The Early Days (1993 - 1995) with the Colorado Springs Cycling Club!

Sharon Boyd: Co-Editor

Moab Thanksgivings – Ray & Diane adventures and a turkey dinner for 30 members.  Slick Rock had these white rectangles to mark the trail.  When approaching difficult areas they painted yellow circles on the white. I would call out “fried eggs” to warn Dale.  The Slick Rock grabbed our mountain bike tires, but abraded the skin when skidding on the rock!

I must admit, riding my mountain bike up Poison Spider looked like riding on waterfalls of rock.  And, when it snows the fine, deep sandstone sticks to your mountain bike tires.  Just don’t fall into cactus.  Rob Miskowitch spent 30 minutes using his pocket knife tweezers to pull thin cactus needles out!   It took several beers at Eddie McStiffs to ease the pain.

I experienced much frustration when Dale drove my new Rodeo down a river bottom for a 4-wheeling adventure in the Needles. 

One trip, a snowstorm closed Vail Pass on our way home.  We found rooms for an overnight at the Eagle River Inn at Minturn with Judy and Phil. Fun memories making snow angels by the hot tub.

  • Tarryall Reservoir over Wilkerson’s Pass – Mike & Fawn Remington mountain bike adventures.  Biking, camping & canoeing at the reservoir provided grand time.  Dale and I saw our first mountain lion and wondered if we could “out” bike him.  Thankfully, we did not look like Mule Deer!
  • Southern Colorado Loop-Scenic Bypass Route 12 - Mike & Fawn Remington's road bike adventures.   We started in Walsenburg, rode through La Veta to Cuchara Pass and overnight at Monument Lake Resort.  Next, we rode past Stonewall and Cokedale to Trinidad and took a turn north on I-25 back to Walsenburg.   The first of three "Cuchara Pass" bike trips with the Remingtons, I was recovering from knee issues.  As a result, I was a stoker on John Ellis's tandem.  The group stopped at Charlie's Grocery in La Veta;  Dale and I enjoyed our first ice cold, Rocky Ford cantaloupe.  Yum!  At dinner that evening, I mentioned to Ray Edmunds that John and I were flying down Cuchara Pass. My cycle computer registered 62 mph, the fastest I've ever ridden on a bicycle!  Ray smiled at me and said that the cycle computers maxed out at 62mph; I was most likely going much faster down the pass.  Geeee!
  • Raton, New Mexico Loop - Mike & Fawn Remington's road bike adventure.   From Raton, the group rode northeast on Route 72 (high arid plains with numerous buttes) to Folsom and turned south on Route 325 to Capulin Volcano National Monument, an extinct cinder cone volcano that is part of the Raton-Clayton Volcanic Field.  Then, we headed west on Route 64 and we rode past large herds of Pronghorn (antelope).  Observing pronghorns drinking at the watering holes, we were mentally transported to Africa, as the scenery painted this "African" picture in our minds!
  • Three-day loop from Sapinaro (Blue Mesa Reservoir/Gunnison River) to Crested Butte, up over Keblar Pass to Hotchkiss and along the Grand Canyon of the Gunnison to Sapinaro.  Warren Barta planned this fabulous adventure filled with Colorado scenery.

  • Wagon Wheel Gap & Creede Mountain Biking.  We stayed in rustic cabins at Blue Creek Lodge along the Rio Grande River and enjoyed a delicious pancake breakfast.   Riding at Wagon Wheel Gap, we followed along actual wagon wheel ruts from the pioneer days.  One mountain bike route enjoyed a 17-mile scenic Bachelor Loop ride with old silver mining town ruins and ghost towns.  In 1892, there were 10,000 people living in the town of Bachelor.  The downhill into Creede was extremely steep & rocky!  Snow prevented us from riding to the Wheeler Geologic Area, a highly eroded outcropping of layers of volcanic ash, in the La Garita Mountains.  Dale and I still have this area on our bicycling adventure “to-do” list.

  • Taos to Ojo Caliente to Chimayo and back to Taos - Another wonderful Bob & Anne Smith bike ride.  We all enjoyed staying overnight at the hot springs lodge, staying at a lovely B&B in Chimayo and eating dinner at the Rancho de Chimayo Restaurante (they served the best Mexican food I have eaten).
  • TOARV (Tour of the Arkansas River Valley) – Dale and I were told that the first day the ride was uphill and the second day was back downhill.  Everyone laughed when Dale and I hauled our air mattress with sheets & pillows into the gym for the overnight.  Chris Davenport and friends even placed mints on our pillows when we were enjoying the spaghetti dinner.  We were more comfortable than sleeping bags on the gym floor.  The next morning offered a big surprise, as we started up Trout Creek Pass.  Have you every ridden up Trout Creek Pass to 9,487 feet elevation !?!

  • Hardscrabble – just think steep!  
These excellent adventures only cover a time period from 1993 for several years.  Dale and I continue to enjoy enduring friendships and excellent bike riding adventures into 2016.  Thank you to the Colorado Springs Cycling Club and the wonderful members.
Bent Fork 2016-3 - June/July 2016

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