CSCC’s Early Years: One Member Recalls

Alan Severn

  •  Over the years, CSCC members contributed new rides, both weekly and one-of-a-kind.  One ride I particularly enjoy is the Olde Pheartes Ride (the term “Old Pharts – a plagiarism from a jersey prevalent in the 1980s in Flatland).
  •  CSCC serves both recreational and advocacy goals, as written in our by-laws.  John McLain was effective improving the design and placement of rumble strips. When CSCC was invited to join the Bike and Pedestrian committee (later Transportation Enhancements Subcommittee), Bob Smith found warm body to go to Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments.  Alan or John? 
  •  Ed and Bonnie Johnson supported CSCC advocacy in its early days; they are currently active in advocacy.  I’ve watched CSCC leadership evolve over the years from; Bob Smith, Allen Beauchamp and Dave Vanderwege.
Speaking of safety, we appreciate Colorado Springs bicycling trail infrastructure; the Greenway Trail, Cottonwood Trail, Shooks Run, Midland Trail and Rock Island Trail and the US 24 underpass in Woodland Park.  The grid pattern in the older parts of the city helps facilitate on-street riding.  I would like to recognize public officials like Chris Lieber, Craig Blewitt and Kristin Bennett for their contributions.
Unfortunately, an account of the early CSCC days needs to mention many members who are no longer with us; Milt, Dave Horne (our first official Photographer), Ray Edmonds, Mark Rowe (Treasurer), Neale Reinitz, Hal Church, Ed Wallich (unprotected exposure to the sun is another hazard of cycling) and Sharon Hamilton (reminding us of the danger inherent in cycling). Sharon died on the 2013 Bicycle Tour of Colorado.
Bent Fork 2016-3 - June/July 2016

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