Vol 3 Issue 2 April 2010

Letter From the Editor

Janine Hegeman

Photo by Bill Gast  - CSCCers at the St. Paddy's Day Parade

February was a tough month on cycling. Even the normally well-attended Sweethearts Ride on Valentine's Day was pretty much snowed out - the only folks who showed were a couple of guys with studded snow tires on their bikes. March wasn't much better, but a few folks did get out to the St. Paddy's Parade. Check the Photo Album for some examples of bicycling finery from the parade, as well as a few shots from Moab.

Ah well, spring is around the corner. And there is plenty going on with CSCC to get you rolling. Buena Vista Bike Fest is coming up May 15. The ride is sold out, but you can still volunteer and get in on the fun! This is CSCC's only fundraiser, and it is an awesome ride and a really fun weekend. Volunteers get to ride on Sunday if they wish, and some nice perks, plus I hear there is a ride on the Thursday night prior to BVBF that involves margaritas...for more info, click on the BVBF tab on the CSCC webpage, and click on "Volunteer Form." You can fill that out and submit it online, plus see descriptions of the various volunteer jobs. The BVBF Theme Team is looking for volunteers to help put together the props for the rest stops. If you can cut with scissors, hammer a nail, or operate a screwdriver, your assistance is welcome. Assembly will be done at Chris Conboy's infamous "Garage Mahal," with beverages and snacks provided. Oh yes, and plenty of laughs and good times will be included as well.  Call Joan if you are interested in lending a hand, at 719-660-5372 or 719-660-4422.

Miles for 2010 will be posted soon on the website. Jeh Zeh is now gathering this data and keeping track for the club - a job Charlie began undertaking 4 years ago. As of March 28, 2010, eighty-five CSCC riders managed and total of 9,174 miles over the course of 85 rides. Hearty folk, I'd say. 

And CSCC is looking for volunteers for the Ride Committee and a Ride Committee Chair. If you might be interested in helping the club with organizing rides, providing ride leader training, and developing and organizing cue sheets for the club's popular rides, please contact Charlie Czarniecki at 719-266-0776 czar@erinet.com .

I have made a small change to the newslwtter format in response to your requests. You'll notice a 'read more' link at the bottom of some articles - click on it and it will take you to the rest of the article, in a full-page view with bigger font. To go back to the front page, just click on your browser's back button. Let me know if you like this!

 Last but not least, the photo contest was successful. We'll be seeing Bill Gast's entry "CC Bikes in the Snow," and Ed Browne's entry, "Ed and Suze at Turquoise Lake" on the newsletter and webpage banner very soon. CSCC will be running the photo contest again this summer, so start taking pictures now. There will be two winners, each receiving a $20 gift certificate to CS West Bikes. Watch the website for details.

Whatever your plans are for this spring, I hope they include happy and safe cycling. CSCC is here to promote just that, and we want to provide you with lots of opportunities. Please feel free to contact me, or any one on the Board with suggestions or comments on bettering YOUR experience, and COME ALONG FOR THE RIDE!


President's Message

Charlie Czarniecki

We are entering April and not seeing very many good riding days. I think I have more miles on my trainer than I do my bicycles. A big to thanks to the Smiths for hosting the Spud ride on Mar 14th. I think 5 people actually rode up to their house in the snow flurries.

 Easter is April 4th. So like last year, we’ll have the Jelly Bean Ride that Sunday (Janine Hegeman will be the ride leader in my place), or the next Sunday in April that the weather cooperates.

 BVBF is May 15th. I am going to ride the Century again. But it will be one long day if I don’t get more preparation miles this month. If you missed the registration deadline you can still help the Club by being a volunteer that day. We usually have a Smith led ride Sunday morning for the volunteers that worked and couldn’t ride on Saturday.

 Big change in the Club in March. Jean Zeh took over the task of recording the CSCC Club miles. We are changing the address on the Club ride sign-in page, so ride leaders can start mailing them directly to her. Until that is done, you can continue to mail and EMAIL them to me and I’ll forward to her.

