Thoughts from the CSCC President…

Charlie Czar

The "National Bike Challenge" is gearing up in April;  it runs from 1 May until 30 September this year.  The whole club can register and ride as a team this year.  For more details, check the article in this issue of the Bent Fork and consider joining us.  The "Buena Vista Bike Fest" planning is in full swing.  The ride moved 3 weeks later to June 1st, and we look for better weather.  We already have a lot of Club members volunteering to help during that weekend.  We always encourage members to either volunteer to help or sign up and ride.  The "Starlight Spectacular" will be 2 weeks later, on June 15th.  CSCC has been moved up to be a Platinum level sponsor of this event.  We will continue our tradition of staffing the Bancroft Park Rest Stop.  So, here is another opportunity to volunteer for the Club or get out there and enjoy the ride.  The "Tour of Colorado Springs" planners spoke with us recently and said that they will not be able to launch the ride again this year.  Consequently, the Club added the June 29th 2nd Annual CSCC President’s Pre-Inaugural Tour to keep the spirit alive.  It will again be an alternative to the Club’s Saturday Fitness Ride for that day – a century loop around town.  And as we ride, let’s not forget that a stop sign means stop before you proceed through the intersection.

One other item – an update on the St Patrick’s Day Health Expo:  CSCC had a booth in the St Patrick Day Health Expo held in the City Auditorium on Thurs and Fri, 14 and 15 March.  Lots of St Pat runners and bike riders dropped by for CSCC info after they picked up their race and ride bib numbers.  I sat in the bike club's booth in the Expo (City Auditorium) on Thurs and Fri and saw a lot of our brochures and business cards get picked up.  The Colorado state map of trails and bike routes was a hot item.  We got them from the state for Bike Month in the past.  I showed a lot of Club photo albums on the projector screen, these were files that Vern and Dave contribute over the years.
BFC Feb 2013 - Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2013

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