Vol 5, Issue 5, 1 December 2012

From the CSCC Bent Fork Editors

Sharon Boyd / Dale Campbell

Photo courtesy of Dave Horne

A special thanks to Bill Gast for our Bent Fork Chronicles banner picture.

Thank you very much to the CSCC members that submitted articles, bicycle stories and pictures.

We are dedicating this issue of the Bent Fork Chronicles to our biking friends, Mark and Tim.

BTW, have you added the CSCC app to your smartphone?

And, when you think about biking and safety, what comes to mind?  As we introduce a series of safety related articles in coming editions of the Bent Fork, think about the various aspects of our cycling activities that enable us to safely enjoy our two wheeled passion.

Sharon and Dale wish each and every member a happy and healthy Holiday season and all the best for the coming year - 2013!

Bike Rides & Social Events

Sharon Boyd, CSCC Newsletter Editor

2012 is coming to a close. However, there are plenty of bicycle rides and social events in December.

CSCC Holiday Party on SAT, 8 DEC at 6pm

Festival of Lights Parade SAT, 1 DEC 4:30pm. CSCC unit number 43 & assembly area at southeast corner of Tejon & Willamette. Dress warm & deck your bikes with lights & decorations. Judging starts at 4:30pm, the pre-parade activities start at 5:30pm, and the parade starts rolling down Tejon at 5:50pm.

Weekly Bike Rides:
- Saturday Fitness Ride
- Sunday Hill Climbing Ride
- Sunday Social Ride
- Tuesday Road Ride

27th Annual Frozen Water Bottle Ride

Bob Smith

Come out and join us on January 1, 2013 for the 27th Annual Frozen Water Bottle Ride. Since the beginning of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club, we have opened our cycling season with this ride on New Year’s Day. It is the longest running tradition of the club. The ride has never been canceled or postponed. The ride will again depart from BJ’s Brewhouse and Restaurant on N. Nevada in University Village Center at 10:00 a.m. sharp. We will use the same route as we have for the past few years. For more information reference our calendar at www.viethconsulting.com/Calendar/moreinfo.php?eventid=9427

I have led this ride every year since 1987 except New Year’s Day 2004, when we were on a bicycle tour in New Zealand. I am seriously considering retiring from leading this annual tradition and I’m hope someone will volunteer to keep the tradition going for at least another quarter century!

BVBF 2013

Aaron Rosenthal

If you haven't already put it in your 2013 calendar, BVBF (Buena Vista Bicycle Fest) is scheduled for Saturday June 1, 2013. This is a significant date change as it is 2 weeks later than normal.  After three straight years of bad weather the BVBF committee decided to take action. Sadly the power to change the weather isn't in our hands, but the ability to change the date is.

Membership Updates

Sara Hill

Welcome New Members:
Geoff Akens, Ron Boetger, Robbie & Jim Breidenbach, Laurie Groom, Frank Kink & Family, Will Luden, Barbara McAllister, Daniel Prutz, Barry Rizk, and William Robbie

Renewing members Thank you!
Mike Anderson & Family, Allen & Cece Beauchamp, Ken & Leslie Bernard, Al & Tamara Brody, Thomas Burke, Jeff Cowen, Steve Dass, Dave Horne, Raymond Kaltenbach, Jerry & Jeanette Martin, Bryan & Jodi Miller, Lee & Cheryl Murphy, Bud Reynolds, Kevin & Kelly Sears, Doug Smith, Dennis & Terry Struck, Randy & Ellen Susman, Ron Toman, Terre Topp, Eric & Monica Van Fleet, and Mike & Lorena Wilder

In Memory of Tim Rawlings

Bob & Anne Smith

Tim Rawlings died on October 29, 2012. Tim Rawlings was never a ride leader or a club officer. He was a part-time participant. He would often show up at the Sunday Social Ride and ride along a bit and chat mostly about cycling or encourage new riders. He always had something interesting to say and willing to share his knowledge of bikes and other things. Tim really liked Colorado Springs. He was from back east and would occasionally leave only to return a year or so later. Tim rode his bike everywhere and on Saturdays he would ride with racer group that met at the Starbucks at Bijou & Tejon Streets. Tim would often appear out of nowhere when the club was out riding. He didn’t always maintain a membership in the club but he certainly knew where we were and he felt comfortable around us. If we had an honorary membership, Tim would have qualified.

Tim left this earthly world too soon. Thank you for being our friend, and as we ride along we will cherish the memories.

