Vol 7, Issue 2 - 1 April 2014

Hello from the CSCC Bent Fork Editors

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell

We're still skiing! It's time to tune up our bicycles and sign up for the National Bike Challenge in May.  Thank you very much to the members for sharing all of your articles and pictures.

Join the Jelly Bean Ride with a Twist! -- on our 20 April Sunday Social  ride -- party goodies at the end of the ride!

Check the CSCC "Ride & Events Calendar" for bike rides and bike club activities.

Bike and Byways Map online...spring is here and for those who ride bicycles, the fever is high! So the Colorado Department of Transportation is making its Bike and Byways Map available as a mobile application, providing instant information. While the hard-copy version of the map provides road data such as shoulder widths and traffic volumes, the electronic version will have more info.  It includes the location of bike shops, restaurants and welcome centers. Directions, which allow bike riders to get point-to-point directions. The app also has street views, so users can see the road and determine if it fits their cycling abilities. It also will provide alerts such as road closures and detours.
Download at http://dtdapps.coloradodot.info/bike

Want More Bike Lanes

Press Release - Rising From Ashes

Dave VanDerWege

,  Award-winning documentary file about Team Rwanda will premiere in Colorado Springs on Thursday, April 24 at 7 p.m. when the cycling film screens at Stargazers Theatre & Event Center. The event is sponsored by the newly created CSprings Bike Initiative

Advance tickets are $11 and can be purchased online at www.imathlete.com/events/risingfromashes.
Tickets at the door will be $15. Stargazers Theatre & Event Center is located at 10 S. Parkside Drive in Colorado Springs.

The CSprings Bike Initiative is the new bicycling advocacy organization being created from the merger of the past advocacy efforts of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club and the Pikes Peak Area Bikeways Coalition. Its mission is to become the collective and consistent voice for “Bike Culture” in the community. The first goal is to develop the communication hub for “all things bike” in the Pikes Peak Region. The film event will give the community the opportunity to meet the new organization.

Select PRESS RELEASE below to read more abou the film.

For more information about the film, or to view the trailer, go to www.risingfromashesthemovie.com, or on Facebook at Rising From Ashes The Movie.


Volunteers Needed 5 & 6 April Bike Races Hosted at USAFAâ€

Lt. Col. Len Cabrera

Please consider volunteering for the Collegiate and Open Bike Races hosted at the Air Force Academy on 5 & 6 Apr The intent is to have Colorado College provide the majority of volunteers for the Saturday races and USAFA cadets for the Sunday races. Still, we'd like to get other volunteers for "adult" supervision, especially anyone with a  DOD ID card.  Please contact me as soon as possible if you can support this event.

Thank you, Lt Col Len Cabrera, Officer-in-Charge, Cadet Cycling Club
(719) 333-3068  (DSN 333-)
(719) 333-7137  (FAX)

Your editor (Sharon Boyd (sharon_boyd_co@msn.com) has flyers, a volunteer list which shows how many people we need to do what and when, and a standard USA Cycling volunteer release form.

Young & Indestructibleâ€

Vern Pitcher

Fasten your seat belt!


CSCC Shamus McSpud Ride

Bill Gast

Our CSCC Spud Ride Hosts!

Shamus Mc Spud Ride on Sunday, 16 March
A group of bicyclists celebrated St Patrick's Day with CSCC and rode for spuds from Acacia Park to our host's home on a beautiful, sunny day.

Volunteers Makeover COSprings Bike Park

Andrea Sinclair-Out There, Gazette

Twenty local dirt bikers with shovels begin the process of shaping mounds of dirt into jumps at Goose Gossage Skate Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado Sunday, March 16, 2014
Read more at http://outtherecolorado.com/volunteers-give-colorado-springs-bike-park-a-makeover/article/1516560#mlmVYrCZ3kylKBEs.99
Local dirt bikers begin the process of shaping several mounds of dirt into jumps at Goose Gossage Skate Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado Sunday, March 16, 2014
Read more at http://outtherecolorado.com/volunteers-give-colorado-springs-bike-park-a-makeover/article/1516560#mlmVYrCZ3kylKBEs.99

Pedalin' for St. Patty's Day Ride

Photos Courtesy of Vern Pitcher


Tracy Draper - Face Book

Good morning. My name is Tracy Draper and I'm hoping to do a little networking with your club. This June our team is coming through Colorado Springs on a cross country ride for our wounded service members. We will be riding into town from Woodland Park on June 18th to visit Garden of the Gods and USAFA then going back to our hotel for a rest day. On the 20th we will ride from GoG to La Junta. We would love to have some locals accompany us!  Please reply if you are interested; part of our excitement is meeting cyclists from all across the nation. Read more about us on RideAcrossUSA.com.    Thanks and have a great day!

