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Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell: Editors

As you can see by scanning the Table of Contents, there are a variety of articles in this edition.  We’re proud to be able to include three articles that provide insight into the 30 years of history of the Club (there’s even a little trivia test for you in two articles).  We have also included multiple articles that provide updates about advocacy and cycling infrastructure in the City.  With the ongoing projects, we’ve turned to multiple sources for this information.  By the way, the Prez has provided a very enjoyable summary for this edition.  Be sure to also look at the Bike to Work photos included as a continuation of her article.
And, there is information about upcoming Club rides and events, upcoming rides in Colorado and even about a national bike conference.  To provide a smile or two, you may enjoy reading the Cycling quote in this edition, learning more about the definitions of cycling related words or even watching a video about motorcycles versus a cyclist.
Thanks for taking a look at what we have provided for you.  We hope you enjoy the news updates and variety of topics that are being covered in our bi-monthly publication.  As always, if you have any suggested topics or articles you’d like to submit, please send them to us!
By the way, the photo with our Comments column ties in with the October meeting intro in Rich’s article below.  We’ll have more about this Biking in Oahu and Kauai adventure in the October Edition and at the October meeting.  Stay tuned!
Bent Fork 2016-4 - August/September 2016

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