From the CSCC Bent Fork Editors

Searching for a picture for the Editors column for this October edition of the Bent Fork, Sharon ran across the photo you see above.  The helmets should indicate to you that this snapshot was not taken recently.  So, flash back to summer 1992 where were you?  Sharon and Dale happened to be bicycling in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).  We had flown from Jax FL (then home for us) and joined Dales parents on their summer motor home trip, catching up with them in Rapid City, SD.  The trip eventually brought us to Estes Colorado, our first experience with Colorado in the Summer Time.  Taking in the surrounding scenery, we knew that we just had to rent mountain bikes and take a ride.  Yep!  The then Flatlanders tackled Trail Ridge Road (or at least the lower part of the eastern side).  Now, flash forward 21 years....


On 8 September 2013, after spending a night in Granby, Dale and Sharon drove through RMNP and were in awe of a coming thunder storm.  Stopping near the top of Trail Ridge Road, we had an in-vehicle picnic, watching the storm roll across that part of the Rockies.  Little did we know that it was only foreshadowing (literary speak) of more to come.  We drove through Estes Park and Lyons on the way home, marveling at the scenery.  Later that week, sitting at home and seeing images of the flood devastation in those same areas, we could hardly believe the changes wrought by Nature in the ensuing days after our brief visit on 8 September.


As fellow Colorado residents, we wish that folks impacted by the storms the best during the recovery period ahead.  While tourism in those areas is impacted this fall, we hope that by September 2014, the areas are well on the way to recovery.


Looking through this edition of the Newsletter, there are a variety of articles for your reading enjoyment.  Be sure to open the documents linked in the article Stan Hill provided about he and Karens travels in Spain this year.  The photos will have you planning a trip to the Iberian Peninsula.  Also, take a look at the description of the upcoming monthly Club meeting locations.  And, Bill Gast has provided a summary of events planned for the remainder of the year.  There are also thanks for volunteers and another volunteer opportunity is described in another article.  So, enjoy the reading.  And the riding! And the arithmetic.  Count on being safe while you're out there riding!






CSCC October Meeting

The next CSCC meeting will be 1 October at the Ivywild School (Bristol Brewery); near Cascade and Tejon.  Well be in their Gym banquet room. 

Snacks start at 6:30pm & meeting at 7pm.  Our featured speaker will be Adam Miller, co-owner of Fat Bike Company, who make Borealis bikes in a new facility in Colorado Springs. 

Come to the meeting early; it may take a little time to find a parking space.

CSCC Social Happenings

Well the days are getting shorter and there has been a little frost on the pumpkins, but there is a lot coming up to finish out the year. Reach for your calendar.

First up on 12 OCT there will be a fall color ride in Pueblo along the river trail. Meet at 8:00am at the Park and Ride between Nevada and South Tejon to car pool. Lunch may either be at the Coyote Caf or bring a sack lunch. A SAG will be provided. Be sure to bring a patch kit as I am told goat heads may exist. RSVP to Bill Gast at BGhatman@msn.com so we can get a head-count.

Next up is the Progressive Dinner Ride on 20 OCT. This is by far the largest Sunday ride of the year. We have three hosts all set to go. Meet at Acacia Park at 12:00pm & come hungry!

NOV brings the Tour de Turkey Sunday Social Ride--anything can happen on this ride for all the turkeys.

7 DEC is the Parade of Lights with a "chili social" to warm up after at the Garage Mahal.

8 DEC is a night to shed the lycera and get guessied-up for the Holiday Party at the Antlers hotel starting at 5:30pm.   More info to follow for this event. That's it! Lots to look forward to the end of the year--New Years Frozen Water Bottle Ride! 

Bill Gast


Rising from Ashes

5 years in the making, the film Rising From Ashes, is the redemption story of Rwandan's first ever national cycling team. Rising from the ashes of an unthinkable genocide, 5 riders have become ambassadors of hope for a country destined to rise from their past to a promising future.

Ancestor of Bike Friday?

by Dale Campbell

In preparation for 90th birthday celebration, I was searching through some of my dads old Korean War era photos.  Layered in a stack of 120 film contact prints were two photos of a bicycle.  Scanning the photos to create digital copies, I was able to use some editing and get a better idea of the details for this folded bike.  The name on the bike's chain guard appears to be Puppy (see photo above).  So, being a good Internet citizen, I started searching for more information...

