Pactimo Team Apparel

Dale Campbell - Co Editor

Beginning as a basement business in 2003, the company incentive was to create top-tier, quality products while building a customer service model that was completely unique in the custom apparel market. The customer service model, focused on personalized service, assigns an account manager who works with the same team or club in an ongoing partnership fashion.  And, within a short time - eighteen months to be specific, that start-up vision became a million-dollar company.  Talk about incentive and drive!  Since that time, the Pactimo team has continued to grow in numbers, experience, skills, and talent and now has BVBF and CSCC as new clients.  To see exactly what BVBF and Pactimo are offering for apparel for the June Festival in Buena Vista, take a look at .  As noted on the BVBF website, all orders placed at the Pactimo Store will be shipped directly to you.
BFC Feb 2013 - Vol 6, Issue 1, 1 February 2013

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