Did You Enjoy These September Rides?

Dale Campbell: Co-Editor

Balloon Fest Ride
At Zero Dark-thirty (actually 6am), 55 cyclists met at the corner of Weber and Fontanero to ride to Memorial Park for the balloon liftoff on Memorial Day, 5 September.  Arriving in the park about sunrise, the group waited anxiously for the liftoff.  Unfortunately, due to weather conditions, only a few balloons went aloft.  After about 45 minutes in the park, Sara led the pack to the next stop - Breakfast at the Patty Jewett Golf Course Clubhouse.  While the ride segments for this early morning ride are short, riders had never the less worked up an appetite for breakfast.  With absolutely beautiful weather, it was a pleasure to sit out on the patio and enjoy the food and coffee served by the Prez.

There was even a bonus to the morning.  Due to unusual light wind conditions, one of the balloons that was able to liftoff actually landed directly adjacent to the Clubhouse as folks were finishing breakfast.  Several of our group instantly transformed from cyclists to balloon ground crew and help the balloonist bring the craft safely to rest.

Hopefully the photographs below will give folks some insight into this early morning ride.


11 Mile Canyon - the Fall Ride
Reprising the ride from June, Charlie Czar led the group of five back up 11 Mile Canyon for a Fall Colors Preview.  The day was absolutely brilliant, which added to the pleasure of this 19 mile out-and-back ride.  Riding adjacent to the South Platte and seeing the fly fishermen along the way reminded us that this is truly Colorado at its best.  As we got closer to the dam, we began seeing some color changes near the tops of the adjacent hillsides.  Stopping in the campground at the end of the Canyon enabled us to take I the scenery, as well as watch the trout in the stream below as the fish swam around the feet of the flyfishers.  Being slightly downhill to the start of the Canyon, the return ride to the cars went by rapidly.  We all agreed that we would be looking forward to another journey up the Canyon come next Spring.
Here are just a few of the scenes we experienced along the route.

Bent Fork 2016-5 - October/November 2016

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