Volume 6, Issue 3, 1 June 2013

From the CSCC Bent Fork Editors

Sharon Boyd / Dale Campbell

For all practical purposes, summer is here for this year.  The weather is warmer and we’re getting out for more cycling trips throughout the week.  More trips by bike on the road also mean more reasons to keep safety in mind as you’re out on the road.  This safety includes not only the basics, such as stopping at Stop signs (Look up the definition for Stop and you’ll likely find something like “to cease moving; to come to a standstill, or bring something to a standstill”), but also includes considering your surroundings (am I pedaling into a unsafe situation?) and Colorado’s 3-2-1 Code.

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Membership Updates

Sara Hill

Welcome New Members:  Jake Austin & Family, Beth Blaser & Family, Karen Bush & Family, Jake Coraor, Larry Entwistle, Nancy Kowalski, Jacques LeMond & Family, Stephanie Luttrell, Cheryl Mahon, Mary Rebb & Family, Susie Tolibas, and Rudy Torres

Renewing members-Thanks:  Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell, Marilynn Bradish, Myra Brooks, Roger Bruggeman, Craig Carroll, Nard Claar, Chris Davenport, Chris Derry, Ronaele Foss & Paul Brown, Julie & Hayden Gregory, Sharon Hamilton, Janine Hegeman, Sara Hill, Trent Hovenga & Family, Julie Kiley & Family, Connie Lorig, Bonnie & Douglas Marts, Lenny Mazel, Connie Miller, Gisele Miyamoto, Jim Natchez, John & Anita Rasper, David Reed & Family, Steven Roach, Sidney Rubinow, Mike & Luci Stansberry, Char Taylor & Family, Ken Van Antwerp & Family, Bob Vandepas, Vic & Diane Villhard, Deb Wasson, Larry Watson & Family, and Barry & Marcia Wick

Membership Reminders

National Bicycle Challenge

Charlie Czar

The 2013 National Bike Challenge started 1 MAY and ends 30 SEP; goals of 50,000 riders & 20 million bike miles. Team membership is unlimited, so everyone in CSCC can be on the official CSCC team. Sign up at  www.nationalbikechallenge.org .

More Details about the NBC

Social Events & Activities

Bill Gast

Join CSCC this summer!  There are many bike rides, events and social activities to enjoy.  Here are just a few of the upcoming events...
Summer Events Highlights

Bike Advocacy-The Politics of Peddling Pedaling!

Al Brody, Advocacy Committee Chairman

Cycling can improve health, decrease motorized single occupant vehicle traffic congestion, improve air quality, enhance productivity in children at school and adults at work, reduce our carbon footprint, and in several ways, make communities more livable. Effective bike advocates create spaces into which politicians may place themselves to look good and facilitate positive change.  Having politicians be seen enjoying the cycling experience is a powerful tool.
Advocacy via Pedaling

Women Self-Contained Bike Touring

Aaron Rosenthal

Women are you interested in self-contained bike touring? 
Check out this site: www.twowheeltravelers.wordpress.com 
The woman who started this website is from Santa Fe, and she clearly wants to promote bike touring among women.  She is very experienced and desires to help those new to self-contained touring.

Starlight Spectacular

Sharon Boyd

This year's Spectacular begins at 10:30pm at Garden of the Gods on Saturday, June 15th. The CSCC will run our usual rest stop location at Bancroft Park on W Colorado Blvd. If you aren't staffing the rest stop, then you are certainly encouraged to sign up and ride the course. Through the years the bike club has run a "themed" rest stop and made financial contributions. This year Trails and Open Space Coalition showed their continued appreciation by raising our sponsorship status from "Gold" to "Platinum" level.

Bike to Work Day

Sharon Boyd

The 2013 Colorado Springs Bike to Work Day will be 26 June. CSCC bike club members have participated for years. The breakfasts are free to people who register early. Check the link below for details and registration. This year CSCC is a registered organization within the Corporate Challenge. Be sure to list us when you sign up at Metro Rides Bike to Work Day.

