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Sportsmanship Theme: Good sportsmanship opportunities include etching words of encouragement/inspiration into walking and other permanent surfaces, large athletic themed sculptures, concentric circle geometry, shade trees and a rectangular parking lot configuration with a formal drop-off area. The idea of large sculptures, visible from a distance (particularly from Interstate-25), was well received by the public. Discussions compared the scale of the sculptures to the iconic Blue Bear peering into the window of the Denver Convention Center.
River Theme: Orienting the site toward Monument Creek and echoing its movement through the ground plane presents opportunities for changing the grade (adding a berm buffer to the west side of the site and lowering the trail along the creek), creating amphitheater seating through terraces, permanent shade structures, a trellis over a portion of the trail and a square parking lot configuration with a formal drop-off area and close-in parking. Pervious paving systems were suggested for filtering runoff to the creek and other storm drains. Soft surface trails for runners was discussed with a preference for reducing concrete as much as possible with the use of crusher fines, pavers, and other natural hardscape materials instead of concrete and asphalt.
Local History Theme: A place to display images of local history include opportunities for creating a buffer with a landscape berm and retaining wall on the western edge of the site, a large permanent shade structure, a permanent restroom facility, use of sculpture to emphasize a start/stop race line, and linear/grid geometry and a typical rectangle parking lot.
General comments from the public include the following:
•Grade change for the trail and terraces in the main plaza area
•Gathering space on the east side of the trail, permanent seating and permanent restroom facility, allowable space for event vendors
•Single, permanent shade structure, trees, possible ornamental planting spaces
For additional information, schedule on public meetings and other details about the project, visit the project website
Bent Fork 2016-4 - August/September 2016

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