Celebrating 30 Years: Recollections of the Past 10 Years

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

  • Longevity of Frozen Water Bottle and Mon Dinner Ride:  30 years- WOW!  Think about it.  There are very few things in our lives that continue over the years, almost becoming a “tradition.”  The Frozen H2O Bottle Ride and the seasonal Monday Dinner Rides are just that!
  • 25th Celebration:  At the time, it was hard to imagine that the Club had been inexistence for 25 years.  Looking back now, that was just a stepping stone (albeit an important one) to getting to this 30th year.  At the party itself, held at the Officers Club at the USAFA, we all enjoyed seeing some long time friends who attended the party, as well as listening to Bob Smith talk about the activities and growth that the Club had experienced in those 25 years.
  • Ride to Work Day:  While not a Club sponsored event, many of the CSCC members got up early each year and rode to work on the designated day.  Of course, there was a breakfast opportunity along the way.  While I was still working, Sharon and I would start from our home in Woodmen Valley, ride to Salsa Brava at the Vindicator/Rockrimmon intersection, and then pedal to the Verizon building at the end of the Garden of the Gods Road.  The ride is only six miles one way, but somehow sharing the experience and enjoying the breakfast made the day AND the ride home in the evening just that much more enjoyable.
  • Starlight Rest Stop Support:  As Susan Davies mentioned in her “Thank You” article above, CSCC has been a strong supporter of the Starlight Spectacular.  One of the primary contributions the Club has been able to offer is the support of the Rest Stop at Bancroft Park in Old Colorado City.  For those who have volunteered your time, you know what fun it is to help setup and then be there late at night when all the riders come through.  It’s definitely a PARTY!  For those of you who have not yet been a part of the experience, come join the fun next year.  You’ll get more out of it than you expect!
  • Monthly Meetings: We’ve had many speakers at our meetings and have had the meetings at numerous locations.  In the last ten years, these were primarily at the Clarion at Bijou and at the El Paso Citizens Center on Garden of the Gods Road.  I remember multiple talks about trips folks have enjoyed, as well as some technical discussions and updates about cycling infrastructure and support in our City.  For me, I look forward to these, not only to connect with cycling friends while not cycling, but also just to learn a little more about one thing or another.
  • Summer Picnics:  These are also something that have been held at various locations over the past ten years.  Chris Conboy and Bill Gast, along with their Social Committees, have put a lot of effort into making this annual event one of the highlights of the summer.
  • Passing of Dave Horn:  I think this was especially hard on many of us.  While we’ve lost a number of members over the past ten years, Dave’s passing touched many of us in so many ways.  Years ago, I remember getting re-involved with the Club (after somewhat of a hiatus due to graduate studies), attending a summer picnic at Bear Creek Park and meeting Dave for the first time.  We must have talked about photography for an hour!  And, as some of you recall, many members of the Club honored Dave by attending his Celebration of Live service while wearing CSCC jerseys.
  • St Pat’s Day Ride Support:  This is something that started as an opportunity to support a local event and has evolved into a partnership with the event organizers, and also shown the Club that there are other opportunities to not only support the local cycling community, but also to develop another avenue to raise operational support funds for the Club.
  • Patriots’ Festival and Ride for the Heroes:  Similar to the St Pat’s Day Ride, the Ride for the Heroes is that and much more.  The Chick-fil-A Fit Club has started in May and culminated with the Patriots Festival in September.  Most Saturday mornings, members of CSCC were at the CFA Garden of the Gods location before 8am to help support one of the four rides offered each Saturday.  Besides being an opportunity to ride, it was also an opportunity to help educate and support new cyclists and even introduce some of those into the Club.  We thank Torie for the chance to become involved over the years.
  • Anything else come to mind for you?
Bent Fork 2016-5 - October/November 2016

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