Memorial to Mark Rowe

Mark's Friends

Mark left this earthly world too soon. Thank you for being our friend, and as we ride along we will cherish the memories.

"Ahh, . . . . the trip to Nova Scotia . . . . cycling all day, campfire at night . . . .Aaron, Mark, Tim, and myself . . . Mark ribbing me unmercifully about my tendency to expound on the ecology as we passed it. ' So tell me, Warren , what exactly is 'Climax Vegetation'?'"
Warren Barta

I obviously have so many memories of Mark. One that resonates is BVBF 2002. Ridership for the mountain bike part of the event was consistently low the first 3 years, despite the wonderful mountain bike routes Mark and I had scouted and mapped out. In an effort to increase participation, we organized a race. Sadly only 14 riders showed up. We had so many age group metals for both men and women that Mark awarded 13 first place metals and one second place metal! Riders commented on what a great course it was, as well as the support provided throughout the race. It won't surprise me at all if I find the remaining 2nd and 3rd place metals for each category when I help his sister and brother clean out his townhouse!
Aaron Rosenthal

I met Mark on Bob and Anne Smith's Guanella Pass Ride in 1993. The group drove our SUVs to Grant, Colorado early one Saturday morning, and began our trek up and over Guanella Pass. After dinner and an overnight in Georgetown, we rode our mountain bikes back over Guanella Pass to our vehicles. I just moved to Colorado the month before (from Florida) and was riding my 38-pound Nishiki mountain bike with an east coast cassette! Mark was driving the SAG vehicle and he was full of encouragement that Sunday. He coaxed/coached me up and over Guanella Pass. I was proud of my achievement and my new friend. I think of Mark as my Bicycling Guardian Angel.
Sharon Boyd

A Farewell to Mark by Bob Smith
In the past month we lost a good friend and member of the CSCC family. Anne and I have known Mark Rowe for more than 20 years. Mark contributed to the club’s success in very different ways.

Mark Rowe was an officer (Treasurer) and board member, mountain bike ride leader and founding Buena Vista Bike Fest committee member. He wore many hats and was a very good friend. Mark preferred mountain biking and for years led the club’s mountain bike effort with regular summer and fall rides. Few people have served the club longer than Mark. Over the past few years Mark’s interests strayed a bit from cycling towards golf. Mark’s last club event was our 25th Anniversary Holiday Party at the Air Force Academy.

My most memorable ride with Mark was Mosquito Pass (13,185 ft.) and Weston Pass (11,921 ft.) Starting and ending in Fairplay. The ride was the brainchild of Mark and Tim Tiefenbach. It was planned as a two day weekend trip with an overnight in Leadville. Planned August weekend just happened to be the Leadville 100 and there was no lodging available. Mark and Tim convinced Doyle Dikes and myself that we could complete the 60+ mile loop in one day. I seem to recall we met for breakfast in Fairplay (9,953 ft.) at the Brown Burro. After a very long day of strenuous mountain biking we returned to the Brown Burro in Fairpay for a beer and a burrito before driving back to the Springs. To this day this ride was the most difficult mountain bike ride I’ve ever done. I’ll never forget this trip. Thank you so much for your friendship and memories both on and off the bike. Click here  to view the route of the infamous Mosquito Pass Ride. We should have a Mark Rowe Memorial Mosquito Pass Ride. However, I recommend, it be two days!
Bob Smith

Mark had a gentle, easy smile and was always willing to help in any way.
Fawn, Mike & Isaac Remington.

CSCC was lucky to have Mark as our Treasurer and he kept the club honest over the years.  Mark certainly taught me a lot about tax accounting; and we shared many interesting remarks about our clients. We will remember Mark for his contributions.
Alan Severn
BFC Winter 2012 - Vol 5, Issue 5, 1 December 2012

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