Vol 6, Issue 1, 1 February 2013

From the CSCC Bent Fork Editors

Sharon Boyd / Dale Campbell

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2013 and the first Bent Fork newsletter of the New Year.  Dale & Sharon are working a lot of overtime hours and this edition is a bit late.  Hopefully, you’ll appreciate the variety of articles we’ve included, many of which will help in planning for a full year of riding enjoyment!

For some of you, the first ride of 2013 happened on New Year’s Day.  The Frozen Water Bottle ride was held once again, just as it has for many previous years.  To see who participated in the ride, just take a look at the photo in the banner of this month’s Bent Fork Chronicle.  Recognize any of those folks?

The Other First Ride of 2013

Memorial to Mark Rowe

Sharon Boyd, CSCC Newsletter Editor

Thank you Cynthia and Bill Doty for honoring Mark Rowe at a Celebration of Life Ceremony in their home on 8 December 2012.

Website Correction

Bent Fork Editors

Regarding the “Cycling Up Pike's Peak” article by Dennis and Terry Struck in the December 2012 edition, there was a web link misprint for the article.  If you’d like to read all about their push to the Summit, here’s the correct website: 

Membership Updates

Sara Hill

Welcome New Members: Kolleen Conley, Jacques Dufresne, Andy Carrobo, John & Susan Marhoffer, John O'Donnell & Family, Cindi Schuler

And a special Thank You! to Renewing members: William Allen & Family, Patricia Baltzer, Duane Beckmann & Mattie O., Ken & Leslie Bernard, Bill Bibler & Family, Larry Bowlin, Allen & Tamara Brody, Dean Buck, Rush & Mindy Carter & Family, Chris Conboy, Charlie & Barb Czarniecki, Sandra & Dennis Follador, Stephen Fuhrmann, Joseph & Sulyn Giles, Kerry Hefta, Dave Hennekens, John Hudson, Chris & Laura Keller, Dan & Sherry Maples, Jerry & Jeanette Martin, Sean & Hope Mullally, Lee & Cheryl Murphy, Carolyn Myers & Dick Woods, Dean & Becky Myers, John Pamperin, Susie Quinn, Jamey Robbins, Aaron Rosenthal & Janet Oliver, Bill Ryan, Dan Sadowski, Charles Sheehan & Family, Martin Shepperson, Bob & Anne Smith, David Waddell, Dan Weber, Lee Willmon & Family, Larry & Janet Wilson, Bill Young.
Membership Reminders

Bicycling Quote

Stan Hill

“After your first day of cycling, one dream is inevitable. A memory of motion lingers in the muscles of your legs, and round and round they seem to go.  You ride through Dreamland on wonderful dream bicycles that change and grow.” —H.G. Wells

Many thanks to Stan Hill for providing the quote.

Colorado Bicycle Summit 2013

Bicycle Colorado / Dale Campbell

The 2013 Colorado Bicycle Summit, scheduled for 11-12 February, brings together people from all over Colorado to talk about how to improve bicycling in our state. During this two-day event, held in downtown Denver, attendees:
 Learn best practices for making change happen at the city, county and state levels
 Learn about bicycle-related issues for the 2013 Colorado Legislative Session
 Spend the morning at the State Capitol, with access to state legislators
 Network with bicyclists of all flavors at the Summit Happy Hour & Expo

This year, the Keynote Speaker will be Mia Birk from Alta Planning + Design and national bicycling advocate.  Attendees receive a copy of Mia's book, Joyride!
Breakout Sessions

President's Message

Charlie Czar

The weather got warmer in mid-January and I saw a lot more riders as I drove around town to my many basketball referee games.  Not everyone was a serious spandex rider with clip pedals, riding jerseys, and helmets.  But it was good to see such a cross-section of riders, students, recreational riders with cabin fever, and even some of the street people who ride as their main transportation.  Certainly not everyone is a Club member, but we are all “branded” together.  So while we ride let’s make sure we follow the rules of the road and share the road.  I rode for years without wearing a helmet; so let’s not scold people without helmets but rather reinforce those wearing them with a few nice words of praise.

The CSCC Annual Business Meeting will be Tuesday, March 5th.  The meeting will be at the Clarion Hotel 2nd floor conference room,  Snacks start at 6:30pm and the meeting begins at 7:00pm.  We’ll have reviews and plans of the committees and a peek at events being considered for the year.
More Thoughts from the President

Bicycle Safety – Your Responsibility!

