Scorpion eBikes: An Interview with Ann and Stan Lebahn

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

BFC:  Stan – you’ve been riding a two wheeled e-Bike for at least several riding seasons.  How would you compare the electric assist capability between your previous e-Bike and the Scorpion? 
Stan - I think I may miss being in the higher upright position.  The previous e-bike battery is more convenient to charge.  So far the e-assist is very similar.

BFC:  Have you had any challenges trying to transport the bikes to rides?
Due to the value of the bikes, we weren’t comfortable with transporting them outside the car.  So we ended up trading in our Honda AWD for a AWD minivan that accommodates both trikes and the dog.  However, we have found that we like riding the trikes from our house to the start of the ride.  We were also looking at a double decker hitch rack from Hitch Rider.
BFC:  Are you planning any trips which include riding the bikes somewhere other than Colorado?
We are planning on taking the trikes with us to Wisconsin and plan on riding the Paul Bunyan trail in Minnesota.

BFC:  Having gone through the process to evaluate the various makes and models of the recumbent eBike, what suggestions or words of advice would you offer to folks that might want to make a similar purchase?
Stan – Try several to find what is more comfortable for you.  I wasn’t looking forward to having to drive to Denver to try the Scorpion, but am really glad we did.  One article we read mentioned having settled for a less expensive trike, this person was left with the unsatisfied feeling of wishing they had got something better!  I’ve since learned that we influenced ANGLETECH’s decision to start carrying the Scorpion.
BFC:  Any other thoughts come to mind about your new equipment?
Ann – I may be riding to work more this summer since I can be more flexible with the clothing attire when I ride.  Probably the biggest thing that we are realizing is that all of the jerseys and cycling shorts that we have acquired over the last 10 years are not very useful; in fact, they are more of a hindrance because of the seams/pockets on the back and extra padding where it is no longer needed.  Storage is another concern we’re still working on figuring out!  We have a couple Garage Gators to hang the trikes from the garage ceiling, but haven’t installed them yet.
BFC:  Thanks for the great responses!  I look forward to catching up with you this summer to see if you both have some additional thoughts to offer after more ride experience on the Scorpions.


Photo courtesy of Stan Lebahn
Bent Fork 2017-1 - February/March 2017

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