This is a good time to think about getting the annual tune-up for your bike. There are a number of good bike shops in town do it quickly – some even give Club discounts.

 See you on the road,

Charlie Czar 

Socially Yours

Chris Conboy

Can you believe it is Spring? Yesterday, bike riding weather and today fresh powder or...! I am so conflicted, bike or skis???? BUT, I have gotten some great rides in the Garden of the Gods this last month and around the "Hood." The time change has made it even sweeter to get out. So, my fellow club members, a few "Thanks" are in order. Thanks go to the Beauchamps for leading the Sweetheart Ride; thanks for all of you who attended our annual business meeting at the Clarion (did you notice the "special" food and green beer?); thanks for all the ride leaders this last couple of months who have braved THE ELEMENTS and gotten members out on some COOL rides; thanks to the Smiths, for once again hosting an awesome Sumptuous Spud Spread for the Shamus McSpud Hot Potato Ride; thanks to The Theme Team for putting in many hours to make our Buena Vista Bike Festival even bigger and better this year; and thanks to all of YOU who continue to support bicycling in our community in so many ways.

OK, now this is the part where you write or print out some important dates for 2010. "Save the Date" for May 15 (BVBF), June 12 (Starlight Spectacular), June 27 (Warrens's lawn party), July 18 (Club picnic at Cheyenne Mountain State Park), Oct. 24 (Progressive Dinner Ride), and Dec. 11 (Holiday Party at the Clarion). I know there will be some additional rides and activities coming up, so check our website. I am still hoping to put together an early summer ride/camp /picnic. Anyone willing to co-coordinate, please contact me.

That's all for now. Enjoy Spring! Get on your bike. Spring cleaning and gardening can wait!

Socially Yours, Chris


Ed Bidinotto

(Editor's note - Ed is fantastic at finding good hills to ride on, and we a fortunate that he has chronicled a few here for us to try - or try to avoid! Seriously, Ed's good - he's on the cover of  the March Peak Region Cyclist magazine where this article also appears. Pictured above is Higby Road, one of the routes Ed details in this article. Photo by Ed Bidinotto) 

HILLS – you either love them or you hate them. In all the years I have been riding a bicycle, I still seem to gasp for air at times trying to keep up with my fellow riders when the grades get really tough.
It still amazes me at how some people effortlessly fly up a 10% grade while other riders seem to suffer the entire way to the top. There are others who are content by just pedaling along at 4mph enjoying the scenery.

No matter how you do them, as long as you live in Colorado you will be faced with climbing hills.
As a ride leader, I’ve taken some time to look at the toughest climbs around the Colorado Springs area so that you can either avoid these hills or be aggressive and attack them on your next ride. I usually try to combine a few of these on each of my rides - and that makes for some serious elevation.
Some of these climbs are longer than others but I think that most will agree that these are the most punishing leg burners around. I am also putting a few honorable mentions that you can add to your list.





BVBF Update

Aaron Rosenthal

 (Editor's note: The Bent Fork welcomes your stories and photos (jpegs only) from this year's BVBF. Please try to get them to me at j9h@comcast.net by May 20th for publishing in the June edition! Thanks!)

For those of you who have not heard, the Buena Vista Bike Fest sold out on February 2, 2010. This was a full 6 weeks earlier than it has ever sold out before! There is little doubt BVBF has become known as one of the premier centuries/organized rides in the state of Colorado. As in years past, we’ll have a number of riders from out of state, some traveling quite a distance just to do our event. We’ve had a number of people ask if they can still sign up, and sadly we’ve had to say “No”. The quality and safety of BVBF continues to be our top priorities, which is why we have a cap on ridership. If you are registered, congratulations! We look forward to supporting you throughout the day and making BVBF a highlight of your cycling year. If you missed your chance to register, there are still opportunities to help as we continue to need volunteers. Go to www.bvbf.org and click on the Volunteer form, or contact Vic Villhard directly. We can’t do this ride without the volunteers so come on out, and have fun while supporting your Colorado Springs Cycling Club. We’ve got some great things happening this year with some wonderful surprises. Looking forward to seeing many of you there, on the road, helping out, and having a great time.

