From The Editors…

Dale Campbell & Sharon Boyd

... you will find a variety of information that:

-  will spark your urge to ride (information about upcoming events, including the Buena Vista Bike Fest),
-  provide thoughts and guidance about cycling with a purpose (Bicycle Commuting from three very experienced commuters),
-  require you to think about safe cycling (Safety Minute),
-  consider joining a cycling team (LAB National Bike Challenge 2013), and
-  begin planning a Spring/Summer trip with a cycling component (Travel Adventure Wanted? and Request for Trip/Tour Articles).

As you can see for our photo included with this edition, the Editors have been enjoying this year’s snow ski season, which as of 31 March, concluded for us.  We’re now ready to swap ski helmets for bike helmets and jump back on the bikes to stretch our legs and participate in Sunday Social Rides, Monday Night Dinner Rides or just a pickup ride with friends when the occasion arises.  We hope that you also have this Spring urge to pedal and enjoy this wonderful Colorado environment that surrounds us.  Get out there and ride – safely!
BFC Feb 2013 - Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2013

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