Vol 3 Issue 1 February 2010

Letter From the Editor

Janine Hegeman

Happy New Year! I hope 2010 found you happy and healthy, and enjoying all the laughter  life has to offer, and coping with the occasional tear that maybe freezes on your face... Yes, Old Man Winter has his grip on us, but every now and then, we get a break. Like the Annual Frozen Water Bottle Ride: 50 hearty souls (pictured above) met at Trinity Brewing Company for a 23 mile ride on a sunny, but admittedly chilly day. However, no water bottles, toes, or fingers, were reported frozen amongst the happy group, so the day was counted a success. Thanks to Bob and Ann Smith who led the ride and have led it since 1987!

And what is going on in CSCC besides riding? Lots! We have a few new club officers, Al Brody has been busy with cycling advocacy, and the  social calendar is filling up for the spring. Bob Smith has been scanniong and downloading past CSCC newsletters (Check out his article in this edition on the early years of CSCC).The Buena Vista Bike Fest preparations are in full swing. Several new rides are being formed, such as an overnight camping ride, and a women's only ride. The Full moon rides are switching to a new schedule, with dinner before the ride. Check the ride calendar for more information.  Looking for a good deal on a new bike? CS West might have the one for you - they have an agreement with the company that makes Blue bikes to sell them for WHOLESALE for a limited time. These are nice bikes folks, check it out.

ALSO - the March CSCC club meeting will be our annual busines meeting. Please plan to attend the meeting March 2, 2010, 6:30 p.m. at the Clarion Hotel,  and get the scoop on all the business doings of CSCC.

2009 went out with a splash, with the best-attended Christmas party ever (and those who came received some nice gifts) and and amazing number of good riding days. 2010 will be just as good if not better. CSCC's board is in the process of setting goals and making plans, all with you, the cyclist, in mind. I met my personal goal for miles ridden with the club last year - 1,500. I plan to make that again this year, plus do all my regular non-club riding and one more century (100 mile) ride. How about you? Set a goal or two for cycling - you can do it! With CSCC, there's almost always a chance to jump on your bike and COME ALONG FOR THE RIDE!


Who Says Riding in Snow Ain't Fun?

Left  to right: Rich Hostak (where's the shorts, Rich?), Steve Lancaster, and Bernie Hessmer on the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail on Jan. 2, 2010 Photo by Bill Gast

CONTEST! Let's Replace the Banner Photo!

Janine Hegeman

It is a new year and time for fresh new look for the newsletter banner and the webpage banner. Any photographers out there with an excellent eye for capturing the spirit of CSCC? Submit your best photos to me! (One per person, please). Photos must be in jpeg format, high resolution. Please include with your photo: who is in it, who took it, what the photo is about or a title, where it was taken, and when the photo was taken. And make sure any people in the photos are okay with having their picture on the world-wide web. (Sorry, but pictures lacking this information can't be considered.)

Two winners will be announced at the March club meeting, and both will receive a $20 gift certificate to CS West Bike Shop. Each winning entry will be posted on the banner for three months, and we hope to have another contest in the fall.

So get snappin', shutterbugs! Browse through your collections, too, and good luck! Submit photos and information to j9h@comcast.net by Feburary 20th!

P.S. I am looking for people to be "semi-official club photographers." Dave Horne and I could use some help, and we know there are some talented folks out there - let me know if you'd like to assist.


Sara Hill - Membership Coordinator

Welcome New Members!

Charles Sheehan & family, Doug Johnson, Elizabeth & Nate Searing, Jonathon Rowell & family, Jamey Robbins, Keith Kolb, Kevin Cox, Andy Garrobo, Robin Bruson & family, Bryan & Jodi Miller, Chris & Eileen Gonzalez, Thomas Hagney & family, Scott Foster & family, Stanley Byler,

Renewing members-Thanks!

