Vol 7, Issue 3 - 1 June 2014

Hello from the CSCC Bent Fork Editors

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell

Welcome to Summer!  However, we are still snow skiing--we enjoyed our last ski hurrah at Araphoe Basin on May 18th. And, we spent Memorial Weekend at our mountain home and it snow there, too. Isn't Colorado great!

The time has come to tune up our bicycles, and focus on adding miles for the National Bike Challenge.  And, we know it must be summer, since the CSCC Monday Night dinner ride started just this past Monday, 24 May. Thank you to Richard & Pam Oliver for hosting the ride.

Buena Vista Bike Fest (BVBF) is Saturday, June 7. See you on the road or at a volunteer station. Many thanks to all of the participants and volunteers.

This edition of the Bent Fork contains some intriguing facts, provides some action and adventure, and also has a little mystery.  Yes mystery.  So, Save-the-Date!  Lee's CSCC 3rd Annual Mystery Ride will be August 9th.

As always, we appreciate our contributors.  A generous "Thank You" to everyone that provided input for this kick-off-summer edition of the Bent Fork Chronicles!

Mountain Metropolitan Transit (MMT)

Charlie Czar

Mountain Metropolitan Transit (MMT) and the City of Manitou Springs kicked off the start of the 2014 FREE Manitou Springs Shuttle service on Sunday, May 18 .  Go online  here  to get shuttle bus times and view a map of the new route, specifically designed for Incline hikers and COG Railway passengers.  MMT also provides local fixed-route bus service and Metro Mobility ADA paratransit service for Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region. All buses are wheelchair-lift equipped. MMT also provides other services such as Mountain Metro Rides’ ridesharing, vanpool, and bicycling programs. For added convenience, there are bike racks on all buses for riders who want to utilize the bike-n-bus program. For additional information regarding Mountain Metropolitan Transit visit www.mmtransit.com, or call (719) 385-RIDE (7433).

AAA's Roadside Assistance to Include Bicycles

Wave Dreher, 303-210-2904

AAA Colorado is expanding roadside assistance to include bicycles for its 575,000 members statewide.   Click    Effective May 1, 2014, transportation service will be provided for members when their bicycle is disabled or inoperable, with no increase in membership dues. This service applies to all bicycles and tandems, including rental bicycles and bicycle trailers, as long as service can be safely delivered using normal servicing equipment.

"Offering bicycle service is another great benefit for our AAA Colorado members and we're proud to be one of the first AAA clubs in the United States to do so," said Tony DeNovellis, CEO and President of AAA Colorado. "Riding bicycles is becoming more popular, as Coloradans are concerned about fitness, the economy and the environment. Whether our members are riding for fun or commuting to work, we'll be there to offer assistance if their bicycle breaks down."


Dave VanDerWege & John Pamperin receive a VIBeS Thank You

Marcia Wick

Thank you to Dave Vanderwege and John Pamperin for cleaning and adjusting the VIBeS tandems. The bicycles are tuned up and ready to roll!  VIBeS is requesting (pilots and stokers) for a summer of bike riding with VIBeS Summer Tandem Cycling Program. Just contact ViBeS to determine "when" and "where" you would like to ride. The VIBeS tandem bikes are stored in a locker on Mark Dabling near Woodmen Rd.  So, hopping on the Santa Fe Trail heading north or south is easy. If the ViBeS person is not an experienced stoker (the rider in the back), experienced pilots will help to acquaint the stoker with this fun sport. Please let VIBeS know your interest!

VIBeS Contacts:  
Amy Gunning 719-337-0161 
Don Allred

A Little Sardonic Humor - We Still Hang 'em!

Lisa Tormoen Hickey

Editor's Note: This "rant" should be enjoyed for the humerous approach of applying the laws of the Old West to a modern day issue.

