December 2014

Editors Comments

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell

Ah, December... The holiday time of the year, and a time to reflect on the many, many activities we've all experienced during 2014. We must admit that we are a bit late publishing the December 2014/January 2015 issue, as we've been in the islands.

Among other activities, the year has included the Pro Cycling challenge stage in Colorado Springs, the National Bikle Challenge, Monday Night Dinner ride, the Club's holiday rides (Frozen Water Bottle, Tour de Turkey and the Progressive Dinner ride, to name a few) and many many more cycling/ socializing activitiers that we all enjoy. 

One of the other things that we hope you enjoy is receiving and reading the bi-monthly news letters.  All of this would not be possible without the article contributions from the club members throughout the year!  We appreciate your submittals and thank you for taking the time to share reflections on trips, summarizing thoughts about bicycling and providing insights into the tweo wheeled world we all enjoy.  All that we ask for the coming year is that you continue to keep those "cards & letters" coming into our email Inbox!


Albert Einstein

"Life is like riding a bicycle -- in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving."

CSCC 2014 Special Rides & Activities

Jean Zeh

DEC 6 - Festival of Lights Parade
DEC 7 - CSCC Holiday Party
DEC 18 - Christmas Lights Tour & Chili Dinner
JAN 1, 2015 - Frozen H20 Bottle Ride
Check the CSCC website, Ride and Events Calendar for additional details.

CSCC Christmas Lights Ride & Chili on DEC 18

Bill Gast

Enjoy the holiday lights, and another chance to decorate your bicycle with Christmas lights! Meet a Chris Conboy’s, 528 E. Bijou St., 80903, December 18 at 4:30 p.m. for a snack. Tour of the Old North End Christmas lights will depart at 5:00 p.m. Be sure to have a headlight and tail light attached to your bicycle, and bring a dish to share for pre-ride snack or the post-ride chili get together.
Questions?  Call Bill Gast at 719-332-2890 or email at


Sara Hill

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The PeopleForBikes Team

One million people—including you!—have joined us in support of better biking.

When PeopleForBikes launched in 2010, our goal of uniting a million riders seemed daunting and distant. Today, we're so excited to have reached this major milestone—though we're far from done growing the movement.

To mark this moment, we put together a bunch of fun ways for you to celebrate with us. Come join the party here!

Thanks for being one in a million!
— The PeopleForBikes team

3 + 2 = An Interesting Combination!

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

OK, I can hear the wheels turning in the brains already (pun intended).  Why is Dale including a photo of a motorcycle in a bicycling newsletter?  And not just a motorcycle but a big YELOW motorcycle with a sidecar (a Honda Goldwing for those who are asking).  Well, things sometime are a bit more than they can seem at first glance.  Read on to find out why.


Why is this in the Newsletter?

Tour d'Turkey

Charlie Czar

The annual Tour d'Turkey Sunday Social Ride was Nov 23rd. This year's ride was led by Allen Beauchamp. The 8 riders were a 400% increase from last year even though the weather (and snow) were remarkably similar. Matt Meuche won the turkey, Chris Conboy won the turkey bacon, and Jean Zeh won the turkey lunchmeat.

More Tour d'Turkey Photos

President's Comments

Charlie Czar

I’m ending my 5th year as our Club’s president, 2015 should be the end of my 3rd term in this office and hopefully moving to the position of Immediate Past President.

This was great year with everyone’s help.  The annual Frozen Water Bottle Ride had reasonably good (cold) weather and was completed the first time without Bob Smith (out of town) leading the 37 riders.  The St Patrick Day ride and parade (that we help run for the O’Donnells) was a huge success from every aspect (weather, number of riders, number of Club members that pitched in and marshaled the course).  I rode sweep on the long ride and we had everyone to the parade in time to go with the 1st unit of bike riders.  The next day we had another fantastic Club Spud Ride.

The Buena Vista Bike Fest was a challenge because it was held the first day of the annual Ride the Rockies (RTR).  A lot of people in the state have always used BVBF as a tuning ride before RTR.  The rider registrations came slow, the organizing committee cut expenses everywhere they could, the weather was excellent and we had great day that provided a profit that even the committee could believe at first.  The Club really came through supporting our organizers!  Starlight Spectacular was the next weekend and the Club hosted the Bancroft Park rest area again – Trails and Open Space Coalition gave us special recognition for the years of support.

The Lieber family completed their cross-country trip arriving in Oregon on a warm summer day after years of stages.  66 people rode on July 20th before being joined by others at the Annual Club Picnic that was held at the Antler’s Park.  Lee Murphy’s Annual Mystery Ride was the largest ever; 61 people covered the town (7 stops) from Evergreen Cemetery to the Broadmoor to the Colorado College area  to downtown in essentially one morning.  What timing, we got to the ATB parking lot just as it started to rain.  The Pro Challenge Bike Race came back to Colorado Springs; the Club hosted a Monday Dinner Ride the week of the race with over 60 people joining us.  We had people volunteer to marshall the race course and help Metro staff the Bike Valet at Acacia Park.