Charlie & Barb Czarniecki, Bud Reynolds, Dave & Kathy VanDerWege, Ryan Morey, Ed Terhune, Doug Pape, Jim McCreary, Susie Quinn, Nard Claar, John Cunningham, Michael Wallace, Dean & Becky Myers, Bert Boyce & Family, Carolyn Myers & Dick Woods.

NOTE: Family memberships are eligible for two adult online logins. With each login, members can comment on the message boards or respond to surveys independently. If you wish to have a second adult login, please contact Membership at membership@bikesprings.org. Provide the following information: Name on membership account, secondary member's name and email along with a preferred username. If you have a preference for billing identity, indicate this as well.

Other questions regarding membership? Feel free to contact Sara Hill, Membership Coordinator at membership@bikesprings.org anytime.

Socially Yours

Chris Conboy

Hello Fellow Club Members: I hope all of you are enjoying the New Year and getting some rides in as the days are getting longer. Me, my need for speed is satisfied  by going down snowy (but not so much this year!) slopes with two long boards strapped to my feet. I figure skiing is good cross training for biking-right?

I would again like to say a big "Thank-you" to all the club members, guests, and Clarion staff that made our holiday dinner party the biggest and best ever. I counted over 101 folks through the door and with the good food, entertainment and dancing, it made for a spectacular event. Speaking of events, we have our monthly club meeting coming up on Feb. 2 (6:30 at the Clarion) with the new prez Charlie Czar giving us a re-cap of the Board retreat and other doings.

Also, coming up is the Valentine's Sweetheart Ride (would someone like to coordinate this?), the Shamus McSpud Hot Potato Ride on March 14th,  and Buena Vista Bike Fest. I hear that our registrations are even further ahead than last years at this time. CeCe and Joan will head up the Theme Team and more folks are needed to round out the volunteers that are already on board. Please contact them to get the "Building" and "Fun" schedule at the Garage Mahal. The more the merrier! I, for one,am looking forward to the "unveiling" of this year's Theme. Looking ahead, after Buena Vista, I hope to schedule some "out and back" rides with a social mix and meet. Camping is always good in the Spring. Pueblo State Park beckons me...... As always, I look forward to more ideas from YOU, our membership. Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me with your ideas and suggestions. See you on the 2nd! Socially Yours, Chris

Peak Region Cyclist Bicycle Show

David Pico

(Editor's note: Peak Region Cyclist is a fantastic magazine with great information about everything cycling in our area).

Kickstart the cycling season this spring with the #1 cycling show in the state at the 2nd Annual Peak Region Cyclist Bicycle Show!

March 6th, 10am-3pm
Norris-Penrose Event Center, Colorado Springs

  • Bicycle shops from the Pikes Peak Region
  • Bicycle manufacturers from across Colorado
  • Advocacy and Trail Building Groups
  • Vintage Bicycle Display
  • Bicycle Art
  • $5 entry fee

Read our "Green Issue" online at: www.peakregioncyclist.com

Add us on LinkedIn.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidxpico

Follow us on: Facebook and on Twitter @PRCyclist

Peak Region Cyclist is the Official Print Media Sponsor of the Carmichael Training Systems Sand Creek Series.



Buena Vista Bike Fest 2010

Aaron Rosenthal

(Editor's note: BVBF is filling FAST; by the time of publication it may be full. So much for the economic downturn - just  goes to show it's one of the best values in cycling in Colorado.) 

So what type of person are you? The type that plans well ahead, months in advance for things you want to do? Or are you the type that lives more day-to-day and has a hard time making a commitment to something more than a week or two in the future? Regardless of your comfort zone, the opportunity to ride the Buena Vista Bike Fest on May 15th 2010 will no longer be an option in the very near future. Our lone club fundraiser is on track reach the registration cap of 800 by very early February. Here’s how rapidly BVBF is filling up: January 11: 365; January 18: 480; January 20: 547; January 24: 641. Register now by going to www.bvbf.org  