Dale Campbell - Co Editor

2013 – The Year of Safe Riding?  Well, maybe 2013 isn’t officially named the Year of the Safe Ride.  But, I for one know that we as a cycling organization focus on safe riding.  In the simplest terms, safe riding allow us to continue cycling – in other words, if we’re safe, we survive to ride again to enjoy the pleasure of the exercise, the social interaction and opportunity to take in this beautiful Colorado scenery that surrounds us.  And, while CSCC focuses on safe riding, that safety is the responsibility of the individual rider –that’s YOU!
Five Steps to Riding Better

Photos, Photography & Memories

Dale Campbell - Co Editor

As many of you already know, Dave Horne is the 2012 CSCC Volunteer of the Year.  Announced at the December 2012 CSCC Holiday Party, the Volunteer of the Year plaque was presented to Dave by Charlie Czar (President) and Chris Conboy (2011 Winner).  If you’ve ever looked at any of the cycling photographs on the CSCC webpage or watched photos scroll across the screen while attending a monthly Club meeting, you’ve seen the results of Dave’s volunteer contributions to the Club.  He’s been documenting many of the club’s activities for many years.  What does all this involve?

First, it involves being in the right place at the right time to catch the action.  The real estate mantra of “Location, location, location” also applies to photography.  What else needs to be considered?  There are the fundamentals of photography that also come into play with each photograph captures - zoom in, focus on the face, pan to create motion, pay attention to backgrounds, create different perspectives, shoot in continuous mode, be conscious of recommended camera settings… and more.  Not an easy task when you consider what’s involved!  For all his efforts to capture the fun everyone has while cycling with the Club, Dave is recognized for his volunteer efforts as the 2012 CSCC Volunteer of the Year.
Thanks to Dave!

Who’s That Kid on the Tricycle?

Dale Campbell - Co Editor

Speaking of photos, we are starting a new photo album on the CSCC website.  Previously, I’ve challenged some of you to remember the first time you led a ride for a group of cyclists.  Now I’m going to challenge you again, by asking you to send us your earliest photo of you on a bicycle/tricycle.  I’m making the first contribution.  With your help, we’ll soon have more cycling memories available at http://www.bikesprings.org/VPhoto.php

Buena Vista Bike Fest

Aaron Rosenthal / Dale Campbell

The Buena Vista Bike Fest (BVBF), the Club’s principle fund raising event, is moving to Saturday, June 1, 2013. Registration has been open since January 1st and the ride is filling quickly. This year, the Club and BVBF Committee are offering 15th Annual BVBF Custom Apparel from Pactimo (see separate article in this edition of the Bent Fork).
More About BVBF

Pactimo Team Apparel

Dale Campbell - Co Editor

This year, the Colorado Springs Cycling Club (CSCC) and the Buena Vista Bicycling Fest (BVBF) are working with Pactimo Team Apparel to offer BVBF and eventually CSCC cycling apparel.   To quote the About Us information on the Pactimo website (http://pactimo.com/),  “Pactimo started in a basement, with one goal in mind… to revolutionize the cycling industry by doing things unlike anyone else.”  Beginning as a basement business in 2003...
Read More about Pactimo

Dreamtime – with a Cycling Twist

Dale Campbell - Co Editor

Have you ever gotten into that afternoon period where you could just close your eyes and take a short nap (like nodding off staring at a computer screen late afternoon)?  Do you get into that dreamy state where thoughts and images flash before your closed eyes, especially on some of those shorter winter days?  Perhaps one of those times, you’ve even thought about bicycling and what 2013 will bring.  We’ve got the year ahead of us with many cycling activities available to enjoy....
More Dreaming About Cycling

St Patrick’s Day Ride

Dale Campbell - Co Editor

When it comes to March, are you starting to get a case of Spring cycling fever – the urge to get out and ride, even though it may seem a little early in the season?  Consider signing up for the Pedaling for St Patrick’s Day 50K ride starting at 8:30am Saturday, 16 March.  This cycling opportunity is one of five events occurring over three days.  Central to those events is the St Patrick’s Day Parade, which takes place at 12:00 noon, in downtown Colorado Springs. The parade will begin at St. Vrain & Tejon and continue south down Tejon Street to Vermijo.

Last year was the first year for the bicycling event. Following the ride, many riders participated in the parade. And fortunately, the weather was excellent for the time of the year.  More than 400 riders participated in the ride.  Hopefully, the weather this year will be just as inviting, allowing many cyclists to have an early season kickoff.  For more information about the St Patrick’s Day “50k and a wee bit more” ride and the other St Patrick’s Day events, go to http://www.csstpats.com/index.html
BFC Feb 2013 - Vol 6, Issue 1, 1 February 2013

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