Cycle Tour of Yellowstone

Jim Moore, Event Director


18-24 August 2013 - Epic week-long bike tour in Montana & Wyoming featuring some of the most spectacular settings on Earth. Fully supported ride that’s so well planned that all you have to do is eat, sleep and ride – although we’ll provide plenty more to do in between. So get ready to share tales of your exploits as a cycling pioneer: You can be one of the first to experience the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem on two wheels, like it’s never been done before.

Bike Road Party

Submitted by: John Cunningham


StephenDiaz  The Blog, October 10, 2012 at 11:23am  shares a Robin Kitchin YouTube video of Marty Ashton in  "Bike Road Party"


How is he not popping tires on every trick too!?? This dude doesn’t need a bmx bike, fixed gear, or mountain bike…he just rocks the road bike. no big deal.

Sidenote: This is an awesome production - quality filmmaking. Love the editing, the cable cam shot and the heli shots. WOW!  Good stuff all around.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage‏

Katie Zimmann

I learned something interesting recently, in the aftermath of my latest bike/car collision with an uninsured driver, and would like to pass the info on to others…

Allstate insurance company offers a coverage called “Med Pay” which is basically “uninsured motorist coverage” for personall individuals  As a cyclist, as a pedestrian, whatever, wherever, whenever.  Offered in increments of $5000, for about $10/month.  I’m sure other insurance companies have similar policies.

Photographer's Notes

Dave Horne

Below is a link to Dave Horne's website. CSCC members will be able to view a slideshow of  many of the CSCC club rides. 

Incidentally, if there are other rides you would like posted, and if I took phots then I'll have them available.  Just contact me.

Also, if people like, they can order prints from  BAYPHOTO, who is the professional lab I use.

My website is: http://sperdave.smugmug.com

Thank you, Dave

CSCC Newsletter Quote

Submittetd by: Stan Hill

"The bicycle does not seem to me a fad, but a permanent step in human progress, and one perhaps destined to last until we take to flying."

Thomas Wentworth Higginson (1895)

Colorado Bicycle Summit 2013

Submitted by: Dale Campbell

Colorado Bicycle Summit 2013 is scheduled for 11-12 February 2013.  This two-day event in downtown Denver includes keynote speakers, breakout sessions and the chance to meet with our state legislators to help shape the future of bicycling in Colorado.  Hosted by Bicycle Colorado, the summit brings together advocates, industry leaders, on- and off-road recreational cyclists and commuters, elected officials and staff from across the state.  Registration is now open!  Want more information?  Click on the following link for further details:  http://bicyclecolo.org/articles/colorado-bicycle-summit-2013-pg1300.htm

Polar BottleŽ

Frank Whitney

Polar Bottle® is the official bottle of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge!

The Polar Bottle® is durable and has a lifetime warranty. You don’t ever throw this water bottle away. It’s the ultimate in recycling. Made in the USA with LDPE (recycle #4) , the safe plastic. No BPAs!

President's Message

Charlie Czar

The CSCC Holiday Party will be Saturday, December 8th.  You need to RSVP so the Clarion Hotel can prepare the right amount of food and organize the room to fit us.  Remember, the price of the party increased from $15 to $25 per person on Thansgiving Day.  It goes to $30 on December 5th.  RSVP early and save some money. Dress is "party casual" and Joan & Wes will provide music for us again.  We always have pictures of bike rides for the past year.  Special thanks to Dave Horne and Vern Pitcher for their photographic contributions. And, we’ll announce the Club’s Volunteer of the Year.

Mark Rowe Memorial

Aaron Rosenthal / Sharon Boyd

Memorial: an object which serves as a focus for memory of a special person.  CSCC dedicates this newsletter issue to our friend and bike club member, Mark Rowe.

Mark's friends along with several surviving family members from northern California are planning a "Celebration of Life" gathering on December 8 at 11:00am. Comments and stories about Mark will take place about 11:30am followed by food and socialization. Cynthia and Bill Doty will be hosting the gathering at their home located at 6748 Showhorse Court, Colorado Springs.  In the meantime, please share memories of Mark with others who knew him.

Mark Rowe was a long time member of CSCC. He died of esophageal/ stomach cancer on November 19, 2012 at age 59. Mark moved to Colorado Springs in 1985 and joined the bike club not too long thereafter. While he enjoyed road riding, Mark's greater passion was mountain biking. He owned the first mass production mountain bike, a Specialized Stumpjumper, when it debuted in 1982.

