Elevenmile Canyon – A Ride Explored

Charlie Czarniecki: Immediate Past President

The ride into the dam site took 55 minutes to ride up the canyon and about 40 to get back to the parking lot.  My Dad used to fish up by the dam over 45 years ago.  The Overlook hiking trial, something I explored as a youth, is still there; it took 30 minutes to walk up the half mile trail and 30 to get back down. 

The South Platte River goes through the dam and flows down to Denver and beyond.  From the top of the overlook I took a picture of the truck below; then got down, found the truck, and shot back up to the spot on the rock.

The ride was great, the weather was fantastic, the river was rushing, and there were lots of friendly fly cast fisherpersons along the road and in the river.  This was a solo ”check out” ride to see if it would be feasible to do with a larger group.  Since the answer is “YES,” look to the Club’s Meetup listing for details on an “out of town” CSCC ride on Friday June 17th.  Come join us on an “off the beaten path” ride.

Bent Fork 2016-3 - June/July 2016

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