed this experience, perhaps you’d like to see just how much fun the riders did have.  Take a look at the photos in the continuation of this article.

Photos of the 2015 Vert-n-Dirt Urban Off Road FRZN Water Bottle Ride

Spring Tune-up : Looking for an Early Bird Special?

Sharon Boyd: Co-editor

A Spring Tune-up can involve multiple aspects of bicycling.  Here’s a summary of special offers from a bicycling shop in the Springs that is supports multiple aspects of cycling.  Many thanks to Tony Hoewisch of Ted’s Bicycles, Inc for the information below.  By the way, did you know that Ted’s is the oldest bike shop in Colorado Springs?
At Ted’s, it's the early bird Special from now till the end of February.
    Tune-Up Reg. $69.95 now $44.95 plus parts, you save 25.00 Dollars!
    Over-Haul Reg. $199.95 now $139.95 plus parts, you save 60.00 Dollars!
If your bike does not need a tune-up, maybe you know a bike that could.   Ted’s also
offers other services.
Other Interest
  • Now is the best time to service your suspension and hydraulic brakes.  Later dates could mean a longer down time.
  • Don't forget Spring means precipitation we hope, and you may want to consider fenders.
  • The weather seems to be variable this time of year. We offer clothing suited for Spring.
  • Also, we have lights, packs, and more to help with your commute.
  • How old is your helmet?  Manufacturers recommend replacing helmets every 3-5 years.
Thank you for continuously supporting the oldest bike shop in town.  If you haven't already seen our Web Site, check it out www.tedsbicycles.com for Specials, Events, Blog and more.

President’s Comments

Charlie Czar

The 2015 Annual Business Meeting for the Colorado Springs Cycling Club will be at the Garden of the Gods Citizen Service Center in the usual room 1019 on Tuesday, 3 March.  Snacks start at 6pm and the meeting at 6:30pm.  On the agenda for the meeting we have proposed changes to the By Laws, presentation of an austere budget (an exercise assuming BVBF could no longer be the financial engine for the Club) and an outline of activities that the Club will pursue this year.
We’ve been riding some as the weather is permitting.  The Sunday Social Ride has gone every week with the range of riders from 3 to 22.  Even if you haven’t ridden yet in 2015 you should be thinking of taking your bike in for an “off season” tune up at one of the many local bike shops.  I expect the National Bike Challenge (NBC) will release any new rules and log instructions by the 1st of March.  They usually have us start assembling teams and practice entering miles in March and April so that we are ready to roll when the Challenge starts on 1 May.  The Club team had 115 members join NBC last year – I’d like us to get at least 116 this year.  The Club has been in the top 15 teams nationally for the last 2 years and it would be great to continue this year.
The Club will again this year host the Buena Vista Bike Fest (BVBF) on 6 June.  We have agreed to help the O’Donnells again this year with the St Pat’s Ride and Parade on 14 Mar.  We will again help Trails and Open Space Coalition on 13 June by hosting the Bancroft Park Rest Stop for the Starlight Spectacular.  We entered a formal support agreement with Chick-fil-A to help with their annual Ride for Heroes on 12 Sept (they will provide a funded catering account that we can use at some meetings).  Each event is an opportunity for club member to volunteer in our community to help facilitate people riding their bikes.  These activities help the Club fund our activities.  Please consider what you can do when we put out the request for volunteer help.
Charlie Czar

Natchez Trace Parkway - a great bicycle ride!

Barry Welsh

In October 2014, Brian and Kathy Landis and I set off on a ride from Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN, 444 miles up the Natchez Trace Parkway.  The Parkway is a two lane paved highway owned and operated by the National Park Service.  It has a maximum speed limit of 50 mph and does not allow any commercial traffic.  Tourists travel the Parkway in private autos, motorcycles, RVs, and bicycles.  There are NO commercial establishments on the Parkway.  Every few miles there are rest areas and points of interest, both historical and natural.  There are campgrounds, some bicycle only, along the way.

We spent eight days riding and had a great time.  For overnight accommodations, we opted to stay in B&Bs.  To assist with the logistics of the ride, we had a support vehicle.  While Brian, Kathy and I were riding, our support drivers spent the eight days visiting interesting sites on and off the Parkway.  They never lacked for something to do or see.

Fortunately, we encountered no problems, either mechanical or physical.  Based on our experience, we enthusiastically recommend this easy road trip for anyone in good physical condition.  Mid October is the best weather for the ride.  If you are going to use B&Bs, you should schedule several months ahead of your ride to make sure your stops for each day of riding are within a reasonable distance to cover each day.  To assist in your planning efforts, we highly recommend Natchez Trace Bed and Breakfast Reservation Service  to assist with organizing your trip.