Mark was a former CSCC Treasurer for which he was well suited, as by profession he was a CPA. He was the mountain bike ride leader for CSCC during the later 80's and well into the 90's. Mark was one of the founding committee members of the Buena Vista Bike Fest. He coordinated all of the mountain biking logistics the first 4 years of BVBF from 1999 to 2002 when it was a 2-day event and had both road and offload options. Even when BVBF changed to a one day road riding event in 2003, Mark stayed on the committee for a number of years.

Memorial to Mark Rowe

Mark's Friends

I have many memories and stories about Mark Rowe.  Here is one that comes to mind.

Back in the early nineties, there was a small group of us in the Colorado Springs Cycling Club, including Mark and myself, who were pushing our limits with epic mountain bike rides.  We did a lot of multi-day rides, riding over mountain passes, carrying our gear on our bikes, and spending the night in hotels.  Mark and I were the instigators for a lot of these rides, and we often tried to outdo each other, to see who come up with the most epic ride.

One day Mark was looking at a map, and he came up with an idea for a two-day ride in the Sawatch range near Buena Vista.  The ride involved going over a pass called Gunsight pass that he had found on the map.  None of us had ever been over Gunsight pass, or knew anything about it.  But we were all up for an adventure.  After the first enjoyable day of riding, we spent the night in the tiny mountain hamlet of Pitkin, where we had some beers and a good dinner.  Gunsight pass was waiting for us the next day.

The next morning we began the long and arduous climb of Gunsight pass.  We eventually realized, as was often the case on these rides, that we had underestimated the difficulty of the undertaking.  The trail was more technical than we had anticipated, and progress was slow.  As we approached the final mile to the pass, the trail became completely unrideable.  It was barely a trail at all, basically a talus field that required us to carry our fully loaded bikes and scramble over the boulders.  When we finally reached the pass we were exhausted.  We then had a long technical descent down the other side into the Taylor Park valley.

At this point, it was getting late in the day, and we still had to ride over Tincup pass to get back to our car that we had parked in St Elmo.  And on top of that, Mark was not feeling very well, because of dehydration or exhaustion or both.  After a hasty group discussion, we decided that Mark would wait in the town of Tincup, while me and Tom Haynes would try to make it back to the car before it got dark.  Tom and I set off, and we used all the energy we had left to make it back to the car just as darkness fell.

We then had to drive the car back over Cottonwood pass to retrieve Mark.  We found him sitting in the Café in Tincup, eating pie and feeling much better, with a big smile on his face.  Later on, we had a closer look at the map.  We discovered, in the fine print, that Gunsight pass was “not passable by horses”.  Had we seen that earlier, we would have known that it was not passable by mountain bikes either.

After that, Gunsight pass became an inside joke for us.  Any time we discussed a ride that seemed impossibly difficult, we called it a “Gunsight pass”.  Just the mere mention of that name would have us reminiscing and chuckling about our misadventures on that ride.

I’ll always remember the adventures that Mark and I shared on our epic mountain bike rides.
Tim Tiefenbach

A Ride Through Time

Carlo Castelvecchi. MAY 2002

A ride through time.
I ride through time,
Stretching it out with surreal distortion,
I ride for freedom,
I am immortal, freedom from the fear of death,
I push myself to the limit of my mortal frame,
then transcend that human pain,
enter into that fourth dimension.

e-Bike: Have You Ridden One Yet?

Dale Campbell - Co Editor

As many of the regular readers of the Bent Fork may remember from a couple of previous articles on the subject of e-bikes (see August and October 2011 editions of the Bent Fork), interest in, development of and approval for electric bikes (e-bikes) has been growing worldwide.  In fact, the European Union Parliament recently passed legislation to help better define what an electric bicycle is.  The Parliament ruled that electric bikes with motors of up to 250 watts and top speeds of 25 kph (15.5 mph) will remain regulated as bicycles.  Anything faster or more powerful will remain defined as a motorbike.  I’m sure that part of the reason for attention to legislation is the fact that over one million electric bikes have been sold in Europe this year.

Cycling Up Pike's Peak

Dennis & Terry Struck

Pike's Peak, Colorado,
14,110 Feet / 4300 Meters,
By Tandem Bicycle, Third Attempt,
Summit on 22 September 2012

Photo courtesy of Dennis Struck


We made THREE Attempts at Cycling up Pike's Peak:

1. 27 August 2011: Accent Failed at 9,000 ft / 2,743 m because Dennis had Tunnel Vision;
It became Day 1 of Dennis' Late Summer Allergy Season.

