Socially Events and Activities – Please Welcome…

Bill Gast

The CSCC annual events will require club members to help, so I will be calling upon members to assist.  Contact me if you have ideas for an event and we will work your bike ride into the bike club's schedule.  BTW, the club picnic is coming up soon, and I will need help with setup and take down.  It is your turn to show your support  for the club's activities and events.

Thank you,
Bill Gast, CSCC Social Activities Chairperson

Editors Note:  The CSCC Board recently announced that Bill Gast will become the Club’s New Social Chairperson.  A long time member of CSCC, Bill Gast volunteered to pick up the position from the previous Social Chairperson – Mark Mann. Bill attended the Feb Board of Directors Meeting and felt comfortable that he could fill the position and work with the Board. In accordance with the By-Laws, his appointment was placed before the Board and he was overwhelming approved. This was announced to the Club at the Mar 5th CSCC Annual Business Meeting. Please thank Bill when you see him and ask him how you can help in supporting upcoming social events – such as the Club’s Summer Picnic (go to the Rides & Events Calendar - - for more details).
BFC Feb 2013 - Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2013

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