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Dale Campbell, Co-Editor

Kids on Bikes National Bike to School Day on 8 May:  National Bike to School Day takes place on May 8, 2013, as part of National Bike Month. Local events across the U.S. will encourage children to safely bicycle or walk to school.  National Bike to School Day provides an opportunity for schools across the country to join together to celebrate and build off of the energy of National Bike Month.

Ride of Silence – Sponsored by The Mountain Top Cycling Club:  Here’s a note from the Club’s point of contact for the ride:  “We are doing a Ride of Silence Wednesday May 15, 2013 in Woodland Park. The Ride of Silence is to honor those cyclists that have been injured or killed while riding their bikes.  The ride will be a two mile, down hill, with police escort, through Woodland Park. A reception will follow, (Allen Beauchamp form the CSCC will be a one of our guest speakers.) with food provided by Wild Wings, Subways, in addition to veggie trays for also being provided.

The Mountain Top Cycling Club hopes people will come to Woodland Park and participate in the ride, which will begin staging at 6PM for the police escort through town.  Everyone that registers before May 1st will get a free angle pin. If you’re interesting in participating, just to go to www.prerace.com  and register. Put in May 15 or Ride of Silence in the search screen. The ride is free.  More importantly, the ride will be a great tool to build awareness of cyclist rights to ride on the road and still promote safety. Eight people that were killed in the State of Colorado last year.  At the reception, eight speakers will talk about these “fallen” riders, one speaker per rider. After honoring these riders, participants will release biodegradable balloons with the names of the eight riders.

For further information about the ride itself or the history of the Ride of Silence, contact Deborah Maresca at 719-687-2489 or go to http://www.mountaintopcyclingclub.com/
BFC Feb 2013 - Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2013

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