Our Mission: Ordinary people doing extraordinary things for one reason: to give HOPE to our warriors.

2014 Upa Downa Pedal party

McCabe's Tavern

Every Wednesday evening at 5:30pm. "The Joy Ride," officially starts in May with everyone entered to win a Fat Tire bike who attends 5 or more rides. Join the fun at...McCabe's Tavern,
520 S Tejon St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903

New Article

Al Brody

Strategic planning for the Ditch the Ditch the Ditches Program. 
Allen Beauchamp at Monument Creek, during the Sunday Social Ride on 2 MAR 2014.  Hoar frost was covering all of the trees as the temps hovered in the low 20s. 

Colorado Springs has 26 drainage basins which all have some bicycle transportation / recreation value.  The Ditch the Ditches program was a knee jerk reaction to two children who drowned in a drainage canal during a summer rainstorm.  Colorado Springs Parks department is working on a project called "Creekside".  This project's goal is to encourage people to go to and into Moument Creek and experience our local waterway.  Allen and I are just doing our part to lead this bandwagon to treat our waterways with respect, but use them in ways that have recently been discouraged.   Al Brody

Sunday Snowcial Rides

Al Brody

Sunday Snowcial Ride 2 March 2014

Sunday Snowcial Ride 2 February 2014 with Al Brody, Allen Beauchamp, Lee Wilmon, and Geoff Ames.

CSCC Membership Info

Sara Hill

  (1) Family memberships are eligible for two adult online logins. With each login, members can comment on the message boards or respond to surveys independently. If you wish to have a second adult login, please contact Membership at  membership@bikesprings.org. Provide the following information: Name on membership account, secondary member's name and email along with a preferred username. If you have a preference for billing identity, indicate this as well.
  (2) Has your personal information changed? Don't forget you can update your mailing address, phone numbers and email at anytime by logging into the membership area and clicking the "Change Contact/Profile Information" link under Member Information. You can even change your username.
 (3) You can check your membership payment status online - and pay online as well.

If you have questions regarding membership, please contact Sara Hill, Membership Coordinator at  membership@bikesprings.org.

President's Message

Charlie Czar

Photo Courtesy of Vern Pitcher
Charlie Czar, President; Janine Hegeman, Vice President, Sharon Boyd, Secretary and Sara Hill, Treasurer - 2014 CSCC Officers

First, the CSCC monthly meeting is Tuesday, 1 April at the Garden of the Gods Citizens Center (the old Intel Building).  Snacks start at  6pm and the meeting starts at 6:30pm .  As an experiment, the caterer this month is Chick-fil-A--come see what Bill Gast and Tori Giffin "cooked up for us".  Dennis Struck is our featured presenter and he will speak to planning multi-day rides (that we should find useful as we plan summer vacation/staycation adventures).  We'll also have some pictures and video related to the St Pat's Health Expo, St Pat Ride associated to the Parade, and the Club's Spud Ride.

Second, Check the Club's Web site http://www.bikesprings.org/  for details of how you can help CC and AF Academy run the collegiate and open bike races next weekend, .

Third, BVBF needs to be poping up on your horizon; see the Club Web site or BVBF website for details.

Fourth, The Club is helping get the word out and people to attend Stargazers April 24th for the movie "Rising From Ashes".  See the Web site for details.

Fifth, Starlight Spectacular is Jun 14th.  You can help with/at the Club hosted Bancroft Park Rest Area and/or do the ride.  See the Web site for details.

Sixth, The National Bike Challenge starts May 1st; register on CSCC's team!  The League of American Bicyclists (LAB) put out a new software platform to track miles this year.  It doesn't seem to have kept any data from last year.  I haven't signed up (and obiviously haven't set up the Club's team yet) but hope to before this Tuesday's Club Meeting.  Remember the Club Team finished #4 Nationally last year out of nearly 2,100 teams (#1 team in Colorado).  I'll get EMAILs out to update the Club members as we go through April.

Seventh, as a reminder we have a few Club members with some health issues that are keeping them off their bikes.  Keep them in your thoughs, call and help them get through this challenginbg period.  They are Ronaele Foss (351-9775), Dave Horne (598-0020) and Peggy Seidel  (573-5050).

