Bike Tech 2 – SkunkLock bicycle Lock

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

The lock itself, which is essentially the typical hi-tensile and hardened medium-carbon steel like U-Lock, has a unique feature of a  pressurized noxious chemicals.  When the chemical chamber is compromised by the actions of a thief, the formula escapes into the air, choking out the thief and making them sick to their stomach.  Additionally, the spray will also ruin any clothing it touches, which actually costs the thief money.
Sounds interesting?!  It’s not something that I’d like to encounter.  But, practically, it seems that they have a great idea incorporated into the product, especially for cities with high volumes of bike theft, such as San Francisco, where the inventors both reside.  If you’re also intrigued, here’s a short news clip with one of the inventors that you will enjoy seeing:
Bent Fork 2016-6 - December 2016 / January 2017

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