Vol 5, Issue 3, 1 August 2012

From the CSCC Bent Fork Editors

Sharon Boyd / Dale Campbell

The Bent Fork Editors thank each of our contributors to this edition of the newsletter.  We think you will see by the variety of the articles included in this edition that there is a wide variety of interests in our bicycling community.  And, personally, we think that’s one of the aspects of what makes this organization one that continues to support the Colorado Springs cycling community for more than 25 years.

Sharon and Dale just returned from Mike & Lorena's Hut-to-Hut Mountain Bike Trip in the White River National Forest of central Colorado. The ride was even more enjoyable than imagined.  While the first day of climbing (2,100 feet elevation gain in eight miles!) was a challenge, the accommodation at the 10th Mountain huts, the food prepared for the meals and the shared experience with friends more than offset any challenges of elevation gains.  Fifteen riders and one sag wagon/supply truck and driver (Lorena) traveled in excess of 36 mountain bike miles in the three days of the trip.  And the spectacular downhill finish of the ride put smiles on everyone’s faces!  Many thanks to Mike and Lorena for planning and supporting such a memorable event!


Upcoming Bicycle Events in Colorado

Sharon Boyd

Kerry Hefta is our  AUG CSCC Sunday Social Ride Leader

Lee Murphy is our SEP CSCC Sunday Social Ride Leader

Stonewall Century on 11 AUG

New Tour of Colorado Springs-Pre-Inaugural CSCC Ride on 18 AUG (details below)

Procycling Challenge Week Community Dinner Ride on 20 AUG, hosted by CSCC (details below)

USA Pro Cycling Challenge Race on 24 AUG

Chick-fil-A Ride for Heroes 8 SEP; training rides every Saturday AM at GOG Chick-fil-A (refer to CSCC Ride Calendar for details)

Inaugural Icon LASIK Tour of the Moon, Hell of the West Cycling Classic on 6 OCT

CSCC Progressive Dinner Ride on 21 OCT


CSCC Annual Picnic

Charlie Czarniecki

New Picnic Date

The Waldo Canyon Fire postponed the CSCC Annual Picnic. The rescheduled date is Sunday, August 26 at the Antler's Park Pavilion (the park between the Antler's Hilton Hotel and old Giuseppe's Restaurant on Sierra Madre St).  Bicycle rides will start at 9:30am with "eats" at noon.

4th National Senior Olympics Qualification

Charlie Czarniecki

Breaking Records!

Charlie Czar took his Trek 520 touring bike and CSCC jersey back to the Rocky Mountain Senior Games the weekend of 9-10 June (top 4 places qualify at the state games for the 2013 Senior Olympics in Cleveland).  His speed work at the AF Academy paid off when it permitted him at the 10K (6.1 mile) turn-around to stay with the younger and faster "break away" peloton as he dug hard to bridge the gap and stay in the front group. But...


Bicycling Magazine-Colorado Springs is #31

Charlie Czarniecki

The July issue of Bicycling Magazine published their list of America's Best 50 Bike Cities. Colorado Springs is #31.  Other Colorado cites are #3 Boulder, #11 Fort Collins, and #14 Denver.  Portland, OR was #1.

National Bicycle Challenge

Charlie Czarniecki

July 27th Update on the National Bike Challenge.  A fourth CSCC team formed for the National Bicycle Challenge. It is PPOTHG-CSCC-4 (that is Pike Peak Over The Hill Gang CSCC-4).  Joe Schultes started it and there is room for 7 more riders.  There are 153 teams declared in Colorado.


Quote for the August Bent Fork Chronicle

Stan Hill

Too often I would hear men boast of the miles covered that day, rarely of what they had seen.
—Louis L’Amour, novelist (1908-1988)

President's Message

Charlie Czarniecki

At the Rocky Mountain Senior Games, Charlie shares the 20K Road Race speed record. He shares the record with another rider--they received the same time, which was 44 seconds faster than the previous 4-year old record!

The August CSCC meeting will feature a presentation by Dr Kristen Kells who is a Chiropractor who gives a lot of support to the Olympic Training Center.