Don’t fret too much if you miss the chance to ride BVBF. There are still plenty of opportunities to be a part of this great event. VOLUNTEER! There are numerous openings for all kinds of fun positions. To make BVBF one of Colorado’s premier cycling events, we need about 50 volunteers. Just go to www.bvbf.org and click on the “Volunteer Form” link. Descriptions of the job duties are listed. All volunteers will receive a BVBF t-shirt and admission to Saturday’s post ride party, including BBQ lunch, Bristol beer, and soft drinks. Full Day volunteers will also receive a “Volunteer Appreciation Gift”. Finally, CSCC members get a $15 discount when purchasing a BVBF cycling jersey (made by Primal) if ordered by February 28, 2010. From the Volunteer Form, click on BVBF (top right) and then BVBF 2010 Jersey Offer. Ask not what the Colorado Springs Cycling Club can do for you. Ask what you can do to make BVBF a great event for all who participate.

Meet the New Club Officers

Janine Hegeman

I thought you'd want to know a little about a few of our newly elected officers, and hear little about what they do. All of our new board members are long-time members of the club and (of course!) avid cyclists. Please offer a congrats the next time you see them on a ride!

Rich Hostak is our new Vice President of Programs. Besides the obvious of assisting Charlie with his direction for the club, and filling in for him if he’s not available, Rich will have the responsibility of scheduling speakers for the club meetings, as well as slide shows and talks by our members. He intends to be very pro-active working with the chair of the rides committee as well as advocacy. Rich would like to increase the size of the club so we will have more ‘clout’ to get roads striped with bike lanes, signs, etc. He'd also like to work on getting the club name out in the community, work more with other groups, (like Bicycle Colorado, Medicine Wheel, NIMBA, etc.). And last but not least, Rich wants to see more awareness as we ride and more courtesy on our part to other vehicles and pedestrians (this seems to be easier said than done).

Kerry Hefta is our new Secretary. Everyone knows that a secretary takes notes, but Kerry intends to cast a vote for more cycling education of club members: how to ride in groups, traffic awareness, and training. She'd also like to echo Rich’s goals of safety, community awareness and working with other groups.

Sara Hill is our new treasurer. She served as membership coordinator for a few years, so she's got some experience with the duties of the treasurer, having observed Ronaele Foss doing the job so well. And  Katie Zimmann will assist Sara with membership duties.

Thanks everyone!

Advocacy News

Al Brody

When I was stationed at Cape Canaveral, I was a member of the Space Coast Freewheelers. It was a recreational bike club similar to CSCC. The most meaningful and memorable ride for me was the Annual Toy Run to an orphanage. We would load up our bikes and ride about 20 miles to an orphanage where we would personally deliver the toys to the kids. The interaction between the kids and the club members remains with me as one of those magical moments in life that although fleeting, just seem to stick in your mind forever.

I have a friend, Kaylynn, who works for http://rockymountainkids1.com/  a local orphanage for kids that have been abused or neglected in the foster care system. Kaylynn asked me if I could help as Rocky Mountain Kids receive very limited funds and can use just about any kind of donation. I thought about it and would like to offer the service of going for a bike ride with the kids. They don't have bikes so whoever commits to trying this will need to provide a loaner bike for the ride. I believe the test ride will prove to be the beginning of a meaningful and memorable way for CSCC members to give back to some very special young people in our community.
Please let me know if you are interested in blazing this new path with me.

Below are a couple of other bits and pieces that you may be interested in. Thanks, Al Brody

This is worth reading for any cyclist that rides on the road.

This is a good article about Randy Neufeld, probably the most accomplished bike advocate in our time. He came to visit us and was the SRAM employee that presented the CSCC with the Advocacy check for $10,000.

This is probably more than most cyclists want to know but it is good info to have access to: 2009 Edition of the MUTCD Available – Dated December 2009 – Includes shared lane marking, new routes signage, and the pedestrian hybrid signals -  http://mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov/kno_2009.htm

This is the text of an e-mail sent to Jim Sayer after the Adventure Cycling Gathering. I will keep the author's identity private but I believe the message is powerful and represents what CSCC tries to accomplish - inspiring people to ride.

