10 Annoying Things Cyclists Should Stop Doing

Marc Lindsay: Map My Run Blog - March 21, 2016

7. Turn the commute home into a race
Getting “chicked” can make some men go mad. But really, whatever it is that causes you to go bonkers when you’re passed by another cyclist, take it easy, stallion. Not every ride is a race, even if you are a racer at heart. Stick to the training plan, and let other cyclists on the road do their own thing. That Gran Fondo or century ride isn’t too far away.
8. Ride at night without bike lights
I know. I really like those old ninja movies, too. But riding at night without bike lights isn’t the time to mimic your heroes. And in most states, riding with lights is a legal requirement between sunset and sunrise.
9. Be unprepared for a mechanical failure
Even if you usually ride in a group, there will come a day when you jump on the bike and everything goes wrong. A flat tire, a loose screw on your handlebar and a broken chain are just a few of the things that you’ll need to be prepared for and know how to fix.
Instead of always relying on others, check out this video (and maybe this one, too) to learn how to do basic repairs yourself.
10. Go cheap on your cycling shorts
Cycling-specific clothing is expensive. But one item you definitely don’t want to skimp on is your cycling shorts.  A good chamois is worth its weight in gold, especially if you plan to spend more than an hour on the bike.
Instead of getting multiple pairs of cheaper options, buy one or two pairs of quality cycling shorts. Chances are they’ll last a lot longer than all your cheaper pairs combined, and they will be much more comfortable on those sensitive spots when you do decide to go long.”
Bent Fork 2016-5 - October/November 2016

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