Bicycle Commuting – What’s to Consider?

Dale Campbell, Co-Editor

A variety of questions went through my mind, including:
-  What are some of the challenges of bicycle commuting?
-  What equipment (other than a bicycle and the desire) do you need to get started?
-  What do you do when faced with weather challenges (those afternoon thundershowers, for example)?
-  Are different riding techniques required for bicycling commuting?
-  What is needed to make you more visible to drivers?
-  Is this something to which I can make a long-term commitment?

So, if we want to take that next step and prepare (mentally, physically and mechanically) for taking up Bicycle Commuting on more than just an occasional trip to work via bicycle, where do you turn?  Certainly there is a wealth of information available via the internet.  Just Google or Bing “Bicycle Commuting” and you’ll be directed to such sites as and  But, if you’re like me in the slightest, it always helps to hear about such things from friends or known experts in the field.

For this edition of the Bent Fork, I’ve done just that.  What follows are commentaries from three bike club members.  All three are experienced commuters, with a variety of thoughts about their perspective on the commitment to commuting by bike.  But, as individual as each of the perspectives are, all three celebrate the joy of commuting by bicycle.  If, as you read the following three articles, you have questions or thoughts you’d like to pass on to any of our contributors, please contact the Bent Fork Editors.
BFC Feb 2013 - Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2013

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