Vol. 2 Issue 3 June 2009

Letter From the Editor

Janine Hegeman


Hope you are all out enjoying Spring, and started the summer season by either riding or volunteering at the 11th Annual Buena Vista Bike Fest on May 16th. By all accounts, this event was a huge success. It is the Colorado Springs Cycling Club's only fundraiser.
I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of the volunteers and folks who worked untold hours behind the scenes and at the event to make this work. It just keeps getting better, and it truly is a labor of love! And as a tribute to all, there's an article in this issue of The Bent Fork Chronicles is devoted to your stories and thoughts on BVBF. 

From the 100+ riders from Young Life, both young and old, to the team with the "Old Guys Who Get Fat in Winter" jerseys, this was a fun ride!  I was amazed when Ronalee Foss passed me twice by on her bike as I was driving to Buena Vista! The first rest stop (Beam Me Up Scottie!), the second rest stop (git along little doggies) and the food at lunch  (Wilmaaa!) were entertaining and refreshing. All in all, I see BVBF becoming a tradition for many folks. It's one of my favorite things to do. Although it hurts a little bit the next day...

And on the subject of favorite things, many more are coming up. It's Bike Month in June, which means the Bike to Work Breakfast (free with registration) and the Starlight Spectacular. Bike Month is presented by Metro Rides, with events and clinics going on all over town. Check it out at http://www.springsbikemonth.org/

Don't forget CSCC's annual picnic at Cheyenne Mountain State Park.  We've got a pavilion at this awesome park, the newest state park in Colorado. There will be boundless opportunities for mountain and road bike jaunts, fun, games, and  food. Need I say more? July will be action-packed too, with exicting bike races at the Velodrome and numerous rides and events  - like the "Fireworks" Full Moon ride on July 4th! Check them out or add a ride or event on the rides calendar at http://www.bikesprings.org/   

And...drumroll please...I will be leading the Sunday social rides for the entire month of June. We  will go to some fun spots, tried and true, and have a great time. So be safe, follow some of the tips in this newsletter and try riding to work, and enjoy the fun of the bicycle. Summer's just getting started, so COME ALONG FOR THE RIDE!


Sara Hill - Membership Coordinator

Welcome New Members

Steve Black, Annette & Jack Kester, Mark Vaske, Matthew Madden, Denis Morgan, Lisa Westerbeck, Kolleen Conley, Marcus Lowry & Family, Paula Krantz, Mark Swieca, Bret & Kelley Mathers, Heidi & Art Lacy, Richard & Pamela Oliver, Larry Guerin, David Bredemeir, Jaimie & Brandon McNab, Bob Vandepas, Mike Schmidbauer, Sandi Evans, Roberta Huttner, Andrew Hershberger, Aldrin Sealey, Lenny Mazel, Tanya Regan, Sandra & Dennis Follador, Lisa Dailey, Rebecca Mattocks & Family, Jordan Arp, Sandie Erskine, Teresa Meche

Renewing Members - Thanks!

Marielle Oetjen, Brad Harris, Paul Bailey, Boon Campbell, Michael Onstad, Roger Patrizio, Laura Hronik, Dan Akerhielm, Liz Ford, Steven Roach, Renee Barall, Sharon Hamilton, Marian Avoy, Hal Church, Robert Barrett, Alfred Chioffe, Jim Bronstine, Carrie McCausland & Family, Barry Wick & Marcia Barber, John & Anita Rasper, Sara Hill, Dan Oltrogge & Family, Noah Hutcher & Family, Cindy TenPas, Sidney Rubinow, Vic & Diane Villhard, Jim Breglio & Family, Jeff Cowen, Bonnie & Douglas Marts

Get the "Upper Hand" at the VIBeS/Criterium Poker Ride

Sharon Boyd

The 8th Annual VIBeS/Criterium Poker Ride will be held on Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 8:30am to 11:30am. The ride will start and end at Criterium Bicycles, 6150 Corporate Drive. The event benefits VIBeS (Visually Impaired and Blind Skiers) of the Colorado Springs Community.

This unique and inspiring event features sighted, as well as blind cyclists pedaling tandem and single bikes to checkpoints beginning at Criterium Bicycles where you receive playing cards “printed” in Braille, and the best hand wins a bike from Criterium! Funds raised benefit VIBeS, an all-volunteer non-profit organization that sponsors year-round recreational and fitness activities for those with no to low sight. The event demonstrates that the blind and visually impaired are active and able to compete with the sighted, or maybe even have the “upper hand!”

Additional information is located on the CSCC Other Rides/Event calendar at www.bikesprings.org/ or you may contact Sharon Boyd, VIBeS Poker Ride Planning Coordinator. Phone 719 592-9193 or email sharon_boyd_co@msn.com/


Socially Yours

Chris Conboy

We are rolling into summer in fine style! Our last club meeting at the Clarion Hotel on Cinco de Mayo was outstanding - 67 people attended. The next meeting is coming up quick - June 2. Bill Gast has put together a slide show of the 11th Annual BVBF for this meeting, and we'll hear more about the event for next year. Don't miss it!

