Pedal the Plains: “Equinox in Eads”

Alan Severn

It’s a three-day (really, 2 ½ day) event.  The format makes it easy for riders to come from the Front Range while taking only one day away from work: the first day this year is 36 flat miles (118 feet of climb),with a rolling start. The total distance of the basic route is 172 miles, with 2159 feet of climb.  There is also a century option.

The overnight towns of Lamar and Las Animas are sure to have community dinners, a beer tent and a band.  Along the way are displays about electric coops, combines and feedlots to introduce city folk to a new scene.

Some of the participants learned a lot.  And, last year there was a team from CSU extension.  They explained that cows are kept in separate pens, labeled PREGS and SAG (sexually active group).  These cyclists were dumbfounded to see a group of grey-haired cyclists emerging from a van marked SAG!

Overnight camping is provided in school gyms, community dinners, rest stops and town museums make for a leisurely ride for those who haven’t opted for the longer Gran Fondo.  Last year – the first for this event –saw nearly a thousand riders registered.  There were a large number of riders over 70; Sharon Hamilton was the only CSCC member I saw on the ride.

The $215 fee, which includes a jersey, is due by August 30.  Website .
The Bent Fork Chronicles - Volume 6, Issue 3, 1 June 2013

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