Vintage Folding Bike Details...

Road Improvements

Over the summer,  portions of Centennial Blvd near 30th Street were cut up and resurfaced. The bike lanes received special treatment. The roads were given the typical hard surface and the bike lanes got a softer material that rides smoother and quieter. At each intersection the bike lane transitions to hard surface (visible surface change) in the area that cars turn. Note, rocks have  appeared since the quarry reopened.

Other roads of note.  The Pine Loop on the AF Academy was resurfaced over the summer and ride-ready in late August.  Dublin Blvd is paved between Peterson and Marksheffel, making Dublin a major bike East-West road in north Colorado Springs.

2013 National Bike Challenge

The League of American Bicyclists (LAB) is finishing their 2nd year of the National Bike Challenge

The CSCC team did extremely well this summer.  We rode for fun and logged our miles.  We ended up being far and away the best in Colorado and one of the national powers.  Well look at the results (both team and individual) after the LAB end the Challenge.  CSCC has 114 members signed up on our Team.  Refer to the CSCC website for additional information.

CSCC Sunday Social Ride

Rules of the Road....

No Drop Ride!  The Leader
and Sweep will work through the course with the intent to not leave anyone behind.

Note: this process works best, when the riders stay between the Leader and Sweep.  If you chose to ride ahead of the Leader there is a good chance that you'll miss a turn and be on your own ride.  If you choose to ride off the front, then you need to tell the Leader that you are leaving.  If you are struggling and decide to return to the start or choose to take a different route home, then you need to tell Sweep that you are going off the back.  In both cases the ride can continue knowing that you elected to ride alone and wont be delayed while we retrace the course trying to find you.  When you post a corner you need to stay until the Sweep comes through.  If you don't, then the back of the ride will miss the turn and the 2 groups become separated.  A cell phone call is the only way to get the ride back together.

If we follow the ride protocol, then well have a good ride.  If we don't follow the protocol, then well waste a lot of ride time trying to make the best of a bad situation, and everyone gets frustrated.

President's Message

Barb and I have enjoyed a pretty good summer of bicycle riding.  In spring, Barb joined the clubs National Bike Challenge team, and she rode more miles this year than ever before.  Barb earned 2,000 points (almost Platinum level).  The website indicates 10 of us on the CSCC 114-person team reached the highest (Diamond) level.  I rode all but 1 day during the challenge.  CSCC is way ahead of everyone in Colorado and looks like well finish #4 in the Country!

Events: the CSCC Progressive Dinner Ride is coming up 20 OCT, and we just signed a contract to hold the Holiday Party at the Antlers Hotel on Sunday, 8 DEC.  Note, Saturday bookings were $15/person more at venues researched; it appears this day is the only weekend conducive for group parties.




More President Says

CSCC Election--Candidates

You have seen the web page posting about this November's Club elections.  www.bikesprings.org   The four positions are not difficult, we just need some "adult leadership" to keep the bike club moving.  Most of the Club work is done by people on the Board of Directors, all are active and do their functions very well.  We are about to start the Bike Club's 28th Year; as a group we've excelled; we need a few more people to "pitch-in".

Club Officer elections are this November .  A Nomination Committee was formed (in accordance with Club By-Laws) and announced at the September Club meeting.  Listed below are the position descriptions for Club President, Vice-President(s), Secretary, and Treasurer.  Anyone can run for these positions.  If you are interested or want to submit someone's name then call one of the nomination committee and they will check into it :
- Chris Davenport; phone 641-7253; email davendale@msn.com
- Vern Pitcher; phone 598-3799; email vmpitcher@msn.com
- Shelly Mann; phone 390-1884; email tlgitw@msn.com

The election will be by electronic website voting between 1-30 November 2013.  Newly elected officers will take office 1 January 2014 for a 2-year term.

Read Descriptions

Membership Updates

 (1) Family memberships are eligible for two adult online logins. With each login, members can comment on the message boards or respond to surveys independently. If you wish to have a second adult login, please contact Membership at  membership@bikesprings.org. Provide the following information: Name on membership account, secondary member's name and email along with a preferred username. If you have a preference for billing identity, indicate this as well.




 (2) Has your personal information changed? Don't forget you can update your mailing address, phone numbers and email at anytime by logging into the membership area and clicking the "Change Contact/Profile Information" link under Member Information. You can even change your username.

