BVBF Update

Aaron Rosenthal/Bob Smith

Bristol Brewing remains as a platinum sponsor.  They are all about promoting microbreweries, and therefore we will also have the Eddyline Brewery from Buena Vista serving some of their beers at the post ride party!  If you enjoy a beer or two after a great ride, you will have plenty of great options. We have a new band for the party.  Tribe will join us this year and their tunes will no doubt prove to be a good match with the party ambiance as was Grass It Up during the last two years.  Given our later event date, we should have no problems with the Turquoise Lake and Mineral Belt road sections being open.  If you still haven’t decided if you should ride or volunteer, please help us out and add your name to one list or the other.  We are doing well with our volunteer numbers but there are still some openings.  We definitely need more riders.  Either way, by signing up to help or to ride you are supporting YOUR bike club.  Happy riding as we enter spring.

Update from Brian Landis, the BVBF Volunteer Coordinator:  “We are good for volunteers for registration and rest stop #1 / #5.  Could use people most everywhere else, but especially Rest stop #2 / #4 and the post ride party in the afternoon.”

The BVBF Committee
BFC Feb 2013 - Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2013

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