Subject: Attention: Mr. JIM SAYER Executive Director

Howdy, just a thank you for your presentation at Old Town Bike Shop on Friday, Dec. 4th. I'll be honest Jo and I are just returning to cycling again after a few years away. I originally purchased "hardtail" MTB's, figuring that we'd mostly ride "off road" but found out we really prefer rail/trails and road to bouncing down mountains. ;)
We've converted our MTB's to more roadworthy "hybrids" and have slowly started our road riding to get to were we can "tour". When I first saw the Adventure Cycling web page, I thought, "O Gee", it's for the rich folks but the more I read the more I liked what I got out of your site and when you really "pushed" the point of the "Weekend/Overnight" type touring, I knew we'd need to join your organization, which we will as of Jan. Basically we [are] pretty damn poor in status in the USA, we live on $25,000 a year and don't own a car, (we borrowed one to get to the presentation, I took a hard fall on some ICE on the bike a week ago and wasn't ready to fight ice at NIGHT!) but you really made us feel like we actually can be a part of the bicycle touring family, thanks!

Happy Holidays!


History of CSCC - The Early Years

Bob Smith

This article is the first of a series of articles I intend to write this year about the first 24 years of the CSCC. In 2011, the club will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary. The purpose of these articles is to share some of the past 24 years and may generate some Flash Back CSCC Trivia!

Anne and I moved to Colorado Springs in late spring of 1985. We had started cycling in 1983 in Dallas and were members of the Greater Dallas Bicyclists (GDB). We had hoped the Springs would have a similar club but we what found was the Strada Bicycle Club. The club was aging with a relatively small membership and very few rides. Their rides mostly met on Saturday and Sundays near the Fine Arts Center in Monument Park on Dale Street. Often the ride leader was either very late or didn't show up. Strada rides were typically 10-12 MPH and nearly always included breakfast or lunch. Also, Strada sponsored the Hardscrabble Century in mid September during Pioneer Days in Florence. It was a great fall ride and was eventually taken over and run by CSCC after Strada disbanded in the early 90s. (The Hardscrabble Century will be discussed more in my next segment.)

I was working for Digital Equipment at the time, and there were quite a few cyclist doing rides. We rode a lot by ourselves which helped us learn the streets and how best to get around the city by bike. I regularly commuted to work by bike between 85 and late 92. I rode the 85 Hardscrabble Century and Anne was my personal sag. At one of the rest stops, we met Jim and Suzy Cerrato. They were members of GDB and were planning to move to the Springs.
1986 was a big year for Colorado Cycling, with the Inaugural Denver Post Ride the Rockies, the World Cycling Championships, the Coors Classic with a full complement of world class teams including La Vie Claire with Greg Lemond and Bernard Hinault. These cyclists went on to tremendous success - Greg Lemond won the Tour de France in and Bernard Hinault the Coors Classic in 1986.
Also in 1986, Anne and I purchased our first tandem: a Santana Sovereign. We rode the first Ride the Rockies (Grand Junction to Denver). In 1987, we rode the second Ride the Rockies (Durango to Denver). These cross state rides hooked us on tandem riding and set in motion many of things the CSCC would do once we got more entrenched into the club.

And 1986 also saw the birth of CSCC. Jim & Suzy contacted us once they settled in the Springs that year. Jim & Suzy, Anne & I, Ed & Carol Spillman (owners of the Colorado Springs Bike Shop), Ed & Bonnie (daughter and current owners), Efrain (Cruz) & Pat Cruz, Bill Rewarts, Bob Coleman, Jim & Susan Hoge, John Roebke and Bob Bradler were some of the charter members of CSCC. A few hundred bucks seed money from the bike shop and a dozen or so dues paying members launched the Colorado Springs Cycling Club. CSCC was truly the vision of Ed & Carol Spillman and Jim Cerrato.