We should still hang bike thieves.  In the old West, the harshest penalties were reserved for crimes which could simply not be tolerated.  Horses were critical for safe mobility across long distances in wild unsettled territory and for day-to-day personal and business activities, and they represented valuable investments for most families and small businesses and agricultural operations.  They were relatively easy to steal because they could only be kept in accessible locations.  Because of the severity of the loss, thievery was discouraged by hanging the perpetrators.   Modern bike thieves should receive the same penalties, in the public square after handbills are distributed to publicize the event. Ha!

Vigilance against bicycle thievery

Prevent Bicycle Theft

LA Police Department

Over 1.5 million bicycles are stolen every year!
Maintain Awareness!
Prevent Crime!
Do not leave your bicycle unattended or unlocked, even
 if just for a minute.

Things to do to prevent/reduce bicycle thefts:
- Record the serial number/ model/make/color of your bicycle
Take a photo of your bicycle.
Enter both into your cell phone.
- Etch your frame and parts with your personal ID, write your ID inside rim or on a card inside the frame.
- Invest in a quality bicycle lock and learn how to lock your bicycle.
- Lock your bicycle to a permanently fixed location.
- Lock and secure your bicycle in your home/garage.

How to lock your bicycle

Adaptive Cycling

Allen Beauchamp/Vern Pitcher

Vern captured the true spirit of a great experience!


A Glimpse of Ice & Other Things

Stan Hill

Thei trip beings in Iquazu, Argentinafollowed by a bike tour around Buenos Aires and a visit to the Pampas before boarding a ship. A port stop in Stanley (Falklands, Malvinas) provided a CLOSE-UP look at penguins. Their trip ended in Santiago, Chile.

Thank You to the Volunteers--Dirt Bike Park Make-over

Andrea Sinclair

If you've biked along the Greenway Trail north of Goose Gossage Park, you noticed a new dirt jump bike park. Thank you to the twenty volunteers who spent the day with shovels to pile and pack dirt onto mounds made just for dirt bicycle riders.

Read more of the Article at OutThereCOLORADO.COM
Andrea Sinclair  Updated: March 17, 2014 at 6:51am Published: March 16, 2014


Welcome Bike Club Members

Sara Hill, Membership Coordinator

David Barber, Westy Bell, Ron Bevans, Pierre Boeinghaus, Sandi Buck & Family, Maureen Burns & Family, Mary Delaney & Clark Jennings, Bruce Elliott & Family, Shannon Fair-Lee & Family, Moises Gomez, Hubert & Becky Hauser, Connor Houtchens, Ginger Kelly, Anthony Kiara & Family, Diane Kokes, Brian Landis & Family, Chuck Myers, Sam Pedregon, Sandra Philips, Robert Reidel & Family, Steven Spencer, George Thornton, Michael Watry, Beverly Weaver & Family, Bruce Wilkes, and Andrew Wright

Geoffrey Ames & Daryll Stevens, Doug Anderson, Jay Bailey, Beth Balser & Family, Renee Barall, Ginny Barber & Family, Warren & Mary Ann Barta, Bill Bibler & Family, Derrick Bourgeois & Family, Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell, Marilynn Bradish, Myra Brooks, Keith Brown, Roger Bruggeman, Dean Buck, Jay Cardinal, John Carrigan, Craig Carroll, Alfred Chioffe, Steve Clapper, Kolleen Conley, Jeff Cowen, Gary Dean, James Dial, Liz Ford, Merf Freeman, Torrie Giffin & Family, Joseph & Sulyn Giles, Ronnie Graham, Julie & Hayden Gregory, Norman & Lynne Hall, Ron Hargrave, Kerry Hefta, Ronald & Carolyn Henrikson, Stan & Karen Hill, Sara Hill, Norma Holister, Trent Hovenga & Family, Julie Kiley & Family, Connie Lorig, Suchart Mack, Bonnie & Douglas Marts, Lenny Mazel, Phil McDonald, Connie Miller, Phyllis Minter, Gisele Myamoto, Frank Morrey, Sean & Hope Mullally, Jim Natchez, Mark Noble, John O'Donnell & Family, Charlie & Margaret Oliver, Richard & Pamela Oliver, David Parris, Roger Patrizio, John & Anita Rasper, Mary Rebb & Family, Jerry Remmert & Family, Steven Roach, Sid Rubinow, Betty Schwartz, Olivia Sebastian, Martin Shepperdson, Connie Slater & Family, John Sobeck, David Stang & Family, Mike & Luci Stansberry, Aileen Tracy & Family, Javier & Teresa Valdez, Bob Vandepas, Vic & Diane Villhard, David Waddell, Diane Walker, Dianne Walter, Barry & Marcia Wick, Larry Womack, and Katie Zimmann.