AND we have the ANNUAL PICNIC coming up Sunday, June 28, at Cheyenne Mountain State Park! Mark your calendars, and look for more details coming soon on the website.

Bikes at BVBF - Done for the Day

Photo by Kathleen Conley

Thanks for the great photgraphy Kathleen! I invite you all to send photos to me or to Bill Gast. Bill is working on a web-based photo album for all of your great pictures - Janine

April Showers Bring May Miles?

Charlie Czarniecki

It stormed every weekend in April and most weekends in May. That sure took a lot of mileage opportunity from the Club. We will end May with about 27,000 miles for the year, which is close to average. This is great when we consider that the Saturday fitness ride is usually 20-some riders going at least 40 miles - 800 miles a Saturday. And we've missed 8-10 Saturday rides to weather in the last 3 months. We've had almost 160 Club riders out for at least one ride this year. I think that is the best count as summer begins for the 4 years that we've track. Check out your miles by clicking on the "Rides/Events" tab at the top of the CSCC home page. Ride leaders, be sure to get your ride sheets turned in - thanks!

I volunteered to be the Club officer that led the April Social rides. I had several route ideas and this forced me to get back on my bike and get some miles - only 3 Club rides as the month began. The weather didn’t cooperate very much. The mid-week weather was great but each weekend was marginal.

 April 5th found about 3 inches of new snow at my house but downtown was dry. I drove two candidate routes in the morning and suggested fat tire bikes. The weather cooled about 1pm and we headed out to Manitou Springs via Pikes Peak Ave. The cloud deck lowered as we got to Manitou and we had snow flurries as we got back to Acacia Park.

 Sunday the 12th was going to be the Jelly Bean ride. It snowed. I drove 3 candidate routes in the morning and there was 3-6 inches everywhere – no ride that day.

 Sunday the 19th became the jelly bean ride – everyone got a snack Ziploc bag of associated jelly beans and peanut M&Ms. We rode west on Pikes Peak Ave., up 31st Street to the Garden of the Gods cement trail, then Arrowswest Drive to the Sinton Trail, Greenway trail to Polk, east to Shocks Run Trail, south to Bijou and back to the park. It was cool when we returned so the jellybeans were a welcome treat. 

 Sunday the 26th started warm and sun-shiny. We did a variation of Tour d’ Sewer (but backward). We headed south on Tejon, east on Brookside, through Stratton Meadows to Venetucci Blvd. We continued on Venetucci to Las Vegas, north on Las Vegas to Royer, north on Shocks Run Trail to the Trail’s end, then west over to Wood Blvd. and worked our way back to Acacia Park. The skies started to get cloudy as we left the park on Tejon. We stopped for a flat near Fort Carson B Street, and the weather turned cloudy and cold while we waited. The sky looked stormy as we made our turn toward Wood Ave. so we started riding a little faster. When we returned to the park people noted that the temperature dropped quite a bit in just 2 hours.

 So April was mixed weather and a few miles earned going in the opposite direction than we are used to. If you have an idea for a different ride - check it out on Google and then drive/ride it. Call a Club officer and we’ll get it offered to a Sunday ride leader. Or you could be the leader that day...


Stay Safe on Your Bike

Janine Hegeman

At CSCC, we are big on safety.  That is no joke, because we want to promote and provide the safest possible bicycling experiences we can for our club members. Let's face it: getting hurt, or involved in a road rage incident is no fun either. Below is a summary of the applicable laws in Colorado for th cyclist. Let's all keep these in mind while we're out there.

Colorado Cycling Rules
Always Remember: Bicyclists have all the rights and duties applicable to the driver of any other vehicle and can be penalized for violating traffic laws.

  • Obey all traffic laws, signs, and signals.Ride on the right, never against traffic.
  • Ride in the right lane, except when passing another vehicle, preparing for a left turn, or
    avoiding hazards.
  • Ride on paved shoulders and bike lanes when present and free of hazards.
  • Ride no more than two abreast, returning to single-file if riding two abreast impedes the flow
    of traffic.
  • Wear safety equipment to protect yourself: helmet, glasses, and gloves.
  • Secure loose pant legs and shoe strings.
  • Use hand signals to indicate left or right turns, slowing or stopping.
  • Use a headlight, taillight, and reflectors at night or pre-dawn.
  • Never assume motorists see you or that you have the right-of-way.
  • Expect the unexpected; your first responsibility is to be safe.