Pedal the Plains: “Equinox in Eads”

Alan Severn

We all know about Ride the Rockies.  Now the same folks at the Denver Post bring us Pedal the Plains, in a different side of our state.  This year it’s in southeastern Colorado: Eads – Lamar --La Junta; it’s a way to showcase corn, cattle and history.  It consciously mimics RAGBRAI: everyone turns out.

Details for Pedal the Plains

EXTREME Mountain Biking - Check This Out!

Lee Murphy

For anyone who has ever been to Moab and pedaled any of the trails, you will appreciate this video of the Red Bull Rampage finals!  View and be amazed!  www.youtube.com/embed/AbF6ZZqVMyk?feature=player_detailpage

Sinko de Mayo

Rich Hostak

Janine found this sink on the side of the Midland Trail during the CSCC Sunday Social Ride on May 5!

President's Message

Charlie Czar

BVBF 2013 is a memory!  Over 750 registered, but I understand that more may have ridden.  The wind was strong in the early morning but let up enough to be a great day. Can you believe--I forgot my riding shoes and used my tennis shoes on top of my egg beater pedals – the 100 miles hurt like none before – and this was my 50th Century.

The National Bike Challenge had some pleasant surprises.  The Club was far and away the leading team in the state in May.  We had over 40,000 points and that is 30,000 ahead of 2nd place.  The real surprise is that we finished the month as the #3 team in the nation, there were 1,855 teams in the nation.  We have 100 people signed up on our team.  For our national ranking we need everyone to ride and enter their miles in Endomondo.

Next big Club event is the 14 July Annual Picnic.  It will be at the Antler’s Park Pavilion (downtown).

Next Club major activities are the 15 June StarLight Spectacular, when we staff the Bancroft Park rest stop.  Look for emails requesting volunteers to help Sara Hill and the crew. 

Then, on July 21st we’ll take on a new task.  We’ll need approximately 25 people to help staff the six (6) rest stops on the Bicycle Pikes Peak Hill Climb Race/Ride.   The organizers will make a financial contribution to the Club for our help.  Emails to follow with more details on this CSCC opportunity.

This is the year for Club elections.  Give some thought how you could help the Club’s future by serving as one of our officers.  Call for candidates will be in the fall and elections in November.

Buena Vista Bike Fest (BVBF)

Aaron Rosenthal

The 15th Annual Buena Vista Bike Fest took place on 1  June.  By all accounts, especially feedback from the riders, it was a rousing success.  First off, we had really good weather, despite the strong headwinds that challenged riders as they headed north from BV to Leadville.  Unofficial registration numbers totaled 774, a significant increase from the Festival participation in 2012.  This increase affirmed the BVBF committee's decision last year to move the date from the traditional 3rd Saturday in May to the first Sunday in June.  While the temperature in Leadville remained cool in the mid 50's for a high, Buena Vista topped out around 71 degrees.

BVBF - A Success in 2013

Kids on Bikes (KoB)

Charlie Czar

The 2013 Kids on Bikes (KoB) Bristol Elementary School annual bike award program was held on Monday, May 13. Nikki McComsey (KoB Executive Director) accepted the CSCC donation from President Charlie Czar. The KoB program distributed over 120 bikes to kids at Bristol (8 students were at the ceremony), Stratmore Hills School, Atlas Prep School, Deerfield Community Center, and Meadows Park Community Center. CSCC members (Charlie Czar, Sharon Boyd, Aaron Rosenthal, Janet Oliver, Lenny Mazel, and Mindy Carter) were in attendance and provided support for the KoB student ride in Monument Valey Park. Did I mention popsicles!?

Kids on Bikes (KoB) Thank You

Charlie Czar

KOB thank you for our CSCC $2,000 donation and also participating on the KoB bike ride with the Bristol Elementary School students, parents and teachers.

Colorado – Number 2 in the Nation!

Dale Campbell

Just in case you had not heard this, I wanted to make sure you know the facts.  Colorado is now ranked 2nd in the annual Bicycle Friendly State rankings by the League of American Bicyclists.  Yep – Number 2!  In 2012, Colorado was ranked 4th, and when the list started in 2008, Colorado was 22nd on the list.  The League issued this information on May 1.