If you would like more information contact Barry Welsh  www.bxmwelsh@msn.com

See photos of our travel on the Nachez Trace

Spring Tune-up: More Than Just Pumping Up the Tires

Dale Campbell: Co-editor

By now, I’m sure that many of us have winterized our bicycles and packed away our cycling clothing and accessories, in anticipation of warmer days and safer roads in April or May.  And, there are others that are still our riding, prepared with the proper equipment and the right kind of bikes (Fat Tire bikes, for example). Whether you’re the former or the latter type of cyclists, when we do get out on the bike, we like to be comfortable.  And, in general, that comfort is generally thought to be in relation to bike fit and the three contact areas that a cyclist has with a bike – handlebars, seat and pedals.  We all try to set up those contact points to eliminate any distractions while riding (padded gloves, for example, to help reduce fatigue while riding).  And, most of the time these preventive measures generally work.
However, I just finished reading an excellent article in the December 2014/January 2015 edition of the Adventure Cyclist, the periodic publication of the Adventure Cycling Association.  The article, written by Jan Heine from Washington State, is titled “There are no good vibrations”.  Jan makes some pretty interesting observations and comments in the article, some of which I’d like to paraphrase and quote here.  By the way, Jan is noted as being the editor of “Bicycle Quarterly”, which is a magazine about the history, culture and technology of cycling.

More about "No Good Vibrations"

The 2015 National Bike Summit‏ - Bikes and More

A message from the League of American Bicyclists

In the National Bike Challenge, 47,000 bicyclists, including you, united to ride 23 million miles. Now, we're challenging you to help us multiply our impact by joining us in Washington, D.C., for the 2015 National Bike Summit and National Forum on Women & Bicycling.

We're six weeks away from the premier bicycle advocacy event of the year. Why should you join hundreds of passionate bicyclists in Washington, D.C., March 10-12? Glad you asked! 
We didn't choose this year's theme -- Bikes+ -- lightly. We believe it's time to change the equation for bicycle advocacy. To build a bicycle-friendly America for everyone, we can't stop at bicycling as an end in itself.  We must consider how bikes can add value to other movements and how our movement can expand to serve broader interests. 

It's been months in the making, and we couldn't be more excited to reveal the full agenda for the Summit and Forum. What's in it for you? How is this year different than the past?

Learn More about What’s on the Agenda for the 2015 National Bike Summit

Cyclists: Public Perceptions versus Reality – Is there an Issue?

Dale Campbell, Co-Editor

If someone were to ask you what kind of cyclist you are, what would you answer?  Do you ride safely?  Do you follow the rules of the road?  And, do you share the road in a courteous manner, with cars, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians alike?  Hopefully, you would have positive replies to all of these questions.  But can you be secure in the answers you provide for those questions?  In other words, what would those drivers, motorcyclists, other bikers and pedestrians say about you when they see you riding down the road?
I bring this to the forefront because of a Letter to the Editor that was published in the Gazette on 23 January 2015...

Further Comments About Perceptions of Cyclists

CSCC 2014 Holiday Party

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell

The annual CSCC Holiday Party was held on Sunday, 7 December at The Pinery.  Fortunately, 115 members, about one quarter of the Club’s membership, were able to join in the evening festivities.  Located at 775 West Bijou Street, the Pinery has spectacular views of downtown Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.  The evening started with time for the attendees to socialize and enjoy some time catching up with folks.  Later, we all enjoyed a well prepared meal and dessert.
While enjoying dessert, Charlie provided an overview of the Club’s activities for the year, noting many highlights and milestones for 2014.  Award winners were also recognized as part of the evening’s festivities.  These included the following:
  • Torie Giffin received the 2014 Dave Horne Community Award, recognizing her numerous contributions to the cycling community in Colorado Springs
  • Sharon Boyd and Dale Campbell were recognized at the Club’s Volunteers of the Year
  • Larry Wilson received the Golden Sweep award, recognizing his sweep support for many of the Club’s rides.
The evening concluded with an opportunity to dance and further socialize with those in attendance.

Photos from the Holiday Party

New Products: Am Umbrella for Bicycles?‏

Sharon Boyd: Co-editor

Compared to many other parts of the world, here in Colorado we receive a relatively minimal amount of precipitation annually.  However, for other locations where bicycle commuting is the norm, the amount of precipitation has driven the development of an innovation that may help making cycling in the rain safer and more enjoyable.  A team of innovators has brought the concept of an umbrella for bicycles to Kickstarter . Here’s what the team is proposing:
We are asking the Kickstarter community to help us develop LEAFXPRO and make it a great product, contributing positively to the life of everyday cyclists.  We enlisted the help of the Kickstarter community in order to get this product industrialized, making it available to every cyclist. Regardless of the weather, you should enjoy riding in the rain without getting wet!
Riding in the rain is part of life on two wheels, let's make it fun and safe!  This highly flexible, resistant, aerodynamic innovative system was created to be adaptable to different models of bicycles, which lets you use the bike in the most difficult weather conditions.  Due to its aerodynamics, using the LEAFXPRO makes the bicycle more predictable and comfortable under rain and when affected by winds.  And, LEAFXPRO is modular and adaptable, providing different levels of protections for different weather conditions.
To learn more about this project, go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1514910736/leafxpro-umbrella-leaf-for-your-bike
Bent Fork - Volume 8, Issue 1 - February 2015