Travel Adventure Wanted?

Norman Howard

... he is looking for another pilot to do this first week of the Pacific Coast tour that starts on May 4th at Half-moon Bay Ca., and goes to Pisco Beach  Ca. on the 10th of May. If anyone is interested or at least know someone that might be interested please contact him by phone or email listed in his signature block below! He does have a person that has made a commitment to pilot his tandem on the second week of the tour.  If this is something that you might be interested in it would be a great opportunity!

This could be either a male or female pilot the only issue is that this pilot would have to share a room with me (in a separate bed of course).

If you want to check it out,  it is on the web site. Don't concern yourself with the cost of the tour because Ron has already covered the registration cost! If you decide to ride, and you want to pay for a portion of your registration then you can discuss that later but right now Ron has already paid for his pilot!

Have a Blessed Day!

Ron Barton, Co-Registrar
H: 303-798-2755
C: 720-217-3905
BFC Feb 2013 - Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2013

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