The BVBF Committee

The History of CSCC - The Middle Years

Bob Smith

1988 was a make or break year for the club. We started the year with a very modest treasury and 19 members. We ended the year with over $500 in the treasury and nearly tripled our membership to 52. To learn more about the club’s 1988 accomplishments go to http://www.bikesprings.org/Newsletters/1988Dec.pdf  and read the Mexican Christmas Fiesta Program. That year the president shared editor responsibility with Susan Hoge, spouse of our VP Jim Hoge. It was a year of many firsts including club logo selection, naming of the newsletter, membership in the League of American Bicyclists (League of American Wheelmen) and Club Christmas Party and Awards Banquet to recognize officers, volunteers and ride participants for mileage and number of rides.



Links 'n' Spokes

Janine Hegeman

I get letters! In this new column, I'm going to feature some of the best and most interesting items that land in my inbox. There are numerous rides offered throughout the summer in Colorado, and there's news from other clubs around the country. If you have any good ideas for an item that might need to be here, please let me know. For any submissions to the Bent Fork Chronicles, the deadlines are: May 20 (June 1 newsletter); July 20 (August 1 newsletter); September 20 (October 1 newsletter); November 20 (December 1 newsletter). Thanks!

The STARLIGHT SPECTACULAR is a ride not to be missed! Enjoy a midnight bicycle ride through the streets of Colorado Springs. Bike the night away on June 12 with 1500 of your closest friends as you ride through world-renowned Garden of the Gods Park and then the streets of Colorado Springs. Start your evening with music by Pulpit Fiction, delicious free pizza courtesy of Borriello Brothers NY Pizza and fresh hot coffee from Colorado Coffee Merchants - plus great prize drawings. After your ride, join us for another great pancake breakfast. Great rest stops! Once again, we will have our famous ‘themed’ rest stops with REI hosting the first fun-filled stop, and Colorado Springs Cycling Club and Old Town Bike Shop outdoing themselves at the second stop at Bancroft Park in Old Colorado City. Look for costumes, refreshments and maintenance support at each stop. CSCC is a huge supporter of the Trails and Open Space Coalition, and this ride is a fundraiser for them, and we get better trails to ride on...its fun and its win/win! For more information, go to http://www.trailsandopenspaces.org/starlight-spectacular/  


Member Spotlight

Lee Murphy

I spent my childhood in New England and first arrived in Colorado Springs in 1982 when I was assigned to be the administrator of the clinic at Peterson AFB. Cycling was not a hobby/sport until later. I have ridden bikes my whole life but did not get serious about them until after retiring from the USAF in 1993. My first serious bike was of the mountain variety. I did not get into road bikes until after taking spinning classes approximately a year later. My first road bike came from a garage sale (I still have it, too). I don't know why it took me so long to discover cycling. I was even stationed in Holland for three years and never got the bug. I have been a member of the CSCC since the the turn of the century. That sounds really old but... you know what I mean.

I currently spend about 80% of my riding time on road bikes and as many of you are aware, also slip over to the dark side occasionally and go for a spin on my Bacchetta recumbent.

Typically each summer, I fit in one long (long being a relative word) ride of several hundred miles. I have been doing this for the last 10 years . These rides have included Bicycle Tour of Colorado, Ride the Rockies, RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa), and trips to Italy, and France. Last September I participated in a seven and a half day, 1,000 KM organized ride through the Canadian Rockies.

You will see me on the Saturday fitness, Sunday social/fitness, and occasionally on the Thursday Old Phaertes Ride. I have done volunteer work at the last seven BVBF's but plan to ride it this year.

My attendance and support of club events is sporadic due to my job. I conduct Medical audits (accreditation surveys) nation wide. This requires that I travel approximately 80,000 air-miles each year. The scheduling of which makes no sense. When I do have a survey I can drive to, I try to throw a bike in the car to get some road time while away from home. The job makes it really hard to maintain a regular training routine and prepare for the longer summer rides.

I try to ride year round, but like most people, much prefer warmer weather to winter riding.

