Dreamtime with a Cycling Twist

Dale Campbell - Co Editor

There’s the Buena Vista Bike Fest in May  June – remember the date change! And the upcoming St Patrick’s Day “50k and a wee bit more” ride (see articles in this edition of the Bent Fork for more information).  Then there’s the CSCC Summer Picnic with its associated rides, the Progressive Dinner Ride in the fall (ah, such good food and hospitality!), and Lee’s Mystery Ride.  And, there are always the recurring rides that many of us continue to enjoy – Saturday Fitness Ride, Sunday Social Ride, Monday Night Dinner Ride, Saturday Tour de Latte and more.  Finally, if you need incentive to get out and ride, consider the National Bike Challenge.  Last year, CSCC had four teams in the Challenge, with three of the teams finishing in the top 12 overall, and for the month of August all four teams were in the top 10 for the State.

Perhaps that’s part of the reason why last year, more CSCC members participated in Club rides than any of the previous five years (242 riders in 2012, compared to 195 in 2011, 231 in 2010, 234 in 2009 and 2013 in 2008).  That increase in participation is a reflection of the riding opportunities we have here in this part of the US of A.  After all, Colorado has been ranked the fourth most bike-friendly state in the nation by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB).  And, Colorado Springs has a rating of “silver” in LAB’s list of the most bike-friendly towns in the country.

So when that afternoon “dream time” brings thoughts of cycling, get out and make that dream a reality.  Join a ride, pedal with friends and participate in the activity that puts smiles on our faces.  Ride safe!
BFC Feb 2013 - Vol 6, Issue 1, 1 February 2013

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