(3) You can check your membership payment status online - and pay online as well.

Welcome New Members:
Gary Breig, Penny Cole, Mary Ensminger, Everett & Family, Sara Hye, Tim Kloth & Family, James Lewis & Family, Phebe Swope and Dan Martin

Renewing members Thank you!:
Trish & Bear Aten, John Cozad & Family, Joanne Currence, Steve Dass, Doug Dawson, Gary Dean, Denise & Paul Eckstein, Bev Fallis, Marisa Farro-Miro, Bill Gast, Randy Gearhart & Family, Rich & Sherrie Hostak, Paula Krantz, Chris Lieber & Family, Larry & Shelly Mann, Bret & Kelley Mathers, Matthew Meuche, Roger Neeland, Brian & Dawn Plumer, Cathy Ritzers, P.K. Robinson, Carol Runnells & Family, Jim Sledz, Terry Smith, Terre Topp, John VanNorman, Mike Wallace & Family

If you have other questions regarding membership, please contact Sara Hill, Membership Coordinator at  membership@bikesprings.org

Sara Hill, CSCC Treasurer & Membership Coordinator


Monthly Club Meeting Research

 The Club's Board of Directors selected two locations after a
year of alternative consideration, and decided to hold two
meetings at each to allow club membership the opportunity to decide which location is preferred. The first location is the Bristols Gym at their Ivywild School (1604 S. Cascade Ave). Club meetings will be held there in October and November. The second location is the El Paso County Citizens Service Center (the old Intel building) on Garden of the Gods Road. The January and February 2014 club meetings will be held at this location. Membership will be surveyed, and the CSCC Board of Directors will do an assessment and present findings to membership at the March 2014 Annual Business meeting. Attend those meetings and let us know what you think.

Read September's CLUB MINUTES for additional details.. They are located in the News Items Column on the Club Website www.bikesprings.org/index.php

2nd Annual CSCC President's Pre-Inaugural Tour of COS


The weather held on Saturday, 10 August, so 9 cyclists took
the challenge to ride the "Tour of Colorado Springs" ride departing from America the Beautiful Park.  This ride was delayed from 29 June due to impacts from the Black Forest fire.  In 2013, the Tour of Colorado Springs organizers were not able to arrange the needed support for the official Tour Ride; as a result, CSCC hosted our 2nd Annual Pre-Inaugural Tour of COS, using most of the organizers original 100-mile route. This ride was originally scheduled on the anniversary of their targeted Ride date (last Saturday of June). The Course and map were sent to the CSCC Fitness Ride message board population. The weather forecast called for high temp of 82'F and only a 10% chance of rain. But there was a Friday evening rain storm with flooding that left the creek-side bike trail in Manitou Springs under water.  We decided to not risk riding on it so late Friday evening we changed the course.  We got off the Mid Land Trail at 25th Street and skipped Manitou & the Garden of the Gods.  Only two of us completed the 100-mile route.


Read Hawk Follows Bicyclists

Adventures In Spain

by Stan Hill

Earlier this year, Stan and Karen sailed on Holland Americas MS Ryndam from Tampa Bay for a two week trans-Atlantic cruise to Spain.

Click on the links below to enjoy their story and beautiful pictures:




2013 Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb

Most of us did not become members of the CSCC solely in order to staff rest stops at cycling events. We like to ride. But when the opportunity arose to add $2,000 to our non-profit coffers by providing this service, it became obvious that if the shoe fits, wear it. Pat McDonough with Summit Cycling Productions and Past President Dave Vanderwege began discussions, and on July 21st, we provided 26 volunteers for  the Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb. 

Another adage is most of the things we worry about will never happen. The weather on Pikes Peak was ideal; there were no crashes; the rest stops were well stocked; and riders and volunteers alike enjoyed the morning at high altitude. This is an example of why I love living in Colorado!

The date for the 2014 Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb will soon be announced: www.coscycling.com/hill-climb-event-flyer.html

Comments from Summit Cycling and from the riders were entirely positive. We did a great job, and if we are asked to do it again next year, I think we should!

John C. Pamperin


Propose a Bike Ride

Any Club member can propose/schedule a Club ride.  The details are found under the Ride Menu on the Club Web-site  www.bikesprings.org/about_rides_events.php  That information is provided here as a quick review. 