Membership Information

BVBF Partner - FLUID Sports Nutrition

Rich Hostak

CSCC Buena Vista Bike Fest is proud to partner with FLUID Sports Nutrition for all our electrolyte needs this year. FLUID will provide their Performance drink mix made with less sugar, more electrolytes, and light natural flavor. We hope you enjoy it on the BVBF ride, and we encourage you to enjoy additional opportunties of this product by using the coupon from FLUID! Enter code BVBF25 for 25% off any online order at store.livefluid.com. Valid 1 per person, expires July 31, 2014.

Bike Commuting on the Rise – Myth or Fact?

Dale Campbell, Bent Fork Co-Editor

An article in the Colorado Springs Gazette by Garrison Wells on 10 May 2014 (“Car-based city lags in cycling commuters”) reported “In Colorado Springs, the rate was 0.7 percent for bicycle commuter….”  For a city with a growing cycling focus, this may seem like a discouragingly low percentage, especially when compared to other Front Range cities.  In Fort Collins, for example, the rate of bicycle commuting was noted to be 6.3 percent.  Bolder has an even higher rate of 10.2 percent for biking commuters.   Mr Wells noted that the source of the information was a report The article attributed the higher rates in those two cities to the impact of the colleges being located in these locations.  While Colorado Springs also has colleges, the Springs is usually noted as being more oriented to the mountain challenges of cycling.  In this article, Tim Halfpop, manager of Old town Bike Shop, remarked “The Springs is probably the best city along the Front Range for mountain biking.”  Further details in Garrison Wells’ commentary provided further insight in to the apparent lag in bike commuting, including references to demographics and population.
After reading the article, I began wondering just what the commuting scene might be across the country.  Around that time, I had also encountered two bits of news that raised my cycling spirits.  The first was a news article featured on National Public Radio.  During a week in which the evening news program “All Things considered” featured Texas as a central theme for much of their reporting, there was a single segment titled “Cycling's Catching On In Texas, For A Very Texas Reason.”  Texas and expansion of cycling?  I’m generally not one to judge based on stereotypes, but hearing the focus of the broadcast segment definitely caught my attention, especially when the reporter started off with the following statements.
“For years, cyclists have faced long odds in Texas, where sprawling highways teem with trucks. Dallas was ranked the worst city for bicycling in the country, several years in a row. But in recent years, the two-wheeled form of transportation has begun to gain ground.”
Statistics noted shortly thereafter provided a validation of the gaining ground comment.  For example, did you know that:
  • Dallas has released plans to install approximately 1,100 miles of bike lanes over the next decade,
  • Houston has approved $100 million+ in bonds for bike trails, and
  • San Antonio plans to triple bikeable streets by 2020.
The reporter then provided the following introspective: “All of this is rooted in a very Texas kind of reason: City leaders realize bike lanes are good for business.”  Now that makes (economic) sense to me!  Further details provided in the article can be found on the NPR website archive for the “Cycling Catching On..” news segment that was broadcast on 2 April 2014.
The other item that increased my confidence in the future of cycling commuters was a press release from the US Census Bureau, of all sources.  Released on 8 May 2014, the title of the article provided an immediate insight into the good news.  “Biking to Work Increases 60 Percent Over Last Decade, Census Bureau Reports”  Sixty percent?  Is that possible?  According to the statistics provided in the press release and backed up by the report referenced in the article “Modes Less Traveled—Bicycling and Walking to Work in the United States: 2008–2012”, that’s what’s happened in the last 10 years.   There’s much more packed in to the 18 page report, which for a report provided by a government agency is, in my humble opinion, a reasonable read.  If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to click on the links provided above.