Colorado's Cycling Report Card

Considering a Bicycle Tour

Bob Smith

When contemplating a bicycle tour, there are several options to consider. Professionally operated bicycle tours are offered by numerous bicycle touring companies. These tours are the most expensive and most luxurious way to go. Professional tours have support vans, rental bikes and guides that cater to all your needs and have upscale lodging, all breakfasts, most lunches and dinners are included. There is generally a riding guide and always van support that will pick you up when you’ve had enough. You can find professional tours in most of the desirable places to travel throughout the world. Anne and I began our bicycling adventures in 1985 with Vermont Country Cyclers which is now part of Vermont Bicycle Tours. Over the years we have done tours with Backroads, Experience Plus, Pedal Tours, Easy Rider Bike Tours and many others.
More about Planning a Bicycle Tour

BVBF - The 5th Option Ride

Richard Oliver

As most CSCC members are aware, BVBF advertises 4 ride length options: 35, 50, 62, and 100 miles.  All four choices start and end at McPhelemy Park in Buena Vista, and are basically out and back rides.  We chose to pursue a 40 mile 5th option!

Pam and I, being definitely more "senior social" riders than fitness types, and also preferring loop routes instead of out and backs, opted for the most scenic parts of the entire 100 mile ride: the double loops of biking Turquoise Lake and the Mineral Belt Bikeway.  While unadvertised, this "northern option" is becoming increasingly popular.

This entailed "kissing off" the first and final 30 mile routes, and just driving our Subaru to BVBF rest stop # 2 at Malta on the southern outskirts of Leadville.
More about The 5th Ride Option

Touring the Southwest: What Do Grand Junction, Telluride and Cortez Have in Common?

Dale Campbell

Living on the eastern side of the Front Range, folks in the Interstate 25 corridor may tend to forget that there’s still a whole lot more state to the west of us – farther west than Summit County and Buena Vista.  If you’re interested in seeing more of our state, especially by bike, here’s a new opportunity. 

It is called 109 West.  Scheduled for 20-27 July, this tour has been designed to go through beautiful southwestern Colorado, with breathtaking views as the ride progresses through the Western Slope and southwest Colorado.
Details for 109 West

Planning a Santa Fe Trail Ride?

Dale Campbell

At one time or another, all of us have enjoyed riding on the local portions of the Front Range Trail, especially the section labeled as the Santa Fe Trail.  Riding north from Woodman Road into the Air Force Academy enables one to slow down, not have to worry about road traffic, and enjoy the surroundings that are only a short distance away from our homes.  These rides on the Santa Fe Trail are generally out and back type rides that can cover anywhere from just a few miles to easily 20 or more.  With the layout of the trail, it’s possible to bike up to Monument from the Springs.
Shuttle for the Santa Fe Trail?

NYC Launches Nike Share Program

Dale Campbell

On Memorial Day, after much anticipation, New Your City launched a bike share program.  Supported by 6,000 bikes located at more than 300 bike stations, the program enables program members to use bicycles available at the various locations, after paying an annual membership fee of $95 per year.  Designed with point to point trips in mind, members can use the bicycles for up to 45 minutes at any given time without being charged additional fees.  Use of bicycles longer than 45 minutes incurs overtime charges, which can rapidly build.  For example, checking out a bike for 4 hours will result in a $54 overtime charge, while keeping one of the bikes out of the station checking points can bring a $1,200 charge.  The system is sponsored by Citigroup.
NYC Bike Share Details

Friends and Cycling: A Win-Win Situation

Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell

If you’re like most of us that have one or more email accounts¸ you receive a variety of emails on a daily basis-- ones that I’ll call generic emails.  You know the kind--the catalog daily emails, generic emails with non-descript updates, requests to send donations to one organization or another.  So many in some cases that it’s just easier to hit the delete key for these types of emails rather than try to read through all the text they contain.

But, every once in a while there’s one that is worth the time to see what the email is trying to “sell.”  Just recently we received one that focused on the idea that friends can make us stronger.  The email touted the benefits for athletes of working with friends while focused on their sports, as an extension of the thought presented in the original article “5 Ways Our Friends Make Us Better and Stronger” by Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.
Friends Make Us Stronger (cont)
The Bent Fork Chronicles - Volume 6, Issue 3, 1 June 2013

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