I have had my share of falls, bumps and bruises and try to take them in stride. Cycling however, is still the best form of exercise I have come up with. See you on the road.




Sara Hill - Membership Coordinator

Welcome New Members!

Roger Schlagheck, Gayle Allen, Jonathon Ward & Family, Bill Bibler & Family, Janet Henderson & Family, Doug Diamond & Family, Diane Paton & Family, Jonathan Bearden, John Sobeck, Victoria Morris, John Daugherty, Billy & JoLynn Ondo

Renewing members-Thanks!

Bernie Hessemer, Sally Sheets, Dan Akerhielm, Gary deLassus, Annette & Jack Kester, Roger Patrizio, Stephen Fuhrmann, David Waddell, John Pamperin, William Young, Thorsten Ostrander, Marcus Lowry & Julia Wirsching, Darren Schubarth, Desiree Mendes, Dan Sadowski, Hal Church, Norman & Lynne Hall, Ginny Barber & Family, Aaron Rosenthal & Janet Oliver, Shawn & Teresa Cole, Lee Murphy, Eric & Monica Van Fleet, Connie Miller & Ed Bidinotto, Deb Zelenak, Bill Ryan, Karen & Gary Johnson, Duane Beckmann & Mattie O., Randy Susman, Dean Thompson




2010 Full Moon Rides

Stan Hill

2010 Full Moon rides will start at different restaurants—so you'll need to check the calendar each month. We’ll eat first so anyone may join us for dinner, even if they are not going on the ride. This will also give us a chance to enjoy dinner while evaluating conditions when the weather is iffy. I won't ride with lightning if I can avoid it, but more often than not, the storms clear away just before the ride.

 Restaurants were chosen with reasonable proximity to looped trail routes in different parts of town. The routes have been plotted with veloroutes.org and the links are on the club’s calendar. Calendar ride descriptions also tell whether a route has some dirt trails or is all paved. However, fat tires are always a good idea after dark Of course helmets are required on all CSCC rides.

 Lights are a necessity. Even though we hope for a bright moon, the moonlight may be obscured by clouds and/or trees. Super bright, expensive lights ARE NOT necessary. Small inexpensive lights work very well for our casual pace. The one-watt LED ViewPoint® lights presented at the CSCC 2009 year-end party are excellent for the Full Moon rides.




The Tour de Latte Rides Again!

Karen Hill

(Editor's note: These rides are always a fine way to spend a fine Saturday morning. And, Karen also submitted a very good awareness test for drivers - see if you can pass it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ahg6qcgoay4  )

 Have you missed your latte with your biking buddies? The Saturday Tour de Latte ride is on again, back by popular demand, organized by Karen Hill.
Beginning April 10 at 10:00 a.m., Latte rides will be “show-and-go” —meaning weather permitting, if you feel like riding, show up – there may be others. We start at the corner of E. Fontanero and N. Weber Streets, near the medical offices. By May we hope to have more predictable morning weather and rides will start at 9:00 a.m.

For three summers we have been enjoying our latte and chats all across town. A number of shops have closed in the past year, but several have changed owners and are now re-opened with a new name. We generally try to support the independent coffee houses in Colorado Springs and stop for a latte or snack (Don’t worry, we won’t make you drink coffee – most places also have smoothies, hot chocolate, and tea). There are so many shops to choose from that we rarely go anyplace twice in one summer.
We begin by visiting downtown shops in April and eventually range from Briargate Parkway on the north to Highway 115 on the south and Manitou Springs on the west to Powers Boulevard on the east. We start easier, shorter, and slower in April, so it’s a great ride for folks who haven’t been on their bikes for awhile – a long while or a short while, or are just getting started.

In May through September, we will start at 9:00 a.m., going a little further throughout the summer, though still aiming at a noon to 1:00 p.m. end time. We welcome all riders. We are a social group so it’s not a fitness ride—but it gets us going again in the spring – and it gets a little more challenging as the summer goes by. Come join us – we’d love to have you.





The Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol 3 Issue 2 April 2010

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