CSCC Members with Health Issues

Charlie Czar

Please keep the following CSCC club members in your thoughts as they deal with health issues:
Dave Horne,
Peggy Seidel, and
Ronaele Foss.

Thank you.

Sally Sheets Celebration of Life

Charlie Czar/The Gazette


Sad news for CSCC.
One of our members, Sally Sheets died on Sunday, April 20, 2014, of multiple myeloma.  Sally lived in Manitou Springs for 12 years, spending her years as a naturalist, hiker, cyclist, tennis player and expert fly fisherwoman, A celebration of Sally's life is scheduled on June 21 see details below:

Date:  Saturday, June 21. 2014 at 11:30am

Where: Quail Lake, 915 Cheyenne Mountain Blvd at Cheyenne Mountain Blvd & Quail Lake Road.

What to Bring: Side dish to share, lawn chair and memories of Sally.

Please RSVP by Monday June 16. Call Mary at 433-6856 with the number of people in your group, and what side dish you plan to bring.

See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/gazette/obituary.aspx?n=sally-sheets&pid=170773263&fhid=8546#sthash.uE8sUsnw.dpuf


President's Message

Charlie Czar

CSCC enjoyed a great turnout at the May 6th Open House at Ivywild!

The June Club meeting will be 6:30pm on Tuesday, June 3rd at our usual meeting location in the Citizen’s Center on Garden of the Gods Road.  We have a guest speaker from the US Pro Challenge coming to talk to us.

Photo courtesy of Vern Pitcher

BVBF is June 7th.  See the BVBF news item for more details.  The BVBF Volunteers' Meeting will be June 4th at Gold Mesa.  An EMAIL was sent to volunteers with details.

Starlight Spectacular is June 14th. Sara Hill is leading the CSCC team running the Rest Stop at Bancroft Park and needs volunteers.

Janine Hegeman is leading the June Sunday Social Rides from Acacia Park.  See the CSCC website Ride/Events Calendar for details.

The CSCC Monday Dinner Rides started May 19th.  I joined the May 26th Dinner Ride, and had a flat tire near our house (good timing).  So, I walked home and swapped bikes.  See the Ride Calendar for the ride details.

The National Bike Challenge started on May 1st.  Our CSCC team is named Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014.  Join the Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014 team (see next article).  As of May 29th the Club team had 85 riders with 82 having logged miles to their accounts.  We are ranked 11th nationally of the 1,096 registered teams.  Sign up and help us keep our high national ranking.

Dave Horne is experiencing medical setbacks.  I've visited him a few times. He has been in Liberty Heights Rehab Center since May 8th.  He was back in Penrose Hospital briefly on May 19th and returned to Liberty. Memorial Day he showed improvement.  Liberty heights Rehab Center is at 12105 Ambassador Drive (80920). Dave is in room B-13, and can be reached at 719-481-5180. Call and say hello.

National Bike Challenge

Charlie Czar

Check out the CSCC Web Site News column for registration details.  It is easy to join the National Bike Challenge, and become a member of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014 team. 

We are in the second month now and doing fairly well.  The only goal we have for the Club is to have more riders participate than last year (114).  As of May 29th we had 85 riders signed up and 82 already posted miles to their accounts.  There are 1,096 teams formed in the nation and CSCC 2014 is 11th in the country.  Earlier in May we were #6, but other teams added members faster than CSCC.  The average size of the top 10 teams was 114 riders to our 85.  So a few more Club riders will put us in the top 10 eventually.  On May 29th our team had 37,000 points, just 1,500 points behind #10.  You earn 20 points every day that you take your bike for a ride and you get another 1 point for every mile ridden.  If you take your bike out 5 days a week then you’d earn 100 points that week plus whatever miles you rode.

There are “levels” earned for the points earned.  Gold is over 750 points, our team has 15 people there.  Silver is over 250 points, our team has another 39 people there.  Bronze is over 100 points, we have another 18 people there.  Trent Hovenga and Aaron Rosenthal already earned over 1,000 points in the first month.  Four people rode everyday of the month.  They are: Trent, Coral Green, Nate Andromeda, and Charlie Czar.

