National Bike Challenge 2016 – CSCC’s Efforts Noted

Charlie Czarniecki: Immediate Past President

In the first 26 days of the Challenge we’ve had 97 people already post their miles!  The team has been #9 or #10 in the country for the past 3 weeks.  That is #10 of 1,631 teams!!  Think where we might be if the other 53 people on the team could post their miles.
Looking through the other files, we see that Colorado is the #3 State in the country.  Colorado Springs is the #14 community (Fort Collins #9, Denver is #12, Boulder #41, Pueblo #47, and Littleton #57) among the 3,794 communities represented by the NBC riders.  As of May 26th our team had 42,125 points which was 1,800 better than #11 and only 1,500 behind #9.  NBC has not listed “teams” at the state level (they eventually will).  As I looked through team names it would seem that #57 Wheat Ridge Mighty ATATS are the 2nd team in state with 14,311  points.  #73 NPS Riders have 12,502 and have many CO riders.
So we are off to a great start.  The weather is finally starting to cooperate.  So if you get a chance to take a ride, please do so.  You can see that any points that you can contribute will really help in the mix.  We are doing this for the ride, but it is really kind of nice to hold National and State attention.  Remember you get 20 points each day that you ride your bike and another point for every mile that you ride.
The National Bike Challenge (NBC) site gets a little better every day, but it is still not as functional as it was last year.  At this time it still seems that they only update the team data once sometime over night.  But they are capturing all the data that we enter.  Again this year we are the “Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014” team – anyone can join us, even people not members of the Club.
Contact me if you need help to navigate through the site (they are having more problems at the start of this year with the “improvements” that they are trying to capture).  See you at next Friday’s Colorado Springs Bike Summit at UCCS?
Ride safely, have fun, and post often.
Bent Fork 2016-3 - June/July 2016

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