The 2014 National Bike Challenge found another CSCC team signed up – 115 riders this year.  We finished the last 2 month in the top 10 national teams – the entire Challenge we finished 12th of 1266 teams.  The team rode 127,000 miles between May 1st and Sept 30th.  The Oct 26th Progressive Dinner Ride found 70 people riding excellent weather between three Club members' homes.  Dec 7th will be the neatest Holiday Party at the Pinery on the Hill.

More from the Prez

Europe by Cycle

Richard Oliver

After a year of detailed research and planning, Pam and I embarked on 26 August for our 24-day jaunt thru central Europe, to include London, Paris, Munich, Bavaria and Austria.  Per our plan, we biked virtually every day – either with a small-group guided tour, or self-guided, usually riding our preferred upright “cruiser” bikes with comfy seats.

Both London and Paris had city sponsored bike rental stations, which were quite inexpensive, convenient, and in good shape.  Each city has over 8,000 bikes at some 500+ stations.  (In London they’re called “Barclay Bikes” and “Velib” in Paris.)  Typically, you pay a small daily or weekly fee, with the first 30 minutes free, and the second 30 minutes 1 Euro (in Paris); it then rises rapidly.  We had pre-loaded iPhone apps which mapped out the bike stations, and provided real-time data on both how many bikes and how many open return spots were available – sweet!  The only downside, you had to bring your own safety helmet.

One all-day guided ride in London included a trek along the River Thames, then we rode beside the scenic Regent’s Canal on a broad loop of the inner city to include Regents Park, Hyde Park and a jaunt down The Mall.  A highlight was biking across the London Tower Bridge – which finally completed our “hat trick” of biking across 3 of the world’s most iconic bridges, the other two, of course, being the Golden Gate and Brooklyn Bridges.

In Paris we did both day and evening rides – it’s special to see the city landmarks under both conditions, especially when ornately lit at night.  One particularly splendid ride was through the vast parklands of Versailles.  Whilst easily accessible by bike, most “schlubs” (oops, I mean walking tourists) never get to reach the vast outlying gardens and water ways of the immensely stunning estate.

Both London and Paris were biker-friendly and safe, with many defined bike lanes.

Additional Details for Europe by Cycle

Mountain Top Cycling Club - Woodland Park

David Kriegshauser

Hello, this winter I will be hosting a series of indoor cycling group rides in Woodland Park, sponsored by my company, Seek Out Cycling. I would like to invite your club to join us. Here are the details:

• Virtual Rides using Seek Out Cycling’s HiDef ride movies ( on a 200” screen with huge sound system
• Bring your own bike and trainer
• 60 to 90 minutes per session
• Locataion: Woodland Park Middle School
• Set up begins at 5:30 PM at WPMS auditorium (room for 100 riders)
• Ride officially begins at 6:00PM
• Rides end between 7:00 and 7:30 PM
• Blood Boosting 8,500 ft altitude
• Beginning and ending the work week with warm indoor group rides (rides are Mondays and Fridays)
• 21 rides between December and March
• December 1, 5, 8, 12, 15, 19
• January 5, 9, 12, 16, 23, 26, 30
• February 2, 6, 9, 13, 23, 27
• March 2, 6
• Sweet Seek Out Cycling/Mountain Top Cycling Club shirt for anyone who attends 15+ rides
• Parents may bring kids to do homework, read or play on their smartphones during our rides
• I need to ask $2 per ride or $25 for the whole season to help with facility use cost (what a deal for spinning and a movie)
• This is a great way for cyclists to stay active and social during the cold winter, and ‘virtually’ ride in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Pikes Peak, Durango, Telluride and many other iconic cycling locations

Thanks, David Kriegshauser

Tidbits from Vern

Vern Pitcher

Francois Gissy sets a world record with a rocket-powered bicycle.

Light weight bicycle camper - fun way to go!



Bike Terms & Definitions

Dick Timberlake

Sometimes while dodging glass, cars and pedestrians during a solo ride, I try to find humor in different situations. I've concocted some oddball definitions of bike-related terms, along with a couple of adages I made up. I enclose a Word document containing my ideas. Note that I've used some creative spelling.


Antebellum – completely opposed to putting even the smallest, politest, lightest bell on one’s bike.
Antigravity Stick – this amazing and useful accessory is a miracle of modern 19th century science. It allows one to park anywhere, without requiring a tree, wall or other vertical object for support. Oddly, few bikes are equipped with them.
Awkward Seatuation – the realization that you are saddle-sore halfway through a long and unsupported ride. Solutions are walking, thumbing a ride, or calling for help. The last is the least effective, because your phone will be dead/have no service.


Bellicose – very much antebellum.
Belligerent – so much antebellum that violence could break out.
Bellyful – what you’ve probably had now of feeble antebellum puns.
Bike Club
  1. When on a ride, a group of cyclists with the herding instinct of cats.
  2. A tool that the ride leader would like to use on the group.
Bike Lane – a repository for gravel, glass and detritus from car accidents. Also an excellent source of mud when wet. Used by cyclists as an obstacle course.


More definitions
Volume 7, Issue 6 - December 2014