Join the Challenge, join our team, …..and then “Come Along For the Ride”.

2014 Buena Vista Bike Fest

Aaron Rosenthal

As I write this early on Saturday May 30, I realize that exactly one week from this moment both riders and volunteers will be fully energized!  A handful of riders will start trickling north out of Buena Vista at first light.  I never fully understand this as the first rest stop doesn't open till 7:00am.   Many a time those first riders help with the rest stop set up!  
There is much to do prior to the start of BVBF. Over the past 10 months the BVBF committee had met monthly, each of us taking on numerous roles. The challenges putting on this event have increased as new permits are being required along with other behind the scenes changes.  Despite this, we are fully confident BVBF will be the high quality event it has always been. 
As of this writing, the weather forecast for BVBF says that Buena Vista will have a high of 75 and 0% chance of rain. Leadville has a high of 64, again with 0% chance of rain. It doesn't get much more perfect than that!  We can all hope that those forecasts are the reality.  So if you've been waiting to sign up either for the ride or to volunteer hesitate no more. We still have a few volunteer needs, and Larry has done a great job in organizing this group.   We have our volunteer meeting on Wednesday June 4 at 6:00pm at Gold Hill Mesa. We provide the pizza and beer.  Again contact Larry Wilson.   We still want more riders so register at www.BVBF.org  On-line registration will be shutting down later in the week but you can still register on Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday morning at the packet pick up site. The post ride party will have great music by Tribe, food by Jan's, beer by both Bristol Brewing and Eddyline, and lots of give-aways. Don't miss out on all the fun.
Finally, please thank all the volunteers. Without their commitment this ride would not be the great event it is.  We hope to see you in Buena Vista. 

Bike Gold Camp Downhill

Dan Martin

John Pamperin, Skip Fleming, and I rode down Gold Camp Rd. this morning. Great time, fine weather, we had a blast. John and Skip rode fat tire bikes, I rode a shop 29er. The staff at Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours, LLC were gracious and friendly. We went up via Old Stage Rd. in their van, rode down Gold Camp Rd. back to their shop in Old Colorado City.

We enjoyed this so much that we agreed to ride up Gold Camp Road, dates TBD; so stay tuned. It's not as difficult as you might think. Let us know if you would like to join us. We set some modest goals for early Summer, a reasonable goal by late summer, and a real stretch to shoot for over the long term.

John at the drop off point. Talk about beautiful views!

Dan rearing to head downhill.

Mountain Kings -- John & Skip

Denver Trail Ride on 10 May 2014

Janine Hegeman

CSCC took a “field trip” to ride the trails of Denver on a sunny day in May, and by all accounts, everyone enjoyed it tremendously. Nineteen riders either carpooled from the Woodmen Park ‘n’ Ride lot, or met up with the group at the Denver Aquarium parking lot. The ride started from there at about 10 a.m., with easy access to the South Platte River trail.

We headed north to Confluence Park where Cherry Creek and the South Platte meet, and then we rolled south along the Cherry Creek trail at a moderate and comfortable pace. Some road construction near the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, created a detour, but it was well marked and not a problem. The trail in this part of Denver sees heavy use on the weekends but riders, joggers and walkers were courteous, for the most part. Some riders in Denver use the trail system for race training and are impatient with slower riders! There are no street crossings on this section of the trail (a big reason for its popularity) and we kept rolling. Our lunch destination, a picnic lunch in Mamie Eisenhower Park had a bit of a time deadline as the recreation center in the park (with bathrooms and vending machines inside) closes at 1 p.m. So we pedaled on, with a bathroom stop at a hotel just off the trail. No flats or crashes so far…

The Highline Canal was the next section of the ride. This trail loops north to south through this part of Denver, and there were more street crossings. Some were awkward for a large group to negotiate, but on a positive note, there was not as much traffic on this trail.  We re-grouped several times. However, it was such a nice day, there was no rush. Along the way, most of us noted the fragrances of the blooming trees and shrubs and the brilliant colors of the flowers. Denver is lower in elevation and “greens up” a few weeks ahead of Colorado Springs. Spring had definitely sprung in Denver!