2. 16 September 2012: Accent Failed at 10,000 ft / 3048 m because Terry had Fluid Filling her Lungs;
It was immediately after being at Sea Level for 3 Weeks (no re-acclimatization).

3. 22 September 2012: ACCENT SUCCEEDED!

View the website for incredible pictures. A few words about our climb,..


Reykjavik by Night

Karen & Stan Hill

Karen and Stan shared pictures from their Reykjavik by Night bicycle tour in Iceland. The tour provides the insulated suits, helmets, gloves, whatever you need.

They captured pictures of:
  • Northern Lights
  • The bike shop
  • Inside the "Harpa", Reykjavik's new opera house/concert hall
  • A sculpture along the sea (viking ship?)
  • Guide, Stefan (Bike Reykjavik is his business)
  • World famous Hotdog stand (always hopping)

October Rides - The Spice of Life

Janine Hegeman

Photograph courtesy of Vern Pitcher

Just like the variety you’ll see in the ever-changing leaves of fall, the unique rides CSCC members saddled up for certainly kept our attention. The Tour of the Moon, the Fall River Ride in Pueblo, the Ride in Divide, and the Progressive Dinner Ride filled our calendars during the month of October. Beautiful weather (for the most part), gorgeous scenery, good food, unknown territory, and new friends had a lot of CSCC members out pedaling.

All in all, it has been a great October for riding. CSCC riders rolled over roads and trails previously unknown, and we all enjoyed the variety. Ride leaders and board members always welcome your ride calendar posts and ride ideas - who knows what awesome ride next October will bring?

Many thanks to Janine for sharing these October Rides with the editors and readers. Enjoy reading Janine's The Spice of Life articles.

Inaugural Tour of the Moon

Janine Hegeman

The inaugural Tour of the Moon on October 6 was a supported ride, benefitting several Western Slope charities and non-profits. The route took riders through parts of Grand Junction, the Colorado National Monument, and the town of Fruita. If you have ever seen the movie “American Flyers,” you have an idea of the scenery – stunning cliffs, pinnacles, and rugged mesas where life clings to existence in arid and impossible situations. The movie was filmed in the area, and inspired many a CSCC rider to sign up.

Pueblo - River Ride

Janine Hegeman

The River Ride in Pueblo took place October 13. This was the 2nd time out for this ride. It was a popular ride two years ago and with the attendance for this year (42 riders), it looks like this will become a regular fall event for our club.

CSCC riders and a few guests met at the Nevada Park ‘N’ Ride, arranged carpooling, and headed south to Pueblo. We re-grouped at trailhead at Colorado State University Pueblo and bundled up.

Ride in Divide

Janine Hegeman

The next extracurricular event for October was the Ride in Divide, an invitational hosted by the Mountain Top Cycling Club in Woodland Park. Members of Mountain Top were invited to join the CSCC Oktoberfest ride in September, and they graciously retuned the favor – CSCC riders were even treated to lunch.

We met in the parking lot of the Red Rocks Safeway and carpooled to Divide on the morning of October 20th. It was quite mild when we left, and as expected, quite a bit chillier at 9,300 feet in elevation.

Progressive Dinner Ride

Janine Hegeman

Photograph Courtesy of Bill Gast

The last extraordinary ride of October, the Progressive Dinner Ride, started out from Acacia Park in downtown Colorado Springs at noon on October 21. Many of you who have been members of the club know that this is one of the longest running and best attended rides CSCC organizes.

It replaces all other rides every year on the third Sunday of October. This year we had 50+ riders, fantastic weather, and just enough challenge to burn those calories!

Colorado Supreme Court Hears Bike Ban Case

Submitted by: Dale Campbell


November 13, 2012

The Colorado Supreme Court held a hearing on Nov. 8 for oral arguments related to the city of Black Hawk's ban on bicycle riding.

Lawyers for both sides received 30 minutes to present reasons in support of their respective positions.

Attorney Paul Schwartz from Shoemaker Ghiselli + Schwartz presented on behalf of the three people ticketed for riding bicycles in Black Hawk.

The case is now officially "submitted for decision," and the court typically issues rulings between three months to a year.

Bicycle Colorado's mission is to encourage and promote bicycling, increase safety, improve riding conditions and provide a voice for cyclists in Colorado.

1525 Market Street, Suite 100, Denver, CO 80202
BFC Winter 2012 - Vol 5, Issue 5, 1 December 2012

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