Well, the Waldo Canyon Fire is certainly contained, and very nearly out.  That was an adventure that most of us would rather have avoided.  Unfortunately the two deaths associated to the fire were relatives of Club member John Everett (his brother and sister-in-law).  The area is slowly recovering and the Club is back to a normal ride schedule.  Read on in the newsletter and you will see details of our rescheduled Tour of Colorado Springs Ride, a community Ride that we are hosting related to the Pro Cycling Challenge, and the rescheduled CSCC Picnic



Lee's 2nd Annual Mystery Ride

Lee Murphy

On a sunny recent Saturday morning Lee Murphy facilitated the CSCC Second Annual Mystery Ride.  A mystery ride, as the name implies, is a series of destinations, unknown to each of the participants.  Only the start, stop time and the distance (22 miles) are revealed.   Along the course of the ride were seven points of interest and a rest stop.  At each point of interest, a professional speaker was engaged to provide interesting facts, figures and highlights related to the home, museum, statue, hotel, or other public attraction.  Nearly all the stops offer a more in-depth tours or opportunity to return at a later date for longer presentation on the point of interest.  



Membership Updates

Sara Hill

Welcome New Members:  Javier Mazzetti & Family, Brook & Joe Mark, Dianne Walter, Claudia Martinez, Steve Raney, Doug Dawson, Kyle Ries, Dennis Mitchell & Family, David Danis & Family, Mike Burgie & Family, Phil Leach & Family, Craig Cox, Rebekah Scrivener, Michael Mannebach, and Brett Bartolett

Renewing members – Thank you: Leo Kolman, Annette & Jack Kester, Charlie & Margaret Oliver, Merf Freeman, Mark Pitel & Family, Bonnie & Douglas Marts, Deb Berwick, Michael & Jeanne Galvin, Xaver Gonzalez, Alan & Pat Severn, Carol Runnells & Family, Jean Zeh, Bill Brown, Scoti Townsend, Karen & Stan Hill, Ron Robinson & Family, Ronaele Foss & Paul Brown, Marilyn & Pat Gaffney


BVBF Committee Openings

Aaron Rosenthal

As most everyone in the Colorado Springs Cycling Club knows, the Buena Vista Bike Fest (BVBF) funds all of the things the club does that requires money.  This includes things like:

• Hosting the club meetings at the Clarion which includes food
• Funding rides such as Progressive Dinner, Spud ride, Tour de Turkey, etc.
• Underwriting a big chunk of each member’s ticket to the Holiday Party
• Significant donations to other area nonprofits that support CSCC’s mission and enhance cycling within our community both presently and in the future
• Costs related to bicycling advocacy
• Keeping membership dues to a minimum


DaVinci Bicycle

Sharon Boyd - Bent Fork Chronicles Editor

Renaissance Bike is a Mystery -- Leonardo da Vinci and the invention of the bicycle

More beguiling than the Mona Lisa, at least to me, is the sketch of a bicycle in one of Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks. It probably was drawn about 1493, almost 400 years before the bicycle was actually invented.  Historians say no chain-driven, pedal-powered two-wheeler was built with the tools and materials of Leonardo's time, but it is possible Leonardo envisioned such a vehicle.  He had drawn other gear and chain mechanisms, and his spring-driven wagon was a forerunner of the modern automobile.


10 Things I Wish I Knew From The Start

Josephine Allen

Josephine Allen is in charge of business development for Cycling Camp San Diego. She is a level 2 USA cycling coach and an experienced endurance cyclist.  Cycling Camp San Diego - http://www.ccsd.com

We all slowly gather more information and experience the more we ride our bikes. We learn by reading, making mistakes, talking to people, observing others and much of the time by generally figuring things out as we go along. However, there are a few "light bulb" moments, as I like to call them, where in the past I have learnt something that I truly wished I'd known from the first moment my butt touched a bicycle saddle.
Since then I've seen my clients go through the same enlightenment process time and again with cries of "why hasn't anyone told me this before?"  Some of them may seem simple, maybe you already know them all, but for some of you out there...prepare for some cycling enlightenment.



CSCC Financial Summary

Sara Hill

2012 Year-to-Date Financial Report:

BVBF Income:          $ 47,780.25
CSCC Dues income: $   3,879.39
Total                        $ 51,659.64

BVBF Expenses:       $ 44,856.38
CSCC Expenses:      $ 10,260.05
Total                       $ 55,116.43

Checking:                $ 40,504
Cash:                      $       79
PayPal                     $     338
CDs/MM                   $ 17,621
Total Cash               $ 58,542

For details, please contact Sara Hill @ 719-304-4196


The Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol 5, Issue 3, 1 August 2012

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