We made it to Mamie Eisenhower Park at about noon, parked ourselves in the grassy shade, ate lunch and relaxed. Clouds began to move in--we departed the park at 1 p.m.

We headed south on Dartmouth Avenue, which is well- marked with sharrows and has bike lanes in some sections, all in all very bike-friendly for a major thoroughfare. And NO potholes!

Then we hopped on the Little Dry Creek Trail and connected to the South Platte River trail and headed north. This is another popular trail in Denver, and it is narrower than the Cherry Creek trail, but like the Cherry Creek trail, has no street crossings. There was another detour, not as well marked as the first, and this caused a bit of a delay. We soon restarted and made it back to the parking lot just as the clouds began to look threatening. No showers ever developed.

We rode 30 miles total, and everyone really enjoyed the ride. For many it was the farthest they’d ridden so far this year. Almost everyone commented that this ride should be a reoccurring event on the calendar, and perhaps be a fall ride to see the colors as well. As the leader of this ride, I couldn’t agree more. The trails and streets are well maintained, and the scenery is varied and interesting. So, look for a fall color ride in Denver on the calendar, coming soon!

Photos courtesy of John Cozar & Bill Gast

Lee's 3rd Annual Mystery Ride-August 9th

Lee Murphy

Saturday, August 9th is the date of my Third Annual Mystery Ride.  The ride will start at the main entrance to the America the Beautiful Park, and we will have the gear up and locked at 0824. That is military talk for we leave for the first stop at exactly 8:24 AM.  For the individuals who did not participate previously, the mystery ride is a tour of several very interesting locations, which we frequently ride past at a pretty good clip. But we've never had anyone explain what neat things have occurred there, explain the history, who created the point of interest and or why it is important.  Nearly all the location stops will include a knowledgeable speaker to tell you more about the point of interest and answer a few questions. In most cases you will have the opportunity to return later at your convenience for a more in-depth tour, if you are so inclined.  I rode my bicycle on the route, and I know how long each speaker will take to cover their point of interest.  I expect the ride to conclude between 1:00PM and 1:30 PM.
The Details:  Because I will depend on you to provide your own transportation (your bicycle), it is imperative that we all follow a schedule if this event is to work successfully.  Each of you will be provided a cue sheet, which will contain the information you are accustomed to seeing. But, you will also be provided a time schedule to be in place for the start of each speaker’s presentation.  Don’t worry you will not miss any part of the presentation, because adequate time will be built in to transit from one stop to the next. So an early arrival at the start is very important to get yourself signed in, tires pumped up, lather on sunscreen and to hear the intro from the ride facilitator (that's me).  If you arrive at 8:28AM, the group will be long gone. I will try to arrange for some additional cue sheets to be left on the windshield of a club member’s car adjacent to the starting point.  I have lined up a number of really neat places to visit, and a rest stop (food and beverages provided) about somewhere during the route. 
The Minimums:  Everyone is expected to be self-sufficient (bring water, carry a tube, be able to fix a flat, put a chain back on your sprocket, read and follow a cue sheet, etc.) You should also be able to ride at a speed of 9 mph on level ground.  I have taken most of the hills out of the route, which may be approximately 22 miles in length.  The route includes roads nearly all of us have ridden at one time or another, if you have been on more than a few club rides.
RSVP Please:  If you plan to do this ride, you will be asked to complete a confirmation at a later date. We would like to know how many to bicycle riders to expect.  My Email address is leemurphy3@msn.com , if you have any questions.  In the past, this has been one of the bike club's most successful events.  So we are giving you lots of notice...mark your calander and here's to looking forward to another fun and informative event.