Buena Vista Bike Fest 2009

Janine Hegeman

Another BVBF is in the books. I want to share some of your thoughts and observations, some not all pretty. It takes a lot to put together an event like this, not to mention ride it. But you end up with memories that will last a lifetime. (Photos courtesy Kolleen Conley)

"I sat at the park after the BVBF ride and took a moment to reflect on what I just experienced. All I can say is 'I am overwhelemed' at the amount of work, effort and dedication that went into this 2009 event. From the great food stops, costumes, to the gala in the park, the signs along the way, to warnings on the road pointing to potholes, to the photographers driving by -this event just keeps getting better. Aaron, Janet, Bob, Anne, Allen, CeCe, Dave, Kathy and many of the others who have been with this event from day one, planning and spending those long hours - you have certainly set the standard for all other bike events in Colorado.  We had a great time and many thanks for the sunshine at the end of the day - not sure how you all made that happen.Thanks again for such an amazing event. "      Ed Bidinotto & Connie Miller

"Oh my GOODNESS...BVBF 11, the 2009 edition ROCKED!!! Thank you for all of the people who gave of their time, energy, enthusiasm and talents. Without all of the *AMAZING* volunteers, the club could never pull such a great event off.While I spend 99% of my time focused out on the road, taking care of the riders on the course, the smiles, cheers and "woo-hoo's" I get never fail to inspire me and tell of their positive experience from the moment they arrive in BV to the time when they are packing up after a fantastic event. Cheers to the many folks who work together so hard to pull this event off! My hat is off to you all :-) "          Allen Beauchamp,  CSCC Outreach Guy and BVBF Committee Member

"I was a first time driver of SAG 4, who happened to be not more than 30 feet behind a rider when the rider crashed at the 80 mile mark and was injured badly enough to need EMT response and eventual POV transport to a hospital. In spite of the excellent training meeting by Sean, incidences like this are never black and white as to exactly what to do, especially in the first few minutes, and this was no exception. Emotions run high, and we all know the intense desire that dwells in us to finish the entire course....no matter what!
My thanks to my shotgun passenger Luci Stansberry, for handling the situation with firm, yet understanding and compassionate dialogue. And thanks to Mike Stansberry and Sean for being amatuer radio operators on the other end of our radio calls with the hardware to do the the job. My cell phone worked, did not work, worked, did not work, worked..."  
          John Pamperin

"There I was, riding it for the second time, and I wasn't really sure if I could do the century. With the wacky Colorado weather shutting down opportunities for riding on most weekends in March and April, my hoped-for "training schedule" never materialized. But, I got an early start from McPhelemy Park, under cloudy skies. There were a few raindrops during the first 17 miles to the first rest stop, and I was glad I'd packed a rain poncho. However, the clouds lifted and the sun came out after I'd finished munching a snack and hit the road for the second rest stop. I felt good and decided to go ahead and try the metric century, so I rode on past the turn for Twin Lakes.

Going across the flats was easy. I think eating light at the first rest stop helped, although the delicious muffins and other goodies were tempting. Of all the organized rides I have been on, BVBF DEFINITELY has the best food. What else would you expect from a club that proudly claims to be an "eating club with a cycling disorder"?!

At the second rest stop at Malta I was feeling good enough to think I could just ride all day. The sun was shining, the weather was perfect and off I went. It would be a century for me.

Then there was Turquoise Lake. This wasn't on the route last year due to too much snow on the road. Everyone told me there would be some climbing there, but I should known that meant LOTS of climbing. I should have known after minutes  seemed to turn into hours of up and false summits. I should have known when I commented to a veteran rider about the steepness and she said, "Just wait." I should have known when I was blissfully heading downhill on a turn, asking two sag drivers if I'd made to the top and they just grinned. THAT was a climb. But this is why I like cycling so much. You can glimpse a little bit of what it's like to be Superman. I kept thinking there has got to be a wonderful downhill after this, and there was. I flew like the wind forever! And then there was lunch in Leadville, a yummy reward. This year a local cycling club there, Cloud City Cyclists, helped out with lunch and they did a great job.

Leaving Leadville, I was dreading the climb to the Mineral Belt trail. Last year it was tough making that climb after lunch. However, we had a detour last year due to the snow, and this year the Mineral belt was a joy. I would go back there just to amble and have a picnic; if you missed it go back to Leadville this summer and check it out. Its nice to know that our club supports world-class trails like this.                                                         The rest of the ride back to Buena Vista was mostly in a headwind, and my knee started to hurt. Rolling into the park way, way ahead of my finish time last year made it all worthwhile. I was so glad I'd gone ahead and pushed myself to get the century done! The beer was cold and the food was delicious. I LOVE BVBF!"                                                                                 Janine Hegeman, Newsletter Editor


Ride the 2009 Starlight Spectacular!

Linda Hodges, Trails and Open Space Coalition

June 20, 2009 at 11:59 p.m.

Bike the night away during the 2009 Heuberger Subaru Starlight Spectacular! The ride begins and finishes at the Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center. Routes range from 14 to 22 miles. Prizes, music, themed rest stops, snacks and an incredible breakfast make this a night to remember! Visit                         www.starlightspectacular.org  for more information or to register for the ride. This ride benefits the Trails and Open Space Coalition. The route has changed this year - you'll go into the Garden of the Gods via the road to the Trading Post - no more grind up the Balanced Rock entry point. So come on out and ride with the stars!

The Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol. 2 Issue 3 June 2009