 Charlie Czar  :-)


Aaron Rosenthal

Coming to you from Sedona, Arizona...

As this edition of the Bent Fork Chronicles goes to press (so to speak), we are just over two months out from the 16th Annual Buena Vista Bike Fest.  As most of you know, this is the primary fundraiser for CSCC.  To date we are a fair bit behind pace related to registrations.  As a member of the club you can ask yourself "what can I do to help out?".  The answer ranges from a little to a lot.  Rather than just ignore this plea, start with something small.  If you are on Facebook then "Like" the BVBF page.  I don't tweet, but if you do then get the word out that way.  Is there anything else you can do via social media that can help to get the word out?
If you want to get more involved we need your help in any variety of ways.  You can sign up for the ride and smile the whole way knowing you are supporting your club via your registration fee.  You can volunteer...we still need lots of volunteers helping out in any number of ways.  Go to www.bvbf.org and via the Eventbrite site you can sign up to volunteer.  Do you want to volunteer and ride?  That's an option as we need help at registration and a variety of other jobs on Friday, 6 June. Can you arrive at Buena Vista early that day or can you get there by 6:00pm?  No matter, we can use your support.  Still think you will have some energy after you ride (especially after a good meal by Jan's and a Bristol or Eddyline beer)?  We need help with party breakdown starting at 6:00pm.  With lots of support, the things we need to do won't take very long.
So, if you ride with CSCC, take advantage of the numerous events that the club puts on throughout the year, enjoy the socialization and friendship opportunities that association with the club provides, then PLEASE give back a little to a lot.  We all benefit and it will make you feel good!!
Ride safely and we hope to see you at BVBF in one capacity or another.
The BVBF Committee

Spring Break in Sedona

Aaron Rosenthal

For spring break Janet and I went to Sedona, Arizona.  From past experiences, we wanted to go back for the opportunity to hit warm weather, phenomenal mountain biking, and the opportunity to re-energize for the final quarter of the school year.  Mission Accomplished!

Blue skies, red dirt trails, incredible vistas and ideal temps were the norm for the week.  While Sedona is limited in its road riding options, the mountain biking is some of the best to be found...period.  In addition, there are so many trails for all levels (particularly moderate to advanced) within 5-15 minutes of the town center that there is no way you can go wrong.   Our best purchase was a detailed local mountain biking map the lays out the trail options like a ski area map with green circle, blue square, and black diamond icons for each trail.  Positive challenges await, but even when you can't successfully do something, it is typically a very short walk before you are on your bike winding around the next bend.  The trail building is incredible and some of the routes take you from red dirt-to-slickrock, time and again.  We've been here several times and still have more trails to find.  Since our last visit, several new wonderful trails have been built. 
If you love mountain biking, this is a place you want to check out.  Ideal time is from March-June and September-November.  Summers aren't  as hot as Phoenix, as Sedona is at about 4500 feet.  Take a drive up the canyon to Flagstaff (about 30 minutes) and get to 7000 feet for cooler temps during the summer.  We haven't mountain biked there, but one of the books we have outlines numerous trails.  Ahh yes...yet another place to explore.  Feel free to contact us if you want more specific trail info as we are happy to share our thoughts.   One thing we know for sure...we will be back to do the trails we've come to love, and to explore those we haven't or have yet to be built.    Aaron & Janet

Now This is a Bike Race

Bill Gast

On February 13,  I boarded a DIA UA flight to Anchorage, Alaska. Fortunately, for the entire flight we had a clear sky with a full moon, which I enjoyed from my widow seat.  Flying over the Rocky Mountains and the Canadian Rockies, I recalled that my ultimate destination requires a 50-mile snow mobile ride up the Yenta River to the Burl Retreat Center.  My mind wondered, "what did I get my self into?  Did I have enough warm clothes for such a trip? Google indicated temps for that area were to be in the teens. Oh well, I am on my way with a group of men from Kansas and my brother in-law, who talked me into this adventure. No backing out now!

Touch down Anchorage--it's around midnight Alaska time, two hours later than Colorado time.  After checking into a hotel, I drifted off to sleep for a few hours, waking at 8 am. Looking outside, I quickly ;earned it was still dark for this late in the morning. It hit me, I'm in Alaska!  This is actually an advantage for a photographer; get up at 8am, have a leisurely breakfast, wonder outside at 9am and take sunrise shots of the mountains around Anchorage.  Touring around Anchorage with a personal guide during the day, I realized the only mountain bikes I saw were fat tire bikes. After enjoying the day, it was soon time to head back to the airport and meet the rest of the group from Leavenworth, KA.  