CSCC Specialty Rides

Jean Zeh

Olde Pheartes Ride Tuesday on May 27, 2014

Dan Martin

Photo Courtesy of Carolyn Maynard

Riders left-to-right in photo are: Bob Smith, Doug Dawson, Bryce Pugh (not a member, yet), John Cozad and Dan Martin.

Carolyn snapped the attached photo on the CSCC Olde Pheartes Ride on Tuesday, May 27, 2014. The group posed for a photograph while on the return leg of our 31-mile ride to the North East of Colorado Springs near our Fontanero & Weber meeting location. The actual photograph was taken at North Murray Blvd. on Rock Island Trai (facing west, obviously). Bryce's helmet is supporting Pikes Peak!

Mallorca, Spain 2014 - A Cycling Gem!

Bob Smith


Our most recent adventure took us to Mallorca, Spain. We have been members of the Bicycle Adventure Club (BAC) for about twelve years. The BAC is non-profit touring bicycle club offering more than 50 bicycle tours a year throughout the world. These trips are all member led. Alison Stone has led this trip about 9 times since 2007. It is one of the club’s most popular trips. Anne and I have participated in 16 trips and we have led four of them.

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands which are part of Spain. The Balearic Islands are located between mainland Spain and northern Africa in the western Mediterranean Sea. Mallorca is a fertile island that has the Tramuntana Mountains in the west, central plains with vineyards, beautiful coastal coves and golden sand beaches.

We (Anne & I and Diane & Vic Villhard) arrived in Palma, Mallorca by air from Madrid on April 19th. From the airport we took a taxi to the resort city of Cala Pi. In Cala Pi, we met the other 21 members of our group. We arrived two days early to recover from jet lag and the possibility of a delay or cancelled flight. Club Cala Pi is really nice resort located above a gorgeous small cove and beach on the coast southeast of Palma.  We assembled our tandems on the 20th which was Easter Sunday. The official start of the trip was Monday the 21st with a group meeting and opening dinner at the resort.

We took advantage of our extra day to get familiar with the island by riding an optional ride to the top of Puig de Randa for a 360 degree view of the island. On day two, we rode a more casual loop from Cala Pi to Llucmajor and took a walk through the Bronze Age Talaiotic stone structural ruins just north of Cala Pi. On day three, we rode northeast nearly 50 miles across the island to the coastal beach resort of Port de Pollensa. In Port de Pollensa, we stayed two nights on the beach near the marina at the beautiful Hotel Miramar. On our layover day, we rode north along the hilly cape to the lighthouse of Cap de Formentor. It was a challenging ride with spectacular views of Pollensa Bay and coastal cliffs with fantastic views of sea cliffs and stunning blue sea.

More Mallorca

Top 25 Most Dangerous Intersections in Colorado Springs

Dan Martin

You may have seen the article in The Gazette May 5th about dangerous intersections in the city. I got the data from the CSPD and provide the following interesting details to help you ride safe. The study was an internal CSPD effort that produced nine pages of documents. I've crunched the numbers and offer a few additional insights beyond the Gazette's article.

The meat of that Gazette article identified the top 10 most dangerous city intersections. That is fine, as far as it goes, but just how dangerous are they and how much more dangerous are they than the others? More importantly, what can we do about it as riders? Here are some of the answers. You can decide how much effort to put into avoiding the hazards.

Let's start with this table, which lists the number of accidents during 2013 at all 25 studied intersections. Note the right most column, which shows the deviation about the mean of those accident numbers. It is clear that I-25 & Woodman is by far the most dangerous. The next ranked intersection is less than half as far from the mean. So if you are willing to go out of your way to avoid one intersection, make it I-25 & Woodman.

Notice that the total number of crashes throughout the city adds up to nearly eight times the number of crashes at all of these 25 intersections combined. This indicates that you would do well to avoid as many of the worst of these intersections as practical. The question is, which are the worst?

Check out the next graph and notice two things. First, notice that the number of crashes at the top nine intersections are all above or at the mean, indicating that these intersections see more accidents than the others.

Continuing Story & Graphs
Bent Fork - Volume 7, Issue 1 - Vol 7, Issue 3 - 1 June 2014