A Retrospective on the Club’s Second Decade

Aaron Rosenthal

Bob and Anne couldn’t stay on the sidelines long (which was great for the Club) and the three of us plus Mark Rowe created BVBF (Buena Vista Bike Fest) which started in 1999.  Many newer Club members may not realize that BVBF, like its TOARV predecessor, was initially a Saturday and Sunday event.  We created both road and mountain bike rides.  Even though the mountain biking in the Buena Vista area is really good, that part of the ride never took off.  After four years of stretching ourselves and the volunteers thin, and making only a marginal profit each year, we changed the BVBF format - gone was the mountain biking.  We made BVBF a Saturday only ride with a century route.  This was the formula for success.  We went from about 200 riders in 2002, to nearly 500 in 2003, approximately 700 in 2004, and by the time CSCC’s second decade was ending we sold out at 800 riders in 2005.  Obviously credit for the BVBF successes goes out to everyone in the Club who helped to put it on. 

A final postscript: At the first three BVBF’s we sold the leftover TOARV ’99 cycling jerseys, each year at a steeper discount.  We finally got rid of all of them and projected that with the revenue from those sales, TOARV ’99 likely broke even.
Bent Fork 2016-4 - August/September 2016

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