Click for Susitna 100

Pedaling for St. Pat’s 2014

Janine Hegeman

CSCC participated in the “3rd Annual Pedaling for St. Pat’s 50 K and Wee Bit More Bicycle Ride” in a BIG way. This year, we not only provided route and cue sheet development for the three routes (new this year), and  37 volunteers to staff the rest stops and course marshal positions, but the club also provided all the food and other supplies and marked the course as well. And many club members supported the effort by registering and enjoying the ride on March 15th.

After CSCC’s assistance with this event last year, John and Carol O’Donnell (event organizers) asked us to partner with them again.  We negotiated more involvement - along with a larger check for our efforts. This year we will receive $2,000 (in 2012 we received $500). After calculating expenses, the funds will be added to the profits we donate to support other cycling causes. The CSCC Board of Directors is examining an increase in these types of revenue streams to bolster the income received from the Buena Vista Bike Fest.


VIBeS' Skirtles Perform at CSCC Annual Meeting

Sharon Boyd, Co-Editor Bent Fork

Photographs courtesy of Vern Pitcher
Non-profit Visually Impaired & Blind Skiers (VIBeS) sing "The Sounds of Guidance" (a take on Simon and Garfunkle's Cecilia) about ski injuries and skiing blind, then pass the hat to raise funds to support their group's activities--skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and tandem bicycling!  Bring along a VIBeS member on the back of your tandem bicycle this summer.

VIBeS writes they are very, very thankful to the Colorado Springs Cycling Club for their donations to the annual benefit race! Sincere appreciation for your continued support!

VIBeS Skiers at Race Weekend, Monarch Resort

Dale and VIP skier at Breckenridge

Photograph courtesy of Sharon Boyd

Thank You for

Aaron Rosenthal

Just a quick note to truly thank all of you for what you did on February 26th to help pull off a fun cycling event.  Clearly this was a successful event by all accounts. It was great the CSCC Board supported this, too.  Aaron

CSCC presented A Winter of Cyclists , an amazing film about bike commuting through a Colorado winter at Old Town Bike Shop (thank you John).  The $5 entry fee provided participants a seat to the movie, a beer (thank you Bristol Brewing), glass of wine, soda and munchies.The film was followed by a Q and A session with the film's producer and one of the stars! 

Al's Bicycle Safety Tips for Bicycle Travelersâ€

Al Brody

Al is sharing bicycle travelers safety tips -- outstanding info to link to from the CSCC Bent Fork Chronicles.

Without a bicycle mirror, it's that much more difficult to see what's coming up from behind. But with a mirror on your bike, it's a piece of cake to see both in front of and behind your bicycle.  If you don't already have a mirror for your bicycle, I suggest you at least consider trying one out:  http://bicycletouringpro.com/blog/selecting-a-mirror-for-your-bicycle-tour/

Tips for defending yourself when traveling by bike; be sure to read the following article, which I've titled, "Three Weapons You Can Use To Defend Yourself While

If you are still concerned about your safety when riding a bike, you might want to look into getting yourself a
Road ID.   For more information on Road ID, visit the following link: http://bicycletouringpro.com/blog/road-id



How To Conduct Your Own Bike Tours:

Touring Bike Buyer's Guide:

Everything You Need To Know About Bicycle Touring:

Amazing Guided & Self-Guided Bicycle Tours:


Bicycle Touring Pro
6841 N. 2200 W., #13B
Park City, UT 84098, USA

CSCC Says Goodbye to the Carter Family

Sharon Boyd, Co-editor Bent Fork

Photograph courtesy of Vern Pitcher

On 22 March, the Carter family departed Colorado Springs. Last fall, Rush received a great business assignment in Huntsville AL. As a result the family closed their CS West Bike Shop and moved east.

Mindy and Rush joined CSCC in January, 2003. We watched their children grow up on our bike club rides and in their bike shop. They opened CS West Bike Shop in their home and watched it outgrow three different store fronts on the city's west side. Rush and Mindy (active CSCC members) led regular Sunday Hill Climb rides & Tuesday/Wednesday Half Century rides out of the parking lot of their store. Additionally, they were active in "Kids on Bikes". Goodbye friends!
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