The first official CSCC ride was an organizational ride in October 1986 with 40 riders. The ride had a Halloween theme. In November the club had a Thanksgiving Ride called the Tour de Turkey, modeled after a ride of the same name in Denton, TX. On January 1, 1987 I led my first ride for the club called the New Year's Day Ride. After the ride everyone had lunch at the Pizza Hut at Chapel Hills Mall. During lunch we decided that the ride needed a real name and should be called the Frozen Water bottle Ride. It just happened that our water bottles froze during the 25 mile ride at 25 degrees!
The first elected officers were Jim Cerrato, President, Bob Coleman, Vice President and Bonnie Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer. Bob Coleman did the work to get CSCC incorporated in Colorado. Our first club meeting location was at Bob Coleman’s office on Union east of Academy. My first position with the club was Associate Ride Captain. Officers often held two positions. Bob Coleman was Newsletter Editor and published our first newsletter in April 1987. Bob resigned in the fall of 87 and I was elected Vice President which led to me becoming President in 1988. Club meetings then moved to North Junior High at Uintah and El Paso.
A schedule of planned rides was published in early 1987. Rides were mostly themed - centering on holidays, such as, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day, etc. These rides had small fees to cover expenses for LAW (now LAB) Patches, snacks and drinks. Members were notified via mail or postings at the Colorado Spring Bike Shop - no internet, message boards, or website! If there was no other Sunday ride on the schedule, then the ride was a 1:00 PM Sunday Show and Go from the Bike Shop. The first summer ride & picnic was held at Manitou Lake near Woodland Park and the first Christmas Ride, Party and Award Banquet on December 20, 1987. The first Monday Dinner Ride was September 14, 1987. On Wednesdays we had the Lunch Bunch Ride. There were no regular scheduled Saturday rides because many of our members were doing other rides or racing somewhere throughout the State. In the summer our members spent Tuesday and Thursday evenings either watching or participating in racing track at the 7-Eleven Velodrome. Additionally, we listed numerous other rides including Strada Rides on our event schedule.

At the September meeting members voted on a logo design from several submissions. Anne’s design won and it remains the club logo to this day.

When I took office as president, the club was struggling; we only had about $180 in the treasury.
We moved club meetings to our home on Wilson Road. The first issue we decided was whether to dissolve the club or to try continue. We decided that we needed a fundraiser event. That event would be a very aggressive undertaking. It was a two day out and back century tour (200 miles) on the third weekend of May from Florence to Buena Vista and back to Florence.

Why did we choose Florence to Buena Vista? Florence was the host city for Strada’s Hardscrabble Century, The city was accustom to cyclists, located near the Arkansas River and was approximately 100 miles from Buena Vista. Buena Vista was one of the overnight locations on our 1987 Ride the Rockies. We really enjoyed the beauty of the area and its location along the Arkansas River. We were trying to model the ride after a similar event on Mother’s Day weekend in Ohio called Tour of the Scioto River Valley (TOSRV) Columbus to Portsmouth and back. Our ride was called the Tour of the Arkansas River Valley (TOARV).

All LAW (now LAB) cycling clubs had spring and/or fall centuries to raise money to sustain their clubs. Anne and I, having ridden two late June Ride the Rockies (RTR), felt that Colorado needed a prep ride for RTR. TOARV would become that prep ride. The club was really short on funds, so Anne and I fronted all the startup costs hoping the ride would draw upwards of a 100 riders. We learned new events are very slow starters and we only had 33 riders! We did not lose money. We actually covered all our costs and added $3.50 to the treasury. Our club pulled off our first successful event and membership began to grow and so did TOARV event over the next nine years to a peak of 350 riders.

In my first year as president club membership grew and we began to offer more regularly scheduled rides. We continued many of the 1987 holiday themed rides, summer picnic, winter Holiday Party and Awards Banquet. The Halloween Ride became the Progressive Dinner Ride. TOARV is now BVBF.

To learn more about the Club’s history, click on the newsletter link on the web site and read some of the past newsletters that are linked there.

The Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol 3 Issue 1 February 2010

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