You can add rides to either the Club Rides/Events Calendar or to the Other Rides/Events Calendar. In either case, you submit your ride by logging into the members area, completing the form under Submit New Event, and making sure to specify an Event Type. Processing for each type of ride differs, in that posts to Club Rides/Events are reviewed by the Rides Planning Committee before being posted, while posts to Other Rides/Events are posted when submitted, without intervention.

So, you can interact with two different ride calendars.

The Club Rides/Events calendar contains rides sanctioned by the CSCC Rides Planning Committee. Examples include the weekend fitness rides and the social ride, the Full Moon Ride, and the Buena Vista Bike Fest. This is the calendar you've been using all along, and rides scheduled there count towards club mileage. So, submitting a ride to the Club Rides/Events calendar means that the ride leader will have riders sign the CSCC ride form and waver for that ride.

The Other Rides/Events calendar contains rides suggested by club members, posted by club members, but not necessarily reviewed, but not necessarily reviewed by the CSCC Rides Planning Committee or by CSCC itself. These may be fantastic rides, great events to attend, and encourage everyone to check them out and ride more. In some, the rides will count for club miles.  See "Ride Miles - What Counts" if interested in more information.

Ride Facilitator Responsibilities:

Whether or not you plan to facilitate rides, you should familiarize yourself with the responsibilities of a ride facilitator www.bikesprings.org/docs/RLR.pdf . Think of this as the etiquette of ridership. Riders have a right to expect this from ride facilitators, and from each other.

Flood Restoration Projects

Here's an opportunity for Club members to volunteer time in an organized and structured repair project.

Trails and Open Space Coalition (TOSC) is working with area Friends Groups, the City and El Paso County to identify needs and support restoration efforts. The City has one staff person in charge of all 100 miles of our urban trail system, and the County is also short-staffed due to budget restraints. We continue to encourage our partners to create volunteer projects to fill the great need, and we'll be letting you know about projects as we get details.
If you would like to help, go to the volunteer signup page,    www.2013flood.eventbrite.com

Greenway from Nevada south. 150-foot section is gone, work needed includes embankment, bridge and trail. Will be closed significant amount of time due to extent and complexity of damage.

Fountain Creek Regional Trail sustained trail and bridge damage, and significant portions are closed.

North Cheyenne Canon Park. 150-200' of Gold Camp Road is gone. 23 road damage spots have already been fixed by the City. Picnic areas covered with sediment, back country trail damage, some trees are still possibly damaged beyond viability. Hazard trees along creeks and roads being removed. High Drive impassible from many washouts.

Black Forest Regional Park--active use area open, trails and playground closed. The playground was washed away; Pikes Peak Community Foundation is helping to fund replacement.

Rainbow Falls. Damage to the hillside; County has a grant and is waiting for CDOT to complete stabilization project in order to begin construction.

Garden of the Gods is open with the exception of Foothills Trail.

Incline. Significant damage; lost lots of soil. (See information on Incline work day below).

Rock Ledge Ranch

Cheyenne Mountain State Park--Blackmer trail closed to bikers due to safety concern. Raccoon Ridge trail closed near the campground.

Bear Creek Park
Palmer Park
Red Rock Canyon Open Space
Ute Valley Park
Updates at  www.trailsandopenspaces.org 

September Sunday Social Rides Offered Something Extra

By Lee Murphy
Jean Zeh thought it would be nice to add some mystery to our typical Sunday Social rides.   She added an unexpected stop each week to the usual rides which included more that a water or potty break.  Each week, she set up a 20 minute stop at a historical location, point of interest or little known address which we ride past but for the most part would be surprised to find out its surprising background.  Lee Murphy assisted on one of the Sundays by arranging stops at three turn of the last century B&B's and the adjacent Craftwood Inn.  An inside tour of the Rockledge Inn proved to be most interesting.  He provided historical information as to why the buildings were sited here, what took place in the heyday of these structures as well as notables who visited each facility and interesting stories about secret rooms, and  the surrounding area.  The stops prompted many pertinent questions and caused club members to consider a future visit to conduct a more leisurely visit or to select this as a place for a special dinner or as an ideal spot for visiting relatives to spend a few days.
 For future social ride leaders, this may be something you would like to consider for one or more of your Sunday rides.  Lee or Jean would be happy to provide pointers on how to incorporate this into your rides.
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